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Keep Trying Quotes


"Saints are only sinners who keep trying." - Mother Teresa

"The important thing is to keep trying" - Keiichi Tsuchiya

"I'm not trying to keep anybody happy." - Bill Parcells

"Set your target and keep trying until you reach it." - Napoleon Hill

"I keep trying to define poetry, but its so difficult." - Jack Gleeson

"The most important thing is to keep trying." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"If enough of us keep trying, we'll get someplace." - Amelia Earhart

"Why do these crazy vampires keep trying to collect me?" - Jeaniene Frost

"Keep trying until you have no more chances left." - Aimee Carter

"Katniss....he's still trying to keep you alive." - Suzanne Collins

"Trying to keep up with current slang sucks." - Keith Waterhouse

"Your trouble is, you keep trying to unscrew the unscrutable." - Ken Kesey

"The saints are the sinners who keep on trying." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"I am just trying to keep it real." - Jessie Ware

"I keep trying to define 'poetry,' but it's so difficult." - Jack Gleeson

"I'm always trying to do something different and trying to keep myself amused." - T.C. Boyle

"Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him." - Dr. Henker

"I just want to keep trying to surprise myself and I want to keep challenging myself." - Jennifer Aniston

"Don't you quit! You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help & happiness ahead." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"You can keep knocking me down forever, I'll keep getting up and trying." - Michelle Rodriguez

"I just want to keep working hard, stay humble, and keep trying to win games." - Damian Lillard

"All I'm trying to do is to keep going and keep evolving." - Juliana Hatfield

"We must not pull away from our children. We must keep trying, keep reaching, keep praying, keep listening. We must keep them within the clasp of our arms." - Jeffrey R. Holland

"Just go and keep auditioning and keep trying and keep believing things will turn around, and it always does." - Melissa De Sousa

"The key is to keep improving. I'm not there yet. I know I have to keep trying to improve and keep trying to get faster." - Tyler Christopher

"Human beings are not perfect. Their institutions are not perfect, but they have to keep trying. And America has to help people keep trying." - Condoleezza Rice

"Before you try to keep up with the Joneses, be sure they're not trying to keep up with you." - Erma Bombeck

"I think those of us who use language are always trying for this, trying to keep everything from floating away by trying to write about it despite failure." - Martha Ronk

"I'm always constantly trying to find stuff that's different. It's a way to keep me on my toes and keep me interested and keep me excited about work." - Colin Hanks

"That whisper you keep hearing is the universe trying to get your attention." - Oprah Winfrey

"Yes, Bastille. I keep trying to get killed because it's inconvenient for you." - Brandon Sanderson

"I was always chasing Taylor, trying to keep up with him." - Blake Griffin

"I'm trying to read a book on how to relax, but I keep falling asleep." - James M. Loy

"There's something in life that's a curtain, and I keep trying to raise it." - Maxine Hong Kingston

"I...keep trying to be perfect. For you. So you'll notice me." - Janet Morris

"Hey, all I was trying to do was keep my country and my family safe!" - Stan Smith

"Any band on their first couple records is just trying to keep up with their inspiration." - Joshua Homme

"Nobody knows the trouble we've seen-but we keep trying to tell them." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"I know i'll screw up. But i'll keep trying, as long as you let me." - Lisa McMann

"When we stumble don't get discouraged. Get up and Keep Trying." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"I'll never get laid trying to keep you safe. You're a train wreck on steroids." - Karen Marie Moning

"When you fail to succeed the first time, keep trying. It's called life." - William Cranch Bond

"Maybe some people are better off in obscurity than trying to keep on expanding." - Erika M. Anderson

"I'm still blow drying my hair, just trying to keep doing stuff that's fun." - David Spade

"In order to keep an open mind, I am trying to avoid learning anything." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"Nothing gets you behind faster than trying to keep up with people who are already there." - Washington Allston

"There's a vested interest in trying to keep people smoking cigarettes." - Sylvia Earle

"My biggest concern is trying to keep crazy Republicans out of office." - Moby

"We need to keep trying to rescue the Constitution from the President." - Nat Hentoff

"I am trying to keep growing and improving as a writer." - Roxane Gay

"Keep trying. It's only from the valley that the mountain seems high." - Zig Ziglar

"I keep trying to lose weight... but it keeps finding me!" - Anonymous

"This is what the good guys do. They keep trying. They don't give up" - Cormac Mccarthy

"I keep pushing buttons and trying to grow as a person and as a filmmaker." - Famke Janssen

"He was like me - a kindred spirit crazy enough to keep on trying." - Octavia Butler

"All that writers can do is keep trying to say what is deepest in their hearts." - Lloyd Alexander

"Rejection just motivates me to keep trying and to try to do better." - Sasha Grey

"Be talented enough to make it and stupid enough to keep trying." - David Alan Grier

"I love being outside with my boys, playing tag or trying to keep up with them." - Jennie Finch

