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Lack Of Self Confidence Quotes


"Our greatest weakness is lack of self-confidence." - Angela Ahrendts

"Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance." - Sasha Azevedo

"Lack of Confidence, low Self-Esteem, and depleted Mojo are symptoms of inadequate Strength Training." - Steve Ilg

"How many people have been thus led, through lack of self-confidence, to stifle their most justified doubts?" - Simone Weil

"All reluctance is a lack of confidence." - Todd Duncan

"Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence." - Vince Lombardi

"Surrendering to jargon is a sign of journalism's dismal lack of self-confidence in the optimized age of content-management systems." - George Packer

"There are too many other barriers to success in life to allow a lack of self-confidence to be one of them." - Julie Foucher

"Lack of forgiveness of others breeds lack of self-forgiveness." - Albert Ellis

"Being gifted intellectually is only a small part of the equation of success. Concentrate on the factors you have control over: persistence, self-discipline, confidence. Far more failures are due to lack of will than lack of ability." - Terry Bradshaw

"Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself." - Potter Stewart

"Fear creates its own self-fulfilling dynamic- as people give into it, they lose energy and momentum. Their lack of confidence translates into inaction that lowers confidence levels even further, on and on." - Robert Greene

"Poverty breeds lack of self-reliance" - Daniel De Leon

"Poverty breeds lack of self-reliance." - Daniel De Leon

"All of management is about self-confidence" - Jack Welch

"I had a lot of self-confidence." - Bowie Kuhn

"I lack self-confidence. I don't know whether I shall ever get it. Perhaps it is better to be unsure of your self, as I am. But it is very tiring." - Audrey Hepburn

"To lack confidence is to have feelings of low self-worth. We are preoccupied with our weaknesses, and we lack faith in the Lord's ability to use those weaknesses for our good. We do not understand our inestimable worth in the eyes of God, nor do we appreciate our divine potential. Ironically, both pride and a lack of self-confidence cause us to focus excessively on ourselves and to deny the power of God in our lives." - Glenn L. Pace

"Lack of self-confidence is, more often than not, simple laziness. We feel confused and uncertain because we do not know. But instead of making the effort to investigate, we procrastinate and worry. We tell ourselves we can't instead of learning how we can. If we used the mental energy we expend in worry and fear to get out and find out about what we do not know, we would see our self-confidence grow. Lack of self-confidence is not overcome by faith, but by action. It is a lack, not of certainty, but of effort. Too often we are certain that we can't before we give ourselves a fair chance." - Laurence Boldt

"You can't help people being right for the wrong reasons...This fear of finding oneself in bad company is not an expression of political purity; it is an expression of a lack of self-confidence." - Arthur Koestler

"National politics and elections are dominated by emotions, by lack of self-confidence, by fear of the other, by insecurity, by infection of the body politic by the virus of victimhood." - Tariq Ramadan

"We all have tremendous potential, and we all are blessed with gifts. Yet, the one thing that holds all of us back is some degree of self-doubt. It is not so much the lack of technical information that holds us back, but more the lack of self-confidence." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Disempowerment - whether defined in terms of a lack of self-confidence , apathy, fear, or an inability to take charge of one's own life - is perhaps the most unrecognised problem in Africa today." - Wangari Maathai

"How was I able to live alone before, my little everything? Without you I lack self-confidence, passion for work, and enjoyment of life-in short, without you, my life is no life. [Written to his wife, Mileva]" - Albert Einstein

"Pause and remember - No one is coming to rescue you from yourself; your inner demons, your lack of confidence, your dissatisfaction with yourself and life. Only self-love and good decisions will rescue you." - Jennifer Young

"If you feel inadequate to face challenges, unworthy of love or respect, untitled to happiness, and fear assertive thought, wants, or needs- if you lack basic self trust, self-respect, and self-confidence- your self-esteem deficiency will limit you, no matter what other assets you possess." - Nathaniel Branden

"Lack of discipline leads to frustration and self-loathing." - Marie Chapian

"The lack of God-centeredness leads to self-centeredness." - Max Lucado

"A quest for self-respect is proof of its lack" - Ayn Rand

"The Achilles Heel of the Americas was the lack of cultural confidence typical of new settlers." - Arthur Erickson

"Greed is the lack of confidence of one's own ability to create." - Vanna Bonta

"There is a close connection between lack of confidence and the passionate state of mind." - Eric Hoffer

"I had over-trained. I put too much pressure on myself because I wanted that gold medal too much. If I had trained 15 per cent less, I would have won. I was training like a crazy person. There was a lack of self-confidence and a lack of maturity. An athlete does not only train with his body. He trains with his mind." - Hicham El Guerrouj

