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Labels Quotes


"What he labels sexual, she labels harassment." - Ellen Goodman

"Drink wine, not labels." - Maynard Amerine

"What labels me, negates me." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Labels are for filing. Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people." - Martina Navratilova

"Labels are for cans, not for people." - Jared Leto

"Satan labels you. God names you." - Gloria Gaither

"Labels are for cans, not people." - Anthony Rapp

"I don't put labels on myself." - John Engler

"All labels are offensive in some way." - J Mascis

"Artists are traditionally resistant to labels." - Patti Smith

"I don't use labels a lot." - Jack Kemp

"Labels want my name beside a X like Malcolm" - Drake

"Labels applied to people of any race are inherently offensive." - Edward Brooke

"Ive tried to avoid labels, but they always find you." - Poppy Z Brite

"The first act of insight is throw away the labels." - Eudora Welty

"I don't think labels are as important as results." - Hillary Clinton

"People are too complicated to have simple labels." - Philip Pullman

"I've always ignored the labels people put on things." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"One thing is clear: Ron Paul defies labels." - Mark Mckinnon

"It's a habit of mine now, noticing labels, logos, shoes." - Michael Jordan

"I'm a Hollywood pinhead; I don't know about political labels." - Rob Lowe

"I've tried to avoid labels, but they always find you." - Poppy Z Brite

"My customer isn't wrapped up in labels and money." - Betsey Johnson

"The only thing major labels can really offer is money." - Conor Oberst

"The most important thing to remember about food labels is that you should avoid foods that have labels." - Joel Fuhrman

"We put labels on people and fight wars over them. If we truly want harmony, we have to get past the labels." - Wayne Dyer

"Independent labels take nothing and make something out of it. Major labels buy that something, and try to make more out of it." - Tom Silverman

"I hate labels, and I wear no labels. When a man has to put something around his neck and say I am, he isn't." - Pearl Bailey

"It's funny how we like labels. If I ever have a bookstore, I'm not going to put any labels on the sections." - Audrey Niffenegger

"People lost the capacity of using their brain. It's all about the label. Not about the labels showing but subtlety of the labels." - Barbara Hulanicki

"The thing with labels is they're not for you, they're for other people. Like labels are just a word for other people to understand you and that's it." - Shailene Woodley

"Uncritical semantics is the myth of a museum in which the exhibits are meanings and the words are labels. To switch languages is to change the labels." - Willard Van Orman Quine

"We need to get away from labels. That's the way people talk in Washington, D.C. - through labels, through ideological frames, through partisan frames." - Wendy Davis

"Equal Vision seems to be doing really well. A lot of these major labels are just imploding and becoming indie labels, anyway." - Vic Fuentes

"When you accept everything for what it is without labels you are outside of your ego." - Eckhart Tolle

"My business is words. Words are like labels, or coins, or better, like swarming bees." - Anne Sexton

"Take away all your labels and you are the Infinite Being." - Deepak Chopra

"To define yourself is to limit yourself. Without labels you remain the infinite being." - Deepak Chopra

"Basically labels were more interested in doing a Richard Page record than a Mr. Mister record." - Pat Mastelotto

"Alasdair Fraser's Culburnie Records has quietly become one of the best Celtic music labels today." - Jim Lee

"God can and will break the labels that have held you hostage." - Craig Groeschel

"She wanted only tall smooth bottles whose labels spoke of Proof." - David Foster Wallace

"the world loves stupid labels. i wish we got to choose our own." - David Levithan

"I just do what I do because it feels right. Other people attach labels to that." - Grant Morrison

"I think staying away from labels is what makes my films refreshing." - Aurora Guerrero

"I'm selling more records on my own than I did on major labels." - Aimee Mann

"Don't rely too much on labels, for too often they are fables." - Charles Spurgeon

"Labels are devices for saving talkative persons the trouble of thinking." - John Morley

"Don't rely too much on labels, for too often they are fables" - Charles Spurgeon

"Use Campaign link tagging labels all for specifying slight differences in content for split testing." - Georg Cantor

"The sacred lives beyond labels and judgment, in the wood-of-no-names." - Rachel Naomi Remen

"Independent artists and labels have always been the trendsetters in music and the music business." - Shawn Fanning

"A degree on the wall, without labels on your back, is nothing." - Tyler Perry

"Don't put labels on people. See them as people who Christ died for." - Henry Blackaby

"Labels put people in boxes, and those boxes are shaped like coffins." - Chirlane Mccray

"Reject labels. Reject identities. Reject conformity. Reject convention. Reject definitions. Reject names." - Ming-Dao Deng

"I believe this generation, particularly the younger people don't really like labels." - Kellyanne Conway

"Record labels today are much less patient: Artists have a bad record, and they're gone." - Kenny Chesney

