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Love Me Or Hate Me Quotes


"Love me or hate're gonna watch me." - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"Love me or hate me, I always speak the truth." - Caroline Manzo

"You can love me or you can hate me." - Dennis Rodman

"Love me or hate me, Scary Spice is back." - Melanie Brown

""Love me or hate me, I promise it won't make or break me."" - Lil Wayne

"Love me or hate me I promise that it will never make or break me...<3" - Tyra Banks

"People who know me, love me. People who don't know me love me too... or they hate me." - Mario Balotelli

"You can love me or hate me but.. you can't ignore me" - Shahrukh Khan

"You can love me or hate me but.. you ca' ignore me" - Shahrukh Khan

"You can love me or you can hate me but you can't define me." - Cormega

"People either love me or they hate me, or they don't really care." - Banksy

"Love or hate me, I stay hate free They say we learn from mistakes, well, that's why they mistake me" - Lil Wayne

"Love me or hate me,I don't care.I'm doing what i like.I'm happy." - Miley Cyrus

"You either love me or hate me in peace and war." - Ruggedman

"I think I'm like Marmite; you either love me or you hate me." - Lily Allen

"I'd rather people love me or hate me than have no opinion of me. Indifference is scary." - Lady Gaga

"You could love me or hate me I swear it won't make me or break me. I'm goin where ever the money takes me." - Lil Wayne

"Whether you like me, or hate me, this is me." - Christina Aguilera

"Mario Balotelli is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him. Me? I'm in between." - Joe Royle

"Love it or hate it, this is me, this is who I am!" - Nicki Minaj

"Your love makes me strong, Your hate makes me unstoppable"." - Cristiano Ronaldo

"Love me, hate me, I'm here to stay!" - Anushka Sharma

"You know why they hate me, cause they love me." - Lil Boosie

"Love me, hate me, I'm here to stay!" - Anushka Sharma

"I don't care if you hate me or love me, as long as I make you think." - Madonna Ciccone

"Love me or hate me, both are in my favor...If you love me, I'll always be in your heart...If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind." - William Shakespeare

"Love me or hate me. It's one or the other. Always has been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my fadeaway, my hunger. Hate that I'm a veteran, a champion. Hate that. Hate it with all your heart. And hate that I'm loved for the exact same reasons." - Kobe Bryant

"Love Me or Leave Me." - Gus Kahn

"I love making people who already hate me hate me more." - Amanda Bynes

"I'm controversial. My friends either dislike me or hate me" - Oscar Levant

"I hate love. Hate being in love. I never want it to happen to me again." - Muriel Box

"People love to hate. I have a love-hate relationship with the world. The world loves to hate me." - Andy Dick

"If people hate me they hate me." - Uwe Boll

"For me, writing is a love-hate relationship." - Larry Wall

"Half the hoes hate, half them love me. The ones that hate me only hate me cuz they ain't [expletive] me." - Ja Rule

"She hates me and you hate me, but you all love Harry. Nobody loves me." - Arnold Rothstein

"I don't try to be candy coated. I don't try to walk on eggshells. I am what I am. Love me or hate me." - Pink

"Love me, then, or hate me, as you will," I said at last, "you have my full and free forgiveness: ask now for God's, and be at peace." - Charlotte Bronte

"Serious and intense people, they drain you. But someone who's an idiot, like myself, they're fun. You either hate me or you love me." - Pauly Shore

"They love me for what I'm not They hate me for what I am." - Brian Clough

"Hate me if you want to, love me if you can." - Toby Keith

"Hate brings me to my knees, love gets me on my feet." - Andre Agassi

"I would hate to make music and people love me for something that isn't me." - Alicia Keys

"I was so full of hate that there was no room in me for such feelings as love, pity, kindness or honor or decency," - Carl Panzram

"When people come up to me and say 'I hate you' or 'I love to hate you,' it's not the usual response that I thought I would've gotten halfway into my career. And then they say, 'I love your work.'" - Robert Knepper

