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Labor Day Quotes


"We celebrate Labor Day by not going to work?" - Carlos Mencia

"Labor Day is seen as a day of rest for many hardworking Americans." - James P Hoffa

"God has set labor and rest, as day and night to men successive." - John Milton

"Rome wasn't built in a day, but man, did they get a break on the labor." - Jimmy Hoffa

"Don't condescend to unskilled labor. Try it for half a day first." - Brooks Atkinson

"Don't be condescending to unskilled labor. Try it for a half a day first." - Brooks Atkinson

"Labor Day is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race or nation." - Samuel Gompers

"There's no greater city between Memorial Day and Labor Day than Chicago. It's the single best summer city in America." - Michael Wilbon

"Labor Day 2013 is special. This year marks the centennial of the U.S. Department of Labor - 100 years of working for America's workers." - Thomas Perez

"You in the unions do not yet represent all of labor. But I hope some day you will, because I believe that it is through strength, through the fact that people who know what people need are working to make this country a better place for all people, that we will help the world to accept our leadership and understand that, under our form of government and through our way of life, we have something to offer them..." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"I feel like I have a lot more freedom to make these decisions to kind of sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have a really good sense of who I am now and what I am capable of and because of that, I have the confidence to go after things like a 7-day 545-mile bike ride and know I can do it." - Cristina Goyanes

"The day is short, the labor long, the workers are idle, and reward is great, and the Master is urgent." - The Talmud

"At this very moment I'm behind on a compilation that Slave Labor is doing for Free Comic Book Day." - Jhonen Vasquez

"If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend." - Doug Larson

"The candidate out front on Labor Day has historically been the one who stayed ahead in November." - Peter Jennings

"Of all the American educational system's problems, none is more severe than the academic year beginning before Labor Day." - P J Orourke

"Labor Day is a holiday honoring those who work for a living. Laborious Day is a lesser known holiday honoring those who cannot stop talking about their work." - Daniel Handler

"Labor Day is a holiday honoring those who work for a living. Laborious Day is a lesser known holiday honoring those who cannot stop talking about their work." - Lemony Snicket

"Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day... thou shalt not do any work." - Bible

"The Lord had given them the day and the Lord had given them the strength. And the day and the strength had been dedicated to labor, and the labor was its reward. Who was the labor for? What would be its fruits? These were irrelevant and idle questions." - Leo Tolstoy

"According to Ted Watt's 'The First Labor Day Parade,' the September date was chosen because it coincided with a Knights of Labor conference in New York, thus guaranteeing a sizable turnout for the festivities." - Brendan I Koerner

"Labor Day, I suppose set by an Act of Congress. Everything we do nowadays is either by, or against, Acts of Congress. How Congress knew anything about Labor is beyond us." - Will Rogers

"Taxation of earnings from labor is on a par with forced labor. Seizing the results of someone's labor is equivalent to seizing hours from him and directing him to carry on various activities." - Robert Nozick

"Labor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day. It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken." - Bill Dodds

"Labor Day symbolizes our determination to achieve an economic freedom for the average man which will give his political freedom realty." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"It's against the law to go out on Sunday from the end of June until Labor Day. It forces the fishermen to spend some time with their families." - Bill Vaughan

"Look for an occupation that you like, and you will not need to labor for a single day in your life." - Confucius

"Authorship is, according to the spirit in which it is pursued, an infamy, a pastime, a day-labor, a handicraft, an art, a science, a virtue." - August Wilhelm von Schlegel

"The equivalent of five jumbo jets' worth of women die in labor each day, but the issue is almost never covered." - Nicholas D Kristof

"Socialism proposes no adequate substitute for the motive of enlightened selfishness that to-day is at the basis of all human labor and effort, enterprise and new activity." - William Howard Taft

"Labor Day symbolizes our determination to achieve an economic freedom for the average man which will give his political freedom reality." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. In short, it's modern day slavery." - Jen Lilley

"The late Estee Lauder says you can never wear white shoes after Labor Day. But of course, in today's world, that does not exist." - Andre Leon Talley

"In 1887, Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day an official holiday, with Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York quickly following suit." - Brendan I Koerner

