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Language In Spanish Quotes


"I studied in American school, so yes, I grew up speaking English and Spanish. Obviously, Spanish is my first language." - Eiza Gonzalez

"I could speak Spanish fluently growing up, but I'm so out of practice, and I have such a tremendous respect for songwriting in the Spanish language." - Miguel

"My shirt and my hat always say 'World Champion' in some language. English, Spanish, Chinese, 'Star Wars' language, which is also known as Aurebesh, mermaid language." - Judah Friedlander

"I think in general I've never dared compose in Spanish. First of all, it is such an intricate language." - Marc Anthony

"In some countries, of course, Spanish is the language spoken in public. But for many American children whose families speak Spanish at home, it becomes a private language. They use it to keep the English-speaking world at bay." - Richard Rodriguez

"I hope to get my name out there more in the Spanish-language business side of the world." - Julie Gonzalo

"If I had mastered the Spanish language to any extent, I might have gone in that direction." - Leon Redbone

"My first language is both English and Spanish. My mom was raised in Los Angeles, so with her we spoke English, but my father was born in Cuba, so with him we spoke Spanish." - Jencarlos Canela

"To me, a big crossover was what happened to me years ago, like bringing my music in Spanish to Europe, or Asia. To me, that's a crossover because Spanish is not a language that everybody talks." - Thalia

"My career did start in the Spanish language industry, and that's probably because my father is my manager. He pushed my career in the direction he knew best." - Jencarlos Canela

"When I was in Mexico and started to dream in Spanish, I knew that was a good sign that I was learning the language. It was cool." - Andrea Navedo

"Be careful. I would' want anything to happen to the worst Spanish student in the history of the language." I laughed. "No problemo." - Kiersten White

"Be careful. I wouldn't want anything to happen to the worst Spanish student in the history of the language." I laughed. "No problemo." - Kiersten White

"You've got a new Spanish-language album out now ["90 Millas," released in September of 2007], and the single ["No Llores"] is 1 on the Billboard Latin chart." - Gloria Estefan

"When I started writing seriously in high school, English was the language I had at my disposal - my Spanish was domestic, colloquial, and not particularly literary or sophisticated." - Daniel Alarcon

"I hold 'Mi Tierra,' my first Spanish-language album, very close to me because that was all done in my native tongue and won me my first Grammy." - Gloria Estefan

"Spanish is a poetic language, in particular the Spanish of Mexico which has a wonderful animistic attitude you might not see in the Spanish of the peninsula. I think it has to do with the indigenous way of looking at nature." - Sandra Cisneros

"Sign language is my first language. English and Spanish are my second languages. I learned Spanish from my grandparents, sign language from my parents, and English from television." - Jack Jason

"French is the language of diplomacy. Spanish is the language of bureaucracy." - Ernest Hemingway

"God has to speak to each person in their own language, in their own idioms. Take Spanish, Chinese. You can express the same thought, but to different people you have to use a different language. Its the same in religion." - Huston Smith

"God has to speak to each person in their own language, in their own idioms. Take Spanish, Chinese. You can express the same thought, but to different people you have to use a different language. It's the same in religion." - Huston Smith

"Speaking Spanish isn't a benefit in Hollywood." - Freddie Prinze Jr

"It's easier for me to act in Spanish, but as soon as I get the lines in English and I know them by heart, it becomes really easy. You don't have to worry about the language anymore. It just takes more time. In Spanish, I can learn lines in 10 minutes. In English, it's going to take an hour." - Ana De La Reguera

"I certainly like that the Spanish language is spoken around me." - Andrew Breitbart

"I think it's important if you're American to have a second language, and Spanish is the language to have." - Thalia

"I worry these days that Latinos in California speak neither Spanish nor English very well. They are in a kind of linguistic limbo between the two. They don't really have a language, and are, in some deep sense, homeless." - Richard Rodriguez

"French, for example, is declining as an international language, but Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic are all languages of the future. Ethnic minority groups in the UK may well prove to be a major asset in this effort." - David Graddol

"Speaking Spanish and Japanese has opened doors in my career and helped me bridge cultural differences, both in my personal and business life. During my football career I realised quickly what difference language skills can make" - Gary Lineker

"I will never know what it's like to have only one language in my head. I have the pleasure of being able to move back and forth between Spanish and English, and I incorporate both languages in my books." - Pat Mora

"There's a melody in everything. And once you find the melody, then you connect immediately with the heart. Because sometimes English or Spanish, Swahili or any language gets in the way. But nothing penetrates the heart faster than the melody." - Carlos Santana

