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L Ron Hubbard Quotes


"I have a lot of respect for L. Ron Hubbard and I consider him to be a genius and perhaps less acknowledged than he ought to be." - Werner Erhard

"I believe L. Ron Hubbard resolved the human mind, and in resolving it he has also resolved human pain - that's what I really think has happened here." - John Travolta

"I was reading Omar Khayyam, Kahlil Gibran, Rumi, L. Ron Hubbard, all sorts of philosophy. Bebop cats are like that. Curious. I wanted to know about everything." - Quincy Jones

"The one by L. Ron Hubbard...I'm not in favor of his religion by any means, but he wrote a book called Battlefield Earth that was a very fun science fiction book." - Mitt Romney

"Whether or not he came to believe it - so many people, when they have a mission, come to believe something in a way that may have started out as a slogan. You know, L. Ron Hubbard, not to make a random comparison, started Scientology as a scam." - Alex Gibney

"I have a lot of feeling for Ron Hubbard. His genius has not been sufficiently acknowledged." - Werner Erhard

"I am not Dr. Ron Paul. I am not Dr. Ron Paul, Jr. I am not Dr. Ron Paul Lite." - Randy Weber

"Ron Thompson, he's my main man!" - John Lee Hooker

"I find some unity with Ron Paul." - Bill Ayers

"I'm absolutely a Ron Paul fan." - Gary Johnson

"L"architecture est art de suggestion." - Daniel Pennac

"[L]ove is inventive to infinity." - Vincent de Paul

"I love a good Dorothy L. Sayers." - J K Rowling

"I don't think any religion makes any sense and I think people who are into that are really getting duped, and I don't think Judaism makes any more sense than Christianity, and I don't think Christianity makes any more sense than Scientology. But here's a guy, L. Ron Hubbard, who told all his friends, 'Look, I'm gonna start a religion, 'cause I can't make any money as a science fiction writer.' I mean, he admitted that publicly! At least with Jesus Christ, you can't go talk to the guy." - Howard Stern

"Ron: Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies?" - J K Rowling

"That's chess!" snapped Ron. "You've got to make some sacrifices!" - J K Rowling

"No true patriot could be for Ron Paul." - Dick Morris

"Er-my-nee," Ron croaked unexpectedly from between them." - J K Rowling

"One thing is clear: Ron Paul defies labels." - Mark Mckinnon

"Well, you know, Hubbard had a bunch of people sworn to commit suicide when he died. So of course he never officially died..." - Larry Wall

"The best thing you can say about Hubbard Street is that if you were a dancer, this is a company you'd fight to get into." - Robert Gottlieb

"LIFE = (L)ive (I)N (F)ull (E)ffect!!!!!!!" - Joseph Simmons

"Only when l know, the truth will set me free!" - Paulo Coelho

"Like Moses, I wasn't born. l was found." - Belle Livingstone

"[L]ove, having no geography, knows no boundaries." - Truman Capote

"Ron, we're supposed to show the first years where to go!" "Oh yeah," said Ron, who had obviously forgotten. "Hey - hey you lot! Midgets!" - J K Rowling

"I teleported home last night with Ron and Sid and Meg Ron stole Meggy's heart away and I got Sidney's leg." - Douglas Adams

"If we are going to list guitar influences, the biggest one by far is Wes Montgomery. Also, Gary Burton was obviously huge for me in a number of ways. But beyond that, Clifford Brown, Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard." - Pat Metheny

"There are two kinds of speeches: the Mother Hubbard speech, which, like the garment, covers everything but touches nothing, and the French bathing suit speech, which covers only the essential points." - Lyndon B Johnson

"He that spends a Groat a day idly, spends idly above 6 l. a year, which is the Price of using 100 l." - Benjamin Franklin

"Then l learned to play guitar and l started writing songs and my mother formed for me a publishing business, so we started publishing and managing artists." - Tommy Rettig

"All's fair in love and war," said Ron brightly, "and this is a bit of both." - J K Rowling

