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Learning To Forget Quotes


"It's like learning to ride a unicorn. You never forget." - Eoin Colfer

"Love is learning the song in someone's heart and singing it to them when they forget." - M. K. Asante

"It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know." - Henry David Thoreau

"More important than learning how to recall things is finding ways to forget things that are cluttering the mind." - Eric Butterworth

"Too many people get caught up in the idea that they are experts in their field and forget to keep growing and learning." - Kit Williamson

"Drink to forget; don't forget to drink." - Marina And The Diamonds

"People forget what they want to forget." - Fuyumi Soryo

"Never forget to dream." - Madonna Ciccone

"Don't forget to duck!" - Patricia Neal

"Don't forget to vote." - Frank Zappa

"Forget thyself to marble." - John Milton

"When failure is not an option, we can forget about creativity, learning, and innovation." - Brene Brown

"It occurs to her that she should record this flash of insight in her journal - otherwise she is sure to forget, for she is someone who is always learning and forgetting and obliged to learn again..." - Carol Shields

"I once did hold it, as our statists do, A baseness to write fair, and labour'd much How to forget that learning; but, sir, now It did me yeoman's service." - William Shakespeare

"Becoming an artist does not merely mean learning something, acquiring professional techniques and methods. Indeed, as someone has said, in order to write well you have to forget the grammar." - Andrei Tarkovsky

"Some people there are who, being grown; forget the horrible task of learning to read. It is perhaps the greatest single effort that the human undertakes, and he must do it as a child." - John Steinbeck

"If you have a great deal of knowledge, but you're governed by negative emotions, then you tend to use your knowledge in negative ways. Therefore, while you are learning, don't forget the importance of warmheartedness." - Dalai Lama

"Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you thought of them that instant." - Glenda Jackson

"Learning to speak is like learning to shoot." - Avital Ronell

"Learning to live is learning to let go." - Sogyal Rinpoche

"Learning how to die is therefore learning how to live," - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"Eternity bids thee to forget." - John Green

"Don't forget to love yourself." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Eternity forbids thee to forget." - Lord Byron

"Learning professionals need to be thinking about creating learning experiences rather than learning content" - Charles Jennings

"Students are extraordinary teachers. They speak. They constantly tell us how our expectations, objectives, curriculums, and instructional strategies affect them. We need to look to our students to tell us why learning takes place -and why it doesn't. Our students are key sources for helping us identify what needs to be done... Often we forget to ask them, and we forget to listen to the important messages they bring." - Anthony Gregorc

"Self-discovery means learning to live free!" - Tae Yun Kim

"I'm learning how to taste everything." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"You have to learn and keep learning." - Gil Scott-Heron

"Tolerance can lead to learning something." - Jakob Dylan

"Teaching is the ability to inspire learning." - Nick Saban

"Awareness is learning to keep yourself company" - Geneen Roth

"Healing is learning to trust life." - Jeanne Achterberg

"Repetition is the key to real learning." - Jack Canfield

"With just enough of learning to misquote." - Lord Byron

"I just want to keep learning." - Simon Kinberg

"Laughter is no enemy to learning" - Walt Disney

"You have to learn and keep learning." - Gil Scottheron

"Teaching is the royal road to learning." - Jessamyn West

"Wisdom is learning what to overlook." - William James

"Good to forgive, Best to forget." - Robert Browning

"To forgive is human, to forget divine." - James Grand

"To be able to forget means sanity." - Jack London

"I forgot to remember to forget." - Elvis Presley

"It's nice to be able to forget." - Thomas Bangalter

"To forgive does not mean to forget." - Allan Lokos

"To forget oneself is to be happy." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"The young all have the same dream: to save the world. Some quickly forget this dream, convinced that there are more important things to do, like having a family, earning money, traveling, and learning a foreign language. Others, though, decide that it really is possible to make a difference in society and to shape the world we will hand on to future generations." - Paulo Coelho

"Many people will first be attracted to veganism for their health but find themselves far more open to learning about the animal issues when they don't have to block them out three times a day in order to enjoy eating. Then once people learn, it is hard to forget and go back. Come for the body, stay for the soul." - Karen Dawn

"The people who are horrified by the idea of children learning what they want to learn when they want to learn it have not accepted the very elementary psychological fact that people (all people, of every age) remember the things that are important to them - the things they need to know - and forget the rest." - Daniel Quinn

"I want to know why we exist and what I can do while I'm existing. Basically. it's learning how to exist, wholely, consciously. Growing up on fast food and television shows, you can easily forget to exist. You can even be treated as if you don't." - Jason Mraz