"There is only one source of authentic self-confidence: reason." - Ayn Rand

"Self-confidence is the result of a successfully survived risk." - Jack Gibb

"Self confidence is the ground stone of success" - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

"I mean always had a lot of self-confidence." - Ruben Studdard

"A sense of achievement improves general confidence and self-esteem." - Philippa Perry

"There's no such thing as lack of confidence. You either have it or you don't." - Rob Andrew

"Fear is the result of a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence is the result of not knowing what you can do. A lack of knowing what you can do is caused by a lack of experience. A lack of experience is caused by a lack of doing something new." - Dale Carnegie

"Without Self-confidence there cannot be God. So, first there must be Self-confidence and love of God." - Sathya Sai Baba

"I lack confidence as an actor." - Charles Durning

"No amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance." - Robert Holden

"The foundation of lasting self-confidence and self esteem is excellence, mastery of your work." - Brian Tracy

"We can't have self-government without the self-confidence that is at the root of it." - Anita Roddick

"The power of self goes beyond words. Self confidence, self improvement, self esteem, self enhancement, self love ... Get yourself right first!" - Behdad Sami

"It's not the lack of ability or opportunity that holds you back; it is only a lack of confidence in yourself." - Richard Monckton Milnes, 1st Baron Houghton

"Overacting is a self-indulgence, while underacting comes either through a lack of talent or a lack of courage." - Gregory Peck

"Man can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as... from a lack of bread." - Richard Wright

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." - Richard Wright

"Self-confidence can be crippling." - Leonard Michaels

"Humor comes from self-confidence." - Rita Mae Brown

"Doubt is a lack of confidence or assurance that God will keep his promises. Faith is an active confidence that God's promises are always true." - James MacDonald

"Writing is the perfect balance between self-confidence and self-doubt, with a bit of self-delusion thrown in." - Judith Kelman

"Any lack of confidence in the economic future or the basic strength of business in the United States is foolish." - Herbert Hoover

"Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime." - Potter Stewart

"I've always felt that maybe one of the reasons that I did well as a student and made such good grades was because I lacked ... self-confidence, and I never felt that I was prepared to take an examination, and I had to study a little bit extra. So that sort of lack of confidence helped me, I think, to make a good record when I was a student." - Denton Cooley

"Lack of confidence, sometimes alternating with unrealistic dreams of heroic success, often leads to procrastination, and many studies suggest that procrastinators are self-handicappers: rather than risk failure, they prefer to create conditions that make success impossible, a reflex that of course creates a vicious cycle." - James Surowiecki

"I still say a church steeple with a lightening rod on top shows a lack of confidence." - Doug MAcLeod

"I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence." - Doug MAcLeod

"Failure feelings - fear, anxiety, lack of self-confidence - do not spring from some heavenly oracle. They are not written in the stars. They are not holy gospel. Nor are they intimations of a set and decided fate which means that failure is decreed and decided. They originate from your own mind." - Maxwell Maltz

"If you go to any nunnery and ask them what the main obstacle is, they'll always say low self-esteem and lack of confidence. It will take time. But the difference between the first girls from Ladakh who became nuns, to the girls we have now, is very encouraging." - Tenzin Palmo

"Insecurity refers to a profoud sense of self-doubt-a deep feeling of uncertainty about our basic worth and our place in the world. Insecurity is associated with chronic self-consciousness, along with a chronic lack of confidence in ourselves and anxiety about our relationships. The insecure man or woman lives in constant fear of rejection and a deep uncertainty about whether his or her own feelings and desires are legitimate." - Beth Moore

"Purity is innocence, the innocence of lack of self. Desire is innocent unless it's connected with self." - Frederick Lenz

"Lack of forgiveness causes almost all of our self-sabotaging behavior." - Mark Victor Hansen

"The conquering of adversity produces strength of character, forges self-confidence, engenders self-respect, and assures success in righteous endeavor." - Richard G Scott

"The recurring theme which predisposes people to depression is rejection and lack of self-esteem." - Richard Winters

"The least lack of discipline starts to erode our self-esteem." - Jim Rohn

"India.. a perfectly wonderful country, may have been motivated by a lack of self-esteem." - William J Clinton

"He was a self-made man who owed his lack of success to nobody." - Joseph Heller

"Weariness comes, on some days, from lack of service to self." - Mary Anne Radmacher

"An individual's arrogance is always in proportion to his lack of self-assurance." - Otto Weininger

"A feeling of continuous growth is a wonderful source of motivation and self confidence." - Brian Tracy