"Doctors?" said Ron, looking startled. "Those Muggle nutters that cut people up?" - J K Rowling

"The only relaxed boss is Big Ron. He had me drinking pink champagne - before the match." - Harry Redknapp

"Hermione: You! You foul, loathsome, evil little cocroach! Ron: Hermione, no! He's no worth it." - J K Rowling

"Yeah, we'll call you," muttered Ron as the knight disappeared, "If we ever need someone mental." - J K Rowling

"I think Ron Paul's views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American." - Newt Gingrich

"When I read the books, I imagined that the family of Ron Weasley was my family." - Rupert Grint

"If OJ Simpson did not have a handgun, Nicole and Ron would still be alive today." - Bob Costas

"It was a shame, but as Ron said, you couldn't have everything in life.." - J K Rowling

"Ron Teigen Sr. and Donald Trump Sr. both have matching political qualifications: zero." - Chrissy Teigen

"Ron MacLean: No, no, it could be a four-minute penalty..." - Don Cherry

"Instead (Harry) contented himself with scrawling a note to Ron: Let's do it tonight." - J K Rowling

"I'm shorter, I don't have as many freckles as Ron, and I can't do magic." - Rupert Grint

"I want Ron to stand up to Malfoy and punish him." - Rupert Grint

"I'm an enormous fan of Ron Howard. I mean, he's the most extraordinary director." - Georgina Chapman

"My first love, in my head, believe it or not, was Ron Howard." - Jane Lynch

"At the base of Ron Paul support, in my opinion, are people with brains." - Gary Johnson

"Ron Hubbard was trying to get people out of their body with his HCA courses, but frankly, he was failing badly. When I was a staff member, occasions came up that I was asked to help some member of the graduating class to get a reality on out-of-body experiences...Hubbard would never acknowledge this ability of mine, and after leaving him I did a lot of experimenting." - Paul Twitchell

"Marvin Miller, I suspect, is the most effective union organizer since John L. Lewis." - Studs Terkel

"[L]iberty cannot be preserved, if the manners of the people are corrupted . . ." - Algernon Sidney

"the whole way down, I was only thinking one thing . . . L E N A" - Kami Garcia

"The Big L was cold crazy, A top-notch crook snatchin pocket books from old ladies" - Big L

"You've got to S-M-I-L-E To be H-A-Double-P-Y" - Shirley Temple

"What did the 5 fingers say to the face. S L A P!" - Dave Chappelle

"Kira is childish and hates to lose. I am also childish and hate to lose. - L" - Tsugumi Ohba

"Yoga will always be transformationa l, even when it stops being cool." - Victoria Moran

"[L]ife ceases to be a fraction and becomes an integer." - Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Yaz?l?m konusunda iddial? insanlar kendi donan?mlar?n? yapmal?lar." - Alan Kay

"HELP = H(umor), E-go, edging God out, L-istening, P-urpose" - George Herbert

"Volunteers are paid in six figures... S-M-I-L-E-S." - Gayla LeMaire

"HELP = H(umor), E-go, edging God out, L-istening, P-urpose" - Ken Blanchard

"[L]ife isn't one thing after another, it's the same thing over and over" - Edna St Vincent Millay

"I'm a huge fan of Big L. He is my favorite rapper." - Andy Milonakis

"R-E-L-A-X. I'm still getting paid millions of dollars." - Aaron Rodgers

"I see myself as a small 'l' liberal, but not coalition liberal, necessarily." - Jim Broadbent

"Ron Paul warned everyone that the Patriot Act could be used against innocent American citizens. His critics said he was siding with terrorists. Now, either A. Ron Paul was right. Or B. All Verizon users are terrorists." - Jack Hunter

"I mean, this is a group [Republicans], don't forget, that gave its presidential straw ballot to Ron Paul, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul and Rand Paul. So, they have abandoned what - their libertarian values and instincts to embrace [Donald] Trump." - Mark Shields

"I go where the revolution is, and the revolution is Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a champion of the Constitution. He's about getting rid of the Federal Reserve and shrinking federal government." - Christine Ebersole

