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Keeping Healthy Quotes


"I don't work on longevity, I work on keeping people healthy." - Aubrey De Grey

"We need to do a better job of keeping oceans healthy." - Sigourney Weaver

"Am I keeping my promises?" - Robert Breault

"Having - and keeping to - a regular exercise routine is crucial. And forget about those extreme diets - they aren't healthy." - Lee Byung-hun

"Keeping perspective and being happy and being energetic and being creative - that's all tied to being healthy." - Wayne Coyne

"I'm a huge fan of just keeping a healthy lifestyle. For your body but for your mind, also." - Julianne Hough

"Eating healthy and keeping hydrated does wonders; it centers my mood and helps me keep a sharp mind." - Betsy Landin

"For the obvious reasons, furthering my children's education and keeping my family healthy and thriving is my highest mission." - Nathan East

"Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything." - Nhat Hanh

"I eat very clean, healthy food at all times because I'm very focused about keeping myself in shape." - Jodi Lyn Okeefe

"I'm really into good nutrition and keeping healthy! That said, I'm also addicted to candy - It's my biggest weakness." - Kina Grannis

"I eat very clean, healthy food at all times because I'm very focused about keeping myself in shape." - Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

"Having - and keeping to - a regular exercise routine is crucial. And forget about those extreme diets - they aren't healthy." - Lee Byunghun

"Laughter is by definition healthy." - Doris Lessing

"A wedding is not house-keeping." - Victor Hugo

"It's just really hard to work and get better, building and planning for the future with the new Monte Carlo and keeping the race team intact and keeping them healthy." - Dale Earnhardt

"We'll be able to have very intelligent, little robots with computers going inside our bloodstream, keeping us healthy from inside, destroying cancer at the level of one cell." - Ray Kurzweil

"Water is essential to life! It's also great for keeping your skin looking good and healthy, which is an added bonus." - Josie Ho

"We have a system that's really founded on profit and on selling pharmaceuticals as opposed to keeping people healthy and then helping them get back to health." - Jill Stein

"I'm just trying to eat healthy. That's my biggest thing right now. Staying away from fried foods, eating more greens and grilled food, just keeping my body right." - Calvin Pryor

"Real Texans believe in looking out for each other. We believe in honoring our mothers and fathers and keeping our smallest residents - our children - healthy." - Wendy Davis

"The family teaches us about the importance of knowledge, education, hard work and effort. It teaches us about enjoying ourselves, having fun, keeping fit and healthy." - Kamisese Mara

"Just like keeping a healthy diet is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods is just as important for getting the most out of your workout." - Marcus Samuelsson

"A totally healthy actor is a paradox." - Vittorio Gassman

"Staying healthy and consistent is paramount." - Shawn Johnson

"Alchemists turned into chemists when they stopped keeping secrets." - Eric S Raymond

"Keeping the head still is golf's one universal, unarguable fundamental." - Jack Nicklaus

"We have a passion for keeping things simple." - Charlie Munger

"I think the house call is one of the ways I get an insight into the ways in which people live and the importance of environment in keeping people healthy." - Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey

"She told me that every other step was just for me.' But that's only half of the dance,' I said. Yeah,' my father said. 'She was keeping the rest for herself. Nobody can give everything away. It ain't healthy." - Sherman Alexie

"I attribute my entire football career, as far as getting me started, getting me interested, keeping me that way was my father. He went to every game even though he was crippled and wasn't real healthy." - Bob Lilly

"What I try to get physically healthy people to understand is that they're going to die someday. There is no way out. And dying isn't failure, but not living is, so make use of your time. Don't keeping waiting." - Bernie Siegel

"I love to get home and hang out with my family. My brothers and I love spending time at the beach. I enjoy doing all kinds of surf sports and keeping healthy." - Samantha Stosur

"Pay-for-procedure or fee-for-service reimbursement rewards doctors and hospitals for volume - not keeping patients healthy or being efficiency. Pay-for-Performance is clearly one tool that can change the incentives to reward quality." - Ron Wyden

"Sick minds like to prohibit; healthy minds like to free!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Our forefathers used to live longer and healthy lives." - Yahya Jammeh

