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Leadership In The Church Quotes


"Leadership is the dream made reality." - John C Maxwell

"The cost of leadership is self-interest." - Simon Sinek

"Education is the mother of leadership." - Wendell Willkie

"In organized groups such as the army or the Church there is either no mention of love whatsoever between the members, or it is expressed only in a sublimated and indirect way, through the mediation of some religious imagine in the love of whom the members unite and whose all-embracing love they are supposed to imitate in their attitude towards each other. ... It is one of the basic tenets of fascist leadership to keep primary libidinal energy on an unconscious level so as to divert its manifestations in a way suitable to political ends." - Theodor Adorno

"The height of ability in the least able consists in knowing how to submit to the good leadership of others." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"In 1999, the NRA leadership in Washington, pretty much the same people intact, were for (expanded background checks.)" - Joe Manchin

"Leadership is about falling in love with the people you serve and the people falling in love with you." - Joyce Banda

"The lessons I learned in Vietnam and in the NFL reinforced one another: teamwork, sacrifice, responsibility, accountability, and leadership." - Rocky Bleier

"All leadership is appreciative leadership. It's the capacity to see the best in the world around us, in our colleagues, and in the groups we are trying to lead." - David Cooperrider

"The only time I'm the only woman in the room is when I go to the leadership meeting." - Nancy Pelosi

"In the '90s, there was scant presidential leadership and insufficient domestic political mobilization for foreign policy grounded in human rights." - Samantha Power

"The essentials of leadership are all about the use of one's talent in the interests of society." - James Gobbo

"Under my leadership the Conservative Party will come back together in the interests of the whole country." - Theresa May

"The sentiments in Hawaii about Washington's failure of leadership are no different than the rest of the country." - Ed Case

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall." - Stephen Covey

"The test of leadership for David Cameron was actually to bring the British Conservative Party back in to the mainstream." - David Miliband

"Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House right now seems to have been strangled by the tea party," - Debbie Wasserman Schultz

"In this era of world leadership, the metal detector is the altar and the minicam may be god." - Hugh Sidey

"Unfortunately, the Republican leadership in the House right now seems to have been strangled by the tea party." - Debbie Wasserman Schultz

"What I notice, as a historian reading stories about so-called nature miracles, the walking on the water, or the miraculous catch of fishes, they're done especially for the insiders, for the disciples. Usually healings and exorcisms are done for people along the road, as it were. Jesus doesn't come on the water to save the fishing fleet from Capernaum, he comes on the water to save the disciples. It's a parable, dummy, it's a parable, don't you get it? If the leadership of the church takes off in a boat without Jesus, it will sink, it will get nowhere." - John Dominic Crossan

"When I was growing up, I'd be in the choir. My mum was the organist in the church, so I'd sing in the church." - Enya

"No leadership, no ideas. Not even enough imagination to thump someone in the line-up when the ref wasn't looking." - J.P.R. Williams

"In the military, I learned that 'leadership' means raising your hand and volunteering for the tough, important assignments," - Tulsi Gabbard

"Management and leadership are not separate spheres. The two skills work together in the larger realm of "communityship." - Henry Mintzberg

"Obama doesn't believe in American leadership and the net result is we have a caliphate the size of Indiana." - Jeb Bush

"In the military, I learned that "leadership" means raising your hand and volunteering for the tough, important assignments," - Tulsi Gabbard

"The learning person looks forward to failure or mistakes. The worst problem in leadership is basically early success." - Warren G. Bennis

"Leadership is the ability to encourage the best efforts of others in working toward a desirable goal." - Spencer W. Kimball

"Leadership, pure and simple, is the assumption of responsibility for the pursuit of excellence in group life." - Philip Selznick

"Finding the leaders of the future is a question of recognizing those people who give leadership in a crisis." - Grace Lee Boggs

"When your teammate looks you in the eye and holds you accountable, that's the greatest kind of leadership there is" - Doug Collins

