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Keep The Commandments! Quotes


"I think Democrats keep the commandments of the Lord more." - Lincoln Davis

"If you desire the spirit of God you must keep the commandments of God." - Heber J Grant

"Without the Spirit we can neither love God nor keep His commandments." - Saint Augustine

"Without prayer it is impossible to resist temptations and to keep the commandments." - Alphonsus Liguori

"Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man." - Bible

"What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? Keep the commandments." - Lancelot Andrewes

"If ye love me keep my commandments" - Robert D. Hales

"It is not that we keep His commandments first and that then He loves but that He loves us and then we keep His commandments. This is that grace which is revealed to the humble but hidden from the proud." - Saint Augustine

"The great difficulty about keeping the Ten Commandments is that no man can keep them and be a gentleman." - H L Mencken

"The only way to acquire spiritual knowledge and keep It burning brightly is to be humble, prayerful, and to strive diligently to keep all of the commandments." - James E Faust

"We must not pick and choose which commandments we think are important to keep but acknowledge all of God's commandments. We must stand firm and steadfast, having perfect confidence in the Lord's consistency and perfect trust in His promises." - L. Tom Perry

"We must not pick and choose which commandments we think are important to keep but acknowledge all of God's commandments. We must stand firm and steadfast, having perfect confidence in the Lord's consistency and perfect trust in His promises." - L. Tom Perry

"You know, it's ironic to me that Christians want to keep the Ten Commandments in our schools, because Christianity has abrogated four of the Ten Commandments. For example, the Sabbath day according to the Ten Commandments is Saturday, not Sunday. And the reason is because God rested, not because Jesus was resurrected." - Alan Dershowitz

"True perfection consists in the love of God and our neighbour, and the better we keep both these commandments, the more perfect we shall be." - Teresa of Avila

"The most important message that I can give to you and to all the world is to keep the commandments of God." - Harold B Lee

"There are many upright and faithful who live all the commandments and whose lives and prayers keep the world from destruction." - Spencer W. Kimball

"True conversion occurs as you continue to act upon the doctrines you know are true and keep the commandments, day after day, month after month." - Bonnie L. Oscarson

"Putting the 10 commandments up to prevent crime is like putting 'Employees must wash hands' up to keep the piss out of your burger." - Jon Stewart

"If you are a good missionary, you will return home with the desire to continue to serve the Lord, to keep His commandments, and to do His will." - Gordon B Hinckley

"[I'm] as broke as the ten commandments." - P G Wodehouse

"The Ten Commandments are not multiple choice" - Anonymous

"The Ten Commandments were not a suggestion." - Pat Riley

"God's commandments are the iron door into Himself. To keep them is to have it opened and His great heart of love revealed." - Samuel Augustus Willoughby Duffield

"If ye love me, keep my commandments." This is the essence of what it means to be a true disciple: those who receive Christ Jesus walk with him." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"All we have to do is to go onward and upward, and keep the commandments of our Father and God; and he will confound our enemies." - Brigham Young

"It isn't the Lord who withholds himself from us. It is we who withhold ourselves from him because of our failure to keep his commandments." - Harold B Lee

"Have faith to keep all the commandments of God, knowing that they are given to bless His children and bring them joy. [You] will encounter people who pick which commandments they will keep and ignore others that they choose to break. I call this the cafeteria approach to obedience. This practice of picking and choosing will not work. It will lead to misery. To prepare to meet God, one keeps all of His commandments. It takes faith to obey them, and keeping His commandments will strengthen that faith." - Russell M Nelson

"'My sheep hear My voice' (Jn. 10:14). This is just another way of saying, 'They obey my words and keep My commandments.' Obeying the commandments the saints draw near to God; the more they draw near to God, the better they know Him." - Dorotheus of Gaza

"We have been taught to keep the commandments, and we have kept them all too well. We have enshrined them like religious relics in sealed containers on the altar. Thus, it could be said that one lives by the commandments in much the same way as many persons live by a neighbor, never learning his name, let alone having any understanding communication with him." - Eric Butterworth

