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Leadership In Sports Quotes


"I think that in any group activity - whether it be business, sports, or family - there has to be leadership or it wont be successful." - John Wooden

"Steroids are used in all sports." - Dorian Yates

"In sports and journeys men are knowne. [In sports and journeys men are known.]" - George Herbert

"Leadership is one of sports intangibles. Guys can score, guys can fight, guys can skate faster than anybody else. But not everybody can say, Follow me." - Paul Coffey

"In the end, leadership is not intellectual or cognitive. Leadership is emotional." - Judith M Bardwick

"I always find sports-related ways to stay in shape..." - Cassie Scerbo

"There is a syndrome in sports called "paralysis by analysis." - Arthur Ashe

"The greatest owner in professional sports history is Eddie DeBartolo." - Ronnie Lott

"Red Sox versus Yankees is the greatest rivalry in sports." - Carl Yastrzemski

"Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms." - Stephen Covey

"In leadership, there are no words more important than trust." - Mike Krzyzewski

"In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still." - Harry S Truman

"Almost everything in leadership comes back to relationships." - Mike Krzyzewski

"Leadership means setting an example. When you find yourself in a position of leadership, people follow your every move." - Lee Iacocca

"I'm so sick and tired of people in the media telling us that because of the war, sports aren't important. Fans need sports. We'd have only crime and war to watch on TV if not for sports." - Charles Barkley

"Any time there's racism somewhere in sports, we should get it out of there because sports is a place where everything's supposed to be fair." - Ice Cube

"Sports taught me how to compete on the court, and taught me how to compete in life. Sports and life run parallel with one another." - Ken Carter

"In life, and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever." - Peyton Manning

"I think America has a responsibility to maintain its leadership in technology and its moral leadership in the world, to explore, to seek knowledge." - Gene Cernan

"What should a brand leader advertise?Brand leadership, of course. Leadership is the single most important motivating factor in consumer behavior." - Al Ries

"The Leadership Training Institute of America is a cultural think tank providing training and opportunity in leadership development and cultural dynamics." - Michael C. Burgess

"I think leadership of any kind requires trust and transparency and voters should demand no less from their political leadership in government." - Carly Fiorina

"Leadership potential exists in everybody. What I think we have missed is that we have somehow relegated leadership only to a special, talented few people." - Myles Munroe

"Leaders create and inspire new leaders by instilling faith in their leadership abilities and helping them develop and hone leadership skills they don't know they possess." - John C Maxwell

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." (Harvard Business School definition of leadership)" - Sheryl Sandberg

"What counts in sports is not the victory, but the magnificence of the struggle." - Joe Paterno

"The greatest efforts in sports came when the mind is as still as a glass lake." - Timothy Gallwey

"Falling in love is the right adventure for those who dislike sports and travel." - Mason Cooley

"I was certain I was going to do something in sports." - Tyler Christopher

"They aren't the brightest crayons in the box -Max(saving the world and other extreme sports)" - James Patterson

"That's why men need instant replays in sports. They've already forgotten what happened." - John Wayne

"When you're in professional sports, winning is the only thing that matters." - Leo Durocher

"In terms of history and sports, I don't think people will forget." - Kristine Lilly

"Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character." - Lewis H Lapham

"Dare to go forward. Courage is the mark of greatness in leadership" - Brian Tracy

"I think leadership is never singular. In a good organization, it's plural." - Mike Krzyzewski

"You can't defer if you're the person who's in the leadership position." - Mike Krzyzewski

"In every growing church you will find leadership that is not afraid to believe God." - Rick Warren

"Are decent people in positions of leadership eternally condemned to Calvary?" - Janusz Korczak

"Our best presidents have really combined domestic leadership with heroic achievements in foreign affairs or war." - Allan Lichtman

"Leadership, in other words, is a matter of character, not goals." - Ted Malloch

"I think leadership is creating a state of mind in others." - Barbara Mikulski

"Leadership is seeing the possibilities in a situation while others are seeing the limitations." - John C Maxwell

"Paralysis of leadership is due in part to the unseen grip of the special interests." - John W Gardner

"Leadership, on the other hand, is about creating change you believe in." - Seth Godin

"Our province needs united leadership and shared purpose in tackling the challenges we face." - Jim Prentice