"I get random meetings, like, 'Ron Howard would like to sit down with you.' 'Really?' If 'Breaking Bad' hadn't happened, Ron Howard probably wouldn't want to sit down with me. Because he would have no idea who I was." - Aaron Paul

"There you go, Harry!" Ron shouted over the noise. "You weren't being thick after all - you were showing moral fiber!" - J K Rowling

"I quit watching the debates after they excluded Ron Paul and censored supposedly live interviews with him from the TV." - James Dye

"Yeah, we"ll call you," muttered Ron as the knight disappeared, "If we ever need someone mental." - J K Rowling

"Ron Powlus will win the Heisman two times and be the greatest quarterback in the history of Notre Dame." - Beano Cook

"Well, you're expelling us aren't you?" said Ron. "Not today, Mr. Weasley." Snape looked as though Christmas had been canceled." - J K Rowling

"But Tammy Faye calls me, and Ron Jeremy calls me, Erik Estrada sends me a Christmas card every year." - Trishelle Cannatella

"I was a big fan of Ron Howard of course, so it was fantastic to meet him." - Josephine De La Baume

"Yeah, well, food's one of the five exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfigurations," said Ron, to general astonishment." - J K Rowling

"God, if you ever loved me, open my eyes for me when I'm being this stupid! (Ron)" - Kim Harrison

"People recognize me, call me Ron, and ask me questions. It's really cool and weird as well." - Rupert Grint

"Everyone should have a moment with Ron Howard in their life to give you faith in our industry." - Sally Kirkland

"Zombies are the real lower-class citizens of the monster world and that's why l like them." - George A Romero

"I do not feel betrayed. ... He has a fine record. He is a national hero. (On Oliver L North's work)" - Ronald Reagan

"[L]eave nothing to the uncertainty of procuring a warlike apparatus at the moment of public danger." - George Washington

"With so much drama in the L-B-C, It's kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G" - Snoop Dogg

"The other raised his club and attacked L, who inexpliciably fell over on his back like an overturned frog." - Tsugumi Ohba

"I wish that author [ E. L. James] all the success in the world. It's just not for me." - Lena Dunham

"The tracks of the L Train are the manly stubble on the ruggedly handsome face of Chicago." - Jason Sweeney

"At Group L, Stoffel oversees six first-rate programmers, a managerial challenge roughly equivalent to herding cats." - The Washington Post

"You betta flee Hobbes, or get your head flown three blocks,L keep rapper's hearts pumpin like Reeboks." - Big L

"The big l be lighting niggas like incense, getting men lynched to win tits, I'm killing infants for ten cents." - Big L

"I got drug spots from new york to canada, cause big l be fucking with more keys than a janitor." - Big L

"Honey can you reach the spots that need oiling and fixing. H E L P Help Me." - St Vincent

"You can call me what you like, but I will be taking your cake. -L (from Death Note)" - Tsugumi Ohba

"I'm a total Democrat. I'm anti-Republican. And it's only fair that you know it... I'm liberal. The L word!" - Lauren Bacall

"I love the way L A. leaves you alone. I can go home, read all day, and nobody bugs me." - Jodie Foster

"I love watching Samuel L. Jackson do anything, but for me, Gary Oldman is the grandmaster of the game." - Joel Kinnaman

"I was totally devastated for four years in the mid '60s when l tried to buck the tide." - Tommy Rettig

"I say the word N-U-C-L-E-R the same way that George W. Bush says it." - Gillian Jacobs

"I was always a really big fan of R. L. Stine and the 'Goosebumps' T.V. series and the 'Goosebumps' books." - Dylan Minnette

"Anyway, how are you and Ramona doing?' Uh... you know. Pretty good.' Have you said the L-Word yet?' The L-Word? You mean? Lesbian?' Uh... No. The other L-Word.' ?' Okay. Uh, It's "love." I wasn't trying to trick you or anything." - Bryan Lee O'Malley