"God abides in each commandment by His gracious power. "God is hidden in His commandments", says St. Mark the Ascetic. God helps everyone who strives to keep His commandments. That God abides in us we know by the Spirit, which He has given us. This means that a Christian is never alone, but that he lives and works together with the Thrice-Holy God." - Justin Popovic

"The nation should be ruled by the Ten Commandments." - Theodore Roosevelt

"The Ten Commandments are the divinely revealed law." - Roy Moore

"A man who has no part in the grace of God, cannot keep the commandments of God, or prepare himself, either wholly or in part, to receive grace; but he rests of necessity under the power of sin." - Martin Luther

"When we strive to keep the commandments of God, repenting of our sins and promising our best efforts to follow the Savior, we begin to grow in confidence that through the Atonement everything will be all right." - Wilford W. Andersen

"As you keep the commandments and pray in faith to see the Lord's hand in your life, I promise you that He will open your spiritual eyes even wider, and you will see more clearly that you are not alone." - Neil L. Andersen

"My crazy parents and those crazy Catholic nuns didn't do a good job of forcing me to keep the Ten Commandments, but they kept me forever fixated on the very idea of a taboo." - Jim Goad

"I ask every man and woman occupying a place of responsibility whose duty it is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to live it and keep the commandments of God, so that their example will teach it." - Heber J Grant

"Decide while you're young to keep the commandments of God, and you won't have to think fast, because before temptation even steps up to the bat, you'll have made your decision. You were smart enough to think first." - John Bytheway

"Morally considered, laughter is next to the Ten Commandments." - Josh Billings

"Seeking the good is not primarily about rules and commandments." - Timothy Radcliffe

"Our love for our Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be reflected in our daily choices and actions. They have promised peace, joy, and happiness to those who keep Their commandments." - M Russell Ballard

"I wish to say to the Latter-day Saints, all that we have to do is be faithful, to keep His commandments, to be humble, to seek Him in mighty prayer, and all will be well with us." - Wilford Woodruff

"To gain a testimony, you must nourish it step by step. '[Your testimony] will increase as you make decisions to keep the commandments. As you lift and strengthen others, you will see your testimony continue to develop.'" - Mary N. Cook

"If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments, they shall be governed by the ten thousand commandments" - Gilbert K Chesterton

"If Moses had been paid newspaper rates for the Ten Commandments, he might have written the Two Thousand Commandments." - Isaac Bashevis Singer

"So many things beat upon us in a lifetime that simply enduring may seem almost beyond us... But the test a loving God has set before us is not to see if we can endure difficulty. It is to see if we can endure it well. We pass the test by showing that we remembered Him and the commandments He gave us. And to endure well is to keep those commandments whatever the opposition, whatever the temptation, and whatever the tumult around us." - Henry B Eyring

"... we can see both that love for God is begotten from the virtues and that virtues are born of love. For this reason the Lord said at one point in the Gospels, 'He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me' (Jn. 14:21), and at another point, 'He who loves Me will keep My commandments' (cf. Jn. 14:23)." - Gregory Palamas

"We are only living truly human lives just so far as we are labouring to keep God's commandments; no further." - J I Packer

"How many observe Christ's birthday! How few, his precepts! O! 'tis easier to keep Holidays than Commandments." - Benjamin Franklin

"The relationship between the films and the individual Commandments [is] a tentative one. The films should be influenced by the individual Commandments to the same degree that the Commandments influence our daily lives." - Krzysztof Kieslowski

"If I can keep myself worthy here, if I can be true to gospel commandments, if I can keep covenants that I have made, the blessings of exaltation and eternal life that Heavenly Father holds out to all of His children apply to me. Every blessing - including eternal marriage - is and will be mine in due course." - Lance B. Wickman

"God requires not the doing of the commandments for their own sake, but the correction of the soul, for whose sake He established the commandments." - Isaac Of Nineveh

"The work of man is to respond to the Covenant by obeying the commandments of the Torah, those commandments that can be obeyed here and now." - David Novak