"Personally I think people's labels are terribly unhelpful because they enable you to dismiss things." - Nicky Gumbel

"The means of control that record labels had vis-a-vis distribution no longer exist." - Doug Walters

"Positions on politics and religion are labels. Inside I'm still me, just older and tired." - Frank Schaeffer

"Major labels limit you, but I also learned my tricks from getting around that." - Dawn Angelique

"Labels? Okay, fine. I'm bisensual. Heteroflexible. And life-curious. That about covers it." - Morgan Torva

""Confessional poetry" is another one of those labels. It goes in and out of fashion." - Matthea Harvey

"Independent artists and labels have always been the trend setters in music and the music business." - Shawn Fanning

"When campaigns use one-word labels, typically it's meant to distract and destroy." - Bill Halter

"Whatever labels are being pinned on me have nothing to do with me." - Skeet Ulrich

"Labels don't really impress, it's the uniqueness and risk in decor that inspire." - Bryan Batt

"Writers never feel comfortable having labels attached to them, however accurate they are." - Jonathan Coe

"A lot of labels are hiring a lot more accountants than people that know music." - Taylor Hanson

"I would write ads for deodorants or labels for catsup bottles if I had to." - John Updike

"We have to be careful about applying criminal labels to people until we're very sure." - Julian Assange

"Major labels blow all their money massively and blame it on the band." - Bruce Dickinson

"Mark Twain had a way of telling stories that shifts your consciousness away from labels." - Val Kilmer

"Labels serve a purpose. They help one be identified. And I want to be identified." - Eric Lewis

"I think that's the problem in a lot of music. We've got these record labels." - Teena Marie

"In those days the big U.S. labels didn't have any particular interest in the Latin market." - Ruben Blades

"The Prime Minister has an absolute genius for putting flamboyant labels on empty luggage." - Aneurin Bevan

"I'm recording another demo for another batch of record labels that we'll shop it around to." - Ahmed Best

"A lot of big labels will just sign bands like a write off." - Adam Rich

"Our names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior." - Logan Pearsall Smith

"I truly believe, as an institution, most major labels should just die." - Moby

"I don't really like labels in politics, but I will gladly accept the label of conservatism." - Marco Rubio

"I am tired of the constant demonizing of people via political labels." - Mark Skousen

"Genre labels are useful only insofar as they help you find an audience." - Walter Jon Williams

"I've signed with major labels, and I haven't had any control over the money." - Chuck D

"I've been DJing since before I could read the labels on the records." - Mayer Hawthorne

"The critics slap labels on you and then expect you to talk inside their terms." - Doris Lessing

"Labels are distancing phenomena. They push us away from each other." - Leo Buscaglia

"We strongly oppose warning labels on cigarette packs for several reasons: first and foremost, warning labels may improperly imply that it has been scientifically established that smoking causes disease" - R. J. Reynolds

"Labels bias our perceptions, thinking, and behavior. A label or story can either separate us from, or connect us to, nature. For our health and happiness, we must critically evaluate our labels and stories by their effects." - Michael J Cohen

"Would I describe myself as new Labour? I'm Labour, organised Labour. I think labels have a limited use and that's where you really get into boy stuff sometimes, just sticking on labels." - Frances O'Grady

"I don't really see a difference in independent and major labels. To me, it's pretty much the same. There used to be a difference between indies and major labels, but I don't think there is anymore." - Mia

"People like to think of you as a certain person, or a certain type of person, and they do love to give you a label. We like luggage labels, and we like people labels." - Clare Balding

"To see a lot of the smaller labels disappear or get gobbled up by the bigger labels, that's a shame. It was a bit of a shock at first to see the demise of the record stores." - Phil Collins

"I was always looking to record, but how much I actually pursued it was another thing. The major labels weren't that interested in me, and the smaller labels didn't have any money to do anything." - Dan Hicks

"Would I describe myself as new Labour? I'm Labour, organised Labour. I think labels have a limited use and that's where you really get into boy stuff sometimes, just sticking on labels." - Frances Ogrady

"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you." - Ralph Lauren

"Labels are for the things men make, not for men. The most primitive man is too complex to be labeled." - Rex Stout

"I always recommend people read nutrition labels so they know, for instance, how much fiber they're getting." - Travis Lane Stork

"I know there are some labels that put out music for art's sake, but I don't know which ones." - Joshua Homme

"My mind cannot know you, only labels, judgments, facts, and opinions about you. Being alone knows directly." - Eckhart Tolle

"Labels cloud our vision and distract us from seeing how much we have in common with one another." - Russell Simmons

"I believe that if it were left to artists to choose their own labels, most would choose none." - Ben Shahn

"I've always been something these labels can't buy, especially if they tryna take a piece of my soul." - Drake

"Question: Why is that MC's be wack And major labels wanna sign that crap? A-yo...funk that!" - Phife Dawg

