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Landing Quotes


"Just had a close call landing in Tampa. The tires blew out upon landing." - Billy Mays

"If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing. If you use the airplane the next day, it's an outstanding landing." - Chuck Yeager

"When I'm falling, my girlfriends are my soft landing." - Anna Quindlen

"Motor cut. Forced landing. Hit cow. Cow died. Scared me." - Dean Smith

"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings." - Charles Douglas Jackson

"Stop thinking about the landing, because it's all about falling." - John Green

"Faith is stepping out on nothing and landing on something." - Cornel West

"I know what happens a the end of falling-landing." - John Green

"God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage." - Proverbs

"The eyes are the landing strip to the heart." - Stan Dale

"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings." - C.D. Jackson

"Store windows are like landing pages on the website." - Angela Ahrendts

"To die is landing on some distant shore." - John Dryden

"Everything I have in life comes from Knots Landing." - Ted Shackelford

"The rocket worked perfectly except for landing on the wrong planet." - Wernher Von Braun

"There's a real opportunity to have a vertical takeoff and landing electric supersonic jet." - Elon Musk

"If the US economic landing is soft there will be no consequences (for Europe)." - Laurent Fabius

"My gravest secret is that I really did fake the moon landing. On Venus!" - Richard M. Nixon

"We are really on track for a soft landing. There are no balloons popping." - David Lereah

"Czechoslovakia provided Soviet Russia with landing fields for aircraft, thereby increasing the threat against Germany." - Adolf Hitler

"Time: a landing field! Death needs time like a junkie needs junk." - William S Burroughs

"The experience is about how we get there, not the landing place." - Bill Buxton

"There are more than 4000 landing trace cases from around the world." - Steven M. Greer

"Six bucks and my right nut says we're not landing in Chicago." - John Candy

"He who does not believe in hell is in the greatest danger of landing there." - Eduardo Schwank

"The journey, not the arrival, matters; the voyage, not the landing." - Paul Theroux

"The reality in which a camera turns up is always posed, e.g., the moon landing." - Hans Magnus Enzensberger

"The closest I've ever come to saying "no" is "Not now, we're landing."" - Sam Malone

"You're a free-standing landing pad held together by choir claps." - Buddy Wakefield

"Expect to get more than you expected [from Crash Landing project]. Expect more than a mixtape." - Kid Ink

"Any landing you can walk away from is a good one." - Proverbs

"It was like falling down an elevator shaft and landing in a pool full of mermaids." - Hunter S Thompson

"I'm looking forward to coming back, back to Earth, the landing, the views." - Duane G Carey

"I don't believe in the moon landing conspiracy theory. I don't believe in Big Foot." - Jerome Corsi

"People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing." - Will Rogers

"I seem to be landing a lot of roles with animal interactions, which is amazing." - Maisie Williams

"There's nothing I would like more than to watch a manned Mars landing." - Andy Weir

"Landing a role now is not based on my looks - more on my acting ability." - Jude Law

"Neil Armstrong, when he was out there landing on the moon, I was there first." - Mark Roberts

"I had thought about landing in the Kremlin, but there wasn't enough space." - Mathias Rust

"Knots Landing is the best thing that ever happened to me." - Ted Shackelford

"They say any landing you can walk away from is a good one." - Alan Shepard

"After 'Spelling Bee,' I started landing more jobs... I got 'Candide' at New York City Opera." - Lauren Worsham

"The first stories I wrote when I was 12 were about Mars and landing on Mars." - Ray Bradbury

"The great thing about the moon landing is that my grandmother got the first color TV in order to be able to see the moon landing that was in black and white." - Alfonso Cuaron

"On a flight of emotion there's wonder and bliss, but beware of a landing that may go amiss." - Wes Fesler

"I have bought pole vault equipment, the landing areas, posts, which costs a lot of money. We pay for coaches" - Sergei Bubka

"When wild the head-wind beat, Thy sovereign Will commanding Bring them who dare to fly To a safe landing." - Duncan Campbell Scott

"But then I never had to worry about a crash landing because I never even took off." - Elizabeth Wurtzel

"Life is a free fall parachute jump. Pray all the way down and hope for a safe landing." - Robert G Allen

"I think I got a bruise from landing on you. I hear bacon is real good for healing a bruise." - Janet Evanovich

"There were big geysers coming up where the shells were landing and there were bodies floating, face down, face up." - Elliot Johnson

"If you're faced with a forced landing, fly the thing as far into the crash as possible." - Bob Hoover

"Set a strong guard about thy outward senses: these are Satan's landing places, especially the eye and the ear." - William Gurnall

"There was nothing subtle about our landing. The pilot just pointed the nose at the ground and let her rip." - Bob Hope

