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Language And Literature Quotes


"Literature speaks the language of the imagination, and the study of literature is supposed to train and improve the imagination." - Northrop Frye

"Literature transforms and intensifies ordinary language, deviates systematically from everyday speech." - Terry Eagleton

"Thus, literature, together with language, preserves and protects a nation's soul." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Never too late to learn a language. And the good literature to come with it." - Sasa Stanisic

"Literature belongs first and foremost to the language in which it is being written." - Amos Oz

"Painting is literature in colors. Literature is painting in language." - Pramoedya Ananta Toer

"I don't hate language. I have my own language, but I also enjoy the English language. Obviously, you don't read a lot of literature and not care about language." - Twyla Tharp

"I love literature, the English language and storytelling. I also have thirty horses and seventy foxhounds to feed." - Rita Mae Brown

"Our language and literature are without a doubt Britain's greatest contribution to the cultural heritage of the world." - Tessa Jowell

"Representative institutions are as much a part of the true Briton as his language and his literature." - Annie Besant

"Without a knowledge of mythology much of the elegant literature of our own language cannot be understood and appreciated." - Thomas Bulfinch

"Literature exists inside the language. It's made of words." - Amos Oz

"Journalism students need to understand it and need a solid background in the liberal arts, in sociology, economics, literature and language, because they won't get it later on." - Harrison Salisbury

"In Algeria, I had begun to get into literature and philosophy. I dreamed of writing-and already models were instructing the dream, a certain language governed it." - Jacques Derrida

"Because it's my first language, all the literature that I've read and all the things that I've been inspired by that have been written in Welsh have moved me beyond anything that I've experienced in any other language." - Gwenno

"Poetry is simply literature reduced to the essence of its active principle. It is purged of idols of every kind, of realistic illusions, of any conceivable equivocation between the language of "truth" and the language of "creation." - Paul Valery

"Modern Arabic literature achieved international recognition when Mahfouz was awarded the Nobel prize in 1988 (.....) Mahfouz also rendered Arabic literature a great service by developing, over the years, a form of language in which many of the archaisms and cliches that had become fashionable were discarded, a language that could serve as an adequate instrument for the writing of fiction in these times." - Denys Johnson-Davies

"No literature is complete until the language it was written in is dead." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"All media can muddy the mind. Language leads to literature. It also leads to dogma." - Jennifer Stone

"No literature is complete until the language in which it is written is dead." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree." - Ezra Pound

"Not literature alone, but society itself is wormed and rotten when language ceases to be respected not merely by advertisers and politicians, but by persons of learning and authority." - Storm Jameson

"Just as composers go to concerts and artists visit galleries, writers read. You will learn, in the most enjoyable way, more about style and language from reading good literature than you will ever acquire from workshops and how-to books." - Judith Barrington

"I have the hatred of apartheid in my bones; and most of all I detest the segregation or separation of Language and Literature. I do not care which of them you think White." - J R R Tolkien

"Literature rests on language. It is a linguistic art. So it cannot sever its relationship with the past. But it can create new methods and styles that differ in structure, form, and content from the past." - Simin Behbahani

"That helped me to keep in touch with myself and to keep in touch with this really quite extraordinary language and literature into which I had pushed a little way." - Robert Fitzgerald

"To those of you who study history, economics, sociology, literature and language I present the challenge of the utilization of the enormous resources in our grasp to the problem of creating a genuinely good life for yourselves and your children." - Polykarp Kusch

"Art works because it appeals to certain faculties of the mind. Music depends on details of the auditory system, painting and sculpture on the visual system. Poetry and literature depend on language." - Steven Pinker

"With fiction, you can talk about plot, character and narrative, whereas a poem brings home the fact that everything that happens in a work of literature happens in terms of language. And this is daunting stuff to deal with." - Terry Eagleton

"Literature in the written sense represents the triumph of language over writing: the subversion of writing for purposes that have little or nothing to do with social and economic control." - Robert Bringhurst

"I don't see how the study of language and literature can be separated from the question of free speech, which we all know is fundamental to our society. [p.92]" - Northrop Frye