"If someone asked me if I could have anything in the world, what would l want? If l could own anything, like owning a piece of art, l think it would be Elton John's publishing, on his first seven albums. I don't want the money. Being able to own those songs Is like owning a painting of someone you admire." - Axl Rose

"Even though Hubbard is dead, his business still repeats his lies, ... and in my opinion the proposed Act should also punish businesses and organizations that repeat such falsehoods. It is a gross insult to American men and women who have actually been wounded and who have actually earned the medals and awards that frauds and con-artists falsely claim." - David Rice

"Hubbard set up the Church of Scientology in Hollywood in 1954 for a reason. He understood that celebrity was increasingly a feature of American public life, and celebrities themselves were going to be worshiped as minor deities were in the ancient world. The idea was: if you could get them, think how many people would follow." - Lawrence Wright

"I just wondered where you -" Ron broke off, shrugging. "Nothing. I'm going back to bed." "Just thought you"d come nosing around, did you?" Harry shouted. He knew that Ron had no idea what he"d walked in on, knew he had' done it on purpose, but he did' care - at this moment he hated everything about Ron, right down to the several inches of bare ankle showing beneath his pajama trousers." - J K Rowling

"I just wondered where you -" Ron broke off, shrugging. "Nothing. I'm going back to bed." "Just thought you'd come nosing around, did you?" Harry shouted. He knew that Ron had no idea what he'd walked in on, knew he hadn't done it on purpose, but he didn't care - at this moment he hated everything about Ron, right down to the several inches of bare ankle showing beneath his pajama trousers." - J K Rowling

"Well?" Ron said finally, looking up at Harry. "How was it?" Harry considered it for a moment. "Wet," he said truthfully. Ron made a noise that might have indicated jubilation or disgust, it was hard to tell. "Because she was crying," Harry continued heavily. "Oh," said Ron, his smile faded slightly. "Are you that bad at kissing?" "Dunno," said Harry, who hadn't considered this, and immediately felt rather worried. "Maybe I am." - J K Rowling

"Harry: "And what if I wave my wand and nothing happens?" Ron: "Throw it away and punch him on the nose." - J K Rowling

"Merlin's pants!" shrieked Hermione, jumping up and running from the room. "Merlin's pants?" repeated Ron, looking amused. "She must be really upset." - J K Rowling

"Wonder what it's like to have a peaceful life," Ron sighed, as evening after evening they struggled through all the extra homework they were getting." - J K Rowling

"I don't know. I think there are fans out there who know that too and who wonder whether Ron would have really been able to make her happy." - Emma Watson

"Oh, I'm so glad we know what it's called, that's a great help," snarled Ron, leaning back, trying to stop the plant from curling around his neck." - J K Rowling

"What are we doing here? Has something gone wrong?" "Oh no, Ron," came Fred's voice, very sarcastically. "No, this is exactly where we wanted to end up." - J K Rowling

"Anchorman' is my favorite movie of all time and Ron Burgundy is one of my favorite characters of all time. It's my 'Gone With the Wind." - Eva Mendes

"I especially like Ron. Sometimes you feel so sorry for him because he's always getting stuff from his brothers. And he's got a fat, lazy rat." - Rupert Grint

"If you look on the Republican side, the two Republicans who have most energized young people in modern times are Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul." - Ted Cruz

"Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul had a message that was clear, it was principled, and it inspired. It was a vision for a future." - Ted Cruz

"Today, Snoop Dog endorsed Ron Paul for president. Snoop said he likes Paul's positions on everything from legalizing pot ... to legalizing pot." - Conan O'Brien

"(Ron Paul is) cool... He's a good guy... He's so independent. He's independent of the party machine. I'm like, 'Right on, so am I." - Sarah Palin

"So light a fire!" Harry choked. "Yes...of course...but there's no wood!" ... "HAVE YOU GONE MAD!" Ron bellowed. "ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT!" - J K Rowling

"In Oakland, Al Davis was a genius. We had Ron Wolff there, too, and he was a genius. There was no room for me to be a genius." - John Madden

