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Leadership In Church Quotes


"Leadership in church is one of the biggest challenges that the Church is facing because without strong leadership, the church rarely lives out its redemptive potentials." - Bill Hybels

"Spiritual leadership should remain spiritual leadership and the temporal power should not become too important in any church." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"In every growing church you will find leadership that is not afraid to believe God." - Rick Warren

"The secular mind and heart, however gifted and personally charming, has no place in the leadership of the church." - J. Oswald Sanders

"Over the years, I have studied church history as well as the contemporary church, and I noticed how rare it is for a God-glorifying transition of leadership to take place in a local church." - C J Mahaney

"Barna is correct when he writes, "After fifteen years of diligent digging into the world around me, I have reached several conclusions about the future of the Christian church in America. The central conclusion is that the American church is dying due to lack of strong spiritual leadership. In this time of unprecedented opportunity and plentiful resources, the church is actually losing influence. The primary reason is the lack of leadership. Nothing is more important than leadership."7" - Ed Stetzer

"The church wasn't an organization in the first century. They weren't writing checks or buying property. The church has matured and developed over the years. But for some reason, the last thing to change is the structure of leadership." - Andy Stanley

"Dave Stark has taken the best of recent marketplace management concepts and married them to timeless biblical principles of leadership, translating business jargon into ministry language. The combination is an encouraging and practical guide to Christ-centered ministry leadership. This book will be helpful to anyone involved in leading a church or serious about modeling servant leadership." - Jonathan Reckford

"Leadership is character in action." - James Hunter

"Leadership is Idealism in Action." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Beginning under the Roman Empire, intellectual leadership in the West had been provided by Christianity. In the middle ages, who invented the first universities - in Paris, Oxford, Cambridge? The church." - Nancy Pearcey

"Prayer-leadership preserves the spirituality of the Church, just as prayerless leaders make for unspiritual conditions." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"I watched my parents in their leadership callings in the Church and the community. We just grew up knowing that we should serve and do whatever we could do to make things grow." - Margaret D Nadauld

"Other men look to him as someone to emulate. His church calls on him for strength and leadership. He is a preserver of culture and a champion of society to keep out evil and usher in good." - Tony Evans

"It helps certain church leaders identify the fact that they have the spiritual gift of leadership that the Bible talks about in Romans 12:8. Once you understand that God has given a gift, then training becomes more seriously. When you receive better training, you become more effective in the leadership position that God has assigned to you." - Bill Hybels

"The responsibility of building leadership in the Church belongs to the father and the mother. . . . As youth grow and mature through their teenage years and move toward adulthood, the Church picks up an important role in this process of giving youth an opportunity to lead, but it begins in the home." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"I wonder what really goes on in the minds of Church leadership who know of the data concerning the Book of Abraham, the new data on the First Vision, etc.... It would tend to devastate the Church if a top leader were to announce the facts." - Thomas Ferguson

"In my leadership conferences, pastors ask, "Do you have a vision for my church?" Many times they want me to give them a picture of where they should go and what their church should look like. When these pastors do this, I always feel bad." - John C Maxwell

"In this nation, leadership is dollars." - Norman Lear

"I was reared in the church, in the Presbyterian Church." - Billy Graham

"The political structure in different countries has different origins, different developments. Something which suits one country extremely well would perhaps fail completely in another. Germany, through the long centuries of monarchy, has always had a leadership principle. ... The position of the Catholic Church rests now, as before, on the clear leadership principle of its hierarchy. And I think I can also say that of Russia, too." - Hermann Goring

"In the end, leadership is not intellectual or cognitive. Leadership is emotional." - Judith M Bardwick

"The emperor is in the Church, not about the Church." - Ambrose

"The emperor is in the Church, not above the Church." - Saint Ambrose

"The Church in England is the Church of England." - Joseph Barber Lightfoot

"I have found that leadership is leadership is leadership. It applies whether you are in government or in corporate life or in non-profit life." - Colin Powell

"Leadership in the church is not entrusted to successful fund raisers, brilliant biblical scholars, administrative geniuses, or spellbinding preachers...but to those who have been laid waste by a consuming passion for Christ - passionate men and women for whom privilege and power are trivial compared to knowing and loving Jesus." - Brennan Manning

