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Losing Close Ones Quotes


"I've dealt with losing close ones before, and I've been around friends that have lost friends at a young age. I think it's important to think about - not necessarily death, but about life and think about where you're going and how you want to be remembered and the legacy you want to leave." - Scotty Mccreery

"Losing a son, losing a daughter, a brother, a sister, losing a close friend - it can go beyond grief to isolation and feeling despair." - Tim Kaine

"May be you had to come close to losing something before you could remember its value." - Jodi Picoult

"Most good police officers are very open-minded. The bad ones are the ones who are close-minded." - Peter James

"These close games that we're losing, the teams are not beating us. We're kind of beating ourselves." - Carmelo Anthony

"I don't like losing. I like winning. I don't like to lose beautiful matches. I like to win ugly ones." - Ernests Gulbis

"I'm never going to be content with a comeback when you end up losing ... You can't just accept being in a game that's close and end up losing it. It's just not okay." - Charlie Weis

"There is so much truth in children and so little self-consciousness. It always strikes me that they are so capable of losing and finding themselves and also losing and finding those things they feel close to." - Carson Mccullers

"It is important for everyone to keep in close contact and preferably be in physical proximity with their loved ones." - Deepak Chopra

"The ones who close the path for peacefull revolution, at the same time open the path for violent revolution." - Hugo Chavez

"Manners require showing consideration of all human beings, not just the ones to whom one is close." - Judith Martin

"Even the lucky ones, who do manage to become happy by attaining their goals, live each day in fear of losing whatever it is they may have gained." - Frederick Lenz

"Human beings are such social animals. We're very connected with the feelings of those we're close to, so we can't really be happy when the ones we are close to are unhappy." - Robert Thurman

"I've never done a teen movie before, but I certainly could tell you some of the ones I came very close on. I was very close on Clueless and She's All That." - Mia Kirshner

"You hold the ones you love close and fight the battles you can win, and that, Kitten, is how it is." - Jeaniene Frost

"Appreciate your friends and loved ones. There's no way of knowing what's coming next, so appreciate those who are close to you." - Lenny Jacobson

"Many people don't have relationships to their siblings in adulthood, or they have superficial ones. It's sort of unfashionable, particularly in America, to be close to your family." - Kiki Smith

"Despite our ever-connective technology, neither Skype nor Facebook - not even a telephone call - can come close to the joy of being with loved ones in person." - Marlo Thomas

"With conglomerates selling companies to liquidators, who close down plants and move to non-union areas, it's about time progressive union leaders step in to stop such job-losing tactics... ESOP should become a part of future bargaining packages!" - Tom Colicchio

"So you are lean and mean and resourceful and you continue to walk on the edge of the precipice because over the years you have become fascinated by how close you can walk without losing your balance." - Richard M. Nixon

"My reward is just to be a better man. You're so close to losing a loved one ... the ultimate goal is to be a better daddy, a better son, a better teammate." - Jermaine O'Neal

"When the public loses faith in democracy's ability to solve the problems it has created for itself, the game's almost over. And I think we are this close to losing democracy to the mercenary class." - Bill Moyers

"So you are lean and mean and resourceful and you continue to walk on the edge of the precipice because over the years you have become fascinated by how close you can walk without losing your balance." - Richard Nixon

"You don't need a big close, as many sales reps believe. You risk losing your customer when you save all the good stuff for the end. Keep the customer actively involved throughout your presentation, and watch your results improve." - Harvey Mackay

"There are times in my 30 years in the theater that I have come perilously close to losing faith in the one form of action I have in this life." - Athol Fugard

"We're close to losing our essential diversity. Look at our wheat crops - we rely on a handful of grain crops and plants that we've refined and bred over hundreds of years." - Paul Watson

"It was all devastating. I'd never dealt with losing anyone close to me, and I didn't know where to put it in my life. I was very young then. Buddy taught me so much in such a short time." - Waylon Jennings