"Behind every great man is his wife trying to keep him alive." - Justin Baldoni

"I just try to keep healthy more so than trying to be thin." - Margot Robbie

"Living in New York City, you have to keep trying to do a lot of things." - Caroline Shaw

"Don't ever give up. You gotta keep trying, and never give up." - Ryan Sheckler

"Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying." - W Clement Stone

"Obviously my career's important to me and I'm really, really passionate about trying to keep it." - Katherine Heigl

"Any band on their first couple records is just trying to keep up with their inspiration." - Josh Homme

"I've spent a lot of time and money trying to keep my anger in control." - Yancy Butler

"I'm trying hard to keep my Australian accent. My mom would disown me if I didn't." - Maia Mitchell

"We just keep trying to beat every show with the funny stick until it's funny" - Dan Povenmire

"Success is seldom permanent, and failure is seldom fatal. The important thing is to keep trying." - Anna Olson

"Whatever you believe in, and if you keep trying, you can eventually succeed." - William Hung

"To stay interested in acting, I have to keep trying stuff I've never done before." - Jessica Lange

"I'm trying to keep up with what's happening in this turbulent world." - Spike Lee

"Stress comes from trying to achieve, trying to do something, trying to keep up with the events of the world, the speed of the world, and trying to accomplish, to produce results." - Drunvalo Melchizedek

"We're trying to impress ourselves in a way. That's why we keep trying to do things better... we never get satisfied." - George Harrison

"It's important to keep trying to do what you think is right no matter how hard it is or how often you fail. Never stop trying" - John Wooden

"We're not at the point of trying to stop global warming; it's too late for that. We're trying to keep it from becoming a complete and utter calamity" - Bill Mckibben

"You gotta keep trying to find your niche and trying to fit into whatever slot that's left for you or to make one of your own." - Dolly Parton

"To keep on trying in spite of disappointment and failure is the only way to keep young and brave. Failures become victories if they make us wise-hearted." - Helen Keller

"Canada is like a nice family living over a biker bar . . . They keep telling the downstairs neighbors to keep down the noise, people are trying to sleep." - Dustin Hoffman

"The people who keep coping, keep trying, no matter how many blows Fate takes at them. Nobody'll make a song about them, but they're heroes all the same." - Mercedes Lackey

"All I got to do is keep getting the most out of each one of my days and keep trying to be the best athlete I can become." - Derrick Rose

"I'm always interested in trying to investigate different personalities. I want to keep myself guessing and keep the fear element alive, so that I don't get too comfortable." - Michael Fassbender

"You just work at it. You just keep grinding away, keep trying to get better, and if you got the ability, one day you have a chance." - Tony Romo

"We spend our lives trying to get along with people so we can keep our jobs, keep our marriages together, so that we can raise our kids properly." - Helen Fisher

"I just like to keep challenging myself, keep it varied. It's a craft, and I'm constantly trying to learn and get better at it." - Clive Owen

"Microbes are just nature's janitors who work to clean up a poorly kept culturing medium. Trying to keep microbes off of and out of your body is like trying to keep the wind out of the trees." - Robert Morse

"Playing with decks, for me, has always been about trying new things. I make it a point to keep trying different things, keep pushing it a little bit at a time." - Eric San

"Playing with decks, for me, has always been about trying new things. I make it a point to keep trying different things, keep pushing it a little bit at a time." - Kid Koala

"It's a burden trying to keep a secret. It's hard. It probably takes more out of you trying to hold it and keep it than it does for you to really let it out." - Magic Johnson

"I'm just trying to keep myself in basketball shape and take care of my body while I can." - Terry Rozier

"The best climbers have the will to hold on. They won't give up and keep trying over and over." - Chris Sharma

"Farewell, my friend," Drizzt whispered, trying futilely to keep his voice from breaking. :This journey you make alone." - R A Salvatore

"I can keep picking small fights, or brave the big one. Time to screw my courage. Or go down trying." - Gayle Forman

"I'm trying to keep my own house from burning down. I can't worry about someone else's house." - Bill Parcells

"If you're trying to hide something, you wouldn't keep getting away with it for 10 years. Nobody is that clever." - Lance Armstrong

"Maturity: knowing where you're crazy, trying to warn others of the fact and striving to keep yourself under control." - Alain De Botton

"Knowing makes all the difference... It's the difference between just trying to keep alive, and having something to live for" - John Wyndham

"I keep it wrapped until i meet the right one 'Cause I ain't Mumford, I ain't trying to have sons" - Donald Glover

"Sister, you're trying to keep me alive as an old curiosity, but I'm done, I'm finished, I'm going to die." - George Bernard Shaw

"I'm very well acquainted with the seven deadly sins, I keep a busy schedule trying to fit them in." - Warren Zevon

"If clouds are blocking the sun, there will always be a silver lining that reminds me to keep on trying." - Matthew Quick

"It is difficult finding intelligence that is actionable in a lot of these places, but we have to keep trying." - Hillary Clinton

