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Keeping A Secret Quotes


"Sometimes when we think we are keeping a secret, the secret is actually keeping us." - Frank Warren

"It isn't a secret, unless keeping it hurts." - Gregory David Roberts

"We all live to a formula. Maybe the secret lies in keeping that formula secret." - Peter Greenaway

"A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you are keeping." - Kenneth Tynan

"If you have a problem I find keeping it a secret makes it so much stronger." - Josh Ramsay

"A neurosis is a secret that you do' know you are keeping." - Kenneth Tynan

"A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you're keeping." - Kenneth Tynan

"A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you are keeping." - Kenneth Tynan

"Thank you for keeping it a secret. There aren't many of those in this tribe." - Kristen Ashley

"The secret to writing a screenplay is keeping your ass in the chair." - Oliver Stone

"That's the secret to a movie career - just keeping an open mind." - Clint Eastwood

"The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn't one." - Margaret Atwood

"The secret to keeping moving is keeping moving." - Dick Van Dyke

"Our lab had always refrained from keeping our studies secret." - Peter Agre

"The secret is keeping busy, and loving what you do." - Lionel Hampton

"Secret, secret, I've got a secret," - Dennis DeYoung

"Oh, Grey, no one really likes keeping secrets. The only thing that makes a secret fun is knowing that you weren't supposed to tell it." - Kate Morton

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." - Maximilien Robespierre

"A secret society within a secret society." - Dave Barry

"Keeping a journal implies hope." - Erica Jong

"I would not say that secret-keeping is one of my finer skills, actually." - Claire Danes

"I'm not good at keeping secrets. If I'm entrusted with a secret from a friend, I can do that because I'm a good friend, but I don't like having secrets, it makes me nervous." - Julia Stiles

"A secret may be sometimes best kept by keeping the secret of its being a secret. It is not many years since a State secret of the greatest importance was printed without being divulged, merely by sending it to the press like any other matter, and trusting to the mechanical habits of the persons employed. They printed it piecemeal in ignorance of what it was about." - Henry Taylor

"Making a series can sometimes feel like you're keeping a secret for months until it comes out; so when it finalizes in front of you, if you like the final product, it can be very exciting." - Tom Westonjones

"Your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur is not concealing your idea from others or keeping your idea a secret, it is actually convincing people that you're not crazy and that you can pull this off." - Sean Parker

"It wouldn't be bad to have the Secret Service keeping an eye on my teenage daughter. I personally am not troubled by the fact that there would be a couple of big guys with earpieces beside her, just in case." - Marco Rubio

"I cut a lot of cringy sex stuff and a lot of stuff I thought was too personal. I think secret gardens are very special. I think we all have to have them. I think the secret of memoirs is keeping those parts of yourself off the page, which makes what you do share more valuable." - Damian Barr

"The war waged against terror since September 11 puts a strain on democracy itself, because it is mostly waged in secret, using means that are at the edge of both law and morality. Yet democracies have shown themselves capable of keeping the secret exercise of power under control." - Michael Ignatieff

"How often our involuntary facial motions testify to the thoughts we were keeping secret, and betray us to those around!" - Michel De Montaigne

"The secret to keeping winning streaks going is to maximize the victories while at the same time minimizing the defeats." - John Lowenstein

"Keeping your mind open in the face of uncertainty is the single most powerful secret of unleashing your creative potential." - Michael J. Gelb

"I am not very good at keeping secrets at all! If you want your secret kept do not tell me!" - Miley Cyrus

"That is how our marriage is working so well. My secret of happiness is keeping my contact to the minimum." - Cyrus Broacha

"A wedding is not house-keeping." - Victor Hugo

"Keeping a diary supports personal development." - Stefan Sagmeister

"The secret of a great melody is a secret." - Dave Brubeck

"That there is a secret itself is a secret." - Dorothy L Sayers

"The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret." - Henny Youngman

"A secret is a secret in my mind." - Daniel Craig

"A secret spoken finds wings." - Robert Jordan

"My mom's a secret Rastafarian." - Jenna Bush

"The secret ballot makes a secret government; and a secret government is a secret band of robbers and murderers." - Lysander Spooner

