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Land Of Wisdom Quotes


"When God punishes a land, he deprives it leaders of wisdom." - Proverbs

"Land of Heart's Desire Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood, But joy is wisdom, time an endless song." - William Butler Yeats

"Land of Heart's Desire, Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood, But joy is wisdom, time an endless song." - William Butler Yeats

"If I can turn the most powerful part of the world into a land of wisdom and compassion, it's going to change the rest of the world." - Chademeng Tan

"Let the people know my wisdom, fill the land with smoke" - John Fogerty

"A land of levity is a land of guilt." - Edward Young

"O land of my fathers, O land of my love." - Evan James

"The pleasant Land of Counterpane." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"We need to return to learning about the land by being on the land, or better, by being in the thick of it. That is the best way we can stay in touch with the fates of its creatures, its indigenous cultures, its earthbound wisdom. That is the best way we can be in touch with ourselves." - Gary Paul Nabhan

"It is always possible that society you live in might go backwards, towards the land of ignorance and darkness! While this tragedy and stupidity happening, you must move forward! You must walk forward, towards the light and wisdom, to the land of reason!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"When the sky is clear, when the sea is calm and the full moon is rising, whatever you are doing, leave it; go to the seaside; sit and watch it! You will then reach the land where there is no thinking; the land of pure wisdom!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"The wisdom of our ancestors." - Edmund Burke

"Embrace the wisdom of uncertainty." - Deepak Chopra

"...scoffing cometh not of wisdom..." - Philip Sidney

"The wisdom of the ancients." - Francis Bacon

"There is wisdom in the selection of wisdom...." - Bergen Evans

"Asking doesn't mean you lack wisdom - it's evidence of wisdom." - Andy Stanley

"There is wisdom in the selection of wisdom." - Bergen Evans

"When Europeans arrived on this continent, they blew it with the Native Americans. They plowed over them, taking as much as they could of their land and valuables, and respecting almost nothing about the native cultures. They lost the wisdom of the indigenous peoples-wisdom about the land and connectedness to the great web of life...We have another chance with all these refugees. People come here penniless but not cultureless. They bring us gifts. We can synthesize the best of our traditions with the best of theirs. We can teach and learn from each other to produce a better America..." - Mary Pipher

"Africa is never the same to anyone who leaves it and returns again. It is not a land of change, but it is a land of moods and its moods are numberless. It is not fickle, but because it has mothered not only men, but races, and cradles not only cities, but civilizations - and seen them die, and seen new ones born again - Africa can be dispassionate, indifferent, warm, or cynical, replete with the weariness of too much wisdom." - Beryl Markham

"Forests are the lungs of our land......" - Franklin D Roosevelt

"America, the land of unlimited possibilities." - Ludwig Max Goldberger

"Hollywood is a land of self-invention." - Brian Koppelman

"Loneliness is an aspect of the land." - N Scott Momaday

"The Land of Opportunity is an attitude." - B. J. Gallagher Hateley

"Oh, wise physician of a wasted land!" - Hermann Hagedorn

"I'm going to the Land of Nod." - Jonathan Swift

"Argos is the land of your fathers." - Isocrates

"Land of lost gods and godlike men." - Lord Byron

"Hail, hail Freedonia, land of the free!" - Groucho Marx

"The land of embarrassment and breakfast." - Julian Barnes

"America stands for the land of opportunity." - Michael Grimm

"Fear bespeaks of wisdom. Recognition of responsibility." - Steven Erikson

"Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences." - Norman Cousins

"You shall go with me, newly-married bride, And gaze upon a merrier multitude. White-armed Nuala, Aengus of the Birds, Feacra of the hurtling form, and him Who is the ruler of the Western Host, Finvaragh, and their Land of Heart's Desire. Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood, But joy is wisdom, time an endless song." - William Butler Yeats

"The Anglo-Saxon world saw India as an underdeveloped country. The land of snake charmers, the cows on the street, that "ex-colony-backward-nation" kind of viewpoint, very condescending. Europe on the other hand, saw India in a more romantic, mystical, spiritual way, as a place that's a fountain of wisdom." - Kabir Bedi

"There is another kind of wisdom, the wisdom of following - the wisdom of not taking the lead with your ego." - Frederick Lenz

"I discovered that Human Nature was not, as I had always supposed, a fixed and unalterable entity, that wars are not caused by a natural urge in men to fight, that ownership of land and factories is not necessarily the natural reward of greater wisdom and energy." - Jessica Mitford

"Dawn, ever bearing some divine increase Of beauty, love, and wisdom round the world, Dawn, like a wild-rose in the fields of heaven Washed grey with dew, awoke, and found the barque At anchor in a little land-locked bay." - Alfred Noyes