"Temptations are a file which rub off much of the rust of self-confidence." - Francois Fenelon

"Temptations are a file which rub off much of the rust of our self-confidence." - Francois Fenelon

"The development of self-confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear." - Napoleon Hill

"Avoid negative people at all costs. They are the greatest destroyers of self-confidence and self-esteem." - Brian Tracy

"Confidence is not lodged in people's brains, it comes from the support system that surrounds them. Let's not confuse confidence overall with just self-confidence. Self-confidence is only one part of confidence. People also need confidence in others - their colleagues and leaders - that they can count on them to do the right thing and not to let them down." - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

"When the leader lacks confidence, the followers lack commitment." - John C Maxwell

"We don't need self-confidence we need God-confidence" - Joyce Meyer

"We do' need self-confidence we need God-confidence" - Joyce Meyer

"Every act of self-discipline increases your confidence, trust, and belief in yourself and your abilities." - Brian Tracy

"Leadership is the self-confidence of working with people smarter than you." - Azim Premji

"There's one blessing only, the source and cornerstone of beatitude: confidence in self." - Seneca the Younger

"The 3Ss of Winning in business are speed, simplicity, and self-confidence." - Jack Welch

"Never mishandle hope or self-confidence - those are elements of life, not just a game." - John Kessel

"Self confidence plays an important part in every aspect of man's life." - Dalai Lama

"The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labour is immense." - Arnold Bennett

"The essence of successful discipline is not technique; rather, it is self-confidence." - John Rosemond

"I have gained self-confidence, courage and the support of my people." - Velupillai Prabhakaran

"There's one blessing only, the source and cornerstone of beatitude - confidence in self." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life." - Marcus Garvey

"I developed a great sense of self-confidence when I was very young." - Christie Hefner

"You need an incredible amount of self-confidence to go digging around in someone's brain." - Benjamin Carson

"Lack of self-worth is the fundamental source of all emotional pain. A feeling of insecurity, unworthiness and lack of valueis the core experience of powerlessness." - Gary Zukav

"Self-confidence without self-reliance is as useless as a cooking recipe without food. Self-confidence sees the possibilities of the individual; self-reliance realizes them. Self-confidence sees the angel in the unhewn block of marble; self-reliance carves it out for oneself." - William George Jordan

"There's no better makeup than self-confidence." - Shakira

"You can find that sort of regularity in Stock Exchange quotations. [Expressing his lack of confidence in reported regularities in the periodic classification of elements.]" - Robert Bunsen

"In international or national crises, there are always questions of lack of confidence. You have to change the minds of the people in order to get results." - Harri Holkeri

"What I point out to you is only that you shouldn't allow yourselves to be confused by others. Act when you need to, without further hesitation or doubt. People today can't do this... what is the affliction? Their affliction is their lack of self-confidence. If you do not spontaneously trust yourself sufficiently, you will be in a frantic state, pursuing all sorts of objects, unable to be independent." - Kelly Lin

"It's such a capricious, strange existence, basing your life on the whims of others, and basing your ebbs and flows of confidence and lack of confidence on the fact that people either choose you or don't." - Jon Hamm

"I have terrible periods of lack of confidence. I just don't believe I can do it and no evidence to the contrary will sway me from that view." - Douglas Adams

"I don't have a lot of self-confidence. I'm getting there. Before I had zero confidence, but it's one of those things you learn and accept." - Eliot Paulina Sumner

"One of the most powerful concepts, one which is a sure cure for lack of confidence, is the thought that God is with you and helping you. This is one of the simplest teachings in religion, namely, that Almighty God will be your companion, will stand by you, help you, and see you through. No other idea is so powerful in developing self-confidence as this simple belief when practiced. To practice it simply affirm "God is with me; God is helping me; God is guiding me." Spend several minutes each day visualizing his presence. Then practice believing that affirmation." - Norman Vincent Peale

"If we lack confidence in each other, and be jealous of each other, our peace will be destroyed. If we cultivate the principles of unshaken confidence in each other, our joy will be full." - Brigham Young

"I finally made up my mind I wanted to be an actress and I was not going to let my lack of confidence ruin my chances." - Marilyn Monroe

"I never suffered for lack of confidence. I knew I would succeed; you have to. I think I couldn't go into any venture any other way." - Brian Williams

"Lack of confidence is what makes you want to change somebody else's mind. When you're OK, you don't need to convince anyone else in order to empower yourself." - Jada Pinkett Smith

"You won't ever build your confidence from a perception of lack. For it grows and evolves from realising who you are and what you already have." - Rasheed Ogunlaru