"Style is to forget all styles." - Jules Renard

"Listen to everything, forget much, correct little." - Pope John Xxiii

"I have an amazing ability to forget." - Gene Mauch

"They'll never be able to forget us." - John Lennon

"Never tell a computer to forget it." - Larry Niven

"Do not allow me to forget you" - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Don't forget to support your public library." - Bob Dylan

"While carrying responsibilities, never forget to smile." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"Live to learn . . . forget . . . and learn again." - Aristide Briand

"You must never forget to smile." - Lee Taemin

"Forget yourself and go to work." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Normal people have nothing to forget." - Emile M Cioran

"Never forget what you need to remember." - Garrett Bartley

"Forget yourself and get to work." - Gordon B Hinckley

"It's easy to forget who you are." - Kendrick Lamar

"I drink to forget I drink." - Joe E Lewis

"The term trying to forget someone is so awful because you'll never forget someone if you're trying to forget them." - Taylor Swift

"Most children, even very bright ones, need constant review and practice to truly own a concept in grammar, math or science. In schools today, on paper it may appear that kids are learning skills, but in reality they are only renting them, soon to forget what they've learned over the weekend or summer vacation." - Rafe Esquith

"We [Black people] have always used our creativity to battle and we're not the only ones. Black Americans are certainly leaders in that simply because we were denied education and dealt with enforced illiteracy. But people seem to always forget that literacy is not the only way of learning things or conveying knowledge." - Nikki Giovanni

"There is perhaps no truer sign that a man is really advancing than that he is learning to forget himself, that he is losing the natural thoughts about self in the thought of One higher than himself, to whose guidance he can commit himself and all men." - John Campbell Shairp

"May we never let the things we can't have, or don't have, or shouldn't have, spoil our enjoyment of the things we do have and can have. As we value our happiness let us not forget it, for one of the greatest lessons in life is learning to be happy without the things we cannot or should not have." - Richard L Evans

"May we never let the things we can't have, or don't have, or shouldn't have, spoil our enjoyment of the things we do have and can have. As we value our happiness let us not forget it. For one of the greatest lessons in life is learning to be happy without the things we cannot or should not have." - Richard L Evans

"First you forget names; then you forget faces; then you forget to zip up your fly; and then you forget to unzip your fly." - Branch Rickey

"First you forget names, then you forget faces, then you forget to pull your zipper up, then you forget to pull your zipper down." - Leo Rosenberg

"First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down." - George Burns

"Learning to listen to ourselves is a way of learning to love ourselves." - Joan Z. Borysenko

"Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action." - Jim Rohn

"Learning how to live is much more important than learning how to make a living." - Warren Buffett

"Learning what not to do is sometimes more important than learning what to do." - Rick Pitino

"Standardized personalization=universal right to meaningful learning. Personalized standardization=flexible access to mandated learning." - Andy Hargreaves

"Learning to celebrate success is a key component of learning how to win in the market." - Douglas Conant

"Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard." - George Lucas

"Learning how to be agreeable is the key to learning self-control." - Frederick Lenz

"Learning how to work and learning how to fail is important." - Jamie Moyer

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." - Mahatma Gandhi

"A love of learning has a lot to do with learning that we are loved." - Fred Rogers

"If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow." - John Lubbock

"Learning is but an adjunct to ourself, And where we are our learning likewise is." - William Shakespeare

"Everyone has learning difficulties, because learning to speak French or understanding relativity is difficult." - Mark Haddon

"It is better to have wisdom without learning than learning without wisdom." - Charles Caleb Colton

"Learning is but an adjunct to ourself, And where we are our learning likewise is." - William Shakespeare

"Poverty must not be a bar to learning and learning must offer an escape from poverty." - Lyndon B Johnson

"Learning is not the accumulation of knowledge. Learning is movement from moment to moment." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Education is learning to grow, learning what to grow toward, learning what is good and bad, learning what is desirable and undesirable, learning what to choose and what not to choose." - Abraham Maslow

"I'll forget about you long enough to forget why I need to" - Matt Nathanson

"Don't forget to pray today because God did not forget to wake you up this morning." - Oswald Chambers

"You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget." - Cormac Mccarthy

"But one does not forget by trying to forget. One only remembers." - Richard Rodriguez

"If I have something I like to forget, then I forget it." - Gena Rowlands

"I will never forget what happened here tonight.people I went to school with will never forget." - Kevin Costner

"We choose to forget aspects of ourselves and then we forget that we've forgotten." - Debbie Ford

