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Lacrosse Players Quotes


"There are guys who play lacrosse, and there are lacrosse players." - Brendan Mundorf

"If I had to go to war again, I'd bring lacrosse players." - Conn Smythe

"I was a sullen kid who smoked cigarettes and wore black every day, and I went to a school that was lacrosse players and Izods." - Peter Dinklage

"One of the biggest benefits of playing box for a young lacrosse player is in the development of lacrosse IQ. Because everyone plays with a short stick [in box lacrosse], you have to focus on being a complete lacrosse player versus specializing as an attackman or d-man. That is how your IQ grows and skills improve." - Peter Lawrence

"Of course, the downside of attending a fictional school is that our lacrosse team sucks." - Ally Carter

"Players play, tough players win," - Tom Izzo

"Even my players aren't players." - Casey Stengel

"Being a part of the finesse and physicality of box lacrosse has been a great experience for me. I feel that I have learned and improved as an overall lacrosse player. Learning to adapt in tight space while reading defenders and offensive players has been the biggest improvement in my game." - Paul Rabil

"When you watch Canadian kids [Box Lacrosse Players] score, when you see their skill level around the cage, you wonder to yourself, 'Jeez, are we teaching kids [in the U.S.] the wrong things?" - Dom Starsia

"Players win games, and coaches win players," - Bill Courtney

"I could fully express myself in lacrosse." - Jim Brown

"Good players win volleyball games for you, not tall players." - John Kessel

"Systems are made by players rather than players making systems" - Theo Foley

"American field players would really help themselves if they were exposed to a steady stream of box experience. Box lacrosse is an extremely valuable background for a young player, we need to incorporate more of the indoor skills in to the field game. It is almost a requirement to have a top player with indoor experience on your roster right now." - Dom Starsia

"Great players make great plays." - Joe Theismann

"Systems don't win, players do." - Marv Levy

"Football players win football games." - Chuck Knox

"I just love poker players." - James Woods

"True champions are team players." - Alan Cohen

"Players who have more great games than other players are the great players." - Graeme Souness

"On good teams coaches hold players accountable, on great teams players hold players accountable" - Joe Dumars

"Steve Jobs has a saying that A players hire A players; B players hire C players; and C players hire D players. It doesn't take long to get to Z players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies." - Guy Kawasaki

"I thought lacrosse was what you find in la church." - Robin Williams

"Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played." - Jim Brown

"You can play professional lacrosse, but they make less than a teacher's salary now. I always thought about that. And it's a very difficult career, a short career, as a pro athlete." - Nash Grier

"In short: developers do not give players enough credit. And maybe even players don't give players enough credit." - Ragnar Tornquist

"Some players you pat their butts, some players you kick their butts, some players you leave alone." - Pete Rose

"Name 12 players better than me." - Jalen Rose

"Were born to be players, not pawns." - Daniel H Pink

"He has the players too happy." - Red Auerbach

"Monogamous musicians are like vegan hockey players." - Rob Sheffield

"Coaches win practices, players win games" - Pete Carril

"I don't drop players. I make changes." - Bill Shankly

"Good ball players make good citizens." - Grover Cleveland

"Great players crave instruction on their weaknesses." - Pat Riley

"Those players really believe in him." - Mike Ditka

"Players win games, teams win championships." - Bill Taylor

"Ice hockey players can walk on water." - Anonymous

"I think players changing coaches is normal." - Li Na

"I talk to players all the time." - Roger Goodell

"My music lives because of real players." - Abel Korzeniowski

"You always catch the wrong players." - Abe Lemons

"My heroes were always soccer players." - Ronaldinho

"People are proud of their players." - Joe Torre

"Guitar players never listen to lead singers." - Steven Tyler

"The team with the best players wins." - Jack Welch

"I'm surrounded by great guitar players." - Rick Springfield

"I am nothing without the players." - Stuart Pearce

"There are rough players and there are dirty players. I'm rough and dirty." - Stan Mikita

"I spend a lot of time copying saxophone players and trumpet players." - Bill Frisell

"Some players need a boot up their backside. Other players need the arm" - Alan Brazil

"The skilled players can be skilled players and they're not impeded," - Trevor Linden

"Good players create opportunities. The great players and the great people seize them" - Mia Hamm

"Good players want to be coached... Great players want to be told the truth" - Doc Rivers

"Plays are not as important as players, and players are not as important as teammates" - Don Meyer

"We want men here, not just players. Players are a dime a dozen" - Tom Izzo

"There are good one-day players, there are good Test players and vice versa" - Trevor Bailey

"Not all artists are Chess players, but all Chess players are artists" - Marcel Duchamp

"Such a positive move by Uruguay - bringing 2 players off and putting 2 players on." - John Helm

"The best players don't win championships. The best team players win championships." - John Wooden

"The course is playing the players instead of the players playing the course." - Walter Hagen

"I like a lot of bass players. I like a lot of tuba players too." - Rick Danko

"Players come and go, good friends, players who performed well. You can't control that." - Mats Sundin

"As tennis players, you are never satisfied. We are greedy as players, always want better results." - Sania Mirza

"I grew up in Michigan, so I played hockey, football and basketball. I played a little bit of lacrosse, too. My brother played more lacrosse and ran track." - Steven Yeun

"You can bluff the good players, but not the bad players. Against the bad players, you have to have a hand." - Sam Farha

"Soccer's not a game that you can restrict players, especially creative players and players who have proven themselves at that level." - Tiffeny Milbrett

"Hurling looks a bit like a cross between lacrosse and second degree murder." - David Feherty

