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Language Skills Quotes


"Learning through the arts reinforces critical academic skills in reading, language arts and math and provides students with the skills to creatively solve problems." - Michelle Obama

"NVC is founded on language and communication skills that strengthen our ability to remain human, even under trying conditions." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"I have that language and that set of skills to step out of the way and make music the priority." - Reggie Watts

"In a costume, you need very exaggerated body language - as you say, sort of mime-type skills." - Warwick Davis

"I found in investigative journalism it is always best, if you have any language skills, not to admit them." - Julian Assange

"Language disguises thought." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"I love body language." - Anton Corbijn

"One of the great skills in using any language is knowing what not to use, what not to say. There's that simplicity thing again." - Ron Jeffries

"I picked up business skills along the way, but there are things you learn at school like speaking the language of business so you can speak with CEOs." - Shawne Merriman

"I consider social skills a bit like learning a language. I've been practising it for so long over so many years I've almost lost my accent." - Daniel Tammet

"I think I developed language skills to deal with threat. It's the girl thing to do-you know, instead of pulling out a gun." - Barbara Kruger

"Language is the archives of history...Language is fossil poetry." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Language always gives you away." - George Carlin

"Language is a social event." - Richard Rodriguez

"Christians have their own language." - Mike Warnke

"Music is the universal language." - John Wilson

"Loose language suggests loose thought." - Anthony Daniels (psychiatrist)

"My skills are still my skills." - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"Environment-based education produces student gains in social studies, science, language arts, and math; improves standardized test scores and grade-point averages; and develops skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making." - Richard Louv

"Teacher, school administrators and parents will come away from Life-Enriching Education with skills in language, communication, and ways of structuring the learning environment that support the development of autonomy and interdependence in the classroom." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we're looking for more people with skills in this language." - Peter Norvig

"All that has been integrated into NVC has been known for centuries about consciousness, language, communication skills, and use of power that enable us to maintain a perspective of empathy for ourselves and others, even under trying conditions." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Great communication depends on two simple skills-context, which attunes a leader to the same frequency as his or her audience, and delivery, which allows a leader to phrase messages in a language the audience can understand." - John C Maxwell

"Speaking Spanish and Japanese has opened doors in my career and helped me bridge cultural differences, both in my personal and business life. During my football career I realised quickly what difference language skills can make" - Gary Lineker

"Yogi's been an inspiration to me, not only because of his baseball skills, but of course for the enduring mark he left on the English language. Some in the press corps think he might even be my speechwriter." - George H W Bush

"Scientific research and other studies have demonstrated that arts education can enhance American students' math and language skills and improve test scores which in turn increase chances of higher education and good jobs in the future." - Thad Cochran

"I am of the international upper class, the Swedish petit bourgeoisie of Jewish extraction with poor language skills, a conveyor of a few expressions and faces, with some intonation that combines ancient human experience with timely coquetry." - Erland Josephson

"Parents provide their children with genes as well as an environment, so the fact that talkative parents have kids with good language skills could simply mean that and that the same genes that make parents talkative make children articulate." - Steven Pinker

"We're losing social skills, the human interaction skills, how to read a person's mood, to read their body language, how to be patient until the moment is right to make or press a point. Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanises what is a very, very important part of community life and living together." - Vincent Nichols

"All language is a longing for home." - Rumi

"Touch is the first language we speak." - Stephen Gaskin

"Language betrays, in order to mean." - Terence Mckenna

"I want to start where language ends." - Antony Gormley

"All words, in every language, are metaphors." - Marshall Mcluhan

"My homeland is the portuguese language." - Fernando Pessoa

"Mathematics is the language of size." - Lancelot Hogben

"Language was invented to ask questions." - Eric Hoffer

"Faire language grates not the tongue." - George Herbert

"The original language of Christianity is translation." - Lamin Sanneh

"Politically correct is the language of cowardice." - Billy Connolly

"What purifies the heart refines language." - John Lancaster Spalding

"But ordinary language is all right." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"A proverb is an ornament to language." - Proverbs

"Everyone smiles in the same language." - Anonymous

"Music is indeed the Universal Language." - L Ron Hubbard

"Mastery of language affords remarkable power." - Frantz Fanon

"Silence is the only language god speaks." - Charles Simic

"Music is the universal language of mankind." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Love is the language all animals understand." - Anthony D. Williams

"Money has a language of its own." - Robert Kiyosaki

"All skills are learnable." - Brian Tracy

"Hire attitude train skills." - Tom Peters

"The major accomplishment of analyzing illiteracy so far has been the listing of symptoms: the decrease in functional literacy; a general degradation of writing skills and reading comprehension; an alarming increase of packaged language (cliches used in speeches, canned messages); and a general tendency to substitute visual media (especially television and video) for written language." - Mihai Nadin