"Though President Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a national holiday in 1894, the occasion was first observed on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City." - Brendan I Koerner

"Rules like 'don't wear white after Labor Day' or 'shoes matching the handbag' are antiquated. Modern women should feel free to experiment." - Stacy London

"When I was 13, my family moved from a suburb of New York City to Miami, Florida, and we moved there the Friday before Labor Day weekend." - Chris Bohjalian

"The labor of the alchemists, who were called artist in their day, is a befitting comparison for a deliberate change of style." - William Butler Yeats

"There is no more futile punishment than futile and hopeless labor." - Albert Camus

"Labor is God's education." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"No labor is hopeless." - Philibert Joseph Roux

"Labor humanizes, exalts." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"Labor is no disgrace." - Hesiod

"Labor: a powerful medicine." - Saint John Chrysostom

"Luck whines; labor whistles." - Samuel Smiles

"Without labor nothing prospers." - Sophocles

"She left for Juilliard the day after Labor Day. I drove her to the airport. She kissed me good-bye. She told me that she loved me more than life itself. Then she stepped through security. She never came back." - Gayle Forman

"Tomorrow is the day reserved for the labor of the lazy. I am not lazy. Tomorrow is the day when the failure will succeed. I am not a failure. I will act now." - Og Mandino

"In 2004 Professor Stephen Farnsworth, when I report saying that I got about five minutes on all the networks after Labor Day to election day: only five minutes even though I, like you, were representing majoritarian issues." - Ralph Nader

"The general tendency towards an eight-hour working day has undoubtedly been healthful, and it is wise for the State to set a good example as an employer of labor, both as to the number of hours of labor exacted and as to paying a just and reasonable wage." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Knowledge without labor is profitless. Knowledge with labor is genius." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Poorly paid labor is inefficient labor, the world over." - Henry George

"Labor, but slight not meditation; meditate, but slight not labor." - Confucius

"I can't do what my mother did, which is tell me every single day of my life about her labor and how long it was and how it was 36 hours of hell ." - Kristen Stewart

"The gates of Hell are open night and day; smooth the descent, and easy is the way: but, to return, and view the cheerful skies; in this, the task and mighty labor lies." - Virgil

"The day of life spent in honest and benevolent labor comes in hope to an evening calm and lovely; and though the sun declines, the shadows that he leaves behind are only to curtain the spirit unto rest." - Henry Giles

"Our rural ancestors, with little blest, Patient of labor when the end was rest, Indulged the day that housed their annual grain, With feasts, and off'rings, and a thankful strain." - Alexander Pope

"well that's convenient, i guess blessings are easier to come by than i thought. maybe i should ask for blessings on my mission against all those who wear white after labor day" - Cassandra Clare

"I worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week for years. Being a comic book artist is like sentencing yourself to life imprisonment at hard labor in solitary confinement. I don't think I'd do it again." - Wally Wood

"Sleep, thou repose of all things; sleep, thou gentlest of the deities; thou peace of the mind, from which care flies; who doest soothe the hearts of men wearied with the toils of the day, and refittest them for labor." - Ovid

"Habit is a good thing for the human race. ... You have to spend so much energy just getting through the day when you have no habits that you don't have any left for productive labor." - Marilyn French

"I cannot imagine anything nobler or more national than that for, say, one hour in the day we should all do the labor the poor must do, and thus identify ourselves with them and through them, with all mankind." - Mahatma Gandhi

"It is impossible for one man both to labor day and night to get a living, and at the same time give himself to the study of sacred learning as the preaching office requires." - Martin Luther

"For notwithstanding this rest and cessation from labor which is required on the Lord's day, yet three sorts of works may and ought to be performed. . . . these are works of piety, works of necessity, and works of charity." - Ezekiel Hopkins

"That's why I like my job so much, because at the end of the day they're fruits of labor that you don't pick very easily. And I love that." - Charlize Theron

"People don't work in factories, [they aren't] big muscular guys. The working class is flabby because they're sitting in front of a computer all day, but it's still their labor being extracted." - Eric Drooker

"Easy is the way down to the Underworld: by night and by day dark Hades' door stands open; but to retrace one's steps and to make a way out to the upper air, that's the task, that is the labor." - Virgil