"Avoid people who say they know the answer. Keep the company of people who are trying to understand the question." - Billy Connolly

"But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake." - Jonathan Coulton

"I am always trying to eat the right kind of foods that are going to keep me healthy." - Eartha Kitt

"I like to keep pushing myself and trying things out. I get easily bored, so I need a challenge." - Felicity Jones

"I just want to try - on a daily basis keep trying - to make music that I really love." - Moby

"What keeps me going? I guess it's just a desire to keep trying to contribute and do things in life." - Cal Ripken Jr

"I'm just trying to keep things normal around the house, because there's no reason why things shouldn't be normal." - John Mccain

"People get a lot of confusion, because they keep trying to think of quantum mechanics as classical mechanics" - Sidney Coleman

"You're still trying to invent a personality for me Which will only keep me away from myself." - T S Eliot

"When something you make doesn't work, it didn't work, not you. You, you work. You keep trying." - Zach Klein

"I think the golf swing is all about rotation, all about trying to keep the club on plane." - Tiger Woods

"I am happy to keep working on books because I'm always reading, and I'm always trying to fall in love." - Nina Jacobson

"How's it hangin' Harry? I keep trying to die, but they won't let me. Well, you can't have everything." - Nicholas Sparks

"Homosexuality is genetically hardwired but race and gender are only ideas. OK. Just trying to keep up." - Jim Goad

"Even a fool knows you can't touch the stars, but it won't keep the wise from trying." - Harry Anderson

"I'm trying to keep my personal life personal. It's very hard for me because I'm a very honest person." - David Arquette

"I'm trying my best to keep my private life guarded. It's not easy at all. Non, non, non." - Emmanuelle Beart

"Well, I'm always working on my comic strip and trying to, you know, keep cranking that out." - Alison Bechdel

"I do not think we should be trying to save our freedom by killing the safeguards that keep our liberties." - Eliot Engel

"Survival can be summed up in three words - never give up. That's the heart of it really. Just keep trying." - Bear Grylls

"I'm hoping they slow down a little bit with technology, because I'm just trying to keep up." - Kate Upton

"But I care about the reader, and I'm trying to keep the reader's attention for as long as I can." - Jeffrey Eugenides

"I am trying to send directions out and keep control of state government for the final month." - Scott Mccallum

"It is a challenge at times, but trying to stay centered and balanced helps me keep things in perspective." - Katrina Bowden

"The reason I keep making movies is I hate the last thing I did. I'm trying to rectify my wrongs." - Joaquin Phoenix

"I believe in the institution of marriage, and I intend to keep trying till I get it right." - Richard Pryor

"North American leftists just keep trying to relive the '60s, or to make the '60s happen again." - Dave Sim

"Acting is never done. We're trying to keep it real and make sure that you're entertained and it seems unrehearsed." - Tom Sizemore

"I'm always trying to figure out ways to keep hold of memories. My one-sentence journal, for instance." - Gretchen Rubin

"I keep trying to perfect my mother's meatloaf recipe. I will never get it perfect, but I'm getting closer." - Diane Sawyer

"Nobody has time to keep trying on a load of things in the morning like a teenager." - Claudia Schiffer

"I can keep learning about all the different technologies. It's my most telling characteristic. I'm interested in trying anything new." - Martha Stewart

"Kristin Bauer is so funny. Half the time I'm working with her I'm just trying to keep a straight face." - Rutina Wesley

"I'm just trying to keep things rich for me creatively and for the readers who follow me." - Colson Whitehead

"I want a long career in music, so you've gotta keep trying things out; it's gotta get progressively better." - Gin Wigmore

"You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day." - Marian Wright Edelman

"I'm not trying to keep up or adapt. I'm allowing myself to grow, evolve and create new music." - Ll Cool J

"Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that must be followed to become an expert in anything." - W Clement Stone

"I get restless easily so I always want to keep working, but I am trying to pace it as well." - Mia Wasikowska

"I learned from my dad that change and experimentation are constants and important. You have to keep trying new things." - S Robson Walton

"I keep trying to train myself to stop saying 'filmmaker' and start saying 'storyteller.' We're telling stories." - Christine Vachon

"I'm trying to read more dead people because I keep having to read stuff for juries and so forth." - Rick Moody

"Good writers are monotonous, like good composers. They keep trying to perfect the one problem they were born to understand." - Alberto Moravia

"The mistakes made by Congress wouldn't be so bad if the next Congress didn't keep trying to correct them." - Cullen Hightower

"A lot of money is spent trying to keep people alive who don't necessarily want to be alive." - Bob Newhart

"Trying to keep a society together, trying to keep the older and the younger people together, trying to keep those who live in rural areas together with those who live in cities is one of the most important and most noble tasks of politicians these days." - Angela Merkel

"Learning a [skateboard] trick is kind of like a puzzle; you have to keep trying, and trying, and trying, and adapting and changing, and adapting and changing, and finally it works." - Rob Dyrdek



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