"there is not going to be any pass for Palestinian leadership in fighting terror." - Condoleezza Rice

"Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership." - Ralph Marston

"Struggle is the father of all things, virtue lies in blood, leadership is primary and decisive" - Adolf Hitler

"I look for lessons in every experience. It adds to my leadership abilities." - Omarosa Manigault

"Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership." - Peter Drucker

"We're in a leadership position in sports. People look up to the National Football League." - Roger Goodell

"Leadership comes with consistency." - Junior Seau

"True leadership is found in giving yourself in service to others, not in coaxing or inducing others to serve you." - J. Oswald Sanders

"Sports ideally teach discipline and commitment. They challenge you and build character for everything you do in life." - Howie Long

"It isn't hard to be good from time to time in sports. What is tough, is being good every day." - Willie Mays

"The golf swing is among the most stressful and unnatural acts in sports, short of cheering for the Yankees." - Brad Faxon

"Every single model wants to be in Sports Illustrated, and I feel extremely blessed to have that opportunity." - Katherine Webb

"I've not made a career of being physical in my movies, but I love sports. I'm a very physical guy." - Aaron Eckhart

"I like physical exercise. I actually like sports in general. I really like snowboarding and playing soccer, too." - Valentino Rossi

"I Worked in the family auto body shop, lifted weights, and rode a few Victory Sports Indoors." - Ben Jackson

"In fact, theres a lot to legitimately hate about pro sports and the way they are conducted." - Chad Harbach

"Men forget everything; women remember everything. That's why men need instant replay in sports. They've already forgotten what's happened." - Rita Rudner

"I think in most sports sometimes you need a little luck for the ball or calls to roll your way." - Kim Smith

"I think it's very important, even if you're not in organized sports, but just to be active, to be healthy." - Allyson Felix

"The height of ability in the least able consists in knowing how to submit to the good leadership of others." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"In 1999, the NRA leadership in Washington, pretty much the same people intact, were for (expanded background checks.)" - Joe Manchin

"All leadership is appreciative leadership. It's the capacity to see the best in the world around us, in our colleagues, and in the groups we are trying to lead." - David Cooperrider

"Where there is peace, there is sports; where there is sports, there is peace. Peace is what allows us, especially young people, to dream, go after ones goals and prepare you for the next challenge in life." - Yuna

"I am trying to encourage kids to do something that isn't yet on their mind because it is not in popular culture. Popular culture tells you 'music, music, sports, sports.' It neglects the importance of a STEM education." - William

"There's something about sports. You can be setting fire to cats and burying them in your backyard, but as long as you're playing team sports, people think you're okay." - Polly Horvath

"I am trying to encourage kids to do something that is' yet on their mind because it is not in popular culture. Popular culture tells you 'music, music, sports, sports.' It neglects the importance of a STEM education." - William

"One of the great myths in America is that sports build character. They can and they should. Indeed, sports may be the perfect venue in which to build character. But sports don't build character unless a coach possesses character and intentionally teaches it. Sports can team with ethics and character and spirituality; virtuous coaching can integrate the body with the heart, the mind, and the soul." - Joe Ehrmann

"If you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership." - Barack Obama

"I could never be a sports writer, unless my assignment was to write 'sports sports sports sports sports' for three pages." - Megan Boyle

"In the great mass of our people there are plenty individuals of intelligence from among whom leadership can be recruited." - Herbert Hoover

"Good coaching is about leadership and instilling respect in your players. Dictators lead through fear - good coaches do not." - John Wooden

"My role is to make sure we're moving in the right direction, getting points, rebounds, steals, assists and providing leadership." - Kobe Bryant

"True leadership means to receive power from God and use it under God's rule to serve people in God's way." - Leighton Ford

"But to practice leadership, you need to accept that you are in the business of generating chaos, confusion, and conflict" - Ronald A. Heifetz

"Leadership is liberating people to do what is required of them in the most effective and humane way possible." - Max De Pree

"Right now, the leadership in Iran is telling their citizens one thing. Our President is telling us another." - Bob Corker

"We can grow economically and restore America's leadership in the world, so that everybody has a chance to rise up." - Jeb Bush

"I admire Chancellor Merkel for her leadership qualities, but she is leading Europe in the wrong direction." - George Soros