"Goal-setting illuminates the road to success just as runway lights illuminate the landing field for an incoming aircraft" - Nido R Qubein

"I dont care to be involved in the crash-landing unless I can be in on the take-off." - Harold Stassen

"It's a strange, eerie sensation to fly a lunar landing trajectory not difficult, but somewhat complex and unforgiving." - Neil Armstrong

"This blowing dust became increasingly thicker. It was very much like landing in a fast moving ground fog." - Neil Armstrong

"Waiting for supply-side economics to work is like leaving the landing lights on for Amelia Earhart." - Walter Heller

"You can increase conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) by several times by making PPC landing pages extremely relevant." - Brian Halligan

"Landing the airplane I think is the most difficult thing that I've every learned to do in my life." - James Lipton

"I don't care to be involved in the crash-landing unless I can be in on the take-off." - Harold Stassen

"A handful of older, romantic leading men, like Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, and Robert Redford are still landing parts." - Charles Dance

"About First Landing by Robert Zubrin: Someday I'd like to read a story about competent people on Mars." - James Nicoll

"Landing the role of Stephen Hawking was the most positively surprising thing that has happened to me." - Benedict Cumberbatch

"The 'clean energy' challenge deserves a commitment akin to the Manhattan project or the Apollo moon landing." - Martin Rees

"Landing on the moon was a dream that millions of kids have had for hundreds of years." - Rusty Schweickart

"Obviously I was challenged by becoming a Naval aviator, by landing aboard aircraft carriers and so on." - Alan Shepard

"The magic of landing my first role on Broadway went 'poof' in a matter of a few weeks." - Uzo Aduba

"I have bought pole vault equipment, the landing areas, posts, which costs a lot of money. We pay for coaches." - Sergei Bubka

"I'm not being really intelligent in my film choices; I'm just landing the opportunity when it comes." - Ranbir Kapoor

"The exciting part for me, as a pilot, was the landing on the moon. That was the time that we had achieved the national goal of putting Americans on the moon. The landing approach was, by far, the most difficult and challenging part of the flight. Walking on the lunar surface was very interesting, but it was something we looked on as reasonably safe and predictable. So the feeling of elation accompanied the landing rather than the walking." - Neil Armstrong

"My take on what happened with the moon landing was [......] they suspect [ sic ] that on impact that the cameras would be damaged because back in 1969 cameras weren't, you know, like they are today, as good. So they had a studio set up at CBS to mimic the moon landing. And sure enough the cameras broke and so they flipped, you know, the CBS studio on. And what you saw of the footage of the '69 moon landing was actually at CBS studio." - Kent Hovind

"First I believe that this Nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon." - John F Kennedy

"A rough should have high grass. When you go bowling they don't give you anything for landing in the gutter, do they?" - Lee Trevino

"Pilots take no special joy in walking: pilots like flying. Pilots generally take pride in a good landing, not in getting out of the vehicle." - Neil Armstrong

"I know that this operation will be sort of helter-skelter. But the First Marine Division is going to win the war by landing at Inchon." - Douglas Macarthur

"We only have to capture 1/10,000th of the solar energy landing on earth to completely satisfy all our energy needs." - Ray Kurzweil

"Are you afraid of falling, baby? No, I'm afraid of landing. [He's laughing, and I'm smiling.] Stupid idiot smile, don't you know what comes next?" - Ann Aguirre

"Sensitivity isn't about being wimpy. It's about being so painfully aware that a flea landing on a dog is like a sonic boom" - Jeff Buckley

"To die is landing on some silent shore, Where billows never break nor tempests roar; Ere well we feel the friendly stroke 'tis o'er." - Samuel Garth

"Are you afraid of falling, baby? No, I'm afraid of landing. [He's laughing, and I'm smiling.] Stupid idiot smile, do' you know what comes next?" - Ann Aguirre

"She's always thought that one of the beauties of New York is that you can be from anywhere and within moments of landing its yours." - Colum Mccann

"I feel like an aeroplane at the end of its flight, in the dusk, with the petrol running out, in search of a safe landing." - Winston Churchill

"America is the only country where a significant proportion of the population believes that professional wrestling is real but the moon landing was faked." - David Letterman

"Andrew hated to see her humiliated and pathetic like this; but he half hated her too for landing herself in it, when any idiot could have seen..." - J K Rowling

"I think Smalltalk is inappropriate for serious industrial developments. After all, run time is a little late to find out whether you have a landing gear." - Bertrand Meyer

"Christianity doesn't offer a smooth flight; it provides a safe landing. The promise of Jesus is not one of happiness, He promises righteousness." - Ray Comfort

"I'm convinced that all of those UFO sightings are really Messi taking off and landing in his ride. He is an alien." - Jozy Altidore