"Is the leadership of the worldwide church in the hands of men and women who know how to lead others one by one to Jesus Christ? We are so concerned with planning and administration that there is a danger lest we allow these things to serve as an excuse for not doing the one thing on which all else depends." - Stephen Neill

"Since the Icelandic volcano obviously needs a virgin sacrifice and the Catholic Church obviously needs new leadership the Pope must volunteer to jump in the volcano. Pontiff, don't think of it as endorsing paganism, think of it as supersizing Ash Wednesday." - Bill Maher

"The Church expects that each of us carry a share of the burden of leadership. There is no paid clergy. The work is done because of a love of the cause. And as people serve, they grow in capacity. The time and effort is not a sacrifice because there is returned more than is given." - Gordon B Hinckley

"If you don't want to have gay weddings in Mormon churches, that's fine. That's absolutely up to the members of the faith or the leadership of the faith. I would never suggest that the Mormon Church has to consecrate gay unions. But homosexuality runs at a fairly constant rate through all populations. There are many gay Mormons." - Andrew Solomon

"The leadership lost its nerve. Instead of taking the lead in the reform movement... they pulled the plug on it. They tried and are still trying to return the church to the dry ice of the previous century and a half." - Andrew Greeley

"In politics, as in business, leadership is crucial." - Edgar Bronfman Sr

"Character in leadership is the most important balance for leadership. Without character, leaders have no safety. Leadership has no protection without character." - Myles Munroe

"Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms." - Stephen Covey

"In leadership, there are no words more important than trust." - Mike Krzyzewski

"In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still." - Harry S Truman

"Almost everything in leadership comes back to relationships." - Mike Krzyzewski

"Management works in the system; leadership works on the system." - Stephen Covey

"Leadership is developed daily, not in a day." - John C Maxwell

"Through patience and certainty, leadership in the religion is obtained." - Ibn Taymiyyah

"Leadership is all about unlocking the potential in others" - Carly Fiorina

"Women's philanthropic leadership is fundamental to their advancement in society." - Kaye Ballard

"Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions." - Robert Foster Bennett

"We need moral leadership and courage in our world." - Jacqueline Novogratz

"Meet directly for diplomacy with the leadership in Iran." - Barack Obama

"Influence is the key word in any definition of leadership." - Aubrey Malphurs

"The most important thing in good leadership is truly caring." - Dean Smith

"Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership." - John C Maxwell

"Leadership is evoking in others the capacity to dream." - John C Maxwell

"Leadership is the readiness to stand out in a crowd." - John C Maxwell

"Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions." - Bo Bennett

"Leadership comes in small acts as well as bold strokes." - Carly Fiorina

"The only safe ship in a storm is leadership." - Faye Wattleton

"I believe that in Europe, we have a collective leadership." - Mario Monti

"The Church will never reach her full redemptive potential until men and women with the leadership gift step up and lead." - Bill Hybels

"A wife is to submit graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ." - Mike Huckabee

"Servanthood does not nullify leadership; it defines it. Jesus does not cease to be the Lion of Judah when He becomes the lamblike servant of the church." - John Piper

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge." - Simon Sinek

"The Divine Thing that made itself the foundation of the Church does not seem, to judge by his comments on the religious leadership of his day, to have hoped much from officers of a church." - Charles Williams

"I think it's so important that the church displays what it can look like to be "one." Our society can be so fragmented, and there's an opportunity for the worshipping church to give some leadership into that area." - Matt Redman

"Leadership means setting an example. When you find yourself in a position of leadership, people follow your every move." - Lee Iacocca

"Intelligence we gathered at the time indicated that this was in fact leadership and we struck the leadership." - Peter Pace