"I know Spanish pretty well. I'm half-Puerto Rican - my mom is from Puerto Rico - so I have a lot of family there, and my mom's first language is Spanish. But growing up in the States, and with my dad being from the States, I'm kind of just like this white kid." - David Lambert

"I speak English and Spanish. I write in Spanish; my books are published in English." - Isabel Allende

"I will go anywhere if you say the phrase 'there might be cake.' I would go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, register somebody else's boat in Spanish, a language I do not speak, without ID - for cake." - Greg Behrendt

"Everyone knows English is my second language and my vocabulary is not as broad as it is in Spanish, and because of this, sometimes I use the wrong words to express myself." - Juan Pablo Galavis

"'Marielena' was a wonderful experience that so many people still remember today. It challenged me to practice my Spanish. Having been born and raised in Miami, English was very much my dominant language!" - Maria Canals Barrera

"I love the Italian culture - it's a beautiful culture. I love the language, the Italian people, their music, their attitudes... I just love it! Sometimes I think I'm an Italian trapped in a Spanish woman's body." - Penelope Cruz

"I would like to spend more time with Spanish poetry. I know French better than Spanish, but Spanish was my first language, and my father spoke it to us." - Helen Vendler

"On of the reasons that I wanted to study literature was because it exposed everything. Writers looked for secrets that had never been mined. Every writer has to invent their own magical language, in order to describe the indescribable. They might seem to be writing in French, English, or Spanish, but really they were writing in the language of butterflies, crows, and hanged men." - Heather O'Neill

"I read the greens in Spanish, but putt in English." - Chi Chi Rodriguez

"I have never been particularly good with languages. Despite a dozen years of Hebrew school and a lifetime of praying in the language, I'm ashamed to admit that I still can't read an Israeli newspaper. Besides English, the only language I speak with any degree of fluency is Spanish." - Joshua Foer

"You've got a new Spanish-language album out now, and the single is 1 on the Billboard Latin chart." - Gloria Estefan

"I learned Spanish at home and, since half my family doesn't speak English, it's my first language." - Odette Annable

"I am the only British writer who writes in Spanish" - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"I would absolutely be down to do something in Spanish." - Moises Arias

"When you're speaking Spanish, you're thinking in a different way." - Giancarlo Esposito

"I would love to do film in Spanish." - Genesis Rodriguez

"I am the only British writer who writes in Spanish." - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"I love listening to pop songs in Spanish and Italian." - Stjepan Hauser

"Singing in Spanish is much more honest, much closer to my roots. For me, Spanish is essential. I still think in Spanish, dream in Spanish. It's the melodies and arrangements that transmit meaning." - Juanes

"I will never stop working on Spanish-language projects because that's my language, and because I'm a Latina and Mexican before anything else." - Kate Del Castillo

"She's French, so she's teaching them French, and their previous nanny was Spanish, so they're fluent in Spanish." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"I think it's good for anybody to learn languages. Americans are particularly limited in that way. Europeans less so... We're beginning to have Spanish move in on English in the states because of all the people coming from Hispanic countries... and we're beginning to learn some Spanish. And I think that's a good thing... Only having one language is very limiting... You get to think that's the way the human race is made; there's only one language worth speaking... Well, this isn't good for English." - W S Merwin

"I failed world geography, civics, Spanish and English. And when you fail Spanish and English, they do not consider you bilingual. They may call you bi-ignorant because you can't speak any language." - Tim Scott

"My father is Cuban. Spanish was my first language, but I don't speak it that much anymore because I had dyslexia, and in school they work with you only in English. But I'm proud to be Latina, and most people don't know I am." - Bella Thorne

"You know, I was a kid who had difficulty speaking English when I first immigrated. But in my head, when I read a book, I spoke English perfectly. No one could correct my Spanish. And I think that I retreated to books as a way, you know, to be, like, masterful in a language that was really difficult for me for many years." - Junot Diaz

"A careful blending of sarcasm, irony, and teasing, bickering has its own distinctive cadence and rhythm and is as difficult to master as French, Spanish, or any elective second language. Like Chinese, the fine points of bickering can be discerned in the subtle rise and fall of the voice. If not practiced properly, bickering can be mistaken for its less sophisticated counterpart: whining." - Linda Sunshine

"We had our moment [with Marc Anthony] in the third or fourth year that we were married, when we did everything together: We did "El Cantante," we did the tour, we made all the music together, he produced my album [2007's Spanish-language "Como Ama una Mujer"]. That was a really beautiful time for us." - Jennifer Lopez