"I think one of the reasons our court system wants to remove The 10 Commandments is because The 10 Commandments reminds us we are sinners." - Johnny Hunt

"Do you advocate the Ten Commandments as a guide to the good life? Then I can only presume that you don't know the Ten Commandments." - Richard Dawkins

"The Ten Commandments are the most visible symbol because these commandments are recognized by Christians and Jews alike as being the foundation of our system of public morality." - Pat Robertson

"I've traveled all over the country for years speaking in churches, teaching the Ten Commandments. It's amazing if 2 percent of any congregation knows the Ten Commandments." - Randall Terry

"Keep the commandments of God. If you have sinned, the sooner you begin to make your way back, the sooner you will find the sweet peace and joy that come with the miracle of forgiveness. Happiness comes from living the way the Lord wants you to live and from service to God and others." - Thomas S Monson

"Many feel the terms "Sabbath day" and "play day" are synonymous. . . . But I . . . know that remembering to keep the Sabbath day holy is one of the most important commandments we can observe in preparing us to be the recipients of the whisperings of the Spirit." - H. David Burton

"We are safe on the rock which is the Savior when we have yielded in faith in Him, have responded to the Holy Spirit's direction to keep the commandments long enough and faithfully enough that the power of the Atonement has changed our hearts." - Henry B Eyring

"The ten commandments and the sermon on the mount contain my religion." - John Adams

"The Lord gave us Ten Commandments, but the bill before the House today gives us 39." - Tom Lantos

"Of what good is our faith, our repentance, our baptism, and all the sacred ordinances of the gospel by which we have been made ready to receive the blessings of the Lord, if we fail, on our part, to keep the commandments." - Heber J Grant

"How we conduct ourselves in this life will determine what we will be in all the eternities to come. To receive the blessings of the sealing that our Heavenly Father has given to us, we have to keep the commandments and conduct ourselves in such a way that our families will want to live with us in the eternities." - Robert D. Hales

"But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law, which Moses the servant of the LORD charged you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and to cleave unto him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul." - Thomas Morell

"This book [the Bible] speaks both the voice of God and the voice of humanity, for there is told in it the most convincing of human experience that has ever been written...and those who heed that story will know their strength and happiness and success are all summed up in the exhortation, "Fear God and keep His commandments."" - Woodrow Wilson

"Heavenly Father has given a simple pattern for us to receive the Holy Ghost not once but continually in the tumult of our daily lives. The pattern is repeated in the sacramental prayer: We promise that we will always remember the Savior. We promise to take His name upon us. We promise to keep His commandments." - Henry B Eyring

"To make a covenant with the Lord to always keep His commandments is a serious obligation, and to renew that covenant by partaking of the sacrament is equally serious. The solemn moments of thought while the sacrament is being served have great significance. They are moments of self-examination, introspection, self-discernment...a time to reflect and to resolve." - Howard W. Hunter

"To you who are worthy and able to attend the temple, I would admonish you to go often. The temple is a place where we can find peace. There we receive a renewed dedication to the gospel and a strengthened resolve to keep the commandments." - Thomas S Monson

"God has a church upon the earth, who are His chosen people, who keep His commandments. He is leading, not stray offshoots, not one here and one there, but a people. The truth is a sanctifying power, but the church militant is not yet the church triumphant..." - Ellen G White

"Be an example in your Church activity-honor the Sabbath day, attend your meetings, observe the Word of Wisdom, pay your tithes and offerings, support your leaders, and otherwise keep the commandments. Serve cheerfully and gratefully in every calling you receive. Live worthy of a temple recommend and enjoy the sweet, sacred spirit that comes from frequent temple attendance." - Ezra Taft Benson

"It looks like the Monroe Doctrine now supercedes the Ten Commandments amongst Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians." - John Bonanno

"Keeping the commandments is not a burden, but a joyous rehearsal for the eternity." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"The Ten Commandments being taken out of the public schools. I want them back." - Kinky Friedman

"Through the lens of spirituality, we see all the commandments of God as invitations to blessings." - Dallin H. Oaks