"Science fiction is very healthy in its form." - Robert Sheckley

"In order to have skin that glows and looks healthy and actually is healthy, you need to look at the whole picture and have a holistic approach to it. A lot of it is exercising regularly, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and keeping stress down." - Allison Williams

"For me, one of the important things about keeping vocally healthy is warming up and making sure I'm aware where my voice is at, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep, and just taking care of myself with exercise and eating healthy." - Adam Lambert

"The ground of mercy is love, and the working of mercy is our keeping in love." - Julian of Norwich

"Regardless of what you play, the biggest thing is keeping the feel going." - Wes Montgomery

"Keeping your artistic self as creative as possible is a balancing act." - Karrin Allyson

"I tried to keep us together, you were busy keeping secrets" - Drake

"No one has ever succeeded in keeping nations at war except by lies." - Salvador de Madariaga

"Keep on keeping on!!!" - Joel Osteen

"And the Baron's retainers were blithe and gay, And keeping their Christmas holiday." - Thomas Haynes Bayly

"Retirement is having nothing to do and someone always keeping you from it." - Robert Breault

"I've been keeping my own naughty and nice list for Washington." - Barack Obama

"A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you're keeping." - Kenneth Tynan

"The whole of life is but keeping away the thoughts of the fear of death." - Samuel Johnson

"Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard." - Walter Dean Myers

"Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit. A Votre Sante." - Kathy Smith

"Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun." - B.K.S. Iyengar

"A healthy mind in a healthy body." - Juvenal

"If you knew that you were the owner of a million-dollar mind, would you treat your mind with more respect and appreciation? Would you put less poison in a million-dollar mind? Pay attention to what poisons you may be feeding your mind with & how now keeping your mind clear and healthy could make you more effective." - Marshall Sylver

"It is unfortunate that some in our party have lost sight of the importance of conservation and environmental protection for keeping America strong, healthy, prosperous, and secure. It's time for all of our Republican leaders to recognize that conservation is conservative." - David Jenkins

"In our culture privacy is often confused with secrecy. Open, honest, truth-telling individuals value privacy. We all need spaces where we can be alone with thoughts and feelings - where we can experience healthy psychological autonomy and can choose to share when we want to. Keeping secrets is usually about power, about hiding and concealing information." - Bell Hooks

"Baseball shaded my entire outlook on life, because that's how I first saw the world. I looked at everything, even today, through what I learned about the game. Like pacing yourself, focusing yourself, preparing yourself for what you want to do, keeping yourself healthy for the game. I do all that through the eyes of a ballplayer." - Kurt Russell

"I am passionate about reading, for myself and for kids. Our future as a compassionate, productive, healthy society is rooted in our continuing to engage our minds and spirits. The key for me is in keeping it joyful as an activity." - Emma Walton Hamilton

"The value of sharks' lives is now widely understood to be more important than their value as products. And when you have sharks in an area, it's a sign of good health. They're top predators, which means they feed on old, sick, and slower fish, keeping an entire population healthy." - Sylvia Earle

"If you don't encourage healthy sexual expression in public, you get unhealthy sexual expression in private. If you attempt to suppress sex in books, magazines, movies and even everyday conversation, you aren't helping to make sex more private, just more hidden. You're keeping sex in the dark. What we've tried to do is turn on the lights." - Hugh Hefner

"President Obama has tried to spin the paltry new job creation numbers as 'a step in the right direction.' But, clearly, the small growth in jobs isn't even keeping up with population growth, much less returning the workforce to a healthy level." - Bob Beauprez

"No, I like to wear as least amount of makeup as I can during my everyday life because I'm just all about keeping my skin healthy and hydrated and I love to laugh and have a great time and smile - that's when I feel the most pretty so I just want to make sure that I stay happy." - Lily Collins

"We believe in honoring our mothers and fathers and keeping our smallest residents - our children - healthy. The politicians in charge of Texas now clearly don't. Perry has refused to even consider expanding health care coverage in Texas because he cares more about scoring political points than he does about our Texas families." - Wendy Davis

"I am 5 ft 6 in, and at my peak, my vital statistics were 37-22-35. I didn't even think about my weight - but now I work hard at keeping healthy. Fortunately, my husband Richie is as much of a fitness buff as I am." - Raquel Welch