"When you are a kid you have your own language, and unlike French or Spanish or whatever you start learning in fourth grade, this one you are born with, and eventually lose...Kids think with their brains cracked wide open; becoming an only a slow sewing it shut." - Jodi Picoult

"My first audition happened to be for 'Kindergarten Cop,' and I took that role. I was only starting to learn English at that point. Spanish is my first language, so they made me a speaking character in the movie. I didn't really know I was shooting a movie. I was just having a lot of fun with 30 kids my own age." - Odette Annable

"Then I speak to her in a language she has never heard, I speak to her in Spanish, in the tongue of the long, crepuscular verses of Diaz Casanueva; in that language in which Joaquin Edwards preaches nationalism. My discourse is profound; I speak with eloquence and seduction; my words, more than from me, issue from the warm nights, from the many solitary nights on the Red Sea, and when the tiny dancer puts her arm around my neck, I understand that she understands. Magnificent language!" - Pablo Neruda

"I really believe amendment " to make English our common and unifying language" is racist. I think it's directed basically to people who speak Spanish." - Ruben Aguilar

"I realised a long time ago that instrumental music speaks a lot more clearly than English, Spanish, Yiddish, Swahili, any other language. Pure melody goes outside time." - Carlos Santana

"I feel comfortable in Spanish, I chat like a parrot, but I don't have the confidence in Spanish that I do in English." - Sandra Cisneros

"People say that the brain is a muscle and that one of the best exercises for any brain is learning another language and to switch from one to another as much as you can. I've found out that when I have trouble regarding any character or any particular scene in English, sometimes I'll switch to Spanish and I'll solve the problem that I've encountered. If I'm working in Spanish and I don't know how to approach certain scenes or certain emotions, or how to say this and that, I just switch to English to try to solve it that way and it works." - Demian Bichir

"When you sing in English and Spanish, it's two completely different forms of expression and... even the people who don't speak Spanish love to hear me sing in Spanish." - Gloria Estefan

"When you sing in English and Spanish, it's two completely different forms of expression and . . . even the people who don't speak Spanish love to hear me sing in Spanish." - Gloria Estefan

"All my mom's side speaks Spanish. I speak to my grandparents in Spanish. Slowly. And they're patient with me! But I do speak with them in Spanish and carry on conversations with them." - David Archuleta

"I took Spanish in high school and I didn't do too well in it. My Spanish teacher told me not to go on with Spanish anymore, so I was discouraged a little bit." - Tyler Posey

"The language in New Mexico is very different. At first when you hear the speech here, you don't really know what to do with it, but then I just went with it, because as a writer as well as a translator I do believe that translated words are not different names for the same thing. They're different names for different things. I tried to stay as true as I could, so I used Ruben Cobos' dictionary of Southwestern Spanish, and when I went into Spanish I never assumed the word I would use would be the word a nuevomexicano would use." - Ana Castillo

"We were doing the same thing. We will never have "a" Chicano English or Spanish because of regional differences. But I think that because of our bilingual history, we'll always be speaking a special kind of English and Spanish. What we do have to do is fight for the right to use those two languages in the way that it serves us. Nuevo-mexicanos have done it very well for hundreds of years, inventing words where they don't have them. I think the future of our language is where we claim our bilingualism for its utility." - Ana Castillo

"Kerry was here in Los Angeles. He was courting the Spanish vote by speaking Spanish. And he showed people he could be boring in two languages." - Jay Leno

"Everyone talks about Spanish influences, but where is it?...Tell me 10 great Spanish restaurants in London....You can't give me the addresses. Nor in Paris." - Alain Ducasse

"Everyone talks about Spanish influences, but where is it?...Tell me 10 great Spanish restaurants in London....You ca' give me the addresses. Nor in Paris." - Alain Ducasse

"My parents were both Spanish-speakers and they used to speak to me and my siblings in Spanish and we'd answer them in English." - America Ferrera

"I have a B.A. in Spanish, so briefly I thought that somebody might pay me to speak Spanish badly in another country, like Norway." - Karen Russell

"Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, my wife speaks five languages: Russian, English, French, Italian and, out of self-defense, Spanish. I watched her learn Spanish in three months." - Cheech Marin

"My worst decision was not learning Spanish yet. I think it would really help my business if I could do some of my singles in Spanish or a Spanish/English mix." - Coco Jones

"I wish I had taken Spanish instead of French in high school. I could eavesdrop on a lot more conversations on the subway if I knew Spanish." - Meg Cabot

"I say I have Spanish in me, but I'm not just Spanish. I'm proud of my ethnicities, and I will always be proud of being a Filipino." - Lalaine