"Through tears and trials, through fears and sorrows, through the heartache and loneliness of losing loved ones, there is assurance that life is everlasting. Our Lord and Savior is the living witness that such is so." - Thomas S Monson

"The task of the positional player is systematically to accumulate slight advantages and try to convert temporary advantages into permanent ones, otherwise the player with the better position runs the risk of losing it." - Wilhelm Steinitz

"The good traders are the ones who can hold their ground the majority of the month and participate in that small handful of trades that are windfalls. The real skill is in not LOSING money!" - Linda Bradford Raschke

"When we follow those who preach hatred, confrontation, and conflict, we are the ones who end up losing. We do not have the power or the means for a confrontation." - Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari

"Good twists are enormously hard to come by, and I think the best ones are earned ones. The idea that a story can take a left turn on you, it's easy to do, but it has to be done very, very carefully, or else you risk losing the audience's trust." - Damon Lindelof

"Losing composure is pointless." - Michael Schumacher

"Losing hurts me." - Chris Evert

"I hate losing." - Jennie Finch

"I don't like losing." - Liam Mcintyre

"I hate losing." - Serena Williams

"Losing is tough." - George H W Bush

"I hate losing." - Andy Murray

"Losing teaches you something" - Tavis Smiley

"Following celebrities or people you don't regularly see in person often doesn't add to our happiness. The best use of social media is to deepen existing close relationships or create new ones." - Michelle Gielan

"When I was 14 I came very close to becoming a gay teen suicide 'statistic' but I then turned to music, my piano, my loved ones, and discovered that it does in fact get better," - Blake Mciver Ewing

"Stories open up new paths, sometimes send us back to old ones, and close off still others. Telling and listening to stories we too imaginatively walk down those paths - paths of longing, paths of hope, paths of desperation." - Arthur Kleinman

"Close the weak banks and impose serious capital requirements on the strong ones...You see, it may sound hard-hearted, but you cannot keep unsound financial institutions operating simply because they provide jobs." - Paul Krugman

"When you get to be my age there are more and more people you have known that you miss. Brion [Gysin], Antony Balch, Ian Summerville are ones I think of right away I was quite close to." - William S Burroughs

"I'm learning that the blessing is located in our poor people, in people who are weak; they are the ones we should stay close to, not because they need us but because we need to receive from them the blessing." - Henri Nouwen

"To withstand in front of danger, close the chances of growth of the risks, first stop the flow of the danger and then analyse the risks that have occurred and the ones that have not taken place yet." - Elia M. Ramollah

"I try to have a real close connection with my fans. That's extremely important. They are the ones that have been there from the beginning and proved everyone else wrong." - Josh Groban

"I love watching old movies, reading and having some good meals. I have a very close group of friends and family. I try to spend time with the ones that I love and work as hard as possible." - Justin Bartha

"When I was 14, I came very close to becoming a gay teen suicide 'statistic,' but I then turned to music, my piano, my loved ones, and discovered that it does in fact get better." - Blake Mciver Ewing

"One component of the leading economic indicators is the yield curve. Bond investors keep a close eye on this, as it illustrates the spread or difference between long-term interest rates and short-term ones." - Kenneth Fisher

"I also hang the pictures low rather than high, and particularly in the case of the largest ones, often as close to the floor as is feasible, for that is the way they are painted." - Mark Rothko

"We know about every massacre that has taken place close to the present, but the ones in the distant past are like trees falling in the forest with no one to hear them." - Steven Pinker

"Johnny Mercer was my father's best friend and became mine as well. And Harold Arlen, whom I would call Uncle Harry, and Harry Warren: those were ones who I really became close to." - Margaret Whiting

"Some of my happiest moments are the ones I spend with my husband, a few close relatives, and a handful of very good friends who know me well and like me anyway." - Robin Marantz Henig

"And at last it comes. You hear a patter... you see a leaf here and there bob and blink about you; you feel a spot on your face, on your hand. And then the gracious rain comes, gathering its forces?steady, close, abundant. Lean out of window, and watch, and listen. How delicious!... the verandah beneath losing its scattered spots in a sheet of luminous wet; and, never pausing, the close, heavy, soft-rushing noise..." - John Richard Vernon