"If you are to reach masses of people in this world, you must do it by a sign language. Whether your vehicle be commerce, literature, or politics, you can do nothing but raise signals, and make motions to the people." - John Jay Chapman

"I can cite a chapter and verse of literature at the times saying Italians don`t speak our language, these folks coming from other places - it sounds identical to what you are saying about Muslims now. It really does." - Chris Hayes

"If ideas are what feed serious literature and arresting language, who today is writing a novel of ideas (which can often mean comedy)? I think of Joshua Cohen. Who else?" - Cynthia Ozick

"Literature is always something - it is either story or poetry, ideally both. That is, you always know what it is and even if the interpretation is not available, the experience of language is." - Aleksandar Hemon

"I didn't choose Russia but Russia chose me. I had been fascinated from an early age by the culture, the language, the literature and the history to the place." - Helen Dunmore

"When I read great literature, great drama, speeches, or sermons, I feel that the human mind has not achieved anything greater than the ability to share feelings and thoughts through language." - James Earl Jones

"As for most writers, language is vital for me: a writer's ability to render a fictional world - characters, landscape, emotions - into something original that alters or deepens my understanding of both literature and life." - Dinaw Mengestu

"England gave me a language and literature, the basis of what I am as a writer, but when I started writing more directly about my own experience, it wasn't England so much as what went before." - Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

"Language and, presumably, literature are more ancient and inevitable, more durable than any form of social organization. The revulsion, irony, or indifference often expressed by literature toward the state is essentially the reaction of the permanent-better yet, the infinite-against the temporary, against the finite." - Joseph Brodsky

"Literature exists inside the language. It's made of words. It's not made of ideas and it's not made of concepts, of psychological analysis. It's made of words. In the same way in which music is made of notes and a painting is made of lines of colors, the matter of literature are words." - Amos Oz

"The struggle of literature is in fact a struggle to escape from the confines of language; it stretches out from the utmost limits of what can be said; what stirs literature is the call and attraction of what is not in the dictionary." - Italo Calvino

"The language of literature is the language of all the world. It is necessary to divest ourselves at once of the notion of diversified vocal and grammatical speech which constitutes the various tongues of the Earth, and conceals the identity of image and logic in the minds of all men." - George Edward Woodberry

"It is difficult to disturb the common usage of Korean that is bent to the perspective of a male-oriented society. Korean society is based on both a politics and history that have been disguised as a solid society of solid male poems, a solid written language, fixed rules of how to write literature, and a narrative language." - Kim Hyesoon

"Virtue is not a chemical product... it is a historic product, like language and literature; and this means that if we cease to care about it, cease to cultivate it, cease to transmit its funded values, a large part of it will become meaningless, like a dead language to which we have lost the key." - Lewis Mumford

"Literature is a form of language that breaks with the whole definition of genres as forms adapted to an order of representations, and becomes merely a manifestation of a language which has no other law than that of affirming in opposition to all other forms of discourse its own precipitous existence." - Michel Foucault

"On of the reasons that I wanted to study literature was because it exposed everything. Writers looked for secrets that had never been mined. Every writer has to invent their own magical language, in order to describe the indescribable. They might seem to be writing in French, English, or Spanish, but really they were writing in the language of butterflies, crows, and hanged men." - Heather O'Neill

"No one can create a noteworthy work without knowing the tenets of their own language and literature. Language is renewed but it never changes its essence, because the contracts that have come about over time for communication cannot be rescinded so easily." - Simin Behbahani

"Literature belongs first and foremost to the language in which it is being written. The very same book, even if it is translated very accurately, let's say from Hebrew into English or from English into Hebrew, becomes a different book because language is a musical instrument." - Amos Oz

"Literature is painting, architecture, and music." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

"All great art and literature is propaganda." - George Bernard Shaw

"And everything else is just literature" - Paul Verlaine

"I never really separated painting and literature." - Cy Twombly

"Art and literature are my surrogate religions." - Peter Shaffer

"I studied literature design and fashion design." - Danielle Steel

"Mathematics to me is like a language I do' speak though I admire its literature in translation." - David Quammen

"Mathematics to me is like a language I don't speak though I admire its literature in translation." - David Quammen