"In the military, I learned that 'leadership' means raising your hand and volunteering for the tough, important assignments." - Tulsi Gabbard

"There are many things that matter much more than an editor's gender in shaping the direction of the leadership." - Nancy Gibbs

"My four years in the Marine Corps left me with an indelible understanding of the value of leadership skills." - Frederick W Smith

"The Vatican's recognition of the State of Israel in 1997 could not have occurred without John Paul's leadership." - David Novak

"No service in the Church or in the community transcends that given in the home." - Boyd K. Packer

"We knowingly chose to protest in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, the most important church in the country, to denounce the connection between the church and Putin." - Yekaterina Samutsevich

"All Church power arises from the indwelling of the Spirit; therefore those in whom the Spirit dwells are the seat of Church power. But the Spirit dwells in the whole Church, and therefore the whole Church is the seat of Church power." - Charles Hodge

"Take the ideas of the masses and concentrate them, then go to the masses, persevere in the ideas and carry them through, so as to form correct ideas of leadership-such is the basic method of leadership." - Mao Zedong

"Leadership is about creating a domain in which human beings continually deepen their understanding of reality and become more capable of participating in the unfolding of the world. Ultimately leadership is about creating new realities." - Joseph Jaworski

"Every true prayer is a prayer of the Church; by means of that prayer the Church prays, since it is the Holy Spirit living in the Church, Who in every single soul 'prays in us with unspeakable groanings'." - Edith Stein

"Most people think leadership is about being in charge. Most people think leadership is about having all the answers and being the most intelligent person or the most qualified person in the room. The irony is that it is the complete opposite. Leadership is about empowering others to achieve things they did not think possible. Leadership is about pointing in the direction, articulating a vision of the world that does not yet exist. Then asking help from others to insure that vision happens." - Simon Sinek

"I believe that the will of the people is resolved by a strong leadership. Even in a democratic society, events depend on a strong leadership with a strong power of persuasion, and not on the opinion of the masses." - Yitzhak Shamir

"The local church is the outcrop of the church universal." - Peter T. Forsyth

"The local church is the outcrop of the church universal." - Peter Forsyth

"In the great mass of our people there are plenty individuals of intelligence from among whom leadership can be recruited." - Herbert Hoover

"My role is to make sure we're moving in the right direction, getting points, rebounds, steals, assists and providing leadership." - Kobe Bryant

"But to practice leadership, you need to accept that you are in the business of generating chaos, confusion, and conflict" - Ronald A. Heifetz

"Leadership is liberating people to do what is required of them in the most effective and humane way possible." - Max De Pree

"Right now, the leadership in Iran is telling their citizens one thing. Our President is telling us another." - Bob Corker

"We can grow economically and restore America's leadership in the world, so that everybody has a chance to rise up." - Jeb Bush

"I admire Chancellor Merkel for her leadership qualities, but she is leading Europe in the wrong direction." - George Soros

"Shouldn't Democrats insist that Sen. Durbin step down as their whip, the number two man in their leadership?" - William Kristol

"Leadership can be defined in one word - honesty. You must be honest with the players and honest with yourself." - Earl Weaver

"Leadership in its best sense has never been about the pre-determined role cast on some to lead others." - James Gobbo

"We need a different kind of leadership in the White House that understands how to get bureaucracies competent again." - Carly Fiorina

"Leaders come in two flavors, expanders and containers. The best leadership teams have a mix of both." - Barbara Corcoran

"There are different views about what's good for our country, our economy, and our leadership in the world." - Hillary Clinton

"We've weakened America's place in the world. It's been a combination of factors, but mostly a lack of leadership." - Mike Pence

"I have complete faith in the American people's ability if they know and if they have leadership." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"With King Abdullah's leadership and his people's trust he can keep the kingdom stable and secure in all its affairs." - Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

"When the world lacks muscular and wise American leadership, it devolves into total chaos, which, in turn, produces unspeakable evils." - Monica Crowley