"If you really dissect hip-hop you will find a whole lot of Charles Mingus, Ron Carter, Ahmad Jamal, a lot of classic jazz samples in there." - Robert Glasper

"I was always a big fan of the books and over the years I've become quite attached to Ron and we've meshed into the same person, really." - Rupert Grint

"I think coughing up slugs was quite hard. Ron has a scene where he has to cough up these giant slugs." - Rupert Grint

"I hit a grand slam off Ron Herbel and when his manager Herman Franks came out to get him, he was bringing Herbel's suitcase." - Bob Uecker

"It's a dream for me to work with Ron MacLean and Don Cherry as well as my old friend Jeff Marek, who I started my career with." - George Stroumboulopoulos

"Truth be told, except for foreign policy, Ron Paul's voting record and mine are virtually identical and I wear it as a badge of honor." - Paul Broun

"Formal education in British India was remarkable for its lack of connection with its Indian environment. Like the African persuaded to cover his nakedness with a Mother Hubbard, we wore mental Mother Hubbards, and they were often a sad fit. Our textbooks had been compiled by Englishmen for English children, of whom there were none in my school and few in any school in India." - Nayantara Sahgal

"Because life goes on, L. The birds do their thing, and the bees do theirs. Seeds get scattered, and everything grows back." - Kami Garcia

"Everyone thinks their mom is a superhero, and l feel like I want to be just like my mom. A superhero. She's a very strong lady." - Rita Ora

"If you battle L, you picked the wrong head I smash mics like cornbread You can't kill me, I was born dead" - Big L

"And God help them both, if it hadn't been for Saxton, Qhuinn would have dropped the l-word right then and there, even though the timing was stupid." - J.R. Ward

"I've given up asking questions. l merely float on a tsunami of acceptance of anything life throws at me ... and marvel stupidly." - Terry Gilliam

"[L]et light Rise from the chambers of the east, and bring The honey'd dew that cometh on waking day. O radiant morning..." - William Blake

"[L]et us work to rid ourselves of our attacks of over-zealousness especially when it offends against respect, esteem, and charity." - Vincent de Paul

"It will be most pleasing to O[ur] L[ord] if you husband your strength in order to serve Him better." - Vincent de Paul

"...Seek counsel of very pious, disinterested persons, and follow the call of O[ur] L[ord] and the advice of those persons." - Vincent de Paul

"And what this ECW is doing is educating you people once again that there IS wrestling, spelt W-R-E-S-T-L-I-N-G, out there." - Terry Funk

"I'll have you weak in the knees that you could hardly speak, Or we could do like Uncle L and swing an ep in my Jeep." - Q-Tip

"LL's a laughing stock, cause I bit that ass to the last stop. I watched you fall like Hitler fell, and now your down to a broken L." - Kool Moe Dee

"The illusion that you could hold to yourself the things you most want and lose the things you least wanted to keep..?s the struggle of l?fe..." - Shahrukh Khan

"you might not be the first person l kissed, but you will be the last' Jamie to Claire in Outlander (not word perfect)" - Diana Gabaldon

"The older you get, the more rules they"re gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin" man, l-i-v-i-n"" - Matthew Mcconaughey

"[L]et light Rise from the chambers of the east, and bring The honey"d dew that cometh on waking day. O radiant morning..." - William Blake

"We bought a doomed textile mill [Berkshire Hathaway] and a California S&L [Wesco] just before a calamity. Both were bought at a discount to liquidation value." - Charlie Munger

"My music is L-O-V-E because it's a gift, and you only give something when you feel it deeply." - Klaus Nomi

"I met Paul in 1967, Ringo in 1985, and I saw George Harrison in a nightclub somewhere in L. A. I never met John." - Brian Wilson

"L is the rebel type, I'm rough as a metal pipe, fuck a benz cause I can pull skins on a pedel bike." - Big L

"My name is L, and I'm from a part of town where clowns Get beat down and all you hear is gunshot sounds" - Big L

"A kid tried to take L out, shot me in the chest with a tech, I just laughed and spit the shell out." - Big L



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