"I think it is a mistake to identify a movie according to its language, as if movies were literature." - Jean-Jacques Annaud

"Mathematics to me is like a language I don't speak though I admire its literature in translation." - David Quammen

"It is language which speaks in literature, in all its swarming 'polysemic' plurality, not the author himself." - Terry Eagleton

"I think it is a mistake to identify a movie according to its language, as if movies were literature." - Jeanjacques Annaud

"We write from life and call it literature, and literature lives because we are in it." - F Sionil Jose

"The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read" - Oscar Wilde

"The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read." - Oscar Wilde

"Literature and fiction are two entirely different things. Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"I think fantasy literature is the one true literature of hope and imagination." - Vera Nazarian

"SF is the literature of the theoretically possible, and F is the literature of the impossible." - Piers Anthony

"Language is memory and metaphor." - Storm Jameson

"The love of literature, of language, of the mystery of the mind and heart showing themselves in the minute, strange, and unexpected combinations of letters and words, in the blackest and coldest print-the love which he had hidden as if it were illicit and dangerous, he began to display, tentatively at first, and then boldly, and then proudly." - John Edward Williams

"I love language, and I love the failure of language." - Nate Lowman

"History is driven, over the long haul, by culture - by what men and women honor, cherish, and worship; by what societies deem to be true and good, and by the expressions they give to those convictions in language, literature, and the arts; by what individuals and societies are willing to stake their lives on." - George Weigel

"English literature is a glorious inheritance which is open to all - there are no barriers, no coupons, and no restrictions. In the English language and in its great writers there are great riches and treasures, of which, of course, the Bible and Shakespeare stand along on the highest platform." - Winston Churchill

"My hope is for a literature that raises the language above the ordinary, makes words both functional and emotional, and to resonate at the frequency of the human spirit - the skill and insight of the writer lifting the parochial novel above the level of regional concern. Making it personal, national, and universal." - Theresa Breslin

"One of the greatest gifts my brother and I received from my mother was her love of literature and language. With their boundless energy, libraries open the door to these worlds and so many others. I urge young and old alike to embrace all that libraries have to offer." - Caroline Kennedy

"Literature can no longer be either Mimesis or Mathesis but merely Semiosis, the adventure of what is impossible to language, in a word: Text (it is wrong to say that the notion of 'text' repeats the notion of 'literature': literature represents a finite world, the text figures the infinite of language)." - Roland Barthes

"Literature usually begets literature." - Susan Sontag

"It's not all bad. Heightened self-consciousness, apartness, an inability to join in, physical shame and self-loathing-they are not all bad. Those devils have been my angels. Without them I would never have disappeared into language, literature, the mind, laughter and all the mad intensities that made and unmade me." - Stephen Fry

"The publishing industry, unsurprisingly, is full of different people who love different things and express that love in different languages. Find the people, the editors and agents, with whom you share some language, and some sense of what makes literature worth reading." - Leslie Jamison

"Seldom can two such epoch-making events have occurred in successive years as happened then. In 1453 the Turks stormed Constantinople and finally destroyed the Greek Empire, driving out Greek scholars, who carried the knowledge of Greek language and literature to the western world; and in 1454 the first document known to us appeared from the printing press at Mainz." - Frederic G. Kenyon

"In living literature no person is a competent judge but of works written in his own language . I have expressed my opinion concerning a number of English writers; it is very possible that I may be mistaken, that my admiration and my censure may be equally misplaced, and that my conclusions may appear impertinent and ridiculous on the other side of the Channel." - Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand

"A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language." - Gaston Bachelard

"Art is humanity's most essential, most universal language. It is not a frill, but a necessary part of communication. The quality of civilization can be measured through its music, dance, drama, architecture, visual art and literature. We must give our children knowledge and understanding of civilization's most profound works." - Ernest L. Boyer

"Woe be to him who tries to isolate one department of knowledge from the rest. All science is one: language, literature and history, physics, mathematics and philosophy; subjects which seem the most remote from one another are in reality connected, or rather they all form a single system." - Jules Michelet