"We must pay greater attention to keeping our bodies and minds healthy and able to heal. Yet we are making it difficult for our defences to work. We allow things to be sold that should not be called food. Many have no nutritive value and lead to obesity, salt imbalance, and allergies." - David Suzuki

"Customer-driven innovation was at the core of Intuit's first product, 'Quicken,' and it continues to guide us as we look to solve new problems in areas like mobile payments. Products like Intuit 'GoPayment' and the IntuitPayment Network are helping small businesses get paid faster, keeping cash flow strong and their business healthy." - Brad D Smith

"A psychologically healthy person can, in fact, be defined as someone whose desires actually produce happiness." - Deepak Chopra

"Living a healthy lifestyle will only deprive you of poor health, lethargy, and fat." - Jill Johnson

"Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any kind." - Mahatma Gandhi

"True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I don't do this to be healthy, I do this to get big muscles." - Markus Ruhl

"Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe strongly in yourself and go beyond limitations." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Yoga began with the first person wanting to be healthy and happy all the time." - Swami Satchidananda

"Like any other living, growing thing, love requires effort to keep it healthy...." - Leo Buscaglia

"Health requires healthy food." - Roger Williams

"Healthy respect for yourself." - Rhonda Byrne

"The healthy die first." - Proverbs

"Healthy boundaries earns respects" - Faisal Khokhar

"Once you lose the weight, you're really anxious to eat healthy." - Etta James

"I love my cats more than I love most people. Probably more than is healthy." - Amy Lee

"Washington has always had a pretty healthy amount of self-loathing." - Mark Leibovich

"I'm perfectly healthy." - Emmanuel Lewis

"I'm a healthy person." - Amber Riley

"You have to support your children to have a healthy relationship." - Connie Sellecca

"I think I've always been a fighter in a healthy way." - Nicollette Sheridan

"My son is healthy and happy, so that's all that matters to me." - Christina Aguilera

"I feel healthy." - Jenn Suhr

"My personal goals are to be happy, healthy and to be surrounded by loved ones." - Kiana Tom

"Live music is healthy." - John Lydon

"The secret to keeping moving is keeping moving." - Dick Van Dyke

"There is only one thing worse than training employees and losing them, and that's not training them and keeping them" - Zig Ziglar

"If you're keeping score, win!" - Red Auerbach

"Some promises aren't worth keeping." - Holly Black

"The family is on its way out; couples go next; then no more keeping cats or parrots." - Mason Cooley

"Some promises are' worth keeping." - Holly Black

"God is punishing me for my past wickedness by keeping me alive and in as much pain as he can." - Ginger Baker

"Our soul's perfection is our life's purpose; any other purpose, keeping death in mind, has no substance." - Leo Tolstoy

"I'm good at keeping secrets." - Sam Taylorwood

"Keeping a journal implies hope." - Erica Jong

"Keeping grounded and keeping focused and keeping calm and thankful, that comes from God." - Lenny Kravitz

"It would be more in keeping with the intention of the noblest man in this world if our two Christian churches, instead of annoying Negroes with missions which they neither desire nor understand, would kindly, but in all seriousness, teach our European humanity that where parents are not healthy it is a deed pleasing to God to take pity on a poor little healthy orphan child and give him father and mother, than themselves to give birth to a sick child who will only bring unhappiness and suffering on himself and the rest of the world." - Adolf Hitler

"I am a very emotional human being and would say that I handle emotional pain in a healthy way by always letting it out and not keeping it in. There is no better feeling than allowing those tears to flow when I am feeling emotionally constricted. Crying feels so good sometimes, and I do it when I'm happy, sad, stressed, scared. I like to believe that tears are my friend." - Renee Marino

"The only difference between my work and the work of the whole medical profession is that I think we're in striking distance of keeping people so healthy that at 90 they'll carry on waking up in the same physical state as they were at the age of 30, and their probability of not waking up one morning will be no higher than it was at the age of 30." - Aubrey De Grey

"Love is so exquisitely elusive. It cannot be bought, cannot be badgered, cannot be hijacked. It is available only in one rare form: as the natural response of a healthy mind and healthy heart." - Eknath Easwaran