"There are different gradations of personhood in different poems. Some of them seem far away from me and some up close, and the up-close ones generally don't say what I want them to say. And that's true of the persona in the poem who's lamenting this as a fact of a certain stage of life. But it's also true of me as me." - Anne Carson

"Obviously I ask my family and loved ones for advice here and there, but I kind of have a rule with the people I love that surround me - close family and close friends - that unless I ask for it, I don't really want advice thrown out." - Torrey Devitto

"People come, people go - they"ll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favorite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures. Then you find yourself focusing on the new ones, not the ones from the past." - Nicholas Sparks

"People come, people go - they'll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favorite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures. Then you find yourself focusing on the new ones, not the ones from the past." - Nicholas Sparks

"Its the people you are close to, the ones who love you, the ones who have seen your heart, who have touched your soul - to them, it is obvious that something is wrong or missing. Your heart and soul are missing. They feel it. It hurts them. It kills them." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

"Losing faith in one's self means losing faith in God." - Swami Vivekananda

"Pay more attention to losing inches than losing pounds." - Jane Fonda

"I don't mind losing. Losing is like breathing to me." - Lisa Lutz

"For winners, losing inspires them. For losers, losing defeats them." - Robert Kiyosaki

"When we believe we are losing control, we grab on tight. When our greatest fear comes upon us, we clench our fist and teeth, close our eyes and hold on. We must learn how to let go. When the time comes for growth and change, we must have the courage and faith to let go. Whatever leaves my life makes room for something better." - Iyanla Vanzant

"In an era when too many Americans are losing their jobs or working for less, trying to make ends meet, in close cases Judge [Samuel] Alito has ruled the vast majority of the time against the claims of the individual citizens. He has acted instead in favor of government, large corporations and other powerful interests." - Edward Kennedy

"Winning isn't everything to me, but it's a close second. Losing isn't something that I can just brush off and fake a smile to hide my frustration. It's that will and determination that I hope will get me where I want to go." - Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

"And I came close to losing a part of my foot on two occasions. I hope I'm consistently lucky and that the next time I develop a blister or step on something sharp, that I don't go as far as I did on those two times." - Mary Tyler Moore

"If you're explaining, you're losing." - Ronald Reagan

"You can't win for losing." - Rakim

"Sometimes you win by losing." - Jeremy Jackson

"I never think about losing." - Lou Ferrigno

"I don't like losing anyways." - Usain Bolt

"I'm anxious about losing anonymity." - Brooke Smith

"We're not losing the peace." - Frank R Wolf

"... the next war will be a war in which people not armies will suffer, and our boasted, hard-earned civilization will do us no good. Cannot the women rise to this great opportunity and work now, and not have the double horror, if another war comes, of losing their loved ones, and knowing that they lifted no finger when they might have worked hard?" - Eleanor Roosevelt

"We all lose sometimes. We fail to get what we want. Friends and loved ones leave. We make a decision we regret. We try our hardest and come up short. It's not the losing that defines us. It's how we lose. It's what we do afterward." - Scott Jurek

"I learned that victims come in all image - some raped, some witnessing an act of violence, some losing loved ones. I learned that the solutions come by both listening to the people impacted by the crisis and by learning from historical experiences in other places." - Zainab Salbi

"Like I always say, it's not how many great plays you make; it's how few bad ones you make. I know fans, and even some losing coaches, are enamored with long pass completions or the great run plays, but that doesn't offset the interception or the fumble." - Jimmy Johnson

"The importance of heart health became very real for me when my father died of heart disease seven years ago. Having experienced the loss first hand, I am inspired to do everything I can to break the cycle and prevent families from losing loved ones to this preventable disease." - Monica Potter