"The secular mind and heart, however gifted and personally charming, has no place in the leadership of the church." - J. Oswald Sanders

"Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character, forged by experience, and communicated by example." - John Baldoni

"Leadership is inherent in our nature and is fundamental to our origins, our human makeup -and our destiny." - Myles Munroe

"No leadership, no ideas. Not even enough imagination to thump someone in the line-up when the ref wasn't looking." - J.P.R. Williams

"Autocratic leadership existed in Russia for many centuries, changing only its ideological colors and method of legitimization." - Lilia Shevtsova

"It's a huge responsibility to have influence and to steward it in a way that leads to God-honoring leadership." - Bill Hybels

"That very aggressive, unapologetic leadership style is needed in Washington, D.C., and I'm not afraid to tackle big issues." - Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

"There is a rare exception of mainstream sports that have a fatality rate. That's motor sports and rodeo, ... football, baseball, basketball, hockey, you make a mistake and you give up a run or some points. In these two sports, if you make a mistake, it could cost you your life." - Don Andrews

"We have a problem with women in leadership across the board. This leadership gap - this problem of not enough women in leadership - is running really deep and it's in every industry. My answer is we have to understand the stereotype assumptions that hold women back." - Sheryl Sandberg

"Leadership exists when people are no longer victims of circumstances but participate in creating new circumstances. Leadership is about creating a domain in which human beings continually deepen their understanding of reality and become more capable of participating in the unfolding of the world. Ultimately, leadership is about creating new realities." - Peter Senge

"The real role of leadership in education ... is not and should not be command and control. The real role of leadership is climate control, creating a climate of possibility." - Ken Robinson

"Take the ideas of the masses and concentrate them, then go to the masses, persevere in the ideas and carry them through, so as to form correct ideas of leadership-such is the basic method of leadership." - Mao Zedong

"Leadership has become a heavy industry. Concern and interest about leadership development is no longer an American phenomenon. It is truly global. Though I will probably be in less demand, I wanted to move on." - Warren G. Bennis

"The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love." - Bryant Gumbel

"Sports is, somehow, a religion." - Michael Novak

"People want leadership, Mr. President, and in the absence of genuine leadership, they'll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They're so thirsty for it they'll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there's no water, they'll drink the sand." - Michael J Fox

"Dave Stark has taken the best of recent marketplace management concepts and married them to timeless biblical principles of leadership, translating business jargon into ministry language. The combination is an encouraging and practical guide to Christ-centered ministry leadership. This book will be helpful to anyone involved in leading a church or serious about modeling servant leadership." - Jonathan Reckford

"The only real training for leadership is leadership." - Antony Jay

"The leadership spirit comes with a spirit of leadership." - Myles Munroe

"Fascism rewarded jackasses in uniform. Democracy gives priviliges to those in sports' gear. In Italy, political regimes come to pass. The jackasses remain. Triumphant." - Indro Montanelli

"Leadership is action, not position" - Donald McGannon

"Leadership starts at the top." - Morgan Wootten

"Bad leadership is an oxymoron." - Joseph C. Rost

"Leadership: Lions led by donkeys." - Erich Ludendorff

"In a very real way, ownership is the essence of leadership. When you are ridiculously in charge, then you own whatever happens in a company, school, et cetera." - Henry Cloud

"I have always thought that what is needed is the development of people who are interested not in being leaders as much as in developing leadership in others." - Ella Baker

"Sports plays a societal role in engendering jingoist and chauvinist attitudes. They're designed to organize a community to be committed to their gladiators." - Noam Chomsky

"Institutionalised in sports, the military, acculturated sexuality, the history and mythology of heroism, violence is taught to boys until they becomes its advocates." - Andrea Dworkin

"I might be the most injured athlete in the history of sports. I've had 31 operations. An endless string of stress fractures." - Bill Walton

"Whether you're on a sports team, in an office or a member of a family, if you can't trust one another there's going to be trouble." - Stephen Covey

"People have a hard time believing that, but not having a father around, being shy, I just never participated in sports much." - Chuck Norris

"It is usual for a Man who loves Country Sports to preserve the Game in his own Grounds, and divert himself upon those that belongto his Neighbour." - Joseph Addison

"In my life, I've been a movie star, a rock star, and a sports star, all wrapped up into one-and worked harder at it than anybody else." - Ric Flair