"The Christian church was born in song." - Ralph P. Martin

"I was always laughing in church." - Tom Waits

"All instruments sound fantastic in a church." - Colin Meloy

"My father started me singing in church." - Deforest Kelley

"I was raised in the church." - Kenny Rogers

"Hey, I was raised in the church." - Cheech Marin

"The church is in the hope business." - John Ortberg

"In general, in the matters that relate to theology or behavior, people to one another, Paul was obviously biblically correct. But when he said that women should always cover their hair or that women should not teach men, women should not have leadership positions in the church, women should not speak in the church, I don't' think that those writings of Paul can be extracted by themselves to stand alone. Also, Paul said that women should be subservient to their husbands but if you read a couple of verses down it says husbands should treat their wives as equals." - Jimmy Carter

"Not everything in church is truth ... And not all truth turns up in church." - Faith Sullivan

"I grew up in the church. I was raised in the church." - Quinton Aaron

"In fact, my parents were church people; my father was a deacon in the church." - Tina Turner

"Though you see a Church-man ill, yet continue in the Church still." - George Herbert

"Where Christ erecteth his church, the divell in the same church-yarde will have his chappell." - Richard Bancroft

"I'm happiest in an empty church. I love the smell of a church." - Michael Patrick King

"Is the Church of England an Anglican church? The church did not start in Canterbury, the church did not start in Rome. Whether Canterbury is Anglican or not is immaterial. We are Anglicans. They are the Church of England." - Peter Akinola

"The demands of leadership have changed. The highest levels if leadership require mastery of a new task: job creation. Traditional leadership through politics, military force, religion, or personal values won't work in the future like it has in the past." - Jim Clifton

"I think America has a responsibility to maintain its leadership in technology and its moral leadership in the world, to explore, to seek knowledge." - Gene Cernan

"Without a vision people in leadership positions perish. You not only lose your people, you lose the person who is in a leadership position - you lose it all." - John C Maxwell

"I think America has a responsibility to maintain its leadership in technology and its moral leadership in the world, to explore, to seek knowledge." - Eugene Cernan

"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions." - Harold S Geneen

"We think leadership is about rank and power, but better to think of leadership as the responsibility for other human beings. That leadership and rank may not go together. So it manifests in this remarkable way." - Simon Sinek

"Leadership can't be fabricated. If it is fabricated and rehearsed, you can't fool the guys in the locker room. So when you talk about leadership, it comes with performance. Leadership comes with consistency." - Junior Seau

"The New Birth church is a church unto itself who has a board and it has a membership. How they choose to handle their leadership issues it's not something that we can control regardless of which side you stay on that issue. It is their church issue and their responsibility and their response. And I'm saying what I always said that we should just keep on praying for the New Birth church family." - T D Jakes

"The church is in Christ, as Eve was in Adam." - Richard Hooker

"What should a brand leader advertise?Brand leadership, of course. Leadership is the single most important motivating factor in consumer behavior." - Al Ries

"The Leadership Training Institute of America is a cultural think tank providing training and opportunity in leadership development and cultural dynamics." - Michael C. Burgess

"I think leadership of any kind requires trust and transparency and voters should demand no less from their political leadership in government." - Carly Fiorina

"Leadership potential exists in everybody. What I think we have missed is that we have somehow relegated leadership only to a special, talented few people." - Myles Munroe

"Leaders create and inspire new leaders by instilling faith in their leadership abilities and helping them develop and hone leadership skills they don't know they possess." - John C Maxwell

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." (Harvard Business School definition of leadership)" - Sheryl Sandberg

"In order to reclaim the joy and passion of leadership, we must walk the valley of the shadow of death and name the cost of leadership." - Dan B. Allender

"Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives." - Robin S. Sharma

"I supported my friend Congressman Shuler over former Speaker Nancy Pelosi during our party's leadership elections in November citing a need for new leadership." - Joe Donnelly

"Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. Any one of us can demonstrate leadership in our work and within our lives." - Robin S Sharma

"The Leadership Training Institute of America is a cultural think tank providing training and opportunity in leadership development and cultural dynamics." - Michael Burgess

"Over time, I have come to this simple definition of leadership: Leadership is getting results in a way that inspires trust." - Stephen Covey

"My church [Catholisism] is hurting from arrogance and from its indifference to the suffering of children that were abused and the inclination of the leadership to protect the institution, rather than the children." - Mark Shields