"It is lack of confidence, more than anything else, that kills a civilisation. We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion, just as effectively as by bombs." - Kenneth Clark

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started." - Cicero

"If you have no confidence in self you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence you have won even before you have started." - Marcus Garvey

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." - Thomas Carlyle

"Being on stage is about self esteem and self confidence." - Jake Miller

"There are studies that tell us that stress and lack of self-image, lack of self-esteem, severe dieting, binge dieting and binge eating can also be very damaging to a body and bring on various kinds of abnormalities." - Leonard Nimoy

"It is a fact that the majority of a man's griefs comes about through lack of self-control." - Napoleon Hill

"Self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle." - Billy Graham

"There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man's lack of faith in his true Self." - William James

"No one is born with self confidence. Self confidence is learned and earned with experience." - Denis Waitley

"Shraddha means self-confidence and self-confidence means faith in God." - Mahatma Gandhi

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." - Arthur Ashe

"Love created this world, & the lack of it can kill it. Selfishness, self-absorption , arrogance & indifference never built anything." - John Hope Bryant

"The best thing about bugs is their lack of self consciousness, also the ability to fly doesn't hurt." - Dov Davidoff

"Beauty is not skin-deep; it can be a means of self-affirmation, a true indicator of personality and confidence." - Aimee Mullins

"Self-confidence should be applied to wholesome actions, Overcoming of delusions and my ability to overcome them. Thinking, 'I alone shall do it' Is the self-confidence of action." - Shantideva

"Self-esteem is reliance on one's power to think... The man of authentic self-confidence is the man who relies on the judgment of his own mind." - Ayn Rand

"The main characteristics of effective leadership are intelligence, integrity or loyalty, mystique, humor, discipline, courage, self sufficieny and confidence." - James Fisher

"The self-confidence one builds from achieving difficult things and accomplishing goals is the most beautiful thing of all." - Madonna Ciccone

"Teaching for creativity aims to encourage self-confidence, independence of mind, and the capacity to think for oneself." - Ken Robinson

"Single-minded concentration in the direction of your dreams intensifies your desires and increases your self-confidence." - Brian Tracy

"One of the first ways to begin building your self-confidence is to focus on what's great about you." - Marshall Sylver

"Self confidence is the ability to exercise restraint in the face of disrespect and still show respect in response." - Simon Sinek

"People who repeatedly attack your confidence and self-esteem are quite aware of your potential, even if you are not." - Wayne Gerard Trotman

"Self-confidence may be mistaken for egotism if it is not accompanied by humility of the heart." - Napoleon Hill

"I approach most things in life with a dangerous level of confidence to balance my generally low self-esteem." - Roxane Gay

"Men of stainless character and self purification will easily inspire confidence and automatically purify the atmosphere around them." - Mahatma Gandhi

"With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world." - Dalai Lama

"I never had any question that my parents loved me. I had a real sense of self confidence." - Jeannette Walls

"Liberals do not appear to address potential solutions with anything like the far right's aura of God-given self-confidence." - Eric Alterman

"I'm not good with pickup lines or flirting. I don't have that kind of self-confidence or natural charisma." - Steve Carell

"TV has lost a lot of its self-confidence as its power has been eroded by the internet." - David Walliams

"The most beautiful women I've ever observed are those that have exchanged a self-focused life for a Christ-focused one. They are confident, but not in themselves. Instead of self-confidence, they radiate with Christ-confidence." - Leslie Ludy

"The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity." - Carlos Castaneda

"I am driven to observe of the ultra-Darwinists the following features as symptomatic. First, to my eyes, is their almost unbelievable self-assurance, their breezy self-confidence." - Simon Conway Morris

"As is the case with all original creators, Charles Chaplin's working life was an amalgam of arrogant self-confidence and deflating self-doubt." - Garson Kanin

"I don't think my brand of self-confidence and self-assuredness can come from an outside source. It's got to come from me." - Gabourey Sidibe

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. But with self-confidence you can succeed. A sense of inferiority and inadequacy interferes with the attainment of your hopes, but self-confidence leads to self-realization and successful achievement." - Norman Vincent Peale

"Perhaps self-esteem is just the sum of self-love and self-confidence. People with high self-esteem know they deserve a good life and that they can get almost everything they focus on!" - Mika

"The greatest step toward success is self confidence. The greatest builder of self confidence is self esteem, and self esteem comes from doing the daily things you know you should do. Your self esteem will start to soar when you make some critical decisions - decisions to walk a new road, to start a new direction, to start a new discipline." - Jim Rohn



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