"The secret known to two is no longer a secret." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"The secret of masonry is to keep a secret." - Joseph Smith Jr

"Obama is not a secret Kenyon, or a secret Muslim, he's a secret Republican." - Bill Maher

"A monopoly granted either to an individual or to a trading company has the same effect as a secret in trade or manufactures. The monopolists, by keeping the market constantly understocked, by never fully supplying the effectual demand, sell their commodities much above the natural price, and raise their emoluments, whether they consist in wages or profit, greatly above their natural rate." - Adam Smith

"I try to imagine keeping something like that a secret for my whole life. It would be like always wearing a mask over your face, which everyone believed was the real you. You would be the only person who knew it wasn't-and who knew that you could never take it off." - Liz Kessler

"There's no "magic secret"; writing is like everything else; ten percent inspiration or talent, and ninety percent hard work. Persistence; keeping at it till you get there. As Agnes de Mille said, it means working every day-bored, tired, weary, or with a fever of a hundred and two." - Marion Zimmer Bradley

"If the big banks expect to buy influence when they give money to favored think tanks, then the public has a right to know. If the big banks don't expect to buy influence and are merely making charitable contributions, then their shareholders have a right to know. Either way, there's no excuse for keeping these payments secret." - Elizabeth Warren

"When I started wearing a yarmulke, I wanted to stand out or take the form of whatever was inspiring me. But now I think there's something to not working it, to keeping it on the inside, and it just being kind of like a secret." - Matisyahu

"Time, we like to say, cures all. But maybe the old saying does' mean time heals. Time cures a secret in its brine, keeping it and finally, paradoxically, destroying it. Nothing is left in that salt solution but the pain or rage, the biting shame that lodged it there. Even they are diluted or denied." - Patricia Hampl

"While privacy strengthens all our bonds, secrecy weakens and damages connection. Lerner points out that we do not usually "know the emotional costs of keeping a secret" until the truth is disclosed. Usually, secrecy involves lying. And lying is always the setting for potential betrayal and violation of trust." - Bell Hooks

"here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)" - E E Cummings

"Being a celebrity stylist, there are many tricks of the trade that I use in my house and with my clients. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has so many uses, so it's my secret cleaning tool for keeping my shoes - like the vintage Air Jordan's I am obsessing over now - and my clients' shoes, scuff and dirt free." - Brad Goreski

"Time, we like to say, cures all. But maybe the old saying doesn't mean time heals. Time cures a secret in its brine, keeping it and finally, paradoxically, destroying it. Nothing is left in that salt solution but the pain or rage, the biting shame that lodged it there. Even they are diluted or denied." - Patricia Hampl

"Here is the deepest secret nobody knows. Here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud. And the sky of the sky of a tree called life; Which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide. And this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart. I carry your heart. I carry it in my heart." - E E Cummings

"You look at Superman, the story of an orphan coming to America, keeping his identity secret and even the names, Kal-El and Jor-El, you can trace lines to the background of the creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, both Jewish. Overall, there was a remarkable confluence of events that led to the medium and the Jewish participation." - Jerry Robinson

"I'm advocating for companies not to make women sign confidentiality clauses just to be able to come to work. I understand that companies need to keep some things secret - like business practices and trade secrets - but confidentiality clauses were never supposed to be keeping private what's happening to people within the workplace. It's a human right issue." - Gretchen Carlson

"Not that I'd really been planning on keeping the attack secret; it had just been an option I'd wanted to keep open if I could." - Patricia Briggs

"The secret of achieving prosperity lies in so vividly keeping yourself centered in the inner focus of affluence that you literally exude the consciousness of it." - Eric Butterworth

"The man who commits immorality does so because he thinks it will maximize pleasure if he can minimize the pain by keeping it secret." - Erwin W. Lutzer

"Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra has charged the Bush administration with keeping programs secret from Congress. Somehow no one from Congress reads the New York Times, I guess." - Jay Leno