"I would love to adopt a child from a Spanish speaking country, because I want to have Spanish in the home." - Valerie Cruz

"As a boy, when I was bad, my mother would chew me out in Spanish. And since I was bad a lot, I learned a lot of Spanish!" - John Sununu

"As a young writer, I was on guard against the Latina in me, the Spanish in me because as far as I could see the models that were presented to me did not include my world. In fact, 'I was told by one teacher in college that one could only write poetry in the language in which one first said Mother. That left me out of American literature, for sure." - Julia Alvarez

"The first time I went to Mexico, it was really difficult. Number one is the language, I didn't know any Spanish language. Of course, the culture itself. Very different from where I grew up." - Tomoki Kameda

"A silly remark can be made in Latin as well as in Spanish." - Miguel De Cervantes

"I read the greens in Spanish, but I putt in English." - Chi Chi Rodriguez

"The force of universalism is in you Basques, not in the Spanish state" - Slavoj Zizek

"I take great pride in the fact that I have lived in a Spanish-speaking country." - Christopher Dodd

"People always ask me: 'Do you have black in you? Do you have Spanish in you?'" - Rita Ora

"When I sang my American folk melodies in Budapest, Prague, Tiflis, Moscow, Oslo, or the Hebrides or on the Spanish front, the people understood and wept or rejoiced with the spirit of the songs. I found that where forces have been the same, whether people weave, build, pick cotton, or dig in the mine, they understand each other in the common language of work, suffering, and protest." - Paul Robeson

"My name, Paloma, means 'dove' in Spanish. It stands as a symbol of peace and purity." - Paloma Picasso

"My name means 'hope' in Spanish and it's a name I want to live up to." - Esperanza Spalding

"The Spanish fleet thou canst not see, because-it is not yet in sight!" - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

"I have Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Ethiopian blood in my veins." - Peter Ustinov

"I like go to bed and get up early; in that, I am anti-Spanish." - Luis Bunuel

"I've been in love (truly) with five women, the Spanish Republic and the 4th Infantry Division." - Ernest Hemingway

"I don't speak Filipino or Spanish, but I've sung in both." - Jessica Sanchez

"I found out about the Spanish war because I was in Germany when it began." - Martha Gellhorn

"I am fluent in Spanish and I understand French, Italian and Portuguese." - Zoe Saldana

"I make the best Spanish omelettes in the world, but I won't tell you the recipe!" - Hrithik Roshan

"I've always been more in touch with my Ecuadorian side. I speak Spanish." - Michael Steger

"I speak Spanish because I grew up overseas in Spain, Uruguay and Argentina." - Bitsie Tulloch

"I speak English, obviously, Afrikaans, which is a derivative of Dutch that we have in South Africa. And then I speak African languages. So I speak Zulu. I speak Xhosa. I speak Tswana. And I speak Tsonga. And like - so those are my languages of the core. And then I don't claim German, but I can have a conversation in it. So I'm trying to make that officially my seventh language. And then, hopefully, I can learn Spanish." - Trevor Noah

"I draw because words are too unpredictable. I draw because words are too limited. If you speak and write in English, or Spanish, or Chinese, or any other language, then only a certain percentage of human beings will get your meaning. But when you draw a picture everybody can understand it. If I draw a cartoon of a flower, then every man, woman, and child in the world can look at it and say, "That's a flower." - Sherman Alexie

"Gone. The saddest word in the language. In any language." - Mark Slouka

"Poetry is language in orbit." - Seamus Heaney

"Metaphor is embodied in language." - Dennis Potter

"In language clarity is everything." - Confucius

"Whatever Language Pakistan understands India should teach in that language" - Narendra Modi

"Everything in writing begins with language. Language begins with listening." - Jeanette Winterson

"It really takes growing up to treasure the specialness of being different. Now I understand that I've gotten to enjoy things that others have not, whether it's the laughter, the poetry of my Spanish language - I love Spanish poetry, because my grandmother loved it - our food, our music. Everything about my culture has given me enormous education and joy." - Sonia Sotomayor

"I don't speak Spanish, and I get so much crap for it. Oddly enough, it was the first language I learned, but somehow I lost it throughout the years. I can understand pieces of it, but I don't speak it. I need to speak it. I want to teach my kids Spanish." - Ryan Guzman

"A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language." - Gaston Bachelard

"Modern poetry, for me, began not in English at all but in Spanish, in the poems of Lorca." - W S Merwin

"Writing in English was a major challenge. I didn't want other songwriters to write for me. I wanted to preserve the spirit of my songs in Spanish. I am the same Shakira in English as I am in Spanish." - Shakira