"A healthy mind breeds a healthy body and visa versa!" - Zig Ziglar

"With the chronic obesity in America, it's more important than ever to not only feed kids healthy foods but to teach them how to make healthy choices on their own." - Jennie Garth

"When it happened to us and it was all gone overnight, we said, 'We are in this together, we are healthy, our children are healthy and we can work'." - Kevin Bacon

"You cannot be healthy; you cannot be happy; you cannot be prosperous; if you have a bad disposition." - Emmet Fox

"Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong." - John F Kennedy

"One keeps healthy in a vigorous assertion of values in which war has no part." - Randolph Bourne

"Research shows that happy people look for opportunity while others see only crises. Surrendering fear is healthy!" - Judith Orloff

"Healthy, lusty sex is wonderful." - John Wayne

"Competition is healthy ... but there is more to life than winning or we should nearly all be losers" - Charles Handy

"A young mind in a healthy body is a wonderful thing. Especially for an old man with an open night." - George Burns

"Being cheerful keeps you healthy" - Solomon

"A healthy hatred of scoundrels." - Thomas Carlyle

"Right now, I'm very healthy. I have no vices left. Except sugary breakfast cereal. And absinthe, of course." - Johnny Galecki

"My passion is about motivating as many families as possible to learn about vegetables and healthy eating together." - Jennie Garth

"I promote a healthy lifestyle." - Kim Kardashian

"I am very reluctantly healthy." - Judy Greer

"I try to eat healthy." - Nina Dobrev

"It's cool to be healthy." - Dick Gregory

"I want to be healthy." - Melissa Mccarthy

"India has to be transformed into a developed nation, a prosperous nation and a healthy nation, with a value system." - Abdul Kalam

"The whole chameleon thing about acting. That's why I'm moving towards directing - it's a much more healthy occupation." - Andy Serkis

"How do I stay so healthy and boyishly handsome? It's simple. I drink the blood of young runaways." - William Shatner

"Mackerel is sustainable and healthy." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"I am healthy and happy." - Candice Swanepoel

"I work in an industry where everyone is flawlessly beautiful, but I just want to be healthy." - Anna Torv

"My feeling is that maintaining financial independence is also a healthy way to keep my feet on the ground." - Valerie Trierweiler

"The world does not look to us in the Arab world out of a healthy desire for knowledge." - Tahar Ben Jelloun

"There is nothing to keeping a band together. You simply have to have a gimmick, and the gimmick I use is to pay them money!" - Duke Ellington

"See the land, her Easter keeping, Rises as her Maker rose. Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping, Burst at last from winter snows. Earth with heaven above rejoices..." - Charles Kingsley

"Sometimes it's just the beer and bikinis that get people to come and watch, but it's the competition that's keeping them there." - Kerri Walsh

"The Constitution shall never be construed . . . to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." - Samuel Adams

"Living on borders and in margins, keeping intact one's shifting and multiple identity and integrity, is like trying to swim in a new element, an "alien" element." - Gloria E. Anzald˙a

"Can anything be more absurd than keeping women in a state of ignorance, and yet so vehemently to insist on their resisting temptation?" - Vicesimus Knox

"If he takes the option of dropping behind the point where the ball rests, keeping in line with the pin, his nearest drop is Honolulu." - Jimmy Demaret

"Love is keeping the promise anyway." - John Green

"The governments of the great States have two instruments for keeping the people dependent, in fear and obedience: a coarser, the army; and a more refined, the school." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Slight is the merit of keeping silence on a matter, on the other hand serious is the guilt of talking on things whereon we should be silent." - Ovid

"Rose of the desert! thou art to me An emblem of stainless purity, - Of those who, keeping their garments white, Walk on through life with steps aright." - David Macbeth Moir

"Thou oughtest to be nice, even to superstition, in keeping thy promises; and therefore thou shouldst be equally cautious in making them." - Thomas Fuller

"Keeping you safe keeps me in shape." - Ilona Andrews

"Life's too short for anxious score-keeping" - Teju Cole

"Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits." - William Shakespeare

"He was ever precise in promise-keeping." - William Shakespeare

"I was too busy doing my job and living my life to spend time keeping notes for some future volume of memoirs." - Pierre Trudeau

"Always keeping in mind that you become what you think about, be very careful about any thoughts you harbor that involve doubt." - Wayne Dyer



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