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Language Death Quotes


"You need language for thought, and you need language to anticipate death. There is no abstract thought without language and no anticipation. I think the anticipation of death without language would be impossible." - David Cronenberg

"The use of language is all we have to pit against death and silence." - Joyce Carol Oates

"Death is a dramatic accomplishment of absence; language may be almost as effective." - Janet Frame

"It is said that life and death are under the power of language." - Helene Cixous

"Communism possesses a language which every people can understand - its elements are hunger, envy, and death." - Heinrich Heine

"Tout refus du langage est une mort. Any refusal of language is a death." - Roland Barthes

"She alone dares and wishes to know from within, where she, the outcast, has never ceased to hear the resonance of fore language. She lets the other language speak - the language of 1,000 tongues which knows neither enclosure nor death. To life she refuses nothing. Her language does not contain, it carries; it does not hold back; it makes possible." - Helene Cixous

"Death stands above me, whispering low I know not what into my ear; Of his strange language all I know Is, there is not a word of fear." - Walter Savage Landor

"The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking." - Deepak Chopra

"I don't think there's any words in the English language to explain what it's -what it's like to- to sit on Texas death row and your thoughts are laying on that gurney, convicted but innocent and being put to death." - Kerry Max Cook

"How I wish that all men and women of good will would look to the Cross if only for a moment! There, we can see God's reply: violence is not answered with violence, death is not answered with the language of death. In the silence of the Cross, the uproar of weapons ceases and the language of reconciliation, forgiveness, dialogue, and peace is spoken." - Pope Francis

"How I wish that all men and women of good will would look to the Cross if only for a moment! There, we can see God's reply: violence is not answered with violence, death is not answered with the language of death. In the silence of the Cross, the uproar of weapons ceases and the language of reconciliation, forgiveness, dialogue, and peace is spoken." - Pope Francis

"Language cares." - Howard Nemerov

"Talk to people in their own language. If you do it well, they'll say,"God, he said exactly what I was thinking." And when they begin to respect you, they'll follow you to the death." - Lee Iacocca

"we must be precise with love, its language and its gestures. If it is to save us, we must look at it as clearly as we should learn to look at death" - Julian Barnes

"To lovers of the long and intricate history of language the disuse and final death of certain words is a matter of regret. Yet every age bears witness to the inevitableness of such loss." - Mary Ellen Chase

"Only after my father's death could I speak my own individual truths about him. In a sense, I had to turn him into a character, a figure I could control through language." - Allison Joseph

"I think you have to be very careful getting the balance right if you're going to talk about grand themes like war, death and nationhood. You need to use the right language or don't do it at all." - PJ Harvey

"I wanted to preserve the feeling of remembering her just months after her death - the raw immediacy of it, so the drafts were really about getting the language right, getting the pitch right, keeping the voice austere and plainspoken." - Paul Lisicky

"All this twaddle, the existence of God, atheism, determinism, liberation, societies, death, etc., are pieces of a chess game called language, and they are amusing only if one does not preoccupy oneself with 'winning or losing this game of chess." - Marcel Duchamp

"Talk to people in their own language. If you do it well, they'll say, 'God, he said exactly what I was thinking.' And when they begin to respect you, they'll follow you to the death." - Lee Iacocca

"Death swallows death." - Dejan Stojanovic

"Armstrong was the key creator of the mature working language of jazz. Three decades after his death and more than three-quarters of a century since his influence first began to spread, not a single musician who has mastered that language fails to make daily use, knowingly or unknowingly, of something that was invented by Louis Armstrong." - Dan Morgenstern

"They're on their way to the foreign-language wing. That's no surprise. The foreign kids are always here, like they need to breathe air scented with their native language a couple times a day or they'll choke to death on too much American." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"There is no such thing as an ugly language. Today I hear every language as if it were the only one, and when I hear of one that is dying, it overwhelms me as though it were the death of the earth." - Elias Canetti

"Music is a language, a universal language." - Sun Ra

"Fashion is instant language." - Miuccia Prada

"All language is political ..." - Robin Lakoff

"Verbing weirds language." - Bill Watterson

"Mathematics is a language" - J. Willard Gibbs

"language is never neutral" - Paulo Freire

"Language disguises thought." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Language changes very fast." - John M. Smith

"BASIC - A programming language." - Anonymous

"Music is a language." - Youssou Ndour

"...language is never innocent." - Roland Barthes

"Language is fossil Poetry." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I love body language." - Anton Corbijn

"Lexicographers are language reporters." - Erin Mckean

"Language changes very fast." - John Maynard Smith

"I pray for meaning. I pray for the limits of reality to become clear. For a world - and a type of being - that makes sense. I pray for a life after death that is not like this life. I pray for the end of mystery. What would a life be like with all the mysteries solved? If there were no questions, there'd be no stories. If there were no stories, there'd be no language. If there was no language there'd be no . . . What?" - Scarlett Thomas

"It is not possible, for a poet, writing in any language, to protect himself from the tragic elements in human life.... [ellipsis in source] Illness, old age, and death-subjects as ancient as humanity-these are the subjects that the poet must speak of very nearly from the first moment that he begins to speak." - Louise Bogan