"No matter what the realm of leadership - the home, the workplace, the church, or the community - the vision is crucial. Leaders must funnel their faith into action so that life-changing results." - Phil Pringle

"The intelligence investigation under the leadership of Senator Church, which I know has helped cause this investigation by you, points out that the agencies did not disclose certain facts to us and that certain plots were going on." - John Sherman Cooper

"Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character." - Lewis H Lapham

"A change in leadership is required to produce a change in outcomes." - Donald Trump

"We had the opposition of virtually the entire Democratic leadership in every state in this country." - Bernie Sanders

"Leadership is one of the things I really strive to excel in in my life." - Nate Parker

"We're in a leadership position in sports. People look up to the National Football League." - Roger Goodell

"The power for authentic leadership is found not in external arrangements, but in the human heart." - Parker J. Palmer

"Leadership in telecommunications is also essential, since we are now in the age of e-commerce." - Michael Oxley

"In organized groups such as the army or the Church there is either no mention of love whatsoever between the members, or it is expressed only in a sublimated and indirect way, through the mediation of some religious imagine in the love of whom the members unite and whose all-embracing love they are supposed to imitate in their attitude towards each other. ... It is one of the basic tenets of fascist leadership to keep primary libidinal energy on an unconscious level so as to divert its manifestations in a way suitable to political ends." - Theodor Adorno

"I thought lacrosse was what you find in la church." - Robin Williams

"Maybe you are the key to revival in your church." - Leonard Ravenhill

"That's so cute! They have birdbaths in the church!" - Hilary Duff

"Art in the Church fundamentally exists for evangelization" - Pope Francis

"You stand out like a fart in a church." - James Patterson

"You can't save souls in an empty church." - David Ogilvy

"You will find God in the church of your choice." - Bob Dylan

"Turn in your guns at your local church" - Chuck Baldwin

"In such a fearful world, we need a fearless church" - C S Lewis

"Singing is really where I got my start in church." - Danny Gokey

"Any opportunity to serve in the Church is a blessing." - Lance B. Wickman

"Integrating in the Church doesn't mean receiving communion." - Pope Francis

"I kissed her.... It was like being in church." - James M Cain

"In the visible church the true Christians are invisible." - Proverbs

"I once dieted so religiously I quit eating in church." - Zig Ziglar

"God is sufficient in all ages for His church." - John Nelson Darby

"I actually spoke in an African-American church yesterday." - Howard Dean

"Publicly leading a church in prayer deserves thoughtful preparation." - Kevin Deyoung

"I just wanted to sing, in church or wherever." - George Jones

"All politics are local, and so in church." - Greg Boyle

"My first solo was in church when I was five." - Suzy Bogguss

"I never heard a Christian sermon preached in a church." - Lincoln Steffens

"I've been singing forever; I grew up singing in church." - Sevyn Streeter

"I believe in the separation of church and planet." - Eric Idle

"Dare to go forward. Courage is the mark of greatness in leadership" - Brian Tracy

"I think leadership is never singular. In a good organization, it's plural." - Mike Krzyzewski

"You can't defer if you're the person who's in the leadership position." - Mike Krzyzewski

"Are decent people in positions of leadership eternally condemned to Calvary?" - Janusz Korczak

"Our best presidents have really combined domestic leadership with heroic achievements in foreign affairs or war." - Allan Lichtman

"Leadership, in other words, is a matter of character, not goals." - Ted Malloch

"I think leadership is creating a state of mind in others." - Barbara Mikulski

"Leadership is seeing the possibilities in a situation while others are seeing the limitations." - John C Maxwell

"Paralysis of leadership is due in part to the unseen grip of the special interests." - John W Gardner

"Leadership, on the other hand, is about creating change you believe in." - Seth Godin

"Our province needs united leadership and shared purpose in tackling the challenges we face." - Jim Prentice

"there is not going to be any pass for Palestinian leadership in fighting terror." - Condoleezza Rice

"Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership." - Ralph Marston

"Struggle is the father of all things, virtue lies in blood, leadership is primary and decisive" - Adolf Hitler

"I look for lessons in every experience. It adds to my leadership abilities." - Omarosa Manigault

"Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership." - Peter Drucker



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