"The one and only substitute for experience which we have not ourselves had is art, literature. We have been given a miraculous faculty: Despite the differences of language, customs and social structure we are able to communicate life experience from one whole nation to another, to communicate a difficult national experience many decades long which the second of the two has never experienced." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Literature transforms and intensifies ordinary language, deviates systematically from everyday speech. If you approach me at a bus stop and murmur Thou still unravished bride of quietness, then I am instantly aware that I am in the presence of the literary." - Terry Eagleton

"I've translated a lot of American literature into Japanese, and I think that what makes a good translator is, above all, a feel for language and also a great affection for the work you're translating. If one of those elements is missing the translation won't be worth much." - Haruki Murakami

"Language gradually varies, and with it fade away the writings of authors who have flourished their allotted time; otherwise, the creative powers of genius would overstock the world, and the mind would be completely bewildered in the endless mazes of literature." - Washington Irving

"It is no exaggeration to say that the English Bible is, next to Shakespeare, the greatest work in English literature, and that it will have much more influence than even Shakespeare upon the written and spoken language of the English race." - Lafcadio Hearn

"The world of science and the world of literature have much in common. Each is an international club, helping to tie mankind together across barriers of nationality, race and language. I have been doubly lucky, being accepted as a member of both." - Freeman Dyson

"Dying, we tell ourselves, is like going to sleep. This figure of speech occurs very commonly in everyday thought and language, as well as in the literature of many cultures and many ages. It was apparently quite common even in the time of the ancient Greeks." - Raymond Moody

"Literature is the expression of a feeling of deprivation, a recourse against a sense of something missing. But the contrary is also true: language is what makes us human. It is a recourse against the meaningless noise and silence of nature and history." - Octavio Paz

"Language can't describe reality. Literature has no stable reference, no real meaning. Each reader's interpretation is equally valid, more important than the author's intention. In fact, nothing in life has meaning. Reality is subjective. Values and truths are subjective. Life itself is a kind of illusion. Blah, blah, blah, let's have another scotch." - Dean Koontz

"The first degree of proficiency is, in painting, what grammar is in literature, a general preparation for whatever species of the art the student may afterwards choose for his more particular application. The power of drawing, modelling, and using colors is very properly called the language of the art." - Joshua Reynolds

"In an age when other fantastically speedy, widespread media are triumphing, and running the risk of flattening all communication onto a single, homogenous surface, the function of literature is communication between things that are different simply because they are different, not blunting but even sharpening the differences between them, following the true bent of written language." - Italo Calvino

"The first degree of proficiency is, in painting, what grammar is in literature, a general preparation for whatever the student may afterward choose for more particular application. The power of drawing, modeling, and using colors, is very properly called the language of the art." - Joshua Reynolds

"Take a report. It's dry, the sentences are clunky and unfelicitous, they're just conveying information. But it seems to me that if you're fully engaged in a great piece of literature, once you enter the rhythms of the language, which is a kind of music, meanings are being conveyed that you're not fully aware of. They enter into your subconscious." - Paul Auster

"I work from the body - I try to develop a language of the body. I've invented a term I call "corporeal writing" around that idea. I love teaching and collaborating around this idea, because no new breakthrough in literature ever happened because everyone was doing what was already there." - Lidia Yuknavitch

"With some exceptions in science fiction and other genres I have small difficulty in avoiding anything that could be called American literature. I feel it is unnatural, not I think entirely because it uses a language that is not mine, however closely akin to my own." - Kingsley Amis

"I taught principally German language and literature at Eton. But any master with private pupils must be prepared to teach anything they ask for. That can be as diverse as the early paintings of Salvador Dali or how bumblebees manage to fly." - John Le Carre

"My passion has always been books and literature, and teaching." - Azar Nafisi

"All great popular literature today one day will be seen as great literature and will no longer be seen as popular literature." - Walter Mosley

"Greek mathematics is the real thing. The Greeks first spoke a language which modern mathematicians can understand... So Greek mathematics is 'permanent', more permanent even than Greek literature." - G H Hardy

"That is what literature offers-a language powerful enough to say how it is. It isn't a hiding place. It is a finding place." - Jeanette Winterson

"In literature the ambition of the novice is to acquire the literary language; the struggle of the adept is to get rid of it." - George Bernard Shaw