"With impeccable prose, dry wit, and uncommon wisdom, Ted Thompson brings to life one family's painful disappointments and powerful resilience. The Land of Steady Habits combines Austen's shrewd mastery of domestic economics with Updike's compassion for the melancholy commuter to make something elegant, fresh, and brilliant." - Maggie Shipstead

"Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom." - Boyle Roche

"Wisdom is the essential basis of greatness." - Wallace D. Wattles

"Fear is the beginning of wisdom." - Eugenie de Guerin

"Arrogance is the obstruction of wisdom." - Bion of Smyrna

"Nine-tenths of wisdom is appreciation." - Dale Dauten

"The loneliness is the mother of wisdom." - Laurence Sterne

"Foolishness is a twin sister of wisdom." - Witold Gombrowicz

"Self-reflection is the school of wisdom." - Baltasar Gracian

"Humor is the mask of wisdom." - Friedrich Durrenmatt

"Wisdom is the use of knowledge" - Dan Millman

"Doubt is the beginning of wisdom" - Aristotle

"The heart of wisdom is tolerance." - Steven Erikson

"Wonder is the beginning of all wisdom." - Socrates

"Wisdom is justified of her children." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"Cunning is the dwarf of wisdom." - William Rounseville Alger

"Curiosity is the beginning of all wisdom." - Francoise Sagan

"Finding patterns is the essence of wisdom" - Dennis Prager

"Silence is the maturation of wisdom." - Maimonides

"Solitude is the best nurse of wisdom." - Laurence Sterne

"Fear itself is the vanguard of wisdom" - Pema Chodron

"Wisdom is the daughter of experience" - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Wisdom is tolerance of cognitive dissonance." - Robert Thurman

"Doubt is the origin of wisdom" - Rene Descartes

"I've got some words of wisdom." - Nick Cave

"Incredulity is the wisdom of the fool." - Josh Billings

"Prudence is the footprint of Wisdom." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"Doubt is often the beginning of wisdom." - M Scott Peck

"A man of wisdom delights in water." - Confucius

"Circumspection and caution are part of wisdom." - Edmund Burke

"Literature is the garden of wisdom." - James Ellis

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom." - Socrates

"Wisdom is the health of the soul." - Victor Hugo

"curiosity is the beginning of wisdom." - Francoise Sagan

"Fear is the start of wisdom." - Miguel De Unamuno

"Wisdom is the repose of the mind." - Johann Kaspar Lavater

"[Gratitude is] the cheerfulness of wisdom." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Knowing thyself is the height of wisdom." - Socrates

"A philosopher's a lover of wisdom." - Cornel West

"Wisdom and spirit of the Universe!" - William Wordsworth

"Surprise is the beginning of wisdom." - David Gelernter

"Wisdom is the right use of knowledge." - Charles Spurgeon

"The awe of God is wisdom." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Loving one another is half of wisdom." - Ali Ibn Abi Talib

"Wisdom makes light the darkness of ignorance." - Gautama Buddha

"Inborn of nature's wisdom The poet's truth." - Pindar

"Wisdom is the daughter of experience." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"The price of wisdom is above-rubies." - Bible

"They are the abridgments of wisdom." - Sumner Ellis

"Wisdom rises upon the ruins of folly." - Thomas Fuller

"It seems the part of wisdom." - William Cowper

"Doubt is the origin of wisdom." - Rene Descartes

"Wisdom is better than weapons of war." - Bible

"The price of wisdom is eternal thought." - Frank Birch

"Patience is the companion of wisdom." - Saint Augustine

"Happiness is the highest form of wisdom." - Jacqueline Carey

"Cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom." - Barack Obama

"The wisdom of age: don't stop walking." - Mason Cooley

"Suffering follows the lack of wisdom." - Frederick Lenz

"Caution is the eldest child of wisdom" - Victor Hugo

"Mystery is the wisdom of blockheads." - Horace Walpole

"Memory is the mother of all wisdom." - Aeschylus

"The doors of wisdom are never shut." - Benjamin Franklin

"Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness." - Sophocles

"And the past held only this wisdom: that love was a damaging mistake, and its accomplice, hope, a treacherous illusion. And whenever those twin poisonous flowers began to sprout in the parched land of that field, Mariam uprooted them. She uprooted them and ditched them before they took hold." - Khaled Hosseini

"We don't pray for the land. We pray for the humans, all humans... starting with the president, Mohammed Morsi, and all officials, and for God to give everyone wisdom and responsibility to manage the affairs of this country and its people in true Egyptian spirit." - Pope Theodoros Ii