"I'd rather play lacrosse six days a week and football on the seventh." - Jim Brown

"You can play lacrosse all over the world provided you know where the goalposts are." - Peter Greenaway

"I went to an all-girls private school, where we played field hockey and lacrosse." - Nicole Ari Parker

"Until box lacrosse grows in the United States, it'll continue to be this way." - Bill Tierney

"Either love your players or get out of coaching." - Bobby Dodd

"You can only really yell at the players you trust." - Bill Parcells

"(Oklahoma Thunder center Kendrick) Perkins doesn't like other NBA players." - Doc Rivers

"England have players who can rattle anyone's feathers" - Michael Owen

"Top players don't come much topper than Gerrard and Carragher" - Robbie Keane

"we're watchers of this world aren't we? not players" - Maggie Stiefvater

"Bach is really the ultimate in bass players you know" - Jack Bruce

"The Russians are the dirtiest players I"ve ever seen." - Bobby Clarke

"I always liked serve-and-volley players and big athletes" - Richard Krajicek

"I am still better than lots of players." - Shahid Afridi

"I always urge players to study composed problems and endgames." - Pal Benko

"Chess is the only game greater than its players." - Tim Rice

"For some players, luck itself is an art" - Paul Newman

"Perform drills that force your players to think" - Bobby Knight

"One or two of their players aren't getting any younger" - Clive Tyldesley

"He's one of the most coachable players out there." - Jonathan Toews

"I couldn't have done it without my players." - Casey Stengel

"Invariably, guitar players that go solo make really bad records." - Richard Hawley

"IPL does not allow Pakistani players because they are dangerous." - Alastair Cook

"The only thing Chess players have in common is Chess." - Lodewijk Prins

"They didn't change positions, they just moved the players around." - Terry Venables

"I don't like to see players tossed off needlessly." - Andy Gray

"The Russians are the dirtiest players I've ever seen." - Bobby Clarke

"Healthy parakeets have the nervous energy of tennis players." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"Great teams have players who understand their responsibilities." - Bruce Brown

"Phil Jackson would fight his own players in practice." - Marv Albert

"The reality is that players can't play forever." - Cal Ripken Jr

"The best players want to play in the best competition," - Brendan Rodgers

"Players aren't quite as intimidated by my name." - Pete Sampras

"There's a little triangle - five left-footed players." - Ron Atkinson

"Players only understand substitutions when they become managers." - Bobby Robson

"Young players calculate everything, a requirement of their relative inexperience." - Samuel Reshevsky

"Not many players get three cracks of the cherry." - Adrian Chiles

"I learned how to play against players better than me." - Manu Ginobili

"I won't be fining players for getting sent off." - Graeme Souness

"I like to breed players that attack people." - David O'Leary

"Players' attention spans get less and less as they progress." - Mike Krzyzewski

"Let your players know that you love them." - Don Meyer

"In players, vanity cripples art at every step." - Charles Reade

"Old card players never die, they just shuffle away." - Anonymous

"All their players tested positive... for being assholes." - Lance Armstrong

"Talent is secondary to whether players are confident." - Jack Gibson

"Though the most be players, some must be spectators." - Ben Jonson

"I need players to start thinking for themselves." - Guus Hiddink

"I had lots of posters on my bedroom wall of players like Zico, many Brazilian and Italian players, not many players in particular but I loved football so much and I especially loved skilful players." - Emmanuel Petit

"The Russians are the dirtiest players I've ever seen." - Bobby Clarke

"Players shy away from talking to announcers today." - Al Kaline

"Everyone knows the game is about the players." - Mike Quade

"I am supposed to set an example to young players." - Zinedine Zidane

"The players make the manager, it's never the other way." - Sparky Anderson

"The players must be at the centre of their industry." - Rob Andrew

"You don't underestimate either players or audience in any circumstances." - Peter Maxwell Davies

"I think there are some players born to play ball." - Joe Dimaggio

"I don't give players a chance to hit me." - Eric Dickerson

"Football players have some bodies! Oh my goodness!" - Vivica A Fox

"Once players have my trust, they have it." - Terry Francona

"Foreign players is what makes golf so popular now." - Mario Andretti

"I always liked serve-and-volley players and big athletes." - Richard Krajicek

"I'd play with these Indian players, the tabla and sitar." - Bob Livingston

"Our players are mad, but it's good mad." - Nancy Lopez

"Most announcers play pattycake, pattycake with the players they're covering." - Johnny Miller

"We spent a lot of money on some players." - Bobby Bonilla

"At clubs like Liverpool, great players come and go." - Luis Suarez

"You will never see players from City surround the referee." - Manuel Pellegrini

"Poets do not go mad, but chess players do." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Big players want to play in front of big audiences." - Kevin Pietersen

"I am inspired by all kinds of players and singers." - Al Jarreau

"I want players who are always striving to improve." - Gordon Strachan

"Most players in this league say they want consistency." - Isaiah Thomas

"Some players get over-dependable on their coaches." - Ion Tiriac

"I can't say I feel influenced by today's guitar players." - Robin Trower

"We try to recruit good players and good people." - Tim Buckley

"The Arsenal youth team is full of young players." - Robbie Earle

"I get nervous when they start shooting piano players." - Harry Nilsson

"But remember, guitar players are a dime a dozen." - Krist Novoselic

"All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity." - Gordie Howe

"There's ego in all of us rugby players." - Brian Odriscoll

"I've always been able to stay focused on trying to recruit good players and trying to develop those players." - Nick Saban



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