"I favor candidates who are biblically oriented, who hold the views of the Ten Commandments." - Bill Bright

"The TEN Commandments are not prefaced with "If you're in the mood"." - Laura Schlessinger

"The Ten Commandments have never been replaced as the moral basis upon which society rests." - Edwin Louis Cole

"Perhaps these Ten Commandments cases will be the turning point in the legal war against religion." - Cliff Stearns

"Public opinion is stronger than the legislature, and nearly as strong as the ten commandments." - Charles Dudley Warner

"Can we do too much for the Lord? Certainly we all love Him. Therefore, I implore us, keep His commandments and become more like Him. Come unto Christ, eat the bread of life, drink the living water, and feast on His limitless love. He is our Savior, our Master, of whom I bear my humble witness." - F. Melvin Hammond

"How do you remain - steadfast and immovable during a trial of faith? You immerse yourself in the very thing that helped your core of faith: you exercise faith in Christ, you pray, you ponder the scriptures, you repent, you keep the commandments, and you serve others." - Neil L. Andersen

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." - Solomon

"Freedom cannot always continue in comfort and convenience, cannot be assured without sacrifice, without truth and decency, without willingness to work, without downright honesty and honor, and readiness to keep the commandments and live within the law...there is no liberty without a real respect for law; no liberty if we forget God, or fail to remember the principles on which freedom is founded." - Richard L Evans

"A hypocritical Boston tycoon once told Mark Twain, 'Before I die I mean to make a pilgrimage to the top of Mount Sinai in the Holy Land and read the Ten Commandments aloud.' 'Why don't you stay right home in Boston,' suggested Twain, 'and keep them?" - Mark Twain

"When we are baptized and confirmed, when brethren are ordained to the priesthood, when we go to the temple and receive our endowment, when we enter into the new and everlasting covenant of eternal marriage - in all these sacred ordinances, we make solemn commitments to keep God's commandments." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"We frequently may press forward hoping and praying-but without absolute assurance-that we are acting in accordance with God's will. But as we honor our covenants and keep the commandments, as we strive ever more consistently to do good and to become better, we can walk with the confidence that God will guide our steps." - David A Bednar

"God heals, and the doctor takes the fees. Energy and persistence conquer all things. He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. How many observe Christ's birthday! How few, his precepts! Oh, it's easier to keep Holidays than Commandments. Well done is better than well said." - Benjamin Franklin

"We frequently may press forward hoping and praying-but without absolute assurance-that we are acting in accordance with God's will. But as we honor our covenants and keep the commandments, as we strive ever more consistently to do good and to become better, we can walk with the confidence that God will guide our steps." - David A Bednar

"We've staked our future on our ability to follow the Ten Commandments with all our heart." - James Madison

"I know a fellow who's as broke as the Ten Commandments." - John P. Marquand

"If you have to have a policy manual, publish the 'Ten Commandments.'" - Robert Townsend

"Answers to our sincere questions come when we earnestly seek and when we live the commandments." - Rosemary M. Wixom

"Trying to please others before pleasing God is inverting the first and second great commandments." - Lynn G. Robbins

"Here are the Ten Commandments for a writer: Create, Create, Create, Create, Create, Create..." - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Shouldn't the commandments be re-written? No, they should be re-read!" - Richard L Evans

"I know the two great commandments, and I'd better get on with them." - C S Lewis

"The Ten Commandments have a social purpose, for people who still need a social purpose." - Frederick Lenz

"One of the great commandments of science is: 'Mistrust arguments from authority.'" - Carl Sagan

"The world changes constantly and dramatically, but God, His commandments, and promised blessings do not change." - L. Tom Perry

"They took your commandments off the schoolhouse walls, they say it's a crime to pray." - Randy Travis

"No man can break any of the Ten Commandments. He can only break himself against them." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"No government may remain strong by ignoring the commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai." - Spencer W. Kimball

"Fay: The Ten Commandments. She was a great believer in some of them." - Joe Orton