"In literature the ambition of the novice is to acquire the literary language: the struggle of the adept is to get rid of it." - George Bernard Shaw

"The curse of Scottish literature is the lack of a whole language, which finally means the lack of a whole mind." - Edwin Muir

"Every culture has contributed to maths just as it has contributed to literature. It's a universal language; numbers belong to everyone." - Daniel Tammet

"There is a wealth of readership for regional language literature in India that is not given importance. We must give respect to our own languages." - Amish Tripathi

"Leisure without literature is death and burial alive." - Seneca the Younger

"Modern literature seduces with insults, riddles, and inside stories." - Mason Cooley

"Leisure without literature is death and burial alive." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Literature is air, and Im suffocating in mediocrity." - Armand Assante

"Literature has the power to change lives, minds, and hearts." - Cam'ron

"Critics are those who have failed in literature and art." - Benjamin Disraeli

"National literature begins with fables and ends with novels." - Joseph Joubert

"Four is a powerful figure in literature and physical form" - Miles Teller

"Adjectives are the sugar of literature and adverbs the salt." - Henry James

"Oh! journalism is unreadable, and literature is not read." - Oscar Wilde

"Bruzundanga's literature is ruled by cute, rhyming and tasteless sonnets." - Lima Barreto

"I am the enfant terrible of literature and science." - Samuel Butler (novelist)

"Literature should stand by itself, of itself, and for itself." - Charles Dickens

"And literature frequently rises to heights that make it international." - Irving Langmuir

"Literature is air, and I'm suffocating in mediocrity." - Armand Assante

"If a nation's literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays." - Ezra Pound

"It's really hard when you read literature in a language that's not your own. There are all these cultural references you have to be born into that particular language to get." - Chath Piersath

"But what is the difference between literature and journalism?... Journalism is unreadable and literature is not read. That is all." - Oscar Wilde

"Literature presents you with alternate mappings of the human experience. You see that the experiences of other people and other cultures are as rich, coherent, and troubled as your own experiences. They are as beset with suffering as yours. Literature is a kind of legitimate voyeurism through the keyhole of language where you really come to know other people's lives-their anguish, their loves, their passions. Often you discover that once you dive into those lives and get below the surface, the veneer, there is a real closeness." - Chaim Potok

"No one who loves life can ignore literature, and no one who loves literature can ignore life." - Laura Esquivel

"The press is the exclusive literature of the million; to them it is literature, church, and college." - Wendell Phillips

"Literature got me into this mess and literature is going to have to get me out of it." - Philip Roth

"Literature overtakes history, for literature gives you more than one life. It expands experience and opens new opportunities to readers." - Carlos Fuentes

"Margaret Atwood was the author who took me out of children's literature and guided me towards adult literature." - Eleanor Catton

"If I was asked what is the greatest treasure which India possesses and what is her finest heritage, I would answer unhesitatingly that it is the Samskrit language and literature and all that it contains. This is a magnificent inheritance and so long as this endures and influences the life of our people, so long will the basic genius of India continue. If our race forgot the Buddha, the Upanishads and the great epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata), India would cease to be India ." - Jawaharlal Nehru

"The Iranian people were converted to Islam not very much longer after the conquest of the Arab world by Islam, but they refused to adopt the Arabic language, and it's a great point of pride to them that Persian culture and the Persian language and Persian literature survived the conversion to Islam. And the conversion to Islam also was for most of them not the Sunni majority form, but the Shia one. So there's a great discrepancy between Iranian society and many other of what we think of as Arab Muslim States and systems." - Christopher Hitchens

"Have been reading "Genesis" several Sundays, not as a Christian reads for "spiritual consolation," "instruction," etc., not as aninfidel reads to carp and quarrel and criticize, but as one who wishes to be informed and furnished in the earliest and most wonderful of all literary productions. The literature of the Bible should be studied as one studies Shakespeare, for illustration and language, for its true pictures of man and woman nature, for its early historical record." - Rutherford B Hayes

"Language operates between literal and metaphorical signification" - Robert Smithson

"Language transcends us and yet we speak." - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

"Language operates between literal and metaphorical signification." - Robert Smithson