"You were born to lead as mothers and fathers, because nowhere is righteous leadership more crucial than in the family." - Sheri L Dew

"Shouldn't Democrats insist that Sen. Durbin step down as their whip, the number two man in their leadership?" - Bill Kristol

"With King Abdullah's leadership and his people's trust he can keep the kingdom stable and secure in all its affairs." - Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Al

"People invest in businesses that they believe have the leadership, mission and team to grow and operate profitably." - Robert Kiyosaki

"If you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership." - Barack Obama

"So I think democracy, in the long-term, in our countries will survive if it comes to be associated with leadership, will not survive if democracy plus media brings to us more and more followship rather than leadership." - Mario Monti

"It's time for a new Reformation in the Church-to call the Church back to the authority of the Word of God, beginning in Genesis." - Ken Ham

"I looked for the church and I found it in the world; I looked for the world and I found it in the church." - Horatius Bonar

"We must reinstate Jesus in the rightful place which belongs to Him in the church; or the church will soon be driven into the wilderness." - Thomas March Clark

"Perhaps the dumbest of these story lines is that [Pope] Francis has re-opened conversation and debate in a Church that had been closed and claustrophobic for 35 years under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. I defy anyone who, over the last 35 years, has spent time on the campuses of Notre Dame or Georgetown, or who has read the National Catholic Reporter, or who has gone to a meeting of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, to make that claim without experiencing a twinge of conscience that says, "I should wash my mouth out with soap."" - George Weigel

"I think there can be a collective leadership. Maybe some symbolize the struggle [for human's rights] a little more than others, but I think it's absolutely necessary for the leadership to be united in order to make the revolution effective." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"An old African leader says about leadership, he says that leadership should never be shared; it should always remain in the hands of the dispossessed people. We will lead the revolution." - H Rap Brown

"And the whole world, the whole world that believes in freedom, whether you're talking about personal freedom, economic freedom, religious freedom, they look to the United States for leadership; and you're part of that leadership." - Don Nickles

"It appears likely that there was no normative pattern of church government in the apostolic age, and that the organizational structure of the church is no essential element in the theology of the church." - George Eldon Ladd

"The Church in the colonies is the white people's Church, the foreigner's Church. She does not call the native to God's ways but to the ways of the white man, of the master, of the oppressor." - Frantz Fanon

"The church is in trouble-that's what they say anyways. The problem is most of what they call the church is not the church, and the church is not quite as in trouble as everybody thinks. As a matter of fact, the church today is absolutely beautiful-she's glorious, she's humble, she's broken, and she's confessing her sin. The problem is what everybody's calling the church today isn't the church. Basically, by and large, what's called the church today is nothing more than a bunch of unconverted church people with unconverted pastors." - Paul Washer

"The Church must send or the church will end." - Mendell Taylor

"It is the voice of the Church that is heard in singing together. It is not you that sings, it is the Church that is singing, and you, as a member of the Church, may share in its song." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"I think a lot of bad things have happened in the name of the church and in the name of Christ and therefore I shy away from church." - John Lennon

"Nowhere nor in anything, except in the assertion of the Church, can we find that God or Christ founded anything like what churchmen understand by the Church." - Leo Tolstoy

"The Church has lost a great religious poet in me; but I have lost an infinity of fun in the church, so the loss is even." - Sylvia Townsend Warner

"I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church, where my father was a minister at music, so I sang in the church all the time." - Missi Pyle

"A person's own definition of leadership defines the glittering crown of his leadership." - Anuj

"Leadership is not achieved by an individual. Leadership is bestowed by the group." - Simon Sinek

"The difference between government and leadership is that leadership has a soul." - Anna Quindlen

"Leadership isn't answering the questions others ask. Leadership is asking others to answer their own questions." - Simon Sinek

"Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores the need for leadership." - Andy Stanley

"The real role of leadership in education ... is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility." - Ken Robinson