"There si nothing upon the face of the earth so insipid as a medium. Give me love or hate! A friend that will go to jail for me, or an enemy that will run me through the body!" - Fanny Burney

"I know how to love those Who love me, how to hate." - Archilochus

"I try hard and aim big. People can hate or love my books but they can never accuse me of not trying." - Markus Zusak

"And I love the hate mail I get, the unsigned, misspelled letters I get telling me to go back to Russia or wherever." - Henry Rollins

"People love me or hate me and all I think about is the people that I know and suffer with different causes and carry on my charity work and that's what keeps me alive really." - Heather Mills

"Hate, Case said. Who do I hate? You tell me. Who do you love? the Finn's voice asked." - William Gibson

"I love things that people hate. I hate middle-of-the-road stuff. It never really interests me." - Patrick Fischler

"I love you as much as you love me... So if you hate me, it works out perfectly." - Drake

"...the opposite of love is not hate - it's apathy. It's not giving a damn. If somebody hates me, they must "feel" something ... or they couldn't possibly hate. Therefore, there's some way in which I can get to them." - Leo Buscaglia

"You like me, you don't like me, you love me, you hate me. I'm gonna be me, but one thing I have to back it up is skills." - Nicki Minaj

"I love the energy that comes when I get on the mic. It keeps me creative and I love to hear what the fans want, what they love or hate about it." - Raekwon

"Passion I hate, and spirit does me wrong. Let us love gently." - Charles Baudelaire

"I hate and I love, and who can tell me why?" - Catullus

"Music journalists love Elvis Costello and hate me because they look like Elvis Costello" - David Lee Roth

"I love truth and wish to have it always spoken to me: I hate a liar." - Plautus

"Veils of love which was only hate petrified by longing-that was me." - Louise Erdrich

"I love my people and I don't hate nobody and it keeps me out of trouble." - Muhammad Ali

"I hate all that don't love me, and slight all that do." - George Farquhar

"I hate paying taxes. But I love the civilization they give me" - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Letting go of negative people doesn't mean I hate them, it just mean I love me." - Unknown

"I just know that I had great matches pretty much every night. I had great rapport with the fans. I could make them love me or hate me depending on what I wanted." - Chris Jericho

"There are people who love you and people who hate you, but for me, more so, people only think they know me by how I act or perform on a tennis court." - Lleyton Hewitt

"Facebook makes me hate the people I know, and Reddit makes me love the people I don't." - Alexis Ohanian

"Many people love me, many people hate me - there's nobody in between. That's the way I prefer it." - Johnny Thunders

"You will think me cruel, very selfish, but love is always selfish; the more ardent the more selfish. How jealous I am you cannot know. You must come with me, loving me, to death; or else hate me, and still come with me, and hating me through death and after. There is no such word as indifference in my apathetic nature." - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

"Everything with me is either worship and passion or pity and understanding. I hate rarely, though when I hate. I hate murderously." - Anais Nin

"How that is so I don't know. How Mama and Daddy know me sixteen years and hate me, how a stranger meet me and love me. (131)" - Sapphire

"I have a love-hate relationship with losing. I hate how it makes me feel, which is basically sick. But I love what it brings out." - Pat Summitt

"Beat me, hate me, you can never break me." - Michael Jackson

"I like to be loved or hated - I don't like mediocre. So I'd rather have the entire crowd hate me than to have 90% hate me." - Patrice Oneal

"I like to be loved or hated - I don't like mediocre. So I'd rather have the entire crowd hate me than to have 90% hate me." - Patrice O'Neal

"I love her and she loves me, and we hate each other with a wild hatred born of love." - August Strindberg

"White people think when you love yourself you hate them. No, when I love myself they become irrelevant to me." - John Henrik Clarke

"Let me love you, but don't love me back. Do love me and let me hate you for a while. Let me feel like I have some control, because I know I never do." - Ann Brashares

"Don't hate on my fans. Hate on me." - Greyson Chance

"I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally it occurred to me, I'm either going to love me or hate me. And I chose to love myself. Then everything kind of sprung from there. Things that I thought weren't attractive became sexy. Confidence makes you sexy." - Queen Latifah