"To become fully human means learning to turn my gratitude for being alive into some concrete common good. It means growing gentler toward human weakness. It means practicing forgiveness of my and everyone else's hourly failures to live up to divine standards. It means learning to forget myself on a regular basis in order to attend to the other selves in my vicinity. It means living so that "I'm only human" does not become an excuse for anything. It means receiving the human condition as blessing and not curse, in all its achingly frail and redemptive reality." - Brene Brown

"Learning to play is mostly about learning to hear, and learning to really listen deeply to sound in a musical way is a lifetime's worth of work." - Pat Metheny

"Learning to weep, learning to keep vigil, learning to wait for the dawn. Perhaps this is what it means to be human." - Henri Nouwen

"I think the cardinal rule of learning to write is learning to read first. I learned to write by learning to read." - Siddhartha Mukherjee

"We've bought into the idea that education is about training and "success," defined monetarily, rather than learning to think critically and challenge. We should not forget that the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers. A culture that does not grasp the vital interplay between morality and power, which mistakes management techniques for wisdom, which fails to understand that the measure of a civilization is its compassion, not its speed or ability to consume, condemns itself to death." - Chris Hedges

"This is exactly how falling in love should be in my opinion. It should be scary yet unflinching. We should fear it but know that it's worth the risk and we should throw ourselves full throttle into the darkness with nothing but hope to guide us. And, like learning to ride a bike, once we learn to love we never forget how and it seems we only become" - Neltje Blanchan

"The game is to keep learning, and I don't think people are going to keep learning who don't like the learning process." - Charlie Munger

"Seeking to know is too often learning to doubt" - Antoinette du Ligier de la Garde Deshoulieres

"Education is to learning as tour groups are to adventure." - Richard Saul Wurman

"Teachers assess to test; educators assess to assist learning." - Dave Carter

"The key to success is dedication to life-long learning." - Stephen Covey

"To be fond of learning is near to wisdom." - Confucius

"By learning to obey, you will know how to command." - Proverbs

"Learning how to operate a soul figures to take time." - Timothy Leary

"By learning to create technology, girls learn to speak up." - Regina Agyare

"Books have led some to learning and others to madness." - Petrarch

"Men go to the theatre to forget; women, to remember." - George Jean Nathan

"We delude ourselves if we believe that skilled behavior is easy, that it can come about without effort. We forget the years of tuning, of learning and practice it takes to be skilled at even the most fundamental of human activities: eating, walking, talking, reading, and writing. It is tempting to want instant gratification - immediate expert performance and experiential pleasure - but the truth is that this primarily occurs only after considerable amounts of accretion and tuning." - Donald A. Norman

"But it's not just learning things that's important. It's learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things at all that matters." - Norton Juster

"'s not just learning that's important. It's learning what to do with what you learn and learning why you learn things that matters." - Norton Juster

"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things." - Flora Lewis

"The term trying to forget someone is so awful because you"ll never forget someone if you're trying to forget them." - Taylor Swift

"To teach is part of the very fabric of learning." - Paulo Freire

"Learning is something students do, NOT something done to students." - Alfie Kohn

"Kids on the Youtube, learning how to be cool." - Toby Keith

"I'm learning to play piano. And also the musical saw." - Rachel Trachtenburg

"Meditation is about learning how to rest in uncertainty." - Andy Puddicombe

"One definition of maturity is learning to delay pleasure." - Dave Ramsey

"We will begin by learning how to tie our shoes." - John Wooden

"Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love all" - Whitney Houston

"Doing, not learning to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship." - Guy Kawasaki

"Life is mostly just learning how to lose." - Brian K Vaughan

"At the heart of art is learning to see" - Seth Godin

"A part of control is learning to correct your weaknesses." - Babe Ruth

"Continual learning is the key to continual living." - Dan Miller

"Learning is too precious to be motivated by coercive tactics." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Learn always but never appear to be learning." - Robert Ludlum

"Learning has to come from doing, not intellectualizing." - Derrick Jensen

"You can study gravity forever without learning how to fly." - Shawn Achor

"Biggest obstacle to learning is thinking you already know." - Mike Erre


"Half of wisdom is learning what to unlearn." - Larry Niven

"I spent my life learning to feel less." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"When you have stopped learning you have begun to die." - Tom Clancy

"Maybe part of loving is learning to let go." - Fred Savage

"Give up learning, and put an end to your troubles." - Laozi

"There is no greater learning process than to teach." - Robert Muller

"Learning to live again without you is killing me." - Garth Brooks



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