"I think part of what happens is that small labels want to get bigger. And bigger is not better." - Joshua Homme

"I love music and musicians. And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me" - Rosanna Arquette

"Examine the labels you apply to yourself. Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross." - Wayne Dyer

"The big labels have less of a stranglehold on artists and how they record and where they go." - Kim Wilde

"Knowing record labels and knowing the kinds of things they would object to-they just object to everything that's interesting." - Aimee Mann

"I'm trying to give people the chance to put out their music without the bullshit pressures of other labels." - Dizzee Rascal

"Major labels just lost their way. It's like the housing bubble. They lost a sense of the fundamentals." - Win Butler

"When you don't cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life." - Eckhart Tolle

"People really have to start being a smarter consumer, read labels, and understand what hidden sugars are." - Jackie Warner

"Record labels have enjoyed a 100-year monopoly of selling plastic and now they're up against a different format." - Ian Mackaye

"As consumers, we can buy organic and non-GMO verified products, so look out for those labels when shopping!" - Zoe Lister-Jones

"It is hard, though, 'cos record labels love to boss you around. I won't let them do that anymore." - Evan Dando

"I try not to name too many labels - not because it's not cool, but because it starts getting political." - Nelly

"I love music and musicians. And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me." - Rosanna Arquette

"We aren't as concerned about the live aspect as other labels. The best live bands are the easiest to record." - Greg Ginn

"Doing the eco-accessory thing doesn't have to mean giving up designer labels. In fact, quite the opposite." - Sheherazade Goldsmith

"I don't care what people call me, labels have the negative value of making smaller boundaries for people." - Michael Graves

"Attractive labels are usually attached to the most dangerous programs, often in the name of public welfare and personal security." - Ezra Taft Benson

"I think putting labels on people is just an easy way of marketing something you don't understand." - Adam Jones

"We turned what is virtually a glorified independent label into one of the powerhouse labels in the town." - Toby Keith

"I hate record labels. They think they know everything. I want to hear them try to sing it." - Jessica Simpson

"Formats are going to change because this is what the people want. It's not what the labels want." - Nikki Sixx

"I don't like labels. I think they conceal more than they reveal, sort of like a bikini." - Arlen Specter

"My feeling is that labels are for canned food... I am what I am - and I know what I am." - Michael Stipe

"I don't like labels, but I do have blue eyes and I'm soulful, so what am I going to do?" - Robin Thicke

"I devour books. But for the longest time, I refused to pay attention to genre or labels." - Alison Tyler

"I cut the labels out of my clothes because they scratch. Clothes are just little workhorses, aren't they?" - Joanna Lumley

"Judge men less by the labels they wear than by their persistent labour for sure if slow progress." - John Burns

"I've been approached by major labels every single year of my existence as an artist. Since 1996." - El-P

"Some people want to call me an Appalachian writer, even though I know some people use regional labels to belittle." - Robert Morgan

"I'd like to work for as long as possible and form connections with the labels I work for." - Arizona Muse

"I know there are some labels that put out music for art's sake, but I don't know which ones." - Josh Homme

"I think part of what happens is that small labels want to get bigger. And bigger is not better." - Josh Homme

"Everybody uses labels: they give you a handle on things - an over-simplified handle, sure, but without labels, without ads, without words, the world would be an indistinguishable mass, a blur. You can hope, maybe, that people ascribe so many labels to you that none wins out" - Vito Acconci

"Beware of that profound enemy of the free enterprise system who pays lip-service to free competition, but also labels every antitrust prosecution as a persecution." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"I'm a big Urban Outfitters girl, and Forever 21 - I don't think labels make fashion. I think it's your own style, what you put together." - Chelsea Kane

"There are certainly things labels can still provide that indie artists cant. They can pave the way to radio and pay big bucks for promotion." - Sam Tsui

"All reduction of people to objects, all imposition of labels and patterns to which they must conform, all segregation can lead only to destruction." - Maureen Duffy

"I find labels "liberal" and "conservative" of little meaning. Our language has become perverted along with the thoughts of many of us." - Studs Terkel

"Jazz isn't as profitable for labels like Hip hop or Rap. Jazz needs subsidies to continue, just like European classical works of Bach and Beethoven are subsidized." - Jimmy Heath

"We can leave our legacy only if we are willing to change - to go beyond partisan labels, and to solve the problems facing Washingtonians." - Christine Gregoire

"When I first tried to get a record deal for my original music, labels didn't understand what these instruments were meant to be doing" - Suzanne Ciani

"Any time you see signs or labels added to a device, it is an indication of bad design: a simple lock should not require instructions." - Donald A. Norman

"I don't know if I'd put labels on myself, but I do feel that when women are empowered, they have the power to transform society." - Queen Rania Of Jordan



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