"Somebody recently figured out that we have 35 million laws to enforce the ten commandments." - Earl Wilson

"Ten ancient commandments lousing up the fun. Along came prosperity, and then there was none." - Gerald Barzan

"If you have to have a policy manual, publish 'The Ten Commandments'." - Robert Townsend

"I know a fellow who's as broke as the Ten Commandments." - John Phillips Marquand

"America, where thanks to Congress, there are forty million laws to enforce the Ten Commandments." - Anatole France

"Most people believe that the Christian commandments are intentionally a little too severe" - Soren Kierkegaard

"What the ten commandments set forth is a strategy. This strategy is a strategy for dominion." - Gary North

"Middle-aged people can balance between believing in God and breaking all the commandments without difficulty." - T. H. White

"Patience means accepting that which cannot be changed and facing it with courage, grace, and faith. It means being "willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon [us], even as a child doth submit to his father." Ultimately, patience means being "firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord" every hour of every day, even when it is hard to do so. In the words of John the Revelator, "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and ... faith [in] Jesus." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"God hears and fulfills the prayer of a man who fulfills His commandments. "Hear God in His commandments," says St. John Chrysostom, "So that He might hear you in your prayers." A man who keeps the commandments of God is always wise, patient, and sincere in his prayers. Mystery of prayer consists in the keeping of God's commandments." - Justin Popovic

"My plea therefore is this: Let us get our instruments tightly strung and our melodies sweetly sung. Let us not die with our music still in us. Let us rather use this precious mortal probation to move confidently and gloriously upward toward the eternal life which God our Father gives to those who keep his commandments." - Spencer W. Kimball

"Peace is not just safety or lack of war, violence, conflict and contention. Peace comes from knowing that the Savior knows who we are, knows that we have faith in Him, love Him, and keep His commandments, even and especially amid life's devastating trials and tragedies." - Quentin L. Cook

"No one who ever wants praise will be satisfied with praise, the person who wants love cannot be satisfied with love. No want is ever fulfilled. And therefore I still don't know whether it is better to fear God and keep His commandments or to curse God and die." - Joseph Heller

"Thou shalt not get found out' is not one of God's commandments; and no man can be saved by trying to keep it." - Leonard Bacon

"'Thou shalt not get found out' is not one of God's commandments; and no man can be saved by trying to keep it." - Leonard Bacon

"... reason accepts no commandments." - Ayn Rand

"One of the great blessings of the restored gospel is the privilege of entering into sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven-covenants made binding by virtue of the holy priesthood. When we are baptized and confirmed, when brethren are ordained to the priesthood, when we go to the temple and receive our endowment, when we enter into the new and everlasting covenant of eternal marriage-in all these sacred ordinances, we make solemn commitments to keep God's commandments." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"Worthy partakers of the sacrament are in harmony with the Lord and put themselves under covenant with Him to always remember His sacrifice for the sins of the world, to take upon them the name of Christ, and to always remember Him, and to keep His commandments. The Savior covenants that we who do so shall have His Spirit to be with us and that, if faithful to the end, we may inherit eternal life." - David B. Haight

"The saints are like the Lord, but so are all people who keep the commandments of Christ; but those who live according to their own passions and do not repent are like the devil. I think that if this mystery were revealed to the world, then they would stop serving the devil, and every one would strive to serve the Lord with all his strength, and to be like Him." - Silouan the Athonite

"If you want to attain salvation, learn and keep in your heart all that the holy Church teaches and, receiving heavenly power from the mysteries of the Church, walk the path of Christ's commandments, under the direction of lawful pastors, and you will undoubtedly attain the Heavenly Kingdom and be saved. All of this is naturally necessary in the matter of salvation, necessary in it entirety and for all. Whoever rejects or neglects any part of it has no salvation." - Theophan the Recluse

"The banner of the third angel has inscribed upon it, The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." - Ellen G White

"A Christian receives divine wisdom in three ways: by the commandments, teachings, and faith. The commandments free the mind from passions. Teachings lead it to true knowledge of nature. Faith leads to the contemplation of the Holy Trinity." - Maximus the Confessor