"He will make a strange combustion in the state of his soul, who at the landing of every cockboat sets the beacons on fire." - Thomas Fuller

"To die is landing on some silent shore Where billows never break, nor tempests roar; Ere well we feel the friendly stroke, 't is o'er." - Samuel Garth

"Brilliant landing.. We're trying to keep a low profile, and here you've gone and made it look like a meteorite hit." - Jeaniene Frost

"I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith, and that a soft landing is never guaranteed." - Sarah Dessen

"There's a historical milestone in the fact that our Apollo 11 landing on the moon took place a mere 66 years after the Wright Brothers' first flight." - Buzz Aldrin

"It is a pity that instead of the Pilgrim Fathers landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock had not landed on the Pilgrim Fathers." - Chauncey Depew

"Landing on 'Morning Joe' wasn't a fluke. I was a poli sci major in college. I interned at the CBS political unit, covered conventions." - Willie Geist

"When you have a movie about people landing from planet Neptune, you suspend disbelief. I totally get it. But I like doing things that happen in real life." - Will Gluck

"I live for playing live. All my records are live, since After the Gold Rush, with the exception of Trans and the vocals on Landing on Water." - Neil Young

"I think the Lewis and Clark Expedition was the greatest undertaking in American History. I think landing a man on the moon pales next to it." - Kathryn Lasky

"You know, when they called me about the role, I thought Knots Landing was a show about a houseboat with Andy Griffith!" - Donna Mills

"By the time I came to L.A. I'd already cried on movies of the week with two of the women from 'Knots Landing'." - Ryan Reynolds

"Being an American is something I wanted to be for a very long time, probably since I saw the moon landing when I was a child." - Craig Ferguson

"In 2001, Katie Couric told 'Today Show' audiences that 7 percent of Americans doubt the moon landing happened - that it was staged in the Nevada desert." - Annie Jacobsen

"I seem to be landing really great locations on a lot of my work. I hope that continues, knock on wood." - Evangeline Lilly

"Introduced to this world in Llandyssul, Cardiganshire, Wales, November 14, 1843, I celebrated my first anniversary by landing at Castle Garden, in New York City." - Jenkin Lloyd Jones

"I was astonished at the effect my successful landing in France had on the nations of the world. To me, it was like a match lighting a bonfire." - Charles Lindbergh

"Ever since I saw the moon landing as a young teenager, I was determined I would go into space one day." - Richard Branson

"If the people that believed the moon landing was staged on a movie lot had access to unlimited money from large carbon polluters or some other special interest who wanted to confuse people into thinking that the moon landing didn't take place, I'm sure we'd have a robust debate about it right now." - Al Gore

"Hillary Clinton is a world class liar. Just look at her pathetic email server statements, or her phony landing - or her phony landing in Bosnia, where she said she was under attack, and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers. A total and self-serving lie. Brian Williams' career was destroyed for saying less." - Donald Trump

"Before the railroad's thin lines of steel bit their way up through the wilderness, Athabasca Landing was the picturesque threshold over which one must step who would enter into the mystery and adventure of the great white North." - James Oliver Curwood

"Time is like a ship which never anchors; while I am on board, I had better do those things that may profit me at my landing, than practice such as shall cause my commitment when I come ashore." - Owen Feltham

"I think I fish, in part, because it's an anti-social, bohemian business that, when gone about properly, puts you forever outside the mainstream culture without actually landing you in an institution." - John Gierach

"Mankind is advanced technically. Man can build space stations, can assemble them in space, and ponders about landing on Mars, but the development of mankind itself seems to stagnate on stone age level." - Sigmund Jahn

"Like birds landing on a tree top together, and then dispersing, we are together for a very short time, so it makes sense to live in harmony, in unconditional friendship." - Bokar Rinpoche

"Things Isabella Wouldn't Care About: - Titanic sinking again. - Metror striking Earth and landing directly on top of world's most innocent panda. - Titanic sinking again and this time the entire crew is puppies." - Jim Benton

"By the year 2000 we will undoubtedly have a sizable operation on the Moon, we will have achieved a manned Mars landing and it's entirely possible we will have flown with men to the outer planets." - Wernher Von Braun

"The queen was settling on the edge of the bed, ungainly with hesitation and at the same time exquisite in her grace, like a heron landing in a treetop." - Megan Whalen Turner

"It's too late to stop climate change, that's for sure, but we can still influence the degree of changes and the degree of impacts. We can prepare for a softer landing." - Hermann E. Ott

"Doing things out of the ordinary - out of the box - like jumping out of airplanes and landing in cities that you've never been to before, then finding your way through. That's the type of trip that excites me." - Dhani Jones

"The first thing that struck me on landing in America was that if the Americans are not the most well-dressed people in the world, they are the most comfortably dressed." - Oscar Wilde