"Leadership is creating an environment in which people want to be part of the organization and not just work for the organization. Leadership creates an environment that makes people want to, rather than have to, do." - Horst Schulze

"Leadership that exploits and sacrifices young people on the altar of its goals is nothing more than raw, demonic power. Genuine leadership is found in ceaseless efforts to foster young people, to pave the way forward for them." - Daisaku Ikeda

"Ah, savage company; but in the church With saints, and in the taverns with the gluttons." - Dante Alighieri

"We cannot survive spiritually with one foot in the Church and the other in the world." - Bruce R. McConkie

"The Church is holy, although there are sinners within her. Those who sin, but who cleanse themselves with true repentance, do not keep the Church from being holy. But unrepentant sinners are cut off, whether visibly by Church authority, or invisible by the judgement of God, from the body of the Church. And so in this regard the Church remains holy." - Patriarch Philaret of Moscow

"Attending church does not necessarily mean living the principles taught in those meeting. You can be active in a church but inactive in its gospel." - Stephen Covey

"We have a problem with women in leadership across the board. This leadership gap - this problem of not enough women in leadership - is running really deep and it's in every industry. My answer is we have to understand the stereotype assumptions that hold women back." - Sheryl Sandberg

"Leadership exists when people are no longer victims of circumstances but participate in creating new circumstances. Leadership is about creating a domain in which human beings continually deepen their understanding of reality and become more capable of participating in the unfolding of the world. Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities." - Peter Senge

"Nothing lasts but the Church." - George Herbert

"The church is God's vineyard." - Heinrich Bullinger

"The church is something beautiful" - Francis Schaeffer

"The stratosphere is my church." - John Perry Barlow

"Probably one of the strongest movements of the Holy Spirit is in the Roman Catholic Church, so there's not a huge theological difference between the official teaching of the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church." - Nicky Gumbel

"Once the Roman Catholic Church in the West became the church most closely connected with the state, the Roman Catholic Church did not recognize the validity of any religion other than its own." - Susan Jacoby

"Church is the textured context in which we grow up in Christ to maturity. But church is difficult. Sooner or later, though, if we are serious about growing up in Christ, we have to deal with church. I say sooner." - Eugene H Peterson

"Some of the stuff I'm writing is almost like hymns, some of my first singing and choral experiences were in church, the Church of Christ in Hicksville." - Billy Joel

"Quality effective leaders have the confidence to trust others to try, succeed, and sometimes to fail. We very often confuse personality with leadership. In other words, leadership is not about being a nice person or not a nice person." - Simon Sinek

"Mike Myatt's 'Hacking Leadership' is a must read... Mike combines insightful yet practical commentary with in the trenches leadership experience few can match. I would highly recommend this text to anyone looking to become a better leader." - Vijay Govindarajan

"Leadership does not mean being bossy, always telling others what to do. No, leadership means going ahead, not putting others in the front. Good leaders lead by example, not by decree." - Myles Munroe

"Mike Myatt's "Hacking Leadership" is a must read... Mike combines insightful yet practical commentary with in the trenches leadership experience few can match. I would highly recommend this text to anyone looking to become a better leader." - Vijay Govindarajan

"A church without the broken is a broken church." - Ed Stetzer

"The only church that illuminates is a burning church." - Buenaventura Durruti

"I'd rather be in the mountains thinking of God, than in church thinking about the mountains." - John Muir

"When nations are to perish in their sins, 'tis in the Church the leprosy begins." - William Cowper

"The excellence of the Church does not consist in multitude but in purity." - John Calvin

"The key word in the church community is relationships, you know brother and sister in Christ." - John C Maxwell

"I'd rather be in the mountains thinking of God, than in church thinking about the mountains." - John Muir

"The one thing that the Catholic Church desires, and that I seek as Bishop of Rome, "the Church which presides in charity", is communion with the Orthodox Churches." - Pope Francis

"The church will not stay the same. It will either blossom because someone understands the season the church is in, or it will wither very quickly." - John C Maxwell