"The secret of perfect health lies in keeping the mind always cheerful - never worried, never hurried, never borne down by any fear, thought or anxiety." - Sathya Sai Baba

"I think the secret of memoirs is keeping those parts of yourself off the page, which makes what you do share more valuable." - Damian Barr

"It's a matter of keeping people on a spontaneous edge." - John Zorn

"A secret makes a woman woman - Vermouth" - Gosho Aoyama

"Keeping up is a fool's game; seek advantage instead." - Daniel Burrus

"Your heart is a drum keeping time with everyone." - Beck

"My body is a metronome, keeping time for the universe..." - Pete Wentz

"A theme of digital success is keeping it simple." - Walter Isaacson

"not keeping a promise is the same as lying!" - Eric Jerome Dickey

"Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed." - David Jeremiah

"We have a passion for keeping things simple." - Charlie Munger

"With a heart that is truthful, keeping you youthful." - Smokey Robinson

"Six senses keeping Five around a sense of self" - Dave Matthews

"Sometimes tradition is a way of keeping going." - Maxine Kumin

"Light has a way of keeping people honest." - Michelle Singletary

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." - Pablo Picasso

"I was a master at keeping my feelings in." - Mark David Chapman

"Keeping a feminine approach is vital - men hate bossy females." - Ida Lupino

"Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away." - Eric Berne

"I love keeping a connection with everyone I've worked with." - Ashley Tisdale

"Mediocrity has a way of keeping demons from the door." - Marie Arana

"Money is just a way of keeping score." - H L Hunt

"Nothing weighs more than a secret." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Everyone should cultivate a secret garden." - Esther Perel

"Nothing is so burdensome as a secret." - Proverbs

"Things forbidden have a secret charm." - Tacitus

"I think everybody has a secret life." - Joanne Harris

"Gluttony is not a secret vice." - Orson Welles

"There is a secret hippie within me." - Phillip Lim

"Victoria's Secret is like a big family." - Candice Swanepoel

"I have a secret love of jazz." - Carly Rae Jepsen

"Then stop if you're wise, nor the secret let fall, For a secret once told is no secret at all." - P. J. Searle

"A dictator's chief problem is keeping the stomachs of his subjects full while keeping their heads empty." - Evan Esar

"(Heinrich von) Kleist would not be a Prussian if his first thought would not have been orderlinessand he would not be a German if he had not placed all his hopes of developing this inner orderliness into education. Education is the secret of life for him as for every German: studying, learning a lot from books, sitting in lectures, keeping notebooks, listening intently to professors...." - Stefan Zweig

"I relished the sweet sense of keeping a unique secret in my mind - a wonderful magical universe that I could go to any time, any place, and no one had to know. It was my personal place, better than any I've read about in any other book. And when I wrote, I was in the process of pulling that personal universe out of nothing and into the cold reality of the greater world." - Vera Nazarian

"He that tells a secret is anothers servant. [He that tells a secret is another's servant.]" - George Herbert

"Everyone has a secret. Right? Of course I have a secret. I think maybe you too?" - Ayumi Hamasaki

"A secret remains a secret until you make someone promise never to reveal it." - Fausto Cercignani

"What good is a secret if it remains a secret ... Secrets are meant to be discovered..." - Jocelyn Murray

"I'd be a terrible secret agent. I can't keep a secret and I'm not sneaky." - Katherine Heigl

"The minute more than two people know a secret, it is no longer a secret." - Ann Landers

"The modern world has far too little understanding of the art of keeping young. Its notion of progress has been to pile one thing on top of another, without caring if each thing was crushed in turn. People forgot that the human soul can enjoy a thing most when there is time to think about it and be thankful for it. And by crowding things together they lost the sense of surprise; and surprise is the secret of joy." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"A woman can keep one secret the secret of her age." - Voltaire

"A secret between two is God's secret, between three is all men s." - Proverbs

"People say, 'What's the secret to a marriage?' There's no secret - I think you get lucky." - Steve Carell