"I am thrilled and honored to have a seat at the table for meaningful conversation with so many accomplished women in the sports world." - Laila Ali

"It is so much in the nature of men to overreach and deceive one another, that their very sports and plays are founded on that principle." - Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke

"Track is full of the absolute nicest and most polite athletes in all of sports, and where does it get us?" - Malcolm Gladwell

"I'd like to coach the Liberty. That's my dream. But maybe I'd coach a college team. Either way, I'd like to stay involved in sports and to coach." - Sue Wicks

"There's an undeniable pleasure in stepping into an open-top sports car driven by a beautiful woman. It feels like you're climbing into a metaphor." - Hugh Laurie

"Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud." - Andrew Sullivan

"In wheelchair sports, people thought athletes with disabilities were courageous and inspirational. They never give them credit for simply being competitive." - Jean Driscoll

"I have never really lived with anyone in my adult years. I just read my sports ticker. And 50 Shades of Grey." - Matthew Perry

"My TV stays on ESPN all day long, I'm one of those. I don't even listen to music in the car, all I listen to is sports talk." - Action Bronson

"There is no cheap way to achieve the ability to turn pro in tennis; it unfortunately is more expensive than team sports." - Martina Navratilova

"If I wasn't active and involved in different sports and just moving around, I wouldn't have even known that I had the potential to become an Olympian." - Allyson Felix

"Our system is not fit for purpose. It's inadequate in terms of its scope, it's inadequate in terms of its information technology, leadership, management systems and processes." - John Richard Reid

"I hope that the responsible figures in the Ukrainian leadership will not hinder soldiers in the Ukrainian army from putting down their weapons." - Vladimir Putin

"No amount of training in leadership skills, courses in management methods, power titles, promotions, or associations can substitute for the right attitudes." - Myles Munroe

"Vivacity, leadership, must be had, and we are not allowed to be nice in choosing. We must fetch the pump with dirty water, if clean cannot be had." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every advance in this half-century-Social Security, civil rights, Medicare, aid to education, one after another-came with the support and leadership of American Labor." - Jimmy Carter

"Fortunately poorer countries, such as China, are showing leadership and beginning to demonstrate to the world how to invest in low-carbon growth." - Nicholas Stern

"In my view it is better for the Labour Party, the leadership and the new prime minister that he be given the maximum flexibility." - John Richard Reid

"The present Indian government, however, is neither able or willing to accept the challenge and to provide the leadership in breaking the resistance of urban and rural interests." - Paul A. Baran

"The national Democratic leadership is going so far left, they've left America. Don't let them bury the American dream in their graveyard of gloom and envy." - Ronald Reagan

"Trying to get people to face reality and see the world the way it really is is an absolutely critical aspect of leadership, in my view." - Jack Welch

"Openness fundamentally affects a lot of the core institutions in society - the media, the economy, how people relate to the government and just their leadership." - Mark Zuckerberg

"In the end, leadership comes down to consistency and strong, confident action upon which the team can rely - and this doesnt mean imposing a bunch of rules." - Don Yaeger

"One of the most important leadership lessons is realizing you're not the most important or the most intelligent person in the room at all times." - Mario Batali

"One of the ways we'll know that Work-Out has been successful is that my style of leadership will no longer be tolerated in this company." - Jack Welch

"Leadership is building a bridge that connects the vision with the purpose, in order to empower those who are around us." - David Walker

"The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow." - Seth Godin

"Leadership is tested not by one's capacity to survive politically but by the ability to make tough decisions in trying times." - Ehud Olmert

"I can foresee no circumstance in which I would allow my name to be put forward for the leadership of the Conservative Party." - Michael Heseltine

"The United States has renewed our leadership in the Asia-Pacific, prime Minister Abe is leading Japan to a new role on the world stage." - Shinzo Abe

"The overwhelming majority of our nation - intellectuals, academics, theologians, the greats, and the leadership - are in favor of getting the sanctions removed." - Hassan Rouhani

"Really, people are not a school of fish. Finding the leaders of the future is a question of recognizing those people who give leadership in a crisis." - Grace Lee Boggs

"Leadership in today's world requires far more than a large stock of gunboats and a hard fist at the conference table." - Hubert Humphrey



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