"I am, I think the only surviving member of the original Battle Creek church. The church was disbanded, with the exception of thirteen members, in 1870." - John Harvey Kellogg

"The downfall of the church will not come from a lack of apologetic teaching; it will come from disintegration of the families in the church." - Josh Mcdowell

"My church is in the detention facilities where I preside and celebrate the Eucharist. To me that's the church. That's the people of God." - Greg Boyle

"You have the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, the Presbyterians, the Wesleyans, represented in each school, and they are each to take alternate days." - Charles Tupper

"It is better to have a Church that is wounded but out in the streets than a Church that is sick because it is closed in on itself." - Pope Francis

"From the time I can remember my mother kept me in church. I think my first recollection of any place, being anywhere was in a church." - Teddy Pendergrass

"People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand." - Michael J Fox

"I've tried them all, I really have, and the only church that truly feeds the soul, day in, day out, is the Church of Baseball." - Susan Sarandon

"The church has no authority to preach of inclusivity if we fear altering the look of our church by bringing in the poor." - Matthew Barnett

"I have a body and I have a soul. And my body belongs to the faith - in fact, the church - into which it was born, the Methodist Church." - Huston Smith

"There are financial bankruptcies in many parts of the church. No question about that. But we see the possibility of reimagining and revitalizing the church." - Shane Claiborne

"Church members are either pillars or caterpillars. The pillars hold up the church, and the caterpillars just crawl in and out." - Grenville Kleiser

"One would think that [persecution] would be an obstacle to church growth when joining the church meant a death sentence. And yet, the age of persecution was the greatest period of church growth in history." - Gene Veith

"I really do feel that these people are brothers and sisters in God's family. I am looking to build bridges with the Orthodox Church, looking to build bridges with the Catholic Church, with the Anglican church." - Rick Warren

"It's all so verbal in the Protestant church. You've heard these words a million times before. Maybe people are leaving the church because they find the church has nothing that they're looking for." - Frederick Buechner

"We never used to blink at taking a leadership role in the world. And we understood leadership often required something other than drones and bombs. We accepted global leadership not just for humanitarian reasons, but also because it was in our own best interest. We knew we couldn't isolate ourselves from trouble. There was no place to hide." - Robert Reich

"In a church of my own we're perfect together I recognize you in the stained glass." - Heather Nova

"Enthusiasm is as good a thing in the Church as fire is in a cook stove." - Billy Sunday

"The Christian Church does not exist in Heaven, but on earth and in time." - Karl Barth

"Every time I'm in the woods, i feel like I'm in church" - Pete Seeger

"I learned more stuff in church than I did in the world." - Al Green

"Take what the old-church found in Mithra's tomb, candle and script and bell, take what the new-church spat upon and broke and shattered." - Hilda Doolittle

"We believe in separation of church and state, that there should be no unwarranted influence on the church or religion by the state, and vice versa." - Jimmy Carter

"Christianity in the suburb is cheerful. The church is a centre of social activity and those who go to church need never be lonely." - Stevie Smith

"I was raised Catholic and I have a lot of respect for the good in the Catholic Church. But I don't go to church." - Dolores O'Riordan

"I love what the church offers to us as a culture - black people in particular. We would be nowhere without the black church." - Oprah Winfrey

"I was born or raised in the church, so I guess the first songs I would have played would have been church songs." - Frank Fairfield

"The Church responds to antiquated social realities, and those realities remain much more current in Utah precisely because of the Church." - Andrew Solomon

"I am a Protestant. I am a communicant at the Church of the Holy Family, an Episcopal church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina." - Stanley Hauerwas

"To be active in a church social life or church activities or even a church mission to help the hungry or reach the poor, but really our dedication has to be born out of an infatuation with Jesus." - Max Lucado

"I have found that leadership is leadership is leadership. It applies whether you are in government or in corporate life or in non-profit life." - Colin Powell



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