"Love is always mutual and reflective. You may hate me, and if I want to love you, you repulse me. But if I persist, in a month or a year you are bound to love me. It is a well-known psychological phenomenon." - Swami Vivekananda

"I hate everything that merely instructs me without augmenting or directly invigorating my activity." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"For me, I like to push myself... I hate feeling complacent or that I'm not learning." - Derek Hough

"I went to war. .... I survived, while other men around me died. ... men whose lives were crunched up in mistakes, and thrown away by the wrong second of someone else's hate, or love, or indifference." - Gregory David Roberts

"I hate vulgarity. I hate vulgarity even though it attracts me - and it attracts me very much. I love all that is transgressive or vulgar. But in my opinion, it has to reach a limit that is always a little surreal and never becomes in your face." - Riccardo Tisci

"You can hate me. You can go out there and say anything you want about me, But you will love me later because I told you the truth." - Mary J Blige

"I've always been this way. This is who I am. Take it or leave it. You'll either hate me or you'll love me. I have a strong personality which isn't necessarily good or bad. I really don't mind what people in Oklahoma who I don't know think of me. I really only care about the people in my life." - Heidi Montag

"I hate to lose more than I love to win. I hate to see the happiness on their faces when they beat me." - Jimmy Connors

"I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies." - Pietro Aretino

"Don't hate me because I'm fabulous" - Prince

"I hate loneliness, but it loves me." - Tite Kubo

"I hate anyone who beats me." - Lisa Lane

"I hate junk food. It depresses me." - Sean Faris

"I got no hate in me." - Waris Ahluwalia

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." - Kelly Lebrock

"I'm very cheap. My friends hate me." - Tyler James Williams

"I want to be judged by who I am, not what I am. I mean, I am Johnny Weir. Judge me the way you see me, love me the way you see me, hate me the way you see me." - Johnny Weir

"As long as I'm in this city, I'm a lightning rod, ... People don't like me for a lot of reasons and I create all of them. I love it when they hate me. All my closest friends hate me." - John Chaney

"Family to me is foundation. It's the people that you can call on whether you love them or hate them. When push comes to shove, they're there for you, and that's kind of how this family is." - Constance Marie

"I love or hate things straight away. I like to go directly to action to see the result. I think I must be difficult, but at the same time, it's not for me to say." - Philippe Petit

"People who hate what I make hate me, too. They must think I am a demon or some kind of evil sorcerer. Those who understand what I do appreciate the determination, love, and courage it takes to find wonder and beauty in people who are considered by society to be damaged, unclean, dysfunctional, or wretched." - Joel-Peter Witkin

"If you betray me, can I take a better revenge than to love the person you hate?" - Pierre Corneille

"I hate to lend a book I never seems quite the same when it comes back to me..." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"I was ready to love the whole world, but no one understood me, and I learned to hate." - Mikhail Lermontov

"Tis death to me to be at enmity; I hate it, and desire all good men's love." - William Shakespeare

"[My] hunger and thirst was, and still remains: How do I get people who hate poetry to love me?" - Lemon Andersen

"Let me ask you, when it comes to Obamacare, do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?" - Thomas Roberts

"I remember that my mother once told me that the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference." - Emily Giffin

"Why should I not hate mine enemiesif I "love" them does that not place me at their mercy?" - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Why should I not hate mine enemies-if I "love" them does that not place me at their mercy?" - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Give me 100 men that hate nothing but sin, and love Jesus Christ, and we'll shake England for God." - John Wesley

"Why should I not hate mine enemies?if I "love" them does that not place me at their mercy?" - Anton Szandor LaVey

"I will hate the man you choose because he isn't me, and love him if he makes you smile." - Robert Jordan

"Privacy is big for me. To do interviews even, I have a very love/hate with it." - Zach Galifianakis