"I studied Comparative Literature at Cornell. Structuralism was real big then. The idea of reading and writing as being this language game. There's a lot of appeal to that. It's nice to think of it as this playful kind of thing. But I think that another way to look at it is "Look, I just want to be sincere. I want to write something and make you feel something and maybe you will go out and do something." And it seems that the world is in such bad shape now that we don't have time to do nothing but language games. That's how it seems to me." - William T Vollmann

"I try to teach my students style, but always as a part of life, not as ornament. Style has to come out of communicating coherent thought, not in sticking little flowers on speeches. Style and substance and a sense of life are the things literature is composed of. One must use one's own personality in relationship to life and language, of course, and everyone has such a relationship. Some people find it, some don't find it, but it's there." - Marguerite Young

"Literature is the voice of the age and the state; the character, energy, and resources of the country are reflected and imaged forth in the conceptions of its great minds; they are organs of the time; they speak not their own language, they scarce think their own thoughts; but under an impulse like the prophetic enthusiasm of old, they must feel and utter the sentiments which society inspires." - Edward Everett

"And in spite of everything, Ireland remains the brain of the Kingdom. The English, judiciously practical and ponderous, furnish the over-stuffed stomach of humanity with a perfect gadget-the water closet. The Irish, condemned to express themselves in a language not their own, have stamped on it the mark of their own genius and compete for glory with the civilized nations. This is then called English literature." - James Joyce

"The understanding that women are not inferior across the world, it's something that you can get from school, not only from the book but also from chatting with other kids. It's a big impact. One of the curious things is that even when - and this we found from studies - the schools are doing pretty badly in terms of their education, about mathematics and literature and language, going to school transformed people because I think the action of schooling, the activity, is very important." - Amartya Sen

"Over time, I have come to see the work of literature less as narrating the world than "seeing the world with words." From the moment he begins to use words like colors in a painting, a writer can begin to see how wondrous and surprising the world is, and he breaks the bones of language to find his own voice. For this he needs paper, a pen, and the optimism of a child looking at the world for the first time." - Orhan Pamuk

"I had no one to help me, but the T. S. Eliot helped me. So when people say that poetry is a luxury, or an option, or for the educated middle classes, or that it shouldn't be read at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives, I suspect that the people doing the saying have had things pretty easy. A tough life needs a tough language - and that is what poetry is. That is what literature offers - a language powerful enough to say how it is. It isn't a hiding place. It is a finding place." - Jeanette Winterson

"I had no one to help me, but the T. S. Eliot helped me. So when people say that poetry is a luxury, or an option, or for the educated middle classes, or that it should' be read at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives, I suspect that the people doing the saying have had things pretty easy. A tough life needs a tough language - and that is what poetry is. That is what literature offers - a language powerful enough to say how it is. It is' a hiding place. It is a finding place." - Jeanette Winterson

"The clerical work is par for the course. "Keep on file in numerical order" means throw in wastebasket. You'll soon learn the language. "Let it be a challenge to you" means you're stuck with it; "interpersonal relationships" is a fight between kids; "ancillary civic agencies for supportive discipline" means call the cops; "Language Arts Dept." is the English office; "literature based on child's reading level and experiential background" means that's all they've got in the Book Room; "non-academic-minded" is a delinquent; and "It has come to my attention" means you're in trouble." - Bel Kaufman

"Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don't do it for money. That's not what it's about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language." - Lev Grossman

"I speak as an unregenerate reader, one who still believes that language and not technology is the true evolutionary miracle. I have not yet given up on the idea that the experience of literature offers a kind of wisdom that cannot be discovered elsewhere; that there is profundity in the verbal encounter itself, never mind what further profundities that author has to offer; and that for a host of reasons the bound book is the ideal vehicle for the written word." - Sven Birkerts

"If my novel gets any attention in Bulgaria, it will be as a scandal: a book about a teacher at a famous school and his relationship with a prostitute. I doubt very much it will be evaluated on its merits as literature. If Bulgarian were the book's only language, that would be painful and limiting to me as a writer. Since my book also exists in English - where it isn't scandalous at all - I feel comfortable with the possibility of scandal." - Garth Greenwell



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