"To know that one has a secret is to know half the secret itself." - Henry Ward Beecher

"A secret is a weapon and a friend." - James Stephens

"The secret of keeping young is to read children's books. You read the books they write for little children and you'll keep young. You read novels, philosophy, stuff like that and it makes you feel old." - John Cheever

"The first rule in keeping secrets is nothing on paper: paper can be lost or stolen or simply inherited by the wrong people; if you really want to keep something secret, don't write it down." - Thomas Powers

"How do you go about finding anything? By keeping your mind and heart on it. Interest there must be and steady remembrance. To remember what needs to be remembered is the secret of success. You come to it through earnestness" - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"I needed to recognize those secrets I was keeping from myself- secrets I had buried long ago. I needed Post Secret just as much as the other people who were mailing me their secrets." - Frank Warren

"Love is a secret society, a community for two." - Melvin Burgess

"Death is a mystery, and burial is a secret." - Stephen King

"Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret." - Marlene Dietrich

"Even a secret agent can't lie to a Jewish mother." - Peter Malkin

"Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"No one can keep a secret better than a child." - Victor Hugo

"Optimism is the secret of self-reliance. Self-reliance is the secret of a dynamic power. A dynamic power is the secret of an immediate success." - Sri Chinmoy

"You may be keeping a diary of your thoughts but know that, in every religion, the God you believe is keeping a diary of your actions." - Steve Maraboli

"When women are secret they are secret indeed; and more often then not they only begin to be secret with the advent of a second lover." - Thomas Hardy

"It's hard to have that debate around secret programs authorized by secret legal opinions issued by a secret court. Actually, it's impossible to have that debate." - Al Franken

"You could carve out the inside of a brick and hide your money in it for safe keeping. It's certainly safer than keeping it in the bank!" - Nicole McKay

"You could carve out the inside of a brick and hide your money in it for safe keeping. It's certainly safer than keeping it in the bank!" - Nicole McKay

"People say keeping it real is a hard thing to do. Keeping it real is easy. Being fake and being soft is hard to do." - Trick Daddy

"You could carve out the inside of a brick and hide your money in it for safe keeping. It's certainly safer than keeping it in the bank!" - Nicole McKay

"A poem is a box, a thing, to put other things in. For safe keeping." - Marianne Boruch

"A reversal is just anything that's a surprise. It's a way of keeping the audience interested." - Tony Gilroy

"Keeping a guy in prison costs 50,000 bucks a year. Executing one costs a couple million." - John Grisham

"It's only a little secret, but having a secret makes me feel better. Like a human being again." - Stephen King

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

"Keeping a slow hunch alive poses challenges on multiple scales. For starters, you have to preserve the hunch in your own memory, in the dense network of your neurons. Most slow hunches pass in and out of our memory too quickly, precisely because they possess a certain murkiness. You get a feeling that there's an interesting avenue to explore, a problem that might lead you to a solution, but then you get distracted by more pressing matters and the hunch disappears. So part of the secret of hunch cultivation is simple: write everything down." - Steven Johnson

"The secret to happiness is to find a congenial monotony." - Sean O'Casey

"You cannot be a secret and be profitable." - Suzanne Evans

"One person can keep a secret, but not two." - Ernest Cline

"Every virtuous act is inspired by a dark secret." - Gregory David Roberts

"He won't hurt me. I have a secret weapon." - Sandra Brown

"Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Every scarecrow has a secret ambition to terrorize." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

"Of course, in all magic tricks theres a secret." - Lene

"The secret to desire in a long-term relationship" - Esther Perel

"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky" - Rumi

"I've never made a secret of my homosexuality." - Jens Spahn

"Books have always a secret influence on the understanding." - Samuel Johnson

"We have a secret is called Nationalism" - Ho Chi Minh

"It always hurts when you lose a secret." - Elie Wiesel

"The secret of survival is a defective imagination." - John Banville

"A secret is seldom safe in more than one breast." - Jonathan Swift

"The secret is to start a story near the ending." - Chris Offutt



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