"More than ever, I feel that the human race is one. There are differences of colour, language, culture and opportunities, but people's feelings and reactions are alike. People flee wars to escape death, they migrate to improve their fortunes, they build new lives in foreign lands, they adapt to extreme hardship...." - Sebastiao Salgado

"Intimacy is not trapped within words. It passes through words. It passes. The truth is that intimates leave the room. Doors close. Faces move away from the window. Time passes. Voices recede into the dark. Death finally quiets the voice. And there is no way to deny it. No way to stand in the crowd, uttering one's family language." - Richard Rodriguez

"Women are storytellers, they are communicators. They'll go and sit around a table and talk about their first date, their first smoke, their first lipstick, whatever it is. Those rituals of life, marriages and death aren't part of the language of men." - Anita Roddick


"I'm always wondering if he'll return. Sometimes I pray that he doesn't. And sometimes I hope he will. I wish on falling stars and eyelashes. Absence isn't solid the way death is. It's fluid, like language. And it hurts so, so much." - Jacqueline Woodson

"In the Somme valley, the back of language broke. It could no longer carry its former meanings. World War I changed the life of words and images in art, radically and forever. It brought our culture into the age of mass-produced, industrialized death. This, at first, was indescribable." - Robert Hughes

"Once he became president, George [H.] Bush revealed a vein of Styrofoam and no matter how deep he tried to go, he always ended up bobbing on the surface. His inaugural speech was like being present at the death of language ..." - Kate Clinton

"There are people who look forward to spending their sunset years in the sunshine; it is my own retirement dream to await my death indoors, dragging strangers up dusty staircases while coughing up one of the most thrilling phrases in the English language: 'It was on this spot...' My fantasy is to one day become a docent." - Sarah Vowell

"The pervasive brutality in current fiction - the death, disease, dysfunction, depression, dismemberment, drug addiction, dementia, and dreary little dramas of domestic discord - is an obvious example of how language in exploitative, cynical or simply neurotic hands can add to the weariness, the darkness in the world." - Tom Robbins

"Fear is unnatural. Lightning and thunder are unnatural. Pain, death, reality, these are all unnatural. We can't bear these things as they are. We know too much. So we resort to repression, compromise and disguise. This is how we survive the universe. This is the natural language of the species." - Don Delillo

"Language, at least, may give up the secrets of life and death, leading us through the maze to the original Word as monster or angel, to the mournful place where we may meet Job and hear his cry, 'How long will you vex my soul and break me in pieces with words?" - Janet Frame

"If only I was as eloquent as Demosthenes , I would have to do no more than repeat a single word three times. Reason is language Logos; I gnaw on this marrowbone and will gnaw myself to death over it. It is still always dark over these depths for me: I am still always awaiting an apocalyptic angel with a key to this abyss." - Johann Georg Hamann

"The language 'It's too late' is very unsuitable for most environmental issues. It's too late for the dodo and for people who've starved to death already, but it's not too late to prevent an even bigger crisis. The sooner we act on the environment, the better." - Jeremy Grantham

"The worst death for anyone is to lose the center of his being, the thing he really is. Retirement is the filthiest word in the language. Whether by choice or by fate, to retire from what you do - and makes you what you are - is to back up into the grave." - Ernest Hemingway

"Poetry is the art of using language to transcend language," - Laurence Overmire

"Language uses us as much as we use language." - Robin Lakoff

"The language of the heart is mankind's main common language." - Suzy Kassem

"Humans are language machines, computers are language machines." - Howard Rheingold

"Language is the archives of history...Language is fossil poetry." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Whatever Language Pakistan understands India should teach in that language" - Narendra Modi

"Gone. The saddest word in the language. In any language." - Mark Slouka

"Music is a language, you see, a universal language." - Sun Ra

"I love language, and I love the failure of language." - Nate Lowman

"The language of the poem is the language of particulars." - Mary Oliver

"Everything in writing begins with language. Language begins with listening." - Jeanette Winterson

"But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought." - George Orwell

"Poetry is language in orbit." - Seamus Heaney

"Language cannot say everything, fortunately." - Mason Cooley

"Silence is God's first language." - John of the Cross

"Nothing exists except through language." - Hans-Georg Gadamer

"Music is a universal language." - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

"Fashion is an instant language." - Miuccia Prada

"Language always gives you away." - George Carlin

"Abstraction is an esoteric language." - Eric Fischl

"Anguish is the universal language" - Alice Fulton

"Photography is my only language." - Andre Kertesz

"A language Older Than Words" - Derrick Jensen

"Hands have their own language." - Simon Van Booy

"Humor is a universal language." - Joel Goodman

"Language is a social event." - Richard Rodriguez

"Sometimes language is not enough." - Justin Adams

"Language is a living thing" - Gilbert Highet

"Christians have their own language." - Mike Warnke

"Music is the universal language." - John Wilson

"Flowers are Love's truest language." - Park Benjamin, Sr.