"With a sigh she reached into her pocket and drew out a small velvet bag, which upended on the table. Two gold rings fell out, landing with a soft clink. Simon looked at them puzzled. "You want to get married?" - Cassandra Clare

"When people have asked if I'd like to go in the Shuttle, I said you don't get to fly it, except for landing, which I'd love to do. I wouldn't go unless I could command it" - Wally Schirra

"In King's Landing, there are two sorts of people. The players and the pieces... Every man's a piece to start with, and every maid as well. Even some who think they are players." Petyr Baelish" - George R R Martin

"The debate's over. The people who dispute the international consensus on global warming are in the same category now with the people who think the moon landing was staged on a movie lot in Arizona." - Al Gore

"The fourth landing of the Columbia is the historical equivalent of the driving of the golden spike which completed the first transcontinental railroad. It marks our entrance into a new era." - Ronald Reagan

"I could have written a story about a well-adjusted family. Ned Stark comes down to King's Landing and takes over and solves all their problems. Would that have been as exciting?" - George R R Martin

"In King's Landing, there are two sorts of people. The players and the pieces... Every man's a piece to start with, and every maid as well. Even some who think they are players." Petyr Baelish" - George R R Martin

"Sometimes when you cut your bed tracks right off the bat, you don't really know where the vocal is landing and where the background vocals are, and other loops and stuff that are going on." - Tommy Lee

"I could have written a story about a well-adjusted family. Ned Stark comes down to King's Landing and takes over and solves all their problems. Would that have been as exciting?" - George R R Martin

"I wrote and concepted 99% of the ideas for Crash Landing and we reached out to a lot of different popular producers like Jahlil, KE, Kajmir Royale, Hit-Boy etc." - Kid Ink

"I'm not a space writer, obviously, but I had bought this big photo book of the moon landing. You just get attached to certain stories that don't let you go." - Lily Koppel

"L.A. is a kind of a landing place for some people. People are just in and out all the time. People are there for a short time until they get what they need and then they go somewhere else." - Zella Day

"There is also a distinct possibility that there are other actors ? whose names have not leaked to the press ? who may stand just as good a chance of landing the part." - Daniel Craig

"It's easy to question yourself and ask if you're doing a good job, but there are so many different factors to landing a role. I remind myself that a lot of it is completely out of my control." - Bridgit Mendler

"My dad felt pretty strongly that I know about the basic workings of a plane and so he taught me how to read and set the instruments, as well as the basics of taking off and landing." - Leigh Newman

"If you're working a fight with let's say John Ruiz and...anyone and Ruiz goes jab, jab and grab, you better see whose landing the punches before it becomes a wrestling match." - Harold Lederman

"I was literally living on the edge of life, to the point where I didn't know what was going to happen, not caring, taking chances and finally landing in prison and once there, all my lines were cut." - Christian Hosoi

"The two women were alone in the London flat. The point is, said Anna, as her friend came back from the telephone on the landing, the point is, that as far as I can see, everything's cracking up." - Doris Lessing

"A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing." - Oscar Wilde

"I've caught a cold, the Thing replies, Out there upon the landing. I turned to look in some surprise, And there, before my very eyes, A little Ghost was standing!" - Lewis Carroll

"There is very little doubt, in my mind, that what the next monumental achievement of humanity will be the first landing by an Earthling, a human being, on the planet Mars." - Buzz Aldrin

"The amphibious landing of U.S. Marines on September 1950 at Inchon, on the west coast of Korea, was one of the most audacious and spectacularly successful amphibious landings in all naval history." - Bernard Brodie

"To have that powder blown up your nose is rather like being shot out of a rifle barrel lined with Baroque paintings and landing on a sea of electricity." - Wade Davis

"The event of the landing of these brethren upon our shores is to be, not without its beneficial effect, as well to the colored population of this country, as it promises to be to ill-fated Africa." - Lewis Tappan

"I studied theater in college, and I really wanted to be an actress and play a lot of different roles. Then I made landing on a television comedy my main focus." - Jenna Fischer

"I think when see you a character on the screen who is actually being touched by the world, and the stuff is actually landing on him, it makes you empathize." - Martin Freeman

"We've all heard about space and landing on the moon, but somehow it's a very tom-boyish adventure. It's planting the flag on the moon by Neil Armstrong, and it has this very male-hero edge to it." - Lily Koppel

"The rain, which had continued yesterday and last night, ceased this morning. We then proceeded, and after passing two small islands about ten miles further, stopped for the night at Piper's landing, opposite another island." - Meriwether Lewis

"I could have written a story about a well-adjusted family. Ned Stark comes down to King's Landing and takes over and solves all their problems. Would that have been as exciting?" - George R R Martin



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