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Keyboard Piano Quotes


"I play the keyboard, piano - I like making beats." - Abbie Cornish

"Error, no keyboard. Press F1 to continue." - Woody Allen

"Smash forehead on keyboard to continue." - Anonymous

"Color is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano, with its many strings." - Wassily Kandinsky

"Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my keyboard piano, oh Lord, why don't we?" - Paul Mccartney

"Once you begin deliberating about where your fingers are jumping on the piano keyboard, you can no longer pull off the piece." - David Eagleman

"There is nothing like having your hands on a keyboard. Or an acoustic piano. Those are the things you can't really replace." - Geoff Downes

"With just one musician, you can really do an unlimited number of things on the inside of the piano, if you have at your disposal an exploded keyboard." - John Cage

"My brother Carl taught me how to play bass. I'm a self-taught keyboard player, though - I figured out our harmonies at the piano." - Brian Wilson

"WARNING: Keyboard Not Attached. Press F10 to Continue." - Anonymous

"I didn't study the piano - the piano studied me." - Carl Andre

"A Composition on the Piano" - Johann Sebastian Bach

"I'm Liberace without a piano." - Paul Lynde

"As for the piano, the faster her fingers flew over it, the more he marveled. She struck the keys with aplomb and ran from one end of the keyboard to the other without a stop." - Gustave Flaubert

"Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hands which plays touching one key or another purposively to cause vibrations in the Soul." - Wassily Kandinsky

"After I write a sequence, I just open the script and then sit at the piano keyboard and "play" the script. (And because I also draw and paint, sometimes I sketch out the action as well.)" - Jeff Britting

"Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul." - Wassily Kandinsky

"I learned to play piano in a rock n' roll context or band context from country records - you know, Floyd Cramer - and from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Stax. And none of those are keyboard records." - Benmont Tench

"And I think it's a real challenge to be up there sometimes with only a keyboard if they don't have a grand piano... and to try to win people over that way. It's really hard." - Chantal Kreviazuk

"I'm basically a cocktail jazz kind of pianist. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a very good keyboard player. People think I think I'm good. I think I'm a very poor piano player." - Ray Manzarek

"I'm somebody who plays the piano... sometimes" - Harold Budd

"The piano is not firewood - yet." - Regina Spektor

"To build the best piano possible." - Henry E. Steinway

"I play the piano and write music." - Anwar Robinson

"I'd like to be a piano player." - Chris Daughtry

"I'm not a great piano player." - Norah Jones

"Dark forces dragged me away from the keyboard, swirling forces of irresistible intensity and power." - Boris Johnson

"I detest flying anywhere. Left to my own devices, I'd never leave my keyboard." - Kage Baker

"Have I a secret about playing the piano? It's a very simple one. I sit down on the piano stool and make myself comfortable - and I always make sure that the lid over the keyboard is open before I start to play." - Artur Schnabel

"One does not play the piano with one's fingers, one plays the piano with one's mind." - Glenn Gould

"I've never broken a piano. However, I've been banned from particular clubs for breaking piano strings." - Eric Lewis

"I also like the banging piano - that old good-time piano." - Little Richard

"The only instrument I can play is piano. Whenever I make songs at home, I play the piano and make them on the piano." - Yoko Ono

"Mozart encompasses the entire domain of musical creation, but I've got only the keyboard in my poor head." - Frederic Chopin

"The keyboard is my journal." - Pharrell Williams

"You just can't be good in bed anymore. You have to be good at the keyboard too." - Xaviera Hollander

"[Miranda Hentoff] was teaching once at Lincoln Center, and the hall was full of other professionals - musicians, professors, teachers. And she was explaining how [Bela] Bartok composed his second piano concerto. And she explained how the music was interwoven with the rhythms and what he had in his mind. And I was just stunned. This is a kid who used to work - on a piano with a cracked keyboard." - Nat Hentoff