"The trout that seem to stick in my memory the finest aren't the big ones, and maybe it's because I have't visited all the corners of the globe, but my most unforgettable trout all lived close to home. In fact, when I take out my pouch of trout memories and spill them all on the table, it seems that the smaller ones shine the brightest." - William G. Tapply

"In a way I do hate the process of writing. It's like learning a role where you never think you're going to be able to conquer it when you start and it just takes enough focus and narrowing and getting enthusiastic and not losing it and so on. It's never good enough, but you aim for something and you hope it comes somewhat close. But it is a pleasure once you have written it." - Julie Andrews

"Im happy to say that at 62, I think Ive reached that point where stuff doesnt bother me as much, and my gratitude level has gone way up, especially having gone through the loss that Ive had, and losing so many of the great artists that I was close to. They taught me how to see it with a grain of salt and a lot of humor and perspective." - Bonnie Raitt

"No, now he didn't want to let himself get too close because he knew it wasn't going to last. Good stuff never lasted. Change would come and wipe it away, and what was the point? It hurt too much every time it was ripped away and he was getting tired of losing pieces of himself. Pretty soon there wouldn't be much left, just scraps of gristle and bone without feeling. He didn't need that" - Steve Perry

"We find by losing. We hold fast by letting go. We become something new by ceasing to be something old. This seems to be close to the heart of that mystery. I know no more now than I ever did about the far side of death as the last letting-go of all, but now I know that I do not need to know, and that I do not need to be afraid of not knowing. God knows. That is all that matters." - Frederick Buechner

"All the time. A few months ago I came really close to losing it, I was getting really paranoid. And then I started a new job, things fixed themselves. I can't turn my back on the situation and ignore it. If tomorrow I say: "Okay, I've had enough, we're stopping everything" it won't change anything. Might as well try to accept it and stay zen as I have no control over it." - Robert Pattinson

"I'm happy to say that at 62, I think I've reached that point where stuff doesn't bother me as much, and my gratitude level has gone way up, especially having gone through the loss that I've had, and losing so many of the great artists that I was close to. They taught me how to see it with a grain of salt and a lot of humor and perspective." - Bonnie Raitt

"People never seemed to notice that, by saving time, they were losing something else. No one cared to admit that life was becoming ever poorer, bleaker and more monotonous. The ones who felt this most keenly were the children, because no one had time for them any more. But time is life itself, and life resides in the human heart. And the more people saved, the less they had." - Michael Ende

"At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, it's usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need." - Shonda Rhimes

"Live close, visit often." - Mae West

"Close, but no cigar." - Saying

"My family's really close." - Paul Walker

"We're constantly losing - we're losing time, we're losing ourselves. I don't feel for the things I lost." - John Banville

"I don't want to go out there and show up. I hate losing. Everybody hates losing. But I hate losing." - Fred Funk

"Losing is the great American sin." - Jerome Holtzman

"Don't worry about losing. Think about winning." - Mike Krzyzewski

"A winning strategy must include losing." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Due to success I started losing friends." - Ace Hood

"Life is about losing everything, gracefully." - Mia Farrow

"Life is more about losing than winning." - John Thorn

"Losing gracefully is commended but never chosen." - Mason Cooley

"One must endure without losing tenderness." - Che Guevara

"Losing is like smoking. It's habit forming." - Puggy Pearson

"I'm losing my mind without you." - Sylvia Day

"The ego hates losing - even to God." - Richard Rohr

"Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing." - Red Symons

"Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm losing myself." - Stephenie Meyer

"Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm losing myself." - Stephenie Meyer

"The secret of losing weight is patience." - Jane Fonda

"Losing my virginity was a career move." - Madonna Ciccone

"My real talent was for losing clients." - Jay Chiat

"Winning provides happiness. Losing provides wisdom." - Neil Patel

"Chaos is always losing, but never defeated" - Alan Watts

"Losing sucks, and especially to the Jets." - Tom Brady

"Losing and dying: it's the same thing." - Lance Armstrong

"I don't like the feeling of losing." - Eli Manning

"Losing my virginity was very boring." - Dale Peck

"I hate losing laughs; they're rare things." - Terry Gilliam

"Local competing businesses were thereby losing revenue." - John Warren Kindt

"You are losing because of Jewish bankers." - David Remnick

"I don't feel bad about losing." - Kinky Friedman

"Find yourself by losing yourself for others." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Winning isn't everything, but losing isn't anything." - Charles M Schulz