"Tomorrow is our final show. That is unless it rains, and then there will be a rain delay. We'll probably make it up in a doubleheader around Labor Day." - David Letterman

"When you have a country that can boast that more than 95 percent of its eligible workforce is employed and pumping money back into economy, that's exceptionally good news, especially as we prepare to observe Labor Day." - J D Hayworth

"Led by a new generation of edgy sportswriters like Lipsyte, we found new purpose in the great issues of the day - race, equal opportunity, drugs, and labor disputes. We became personality journalists, medical writers, and business reporters." - Jane Leavy

"Workers do not strike every day, they cannot do that the way they function in the capitalist economy. The way they have to live by selling their labor power makes that impossible." - Ernest Mandel

"The way things are going, we are not too far from the day when it will take an hour's labor just to pay for the gasoline to get to the job." - Sherwood Boehlert

"I believe that summer is our time, a time for the people, and that no politician should be allowed to speak to us during the summer. They can start talking again after Labor Day." - Lewis Black

"I never thought I would be one of those wacky chicks who say, 'I loved my labor,' but I loved every part of it. It was the best day of my life." - Sarah Shahi

"I'm working on a movie called 'Labor Day' with Kate Winslet while still balancing kite boarding. Being an actress and an athlete is a challenge, but I'm excited to see what happens." - Maika Monroe

"There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking." - Joshua Reynolds

"Labor is itself a pleasure." - Marcus Manilius

"To labor is to pray." - Saying

"Labor in loneliness is irksome." - Mark Twain

"Labor gives birth to ideas." - Jim Rohn

"Exercise is labor without weariness." - Samuel Johnson

"Labor, you know, is prayer." - Bayard Taylor

"Any labor which competes with slave labor must accept the economic conditions of slave labor." - Norbert Wiener

"Where love is there is no labor; and if there be labor, that labor is loved." - Jane Austen

"I'm a day-to-day-type person." - Clint Eastwood

"Most of the writers I know work every day, in obscurity and close to poverty, trying to say one thing well and true. Day in, day out, they labor to find their voice, to learn their trade, to understand nuance and pace. And then, facing a sea of rejections, they hear about something like Barbara Bush's dog getting a book deal." - Timothy Egan

"Three times a year, theres Strategicon convention, and I go for the board games. It happens Presidents Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day weekends. You go and take a look at the new board games and meet a couple of board game designers, and you can check out games you dont own from the library and then return them." - Rich Sommer

"I pledge to support the American workforce by wearing only American designers: Calvin Klein between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Donna Karan the rest of the year. Unless I wake up and the day is screaming for me to put on a bikini for my fellow Americans. Country first." - Paris Hilton

"Most of the writers I know work every day, in obscurity and close to poverty, trying to say one thing well and true. Day in, day out, they labor to find their voice, to learn their trade, to understand nuance and pace. And then, facing a sea of rejections, they hear about something like Barbara Bush's dog getting a book deal." - Timothy Egan

"Three times a year, there's Strategicon convention, and I go for the board games. It happens Presidents Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day weekends. You go and take a look at the new board games and meet a couple of board game designers, and you can check out games you don't own from the library and then return them." - Rich Sommer

"We shred every day." - Fawn Hall

"Actually, the laboring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day; he cannot afford to sustain the manliest relations tomen; his labor would be depreciated in the market. He has no time to be anything but a machine." - Henry David Thoreau

"Toil is the portion of day, as sleep is that of night; but if there be one hour of the twenty-four which has the life of day without its labor, and the rest of night without its slumber, it is the lovely and languid hour of twilight." - Letitia Elizabeth Landon

"Now that is the wisdom of a man, in every instance of his labor, to hitch his wagon to a star, and see his chore done by the gods themselves. That is the way we are strong, by borrowing the might of the elements. The forces of steam, gravity, galvanism, light, magnets, wind, fire, serve us day by day and cost us nothing." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I used to work in kitchens, doing 12 or more hours a day of physical labor, so today, eight to 12 hours of cooking, chatting or filming feels like a vacation. When I have a scheduled 'day off,' I spend several hours writing, then I clean until I crash from fatigue. I don't relax well." - Rachael Ray