"I took classical piano lessons from the age of five." - Eddie Van Halen

"Slap some keys on her and we'll have a piano." - Darryl F Zanuck

"I'm learning to play piano. And also the musical saw." - Rachel Trachtenburg

"The piano is an orchestra with 88...... things, you know" - Vladimir Horowitz

"very bright teeth as big and orderly as piano keys." - Cynthia Ozick

"Remember the music is not in the piano." - Clement Mok

"Some people do piano lessons after school; I do movies." - Elle Fanning

"I play piano and write better than I can sing." - Irene Cara

"Don't shoot me, I'm just the piano player!" - Elton John

"The pedal is the soul of the piano." - Anton Rubinstein

"Hearing is believing...a magician with the piano." - Anthony Davis

"I enjoy playing the audience like a piano." - Alfred Hitchcock

"You can't learn to swim on a piano bench." - Milton H. Erickson

"Four Poofs and a Piano? We've got dozens of 'em!" - Bruce Forsyth

"I grew up playing classical piano and percussion." - Janina Gavankar

"I'm the oldest in my family and do play piano." - David Lambert

"I read and write classical piano and percussion, also guitar." - Suzi Quatro

"To me, the piano in itself is an orchestra." - Cecil Taylor

"And I definitely have an affinity with the piano." - Jim Coleman

"I own a guitar, a piano, a bass." - Adam Driver

"I cannot write music. I cannot play the piano." - Jayne Meadows

"A female piano player is always pretty cool to me." - Chrisette Michele

"O my enormous piano, you are not like being outdoors" - Frank O'Hara

"I play any piano with a good tune." - Pinetop Perkins

"I played piano, I learned a lot about music." - Maximilian Schell

"I was a piano player before I was a poet." - Gil Scottheron

"Bud Powell's probably the biggest influence on my piano playing." - Matthew Shipp

"I play piano every day. I enjoy that." - Frank Ocean

"Rugby players are either piano shifters or piano movers. Fortunately, I am one of those who can play a tune." - Pierre Danos

"I learned to play the piano on my mother's knee - that was before we got a piano." - Victor Borge

"There was a lot of music in our home. Mom played piano in church and gave piano lessons." - Ernie Isley

"In general, therefore, color is a means of exerting a direct influence upon the soul. Color is the keyboard. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many strings. The artist is the hand that purposefully sets the soul vibrating by means of this or that key." - Wassily Kandinsky

"Bruce Katz is a spectacular talent! He's a brilliant composer and arranger who uses uncommon and unique musical intelligence to redefine jazz and blues far beyond the pale of the accepted definitions of keyboard competence. Whether on piano or organ, when you hear Bruce Katz you know it's him, unmistakably and uniquely." - Larry Coryell

"It was an unforgettable picture to see Chopin sitting at the piano like a clairvoyant, lost in his dreams; to see how his vision communicated itself through his playing, and how, at the end of each piece, he had the sad habit of running one finger over the length of the plaintive keyboard, as though to tear himself forcibly away from his dream." - Robert Schumann

"In high school I was in a band called Goodfight, but it was more me running around on stage. It was very punk inspired. Then I started to get into indie-rock and older music and decided I wanted to write my own stuff. I quit the band. Around 16 or 17, I started recording myself at home on keyboard and piano." - Angel Olsen

"I actually prefer it if I don't know what I'm supposed to do. If you've got an equal temperament piano keyboard, then you know what you're going to get if you play certain chords. But I actually like it if you don't know where the notes are, because then you do it intuitively. You're working out a new language, basically. New rules." - Aphex Twin

"The first reason why I started to use the [electric] keyboard is because I really like the bending sound of the guitar and bass player. I can't bend the piano sound. I really like the feel behind it. I feel it adds flavour and character to my music." - Hiromi

"You are twenty-two years old, trained down to the last pound like a boxer. You do not over-eat, smoke or drink and you work six to eight hours a day at a piano with a special keyboard in which the keys are so hard to press down that when you come to your concert grand at night you seem, literally, to be riding a fleecy cloud, so easy is its keyboard action. Before each concert, of course, you eat nothing at all." - George Antheil

"Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can't quite keep up with gravity." - Rainbow Rowell