"You can't win with a losing hand" - Bob Dylan

"I'm losing my mind without you." - Sylvia Day

"I find myself only by losing myself." - Paul Ricoeur

"The disappointment of losing is huge." - Jack Youngblood

"The losing side is full of suspicion." - Publilius Syrus

"We are losing our environment so rapidly." - Stefanie Powers

"Losing feels worse than winning feels good." - Vin Scully

"I love winning. I don't like losing." - Caroline Wozniacki

"If you are explaining, you are losing." - J C Watts

"I'm terrified of losing my voice." - Christopher Hitchens

"Victory is fleeting. Losing is forever." - Billie Jean King

"Southerners can never resist a losing cause." - Margaret Mitchell

"Losing is not in my vocabulary." - Ruud Van Nistelrooy

"Losing has nothing to do with geography." - Chuck Noll

"Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." - Vince Lombardi

"I honestly believe that if you are willing to out-condition the opponent, have confidence in your ability, be more aggressive than your opponent and have a genuine desire for team victory, you will become the national champions. If you have all the above, you will acquire confidence and poise, and you will have those intangibles that win the close ones." - Bear Bryant

"Several days in a row we sighted groups of metallic, saucer-shaped vehicles at great altitudes over the base Germany, 1951 and we tried to get close to them, but they were able to change direction faster than our fighters. I do believe UFOs exist and that the truly unexplained ones are from some other technically advanced civilization." - Gordon Cooper

"Closeness can lead to emotions other than love. It's the ones who have been too intimate with you, lived in too close quarters, seen too much of your pain or envy or, perhaps more than anything, your shame, who, at the crucial moment, can be too easy to cut out, to exile, to expel, to kill off." - Daniel Mendelsohn

"How many of us would be willing to settle when we're young for what we eventually get? All those plans we make...what happens to them? It's only a handful of the lucky ones that can look back and say that they even came close." - Moss Hart

"Friendship is anything that you get something out of that is very, very important to you. And that's why there are those people who are so close to you that you don't know how you'd live without them. And they are the ones that, even if they do something terrible, you have to keep. Otherwise, you're just going to be lost without them." - Natalie Portman

"Nothing even comes a close second. Hillary Clinton, for instance, talks constantly about her fears that families will be separated, but she's not talking about the American families who have been permanently separated from their loved ones because of a preventable homicide, because of a preventable death, because of murder." - Donald Trump

"The reaction we should be having to [rich liberals] is not ridicule, but rather self-criticism. Why aren't we organizing them? I mean, we are the ones that ought to be organizing them, not Rush Limbaugh. There are historical analogs, which are not exact, of course, but are close enough to be worrisome. This is a whiff of early Nazi Germany." - Noam Chomsky

"Special-needs rescues and older rescues have always had a close place in my heart, because those are the ones that tend to get looked over. That is why I love how North Shore Animal League America has their shelter set up." - Beth Ostrosky Stern

"You can not say you're unhappy because you have to travel, have to play this tournament, having to play sports ... You can't because you chose to play it and you love it. I'm tremendously grateful for the support I have received from my family and the close ones." - Novak Djokovic

"From a distance, it makes perfect sense that the people and the things you think will save you are the very ones that have the power to disappoint you most bitterly, but up close it can hit you as a bewildering surprise." - Tom Perrotta

"Stephen Hawking's been watching too many Hollywood movies. I think the only kind aliens in Hollywood are the ones created by Steven Spielberg - 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'E.T.,' for example. All other aliens are trying to suck our brains out." - Neil Degrasse Tyson



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