"Loose language suggests loose thought." - Anthony Daniels (psychiatrist)

"My programming language was solder." - Terry Pratchett

"Nothing exists except through language." - Hansgeorg Gadamer

"Language is memory and metaphor." - Storm Jameson

"Language is the only homeland." - Czeslaw Milosz

"Irish is a leprechaun language." - Sammy Wilson

"Language is a social art." - Willard Van Orman Quine

"Music is the universal language." - Swizz Beatz

"French was my first language." - Bob Cousy

"My first language is Gaelic." - Enya

"Metaphor is embodied in language." - Dennis Potter

"Image is an international language." - Marjane Satrapi

"In language clarity is everything." - Confucius

"A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language." - Gaston Bachelard

"Language is very powerful. Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes." - Desmond Tutu

"Visual art is a foreign language I'm fluent at, but my native language is language." - Julia Glass

"Death hastens those who hasten death." - Joan Slonczewski

"Christ used death to destroy death." - Matt Maher

"Death to Israel! Death to Israel!" - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"Death favours those that favour death." - Nick Cave

"Death, lonely death, Beneath the withered leaves." - Federico Garcia Lorca

"Death is a monster; death is horrible." - N T Wright

"I pray for meaning. I pray for the limits of reality to become clear. For a world - and a type of being - that makes sense. I pray for a life after death that is not like this life. I pray for the end of mystery. What would a life be like with all the mysteries solved? If there were no questions, there"d be no stories. If there were no stories, there"d be no language. If there was no language there"d be no . . . What?" - Scarlett Thomas

"Mohammed knew that most people are terribly cowardly and stupid. That is why he promised two beautiful women to every courageous warrior who dies in battle. This is the kind of language a soldier understands. When he believes that he will be welcomed in this manner in the afterlife, he will be willing to give his life, he will be enthusiastic about going to battle and not fear death. You may call this primitive and you may laugh about it, but it is based on deeper wisdom. A religion must speak a man's language." - Heinrich Himmler

"Man has created death." - William Butler Yeats

"Mental inertia is death." - Timothy Thomas Fortune

"But Death was cunning." - J K Rowling

"Death: the grand perhaps." - Robert Browning

"Death hath no dominion." - Catherynne M Valente

"With death comes honesty." - Salman Rushdie

"Death doesn't frighten me." - Diana, Princess of Wales

"Death is not goodbye." - Tite Kubo

"Death pays all debts." - Michel De Montaigne

"... And death unloads thee." - William Shakespeare

"Death deserves dignity." - Saul Bellow

"Death frees the beast." - Clive Owen

"Perfectionism is slow death." - Hugh Prather

"Death doesn't frighten me." - Princess Diana

"Death keepes no Calender." - George Herbert

"Death is another life." - Philip James Bailey

"Death-counterfeiting sleep." - William Shakespeare

"Unsubstantial Death is amorous." - William Shakespeare

"Death rock me asleep." - William Shakespeare

"Death renders all equal." - Claudius Claudianus

"Death keeps no calendar." - George Herbert

"Death is psychosomatic" - Charles Manson

"Death Takes a Holiday." - Alberto Casella

"Death renders all equal." - Claudian

"Death to Wage Slavery!" - Eugene V Debs

"After death the doctor." - George Herbert

"Death cancels all engagements." - Max Beerbohm

"Death, thou shalt die." - John Donne

"Mercy often inflicts death." - Seneca the Younger

"Death does not exist." - Edith Piaf

"Normality is death." - Theodor Adorno

"You cannot schedule death." - Paloma Faith

"Inactivity is death." - Benito Mussolini

"Death does determine life." - Pier Paolo Pasolini

"Death takes no bribes." - Benjamin Franklin

"Beauty can only be best described at its origin through a befuddling silence, the kind that leaves one almost on the verge of a pleasurable death, just because one chooses beauty over life. There is nothing in this world to hold something so pure, so divine except a loving heart. And it is the only manner through which love recognises love; the language of love has no alphabet, no words." - Faraaz Kazi

"Every colonized people-in other words, every people in whose soul an inferiority complex has been created by the death and burial of its local cultural originality-finds itself face to face with the language of the civilizing nation; that is, with the culture of the mother country. The colonized is elevated above his jungle status in proportion to his adoption of the mother country's cultural standards." - Frantz Fanon

"Christians often equate holiness with activism and spiritual disciplines. And while it's true that activism is often the outgrowth of holiness and spiritual disciplines are necessary for the cultivation of holiness, the pattern of piety in the Scripture is more explicitly about our character. We put off sin and put on righteousness. We put to death the deeds of the flesh and put on Christ. To use the older language, we pursue mortification of the old man and the vivification of the new." - Kevin Deyoung

"The lapse of ages changes all things - time - language - the earth - the bounds of the sea - the stars of the sky, and everything 'about, around, and underneath' man, except man himself, who has always been and always will be, an unlucky rascal. The infinite variety of lives conduct but to death, and the infinity of wishes lead but to disappointment. All the discoveries which have yet been made have multiplied little but existence." - Lord Byron



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