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams." - Paul Gauguin

"Faith talks in the language of God. Doubt talks in the language of man." - E. W. Kenyon

"When it comes to telling children stories, they don't need simple language. They need beautiful language." - Philip Pullman

"Poetry is either language lit up by life or life lit up by language" - Peter Porter

"Unlearn'd, he knew no schoolman's subtle art, No language, but the language of the heart." - Alexander Pope

"Job Control Language is the worst programming language ever designed anywhere by anybody for any purpose." - Fred Brooks

"Learning a language represents training in the delusions of that language." - Frank Herbert

"My tennis skills are okay." - Enrique Iglesias

"Although our grammar schools are teaching a whole generation computer language to adjust to the technological needs of a Stage II [post survival-focused] society, we have neglected to teach this generation relationship language and conflict resolution skills to address the social and psychological needs of a Stage II society. And when it is taught, in countries like Germany, although called social competence it focuses on workplace teamwork - still on survival, breadwinner oriented work goals." - Warren Farrell

"I don't even have any good skills. You know like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills. Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!" - Jon Heder

"There is no language that love does not speak." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Music begins where the possibilities of language end." - Jean Sibelius

"Jazz music is a language of the emotions." - Charles Mingus

"Fancy language, like poplin, too often conceals an eczema." - Albert Camus

"The most important word in the English language is hope." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"I want to understand you, I study your obscure language." - Alexander Pushkin

"I went with my very being toward language." - Paul Celan

"A man reacheth not to excellence with one language." - Roger Ascham

"Armenian is the language to speak with God." - Lord Byron

"I don't think in any language. I think in images." - Vladimir Nabokov

"I can ask for cigarettes in every language" - David Bowie

"American is a very difficult language mixed with English." - Anonymous

"Kindness, a language deaf people can hear and blind see" - Anonymous

"Nature is the common, universal language, understood by all." - Kathleen Raine

"Language is the close-fitting dress of thought." - Richard Chenevix Trench

"It is the distance between us that creates language." - Robin Skelton

"Tangible language, which often tells more falsehoods than truths." - Abraham Lincoln

"Only where there is language is there world." - Adrienne Rich

"The language of sin was universal, the original Esperanto." - Joe Hill

"Empathy is even better than talking in one language" - Rumi

"Knowledge and Experience do not necessarily speak the same language." - Benjamin Hoff

"English is a stretch language; one size fits all." - William Safire

"Unintelligible language is a lantern without a light." - Samuel Johnson

"A garden is not a picture, but a language." - Henry Mitchell

"God only speaks to those who understand the language" - Albert Hofmann

"English, our common language, binds our diverse people." - S I Hayakawa

"All language designers are arrogant. Goes with the territory... :-)" - Larry Wall

"You can prove anything by mentioning another computer language. :-)" - Larry Wall

"Larry's 2nd Law of Language Redesign: Larry gets the colon." - Larry Wall

"Loonies speak their own language, like educated people." - Patrick White

"Mythology... is in truth a disease of language." - Max Muller

"A language is a dialect with an army and navy." - Max Weinreich

"Ordinary language blinkers the already feeble imagination. -Austin, Papers 68." - J L Austin

"Metaphor is the language of immanence; metonymy of transcendence." - Northrop Frye

"Man can only describe God in his own poor language." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Human language can but imperfectly describe God's ways." - Mahatma Gandhi

"An entire mythology is stored within our language." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"We must plow through the whole of language." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"A riot is the language of the unheard." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Language cares." - Howard Nemerov

"Language is magic: it makes things appear and disappear." - Nicole Brossard

"The Germans and I no longer speak the same language." - Marlene Dietrich

"I do love to interpret songs in American Sign Language." - Sean Berdy

"I don't hate language. I have my own language, but I also enjoy the English language. Obviously, you don't read a lot of literature and not care about language." - Twyla Tharp

"I am influenced by words and the chewiness of language" - Annie Proulx

"Music is a great energizer. It's a language everybody knows." - Bill Hicks

"Never impose your language on people you wish to reach." - Abbie Hoffman

"When it comes to thinking about how a character talks, there are literary and language considerations. For actors to be able to differentiate between themselves and the characters they are playing while at the same time remain in character and spontaneous requires a sophisticated combination of skills and spirit." - Mike Leigh

"What is said determines who listens and who understands. Graphic design is a language, but graphic designers are so busy worrying about the nuances - accents, punctuation and so on - that they spend little time thinking about what the words add up to. I'm interested in using our communication skills to change the way things are." - Tibor Kalman

"What is said determines who listens and who understands. Graphic design is a language, but graphic designers are so busy worrying about the nuances - accents, punctuation and so on - that they spend little time thinking about what the words add up to. I'm interested in using our communication skills to change the way things are." - Tibor Kalman