"The federal government spends about $2.51 per child per day to feed them lunch. Out of that, you have to pay for labor, facilities, and administrative costs, leaving about a dollar for food. Imagine trying to feed yourself a nutritious meal every day with only a dollar. Very difficult." - Jose Andres Puerta

"Comic-strip artists generally have very modest ambitions. Day to day, we labor to fit together all these little moving parts - a character or two, a few lines of dialogue, framing, pacing, payoff - but we certainly don't think of them adding up over time to some larger portrait of our times." - Garry Trudeau

"Every day should be Labor Day. We have to fight for the basic proposition that apprenticeship is a wonderful ticket to the middle class. When we're fighting for things like paid leave, America is the only industrialized nation on the planet that doesn't have some form of paid leave - these are not bold ideas elsewhere in the world." - Thomas Perez

"The basic economic resource - the means of production - is no longer capital, nor natural resources, nor labor. It is and will be knowledge." - Peter Drucker

"It is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labor of calculation which could be relegated to anyone else if machines were used." - Gottfried Leibniz

"Syzygy, inexorable, pancreatic, phantasmagoria - anyone who can use those four words in one sentence will never have to do manual labor." - W P Kinsella

"Let us be grateful to Adam: he cut us out of the blessing of idleness and won for us the curse of labor." - Mark Twain

"Today's greatest labor-saving device is tomorrow." - Woodrow Wilson

"Life gives nothing to man without labor." - Horace

"Labor is the true standard of value." - Abraham Lincoln

"...boredom was as exhausting as backbreaking labor." - Jung Chang

"Ah, why should life all labor be?" - Alfred the Great

"Nothing is denied to well-directed labor." - Joshua Reynolds

"All wealth is the product of labor." - George Poulett Scrope

"Rest is the sweet sauce of labor." - Plutarch

"The insupportable labor of doing nothing." - Richard Steele

"No labor, however humble, is dishonoring." - The Talmud

"Labor is really going to hurt." - Jessica Simpson

"Taste the joy That springs from labor." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"From labor there shall come forth rest." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Labor is life; thought is light." - Victor Hugo

"Labor is the law of happiness." - Abel Stevens

"Labor is the handmaid of religion." - Charles Henry Parkhurst

"Virtue's guard is labor; ease, her sleep." - Torquato Tasso

"Industry cannot flourish if labor languish." - Calvin Coolidge

"Those who think govern those who labor." - Marshall Sylver

"Learning, undigested by thought, is labor lost." - Confucius

"The labor movement must be destroyed." - Karl Rove

"Fiction is always really a labor." - Ann Patchett

"was in labor for 36 hours." - Rita Rudner

"The labor we delight in physics pain." - William Shakespeare

"We are ruined by Chinese cheap labor." - Bret Harte

"Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate farmers." - Andrew Mellon

"This was a good week's labor." - Thomas Middleton

"From labor health, from health contentment springs." - Melody Beattie

"A labor of love always pays off." - Scott Belsky

"All wealth is the product of labor." - John Locke

"The biggest labor problem is tomorrow." - Brigham Young

"Luck relies on chance, labor on character." - Richard Cobden

"Honest labor bears a lovely face." - Thomas Dekker

"Free trade should not mean free labor." - Stephen F Lynch

"The insignificant labor; the great create." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"Congenial labor is essence of happiness." - A C Benson

"Congenial labor is the secret of happiness." - A C Benson

"I am not a labor hater." - Eddie Rickenbacker

"The monarchy is a labor intensive industry." - Harold Wilson

"Labor diligently to increase your property." - Horace

"Big Business wants cheap labor costs." - Rick Santorum

"The day we stop learning is the day we die." - Michael Scott

"It doesn't rain every day. Just every other day." - Gayle Forman

"Every day is your day if you claim it." - Iyanla Vanzant

"Valentine's Day is the day all singletons like me dread" - Michelle McManus

"A day with my kids is the best day." - Vin Diesel

"In his comic scenes, Shakespeare seems to produce, without labor, what no labor can improve." - Samuel Johnson

"Each needs the other: capital cannot do without labor, nor labor without capital." - Pope Leo I



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