"Let them hate me, so long as they fear me!" - Caligula

"You only beat me if you get me to hate." - Billy Joel

"Let them hate me provided they fear me" - Publius Attius Varus

"Hate put me in prison. Love's gonna bust me out." - Denzel Washington

"When people get more me, they'll hate me." - Jennifer Lawrence

"I come from a boxing background. Three generations of boxers. I personally hate to fight, but I love the science of boxing. Mind, body. So for me, shadow boxing or hitting the heavy bag is something that gets me in a centered state. It's calming for me. To me, boxing isn't about the other person. It's about me. My inner struggles. It works for me." - Aleks Paunovic

"Only God can judge me so I'm gone, either love me or leave me alone." - Jay-Z

"I hate the moon. I hate tides and earthquakes and volcanoes. I hate a world where things that have absolutely nothing to do with me can destroy my life and the lives of people I love." - Susan Beth Pfeffer

"In any society, fanatics who hate don't hate only me - they hate you, too. They hate everybody." - Elie Wiesel

"Dialectic logic is there's only love and hate, you either love somebody or you hate them." - Dennis Hopper

"Love commingled with hate is more powerful than love. Or hate." - Joyce Carol Oates

"Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don't you? Just tell me so I can get over you." - Kirsten Dunst

"Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?" - Oscar Hammerstein Ii

"I hate that you do this to me. I hate how crazy you make me. I hate you! - Wendy" - Amanda Hocking

"Please understand. Please forgive me. I prayed every day for you to be alive, until hope became painful. Don't hate me. I still love you." - Lauren Oliver

"Here's a sigh to those who love me, And a smile to those who hate: And, whatever sky's above me, Here's a heart for every fate." - Lord Byron

"Here's a sigh to those who love me,And a smile to those who hate;And, whatever sky's above me,Here's a heart for every fate." - Lord Byron

"I don't have any hate. I've got some sense. I'm not going to let anybody who hates me tell me to love him. I'm not that way-out." - Malcolm X

"Just as many people that love me, hate me, too. I get really mean, mean, mean, mean comments on Twitter, and it just comes with the territory." - Keke Palmer

"Let me tell you something: I love the Yankees. And let me tell you why: because without the Yankees, there is nobody to hate." - Denis Leary

"I hate girls who complain, 'Oh, guys are looking at me!' But I love it when guys check me out. It just feels great." - Sarah Shahi

"Everything I thought I'd hate about having children - the crying, the screaming - nothing fazes me. I love it all, and it's relaxed me." - Elton John

"One time you told me that the opposite of love isn't hate. And I didn't understand that, but I think I do know. Because if you hate someone, you most still care, right? You have to care a little bit; otherwise you would just ignore them and forget they even live. Or lived." - Barry Lyga

"I hate when dealers talk to me. I love dealers - they're some of our favorite people in the art world. But I hate if they do a sales pitch on me. I can't stand it." - Jerry Saltz

"I love changing. I hate it when people try to box me in to a relationship or in a work context. Any situation where I feel boxed in freaks me out. And I feel the need to reinvent myself or I'll get bored." - Stephen Daldry

"I feel like people either love me or hate me, which is good, because that was the point of what I do. The point of M.I.A. is to be - it's either to be loved or hated. At least you evoke that much of a strong opinion about music." - Mia

"Oh love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me, love me. I'll be anybody you want me to be." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Brother, even by my mother's dust, I charge you, Do not betray me to your mirth or hate." - John Ford (dramatist)

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." - Hunter S Thompson

"I love me some me." - Terrell Owens

"I love science. I hate supposition, superstition, exaggeration and falsified data. Show me the research, show me the results, show me the conclusions - and then show me some qualified peer reviews of all that." - Claire Scovell Lazebnik

"I love science. I hate supposition, superstition, exaggeration and falsified data. Show me the research, show me the results, show me the conclusions - and then show me some qualified peer reviews of all that." - Bill Vaughan

"Hate doesn't end hate. Love ends hate." - Andrew Garfield

"I won't let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me." - Jack White

"Love me little, love me long." - Christopher Marlowe



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