"There are a lot of guys out there with skills who have not contributed to the evolution of the instrument. It's about more than's an emotive language, an aesthetic. Skill is an aspect, but it's what you do with that skill, or say with that skill, that matters." - Vinnie Colaiuta

"Dr. [Paula] Menyuk and her co-workers [at Boston University's School of Education] found that parents who supplied babies with a steady stream of information were not necessarily helpful. Rather, early, rich language skills were more likely to develop when parents provided lots of opportunities for their infants and toddlers to "talk" and when parents listened and responded to the babies' communications." - Jane Brody

"For me making friends with locals is hard, mostly because my lack of Vietnamese language skills and being retired I have limited access to locals in the work place. Though for me it is hard meeting expats as well, as most expats work here and make friends through their jobs." - Doug Rice

"As each wave of technology is released. It must be accompanied by a demand for new skills, new language. Consumers must constantly update their ways of thinking, always questioning their understanding of the world. Going back to old ways, old technology is forbidden. There in no past, no present, only an endless future of inadequacy" - Richard Kadrey

"When I was a child, my behavior was far from being what most people would label 'intelligent.' It was often limited, repetitive and anti-social. I could not do many of the things that most people take for granted, such as looking someone in the eye or deciphering a person's body language, and only acquired these skills with much effort over time." - Daniel Tammet

"When I was at Cambridge in the early fifties, there was a school nearby for training Army officers in Russian, and some imaginative genius came up with the idea of putting on Russian plays with the students to improve their language skills." - Robert Gottlieb

"For example, parents who talk a lot to their children have kids with better language skills, parents who spank have children who grow up to be violent, parents who are neither too authoritarian or too lenient have children who are well-adjusted, and so on." - Steven Pinker

"You know among people who kind of travel a lot and have exposure to the United States and some other countries, they do have accounts, but you know, Russia is not exactly the place with multiple language skills so local networks kind of have an edge." - Yuri Milner

"Bad English was the second language of Israel and bad Hebrew, of course, remained the national language." - George Mikes

"It is not humanly possible to gather immediately from it what the logic of language is. Language disguises thought." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"The culture cannot evolve faster than the language. The language is the flashlight that shows the path." - Terence Mckenna

"Working with the Latin language is pretty powerful. Working with a language that is not spoken vernacularly is intense." - Eyvind Kang

"I'm Language Gal. I can speak any language presented to me. And I look exactly like Halle Berry." - Ilana Glazer

"However virile the English language may be, it can never become the language of the masses of India." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I think it's important if you're American to have a second language, and Spanish is the language to have." - Thalia

"Language is an archaeological vehicle... the language we speak is a whole palimpsest of human effort and history." - Russell Hoban

"Education, especially business education will only give you tools. What you do with these tools is all that matters. Life and business is' paint by numbers. You have to think for yourself. You have to invent yourself. You have an inferred fiduciary mandate to yourself, and that means, it's your responsibility to learn people skills, and language skills, in order to increase your chances of success. You also have to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right thing. Mostly and invariably, the real product you're going to be selling" - Gene Simmons

"Education, especially business education will only give you tools. What you do with these tools is all that matters. Life and business isn't paint by numbers. You have to think for yourself. You have to invent yourself. You have an inferred fiduciary mandate to yourself, and that means, it's your responsibility to learn people skills, and language skills, in order to increase your chances of success. You also have to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right thing. Mostly and invariably, the real product you're going to be selling" - Gene Simmons

"Education is the foundation of success. Just as scholastic skills are vitally important, so are financial skills and communication skills." - Robert Kiyosaki

"In running Wilson Sonsini, it's all people-to-people skills. Those people-to-people skills translate into diplomatic skills." - John Roos

"People who know what they want and why they want it, and have the skills to communicate that to others in a way that gains support" - Warren G. Bennis

"Hire for character, train for skills." - Michael Josephson

"Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"Skills make you rich, not theories." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Entrepreneurship without skills limits your growth potential." - Strive Masiyiwa

"Skills are common. Talent is rare." - Colin Clark

"Build your skills not your resume." - Sheryl Sandberg

"Skills are cheap; chemistry is expensive." - Mal Pancoast

"Skills are freedom. Get skilled up!" - Pat Falvey

"Action is just one of my skills." - Hiroyuki Sanada

"My court skills may have atrophied." - David E Kelley

"Continue to study and learn new skills." - Edie Mcclurg

"We need foreign skills to stay competitive." - Hassanal Bolkiah

"Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy" - Jim Rohn

"I apologize for my terrible interview skills." - Heath Ledger

"My skills are musical, not lyrical." - Brian Wilson

"I have no known marketable skills." - Donald E Westlake



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