"And I have a dream of a New American Language, one with a little bit more Spanish. I have a dream of a new pop music, that tells the truth with a good beat and some nice harmonies." - Dan Bern

"The Language Laboratory at Cambridge is a very good way of finding out about grammar and the vocabulary and that's why I learned to read German and later on I added Spanish, the standard European languages." - Clive James

"Guess who's running for president? Jeb Bush. Jeb was governor of Florida and he speaks fluent Spanish, which raises the question: What language did his brother speak? What was that?" - David Letterman

"One of the biggest problems is - you know, I've got some Hispanic friends - is that a lot of those folks that don't know English, is primarily because they don't even know Spanish. They don't even know their own language." - Bobby Schilling

"When you get into the third or fourth generation of Latino immigrants to the United States, you see the kids speaking more English than Spanish, and it's important that we don't lose our identity, our language." - Thalia

"The way I putted today, I must've been reading the greens in Spanish and putting them in English." - Homero Blancas

"I live in London and I am a British subject, although I do write in Spanish, of course" - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"I better start doing stand up comedy in Spanish before every comedian in Mexico translates my jokes." - Felipe Esparza

"But you I never understood, Your spirit's secret hides like goldSunk in a Spanish galleon Ages ago in waters cold." - Sara Teasdale

"But you I never understood, Your spirit's secret hides like goldSunk in a Spanish galleon Ages ago in waters cold." - Sara Teasdale

"In French literature, you can choose a la carte; in Spanish literature, there is only the set meal." - Jose Bergamin

"When I was a girl, there wasn't anything in Spanish in the movies until you saw it on DVD." - Eiza Gonzalez

"I live in London and I am a British subject, although I do write in Spanish, of course." - Guillermo Cabrera Infante

"In the case of the brujos, the sorcerers in Mexico, the Spanish Conquest forced them to develop their second attention." - Frederick Lenz

"I speak as much Spanish as anyone who has grown up in Southern California or Texas or Arizona. I had my three years of high-school Spanish and a couple of semesters in college." - Will Ferrell

"What's always a challenge for me is that my Spanish is not the level of my English. Nor do I read in Spanish the way I read in English." - Sandra Cisneros

"My father's Peruvian! I actually have a lot of family in Cuzco. I'm also Swiss, Alaskan, French, Spanish and Italian." - Q'orianka Kilcher

"I have voices in my head, but they're all speaking Spanish, and I have NO idea what they're saying." - Daniel Tosh

"I am recording my first CD in Spanish and preparing myself for the next stage of my career." - Alicia Machado

"Words were written out for me phonetically. I learned to quack in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and German." - Clarence Nash

"I've always loved to sing in Spanish. To me, it's just my culture. It's what I am; I'm Latina." - Paula DeAnda

"I feel possessive about stories I write in Spanish and so I usually end up translating those into English myself." - Achy Obejas

"That was when the Spanish came in and conquered the Aztecs. I thought that was a clever thing." - Les Baxter

"The greatest guitar player in the world today for me is Paco de Lucia, who is actually Spanish." - George Benson

"As a Latino growing up in Spanish harlem, it's not easy trying not to be hot-headed." - Erik Estrada

"My father's Peruvian! I actually have a lot of family in Cuzco. I'm also Swiss, Alaskan, French, Spanish and Italian." - Qorianka Kilcher

"I might say something in Spanish; it all depends on how I'm feeling, what the situation is." - Bobby Bonilla

"The Spanish troops returned and we could yet discover the grass beaten down in the direction which they went." - Zebulon Pike

"I grew up in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, but my mom is Filipino-Spanish and my dad is Irish." - Shay Mitchell

"The power of music in Spanish is so strong, that I couldn't stay away from it any longer." - Enrique Iglesias

"I have a rescue dog named Fideo, which means 'noodle' in Spanish, and a cat named Hutch." - Ana Ortiz

"From a young age, I was encouraged to sing, dance and learn folk and popular songs in Spanish." - Ailyn Perez

"Why should the brave Spanish soldiers brag? The sunne never sets in the Spanish dominions, but ever shineth on one part or other we have conquered for our king." - John Smith

"I bought a self learning record to learn Spanish. I turned it on and went to sleep; the record got stuck. The next day I could only stutter in Spanish." - Steven Wright

"I probably prefer Spanish football to the others. It's very technical, the way they play; they keep the ball well, and whenever Spurs have played against Spanish teams in the past, they've always made it difficult for us." - Gareth Bale

"I must confess, my Spanish is not so good - except I read a little, so I started with the English but then determined that it would have to be in Spanish." - George Crumb



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