"Do Mom and Dad know you're dating a homicidal lunatic? (Madaug) No, and if you tell them, I"ll superglue your fingertips to your keyboard. (Eric)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Do Mom and Dad know you're dating a homicidal lunatic? (Madaug) No, and if you tell them, I'll superglue your fingertips to your keyboard. (Eric)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"... but every person who does serious time with a keyboard is attempting to translate his version of the world into words so that he might be understood." - Betsy Lerner

"The truth is, the family is much more creatively nourishing because you're playing on a full keyboard. Whereas when you're single, you're just playing the upbeat jazzy tunes." - Jerry Seinfeld

"Still being ambitious to want to play on the record, I was a mediocre keyboard player. And uh, I seized the opportunity and played the organ." - Al Kooper

"I had more of a vocal range. If you wanted to play a keyboard song, like "Love Walks In," I can do it." - Sammy Hagar

"We can acquire as much knowledge as we would like with a few taps on our keyboard. That's extremely valuable, but wisdom comes again from some different dimension." - Roger Housden

"I don't like sitting at a keyboard." - Owsley Stanley

"Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they ca' quite keep up with gravity." - Rainbow Rowell

"It should be possible, in a 'debreviation' mode, to type 'clr' on the keyboard and have 'The Council on Library Resources, Inc.' appear on the display." - J. C. R. Licklider

"I despair about the lack of proper respect shown for the piano. If you want it to sound like a traffic jam, go out in the street and forget the piano. That's not a piano sound." - Oscar Peterson

"I have owned and played a Steinway all my life. It's the best Beethoven piano. The best Chopin piano. And the best Ray Charles piano. I like it, too." - Randy Newman

"I learned to play piano on my own and my parents thought "Oh it would be a good thing for you take piano lessons. That's the way you really need to learn to play the piano."" - Colin Munroe

"The melody that the loved one played upon the piano of your life will never be played quite that way again, but we must not close the keyboard and allow the instrument to gather dust. We must seek out other artists of the spirit, new friends who gradually will help us to find the road to life again, who will walk the road with us." - Joshua L Liebman

"When I got to Performing Arts, within the first week, a few days, Bill Charlap walked in and couldn't read music but he's playing all these solos from Keith Emerson of ELP, and Rick Wakeman from Yes. Real impressive rock piano and keyboard things. And we had really, truly amazing young 13-14 year old classical players in our year who had been practicing six, eight hours a day for eight years. So it was like "Whoa."" - Jon Gordon

"I was writing tons of music in my spare time. I might be on location somewhere, and I'd go home and I'd have my guitar and my little keyboard or something and write music. Or if I was at home, on my piano. I've always been a late bloomer with a lot of things, just in general, so I think this was something that needed to come to fruition in this particular way." - Zooey Deschanel

"In general, we like to play as a band - guitar, piano, and voice. We also tour with a bass player, a drummer, and somebody who plays keyboard and guitar. We try to play all of our parts and flesh it out to get a lush sound, while also keeping the energy of a three-piece punk act. We want to be the best of all possible worlds." - Andrew Dost

"Get up from the piano ... Oscar is in the house. Who wants to be at the piano when Oscar is there? Find something else to do." - Benny Carter

"I've written lots of songs on the piano. My mother had a piano and it was the first instrument I played" - Mick Taylor

"Well, I would say that music just happens with me, I'm not in the driver's seat when I am at the piano, the piano is" - Vanessa Carlton

"Tatum plays so much piano it sounds impossible. The more I hear him, the more I want to give up the piano and drive a milk truck." - Eddie Heywood

"I've watched other people singing, I've become a much better singer. I've become a singer that plays the piano instead of a piano player that sings." - Elton John

"As a young child, I thought that all pianists played everything. I mean, I thought anything on piano - any piano music, all pianists played it." - Allen Toussaint

"Since I was three I've been playing the piano. I've been onstage. My mother is an Evangelist and I used to play the piano at her revival meetings." - Nina Simone

"My mother gave me a choice. She said, 'Would you like to take singing lessons or piano.' I'm glad I chose piano." - McCoy Tyner

"I started playing the piano from the age of three and I started teaching myself; we always had a piano round the house." - Ella Henderson