"We don't pray for the land. We pray for the humans, all humans... starting with the president, Mohammed Morsi, and all officials, and for God to give everyone wisdom and responsibility to manage the affairs of this country and its people in true Egyptian spirit." - Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria

"The Land of Israel needs a People and the People of Israel needs a Land." - Israel Zangwill

"The land of milk and honey, they say it is the land of money." - Bob Dylan

"This world is the land of the dying; the next is the land of the living." - Tryon Edwards

"India is essentially a karmabhumi (land of duty) in contradistinction to bhogabhumi (land of enjoyment)." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Our settlement of land is without regard to the best use of land." - Arthur Erickson

"The land of a god corresponds with the land of his worshipers." - William Robertson Smith

"Wisdom is meaningless until your own experience has given it meaning, and there is wisdom in the selection of wisdom." - Bergen Evans

"Wisdom is meaningless until your own experience has given it meaning... and there is wisdom in the selection of wisdom." - Bergen Evans

"Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims' pride, From every mountainside Let freedom ring!" - Samuel Francis Smith

"Cling to thy native land, for it is the land of thy fathers?" - Friedrich Schiller

"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, Don't fence me in." - Cole Porter

"Honeymoons are the beginning of wisdom-but the beginning of wisdom is the end of romance." - Helen Rowland

"A vast silence reigned over the land. The land itself was a desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. There was a hint in it of laughter, but of laughter more terrible than any sadness-a laughter that was mirthless as the smile of the Sphinx, a laughter cold as the frost and partaking of the grimness of infallibility. It was the masterful and incommunicable wisdom of eternity laughing at the futility of life and the effort of life. It was the Wild, the savage, frozen-hearted Northland Wild." - Jack London

"Stoicism is the wisdom of madness and cynicism the madness of wisdom." - Bergen Evans

"There is a wisdom of the Head, and... there is a wisdom of the Heart." - Charles Dickens

"Conscience connects us with the wisdom of the ages and the wisdom of the heart." - Stephen Covey

"Philosophy is the love of wisdom: Christianity is the wisdom of love." - Augustus William Hare

"What we call wisdom is the result of all the wisdom of past ages." - Henry Ward Beecher

"The wisdom of the years is confusing. Only the wisdom of eternity is edifying." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Philosophy is the love of wisdom: Christianity is the wisdom of love." - Augustus Hare

"What is the wisdom of a book compared with the wisdom of an angel?" - Friedrich Holderlin

"Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future." - Proverbs

"Beauty is the wisdom of women. Wisdom is the beauty of men." - Proverbs

"Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is often a result of lack of wisdom." - Terry Pratchett

"There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart." - Charles Dickens

"Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom." - Theodore Isaac Rubin

"Wisdom loves the children of men, but she prefers those who come through foolishness to wisdom." - Paul Tillich

"The source of better ideas is wisdom. The surest path to wisdom is a liberal education." - Alfred Whitney Griswold

"Wisdom is essential in a president, the appearance of wisdom will do in a candidate." - Eric Sevareid

"The reason we go to poetry is not for wisdom, but for the dismantling of wisdom" - Jacques Lacan

"Wisdom before experience is only words; wisdom after experience is of no avail." - Mark Van Doren

"Pure wisdom always directs itself towards God; the purest wisdom is knowledge of God." - Lew Wallace

"The great wheel of fire of ancient wisdom, silence and word engendering the myth of the origin, human action engendering the epic voyage toward the other; historical violence revealing the tragic flaw of the hero who must then return to the land of origin; myth of death and renewal and silence from which new words and images will arise, keeps on turning in spite of the blindness of purely lineal thought." - Carlos Fuentes

"A land of promise, a land of memory, A land of promise flowing with the milk And honey of delicious memories!" - Alfred Tennyson

"Hence we say, that the Constitution of the United States is a glorious standard; it is founded in the wisdom of God. It is a heavenly banner; it is to all those who are privileged with the sweets of liberty, like the cooling shades and refreshing waters of a great rock in a thirsty and weary land. It is like a great tree under whose branches men from every clime can be shielded from the burning rays of the sun..." - Joseph Smith Jr

"Git an eyeful of cesspool alley the land of opportunity." - John Dos Passos

"Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool." - Paul Begala

"Homeland of patience, land of the Russian people." - Fyodor Tyutchev

"In the eyes of mourning the land of dreams begins." - Pablo Neruda

"The land of scholars and the nurse of arms." - Oliver Goldsmith

"The land of Ireland for the people of Ireland" - James Larkin

"The land of Ireland for the people of Ireland." - James Larkin

"All of the land of Israel is ours." - Yitzhak Shamir

"Revolution is based on land. Land is the basis of all independence. Land is the basis of freedom, justice, and equality...." - Malcolm X



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