"At school there were some programs in music. I did take piano lessons, and we had a piano at home. I got very interested in that." - Paul Smith

"I've written lots of songs on the piano. My mother had a piano and it was the first instrument I played." - Mick Taylor

"I write my songs many times to chord progressions on a piano. Unfortunately, I can't keep playing the piano, so I just record it into the software." - Nadia Ali

"Frank liked me because I went nuts on the piano using feet, head, whatever I could find to bang on the piano." - George Duke

"My mother playing the violin and my father and grandfather playing the piano, classical stuff." - Pete Seeger

"Ability to think, like the violin or piano, requires daily practice" - Charlie Chaplin

"I'm improvising all the time. Everything I do is improvised. On the piano, at least." - Mose Allison

"It's a pity to shoot the pianist when the piano is out of tune." - Rene Coty

"Will's hand looked brown and sunburnt by contrast, their fingers dovetailed together like piano keys." - Cassandra Clare

"One should leave the piano when Oscar comes in. This man is dangerous." - Marian Mcpartland

"Nimbus is doing a great service with these excellently produced transformations of piano roll recordings." - Harold Bauer

"However, I began composing as soon as I started taking piano lessons." - Gyorgy Legeti

"A lot of people can play the piano, but not everyone can be Billy Joel." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"Some homes need a hickory switch a good deal more than they do a piano." - Billy Sunday

"Composing for the prepared piano is not a criticism of the instrument. I'm only being practical." - John Cage

"In rugby there are those who play the piano - and those who shift them" - Pierre Danos

"I want a life that makes music - not just practices the piano." - Ann Voskamp

"The piano bar is the gateway to the halls of masturbation." - Henry Miller

"I tell my piano the things I used to tell you" - Frederic Chopin

"I don't put boundaries on myself when I sit at the piano" - Vanessa Carlton

"Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist." - Michael Levine

"I started playing piano when I was around four; thats my first passion." - Condola Rashad

"I actually write more on guitar than I do on piano," - Norah Jones

"I have been playing the piano for my entire life - since I was three ..." - Robert Pattinson

"Conducting has more to do with singing and breathing than with piano-playing." - Colin Davis

"You cannot play the piano well unless you are singing within you." - Arthur Rubinstein

"Keep searchin' for your mystery note on the universal piano of life." - Rahsaan Roland Kirk

"When there's a piano to be moved, don't reach for the stool." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"A smart girl is one who knows how to play tennis, golf, piano - and dumb." - Marilyn Monroe

"Liszt's so-called piano music is nothing but Chopin and brandy." - James Huneker

"I do not have a single white note on my piano; my elephant smoked too much." - Victor Borge

"I didn't buy the piano to play it, I bought it because it looks nice." - Scott Disick

"She taught me to play the piano, and what it meant to miss somebody." - Eric Roth

"There, standing at the piano, was the original good time who had been had by all." - Kenneth Tynan

"I wouldn't trust any man as far as you can throw a piano" - Ethel Merman

"My mother played piano so we always had music around the house" - Johnny Winter

"The elephant smoked too much.(explaining why the keys of his piano were so yellow)" - Victor Borge

"Of course, the recorder will never have the repertoire of the piano or the violin." - Michala Petri

"The most influential time in my life musically was definitely those piano lessons." - Andrew W.K.

"Keep searchin" for your mystery note on the universal piano of life." - Rahsaan Roland Kirk

"Since I was three I've been playing the piano. I've been onstage." - Nina Simone

"The piano is like an orchestra - I'm very fortunate that I chose it as my instrument." - McCoy Tyner

"I want to make music. That means I prefer the Steinway piano." - Alfred Brendel

"Only my loyal Steinway piano endures. Be it beaten or caressed, its gorgeous tone remains." - Roger Williams

"Now, I only play very occasionally, and in fact, more piano than clarinet or sax." - Alan Greenspan

"From an early age I've written songs and played the piano." - Ella Henderson

"To play your colors by eye is worse than playing the piano by ear." - John French Sloan

"I have to thank my mother for paying for the piano lessons for all those years." - Billy Joel



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