"We believe that worship is far more than prayer and preaching and gospel performance. The supreme act of worship is to keep the commandments, to follow in the footsteps of the Son of God, to do ever those things that please Him. It is one thing to give lip service to the Lord; it is quite another to respect and honor His will by following the example He has set for us." - Joseph Fielding Smith

"The Ten Commandments are the charter and guide of human liberty, for there can be no liberty without the law." - Cecil B Demille

"Young people, take heart: the older you get, the fewer commandments you will have the strength to break." - Mark Russell

"The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments." - Maurice Strong

"Every morning as I read the scripture, every night, I quote the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule." - Bill Bright

"Had they [the Tories] been in the wilderness they would have complained of the Ten Commandments. Remark." - John Bright

"Well, that's the - the removal from office and removal of the Ten Commandments were two different issues." - Roy Moore

"I'm a big, big movie fan. I watch 'The Ten Commandments' and the original 'Planet of the Apes' every night." - Tracy Morgan

"We need strength beyond ourselves to keep the commandments in whatever circumstance life brings to us. The combination of trials and their duration are as varied as are the children of our Heavenly Father. No two are alike. But what is being tested is the same, at all times in our lives and for every person: will we do whatsoever the Lord our God will command us?" - Henry B Eyring

"Whenever we choose to come unto Christ, take His name upon us, and follow His servants, we progress along the path to eternal life. In our mortal journey, it is helpful to remember that the opposite is also true: when we don't keep the commandments or follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, our opportunities are reduced; our abilities to act and progress are diminished." - Robert D. Hales

"The Lord is in control. He knows the end from the beginning. He has given us adequate instruction that, if followed, will see us safely through any crisis. His purposes will be fulfilled, and someday we will understand the eternal reasons for all of these events. Therefore, today we must be careful to not overreact, nor should we be caught up in extreme preparations, but what we must do is keep the commandments of God and never loose hope!" - M Russell Ballard

"... men... who say that there is no one in our times and in our midst who is able to keep the Gospel commandments and become like the holy Fathers? To them the Master rightly says with a loud voice, 'Woe to you scribes and Pharisees (Mt. 23:13)! Woe to you, blind guides of the blind (Mt. 23:16), because you do not enter into the kingdom, and you hinder those who wish to enter' (Mt. 23:13)." - Symeon the New Theologian

"I testify to you that our promised blessings are beyond measure. Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rains may pour down upon us, our knowledge of the gospel and our love of our Heavenly Father and Savior will comfort and sustain us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and keep the commandments. There will be nothing in this world that can defeat us." - Thomas S Monson

"Who was this Man of sorrows, acquainted with grief? Who is the King of glory, this Lord of hosts? He is our Master. He is our Savior. He is the Son of God. He is the Author of our Salvation. He beckons, "Follow me." He instructs, "Go, and do thou likewise." He pleads, "Keep my commandments." Let us follow Him. Let us emulate His example. Let us obey His word. By so doing, we give to Him the divine gift of gratitude." - Thomas S Monson

"I also see the world of religion. I see some of my brothers and sisters trying to be religious without being fully human. They seem a little rigid and narrow at times, wanting to be holy, but not human. They seem to be winning a place in heaven, without realizing or enjoying the beauty of earth. They keep the ten commandments, but their observances look so joyless. Such a world seems small and the air in that world is stale." - John Powell

"Little kids sing a song called "America the Beautiful." They sing a song called "This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land." To me, those songs are not just nice little ditties. They are marching orders. They are commandments that we must protect America's beauty from the clear-cutters, the strip-miners, the oil spillers. They are pledges we have made. They are promises to keep." - Van Jones

"The only way those Ten Commandments and prayer would be stripped from that Courtroom is with the force of arms." - Fob James

"All the Ten Commandments and prayer is an acknowledgement of the Almighty God. We will not back down from that." - Roy Moore

"The boys are in such a mood that if someone introduced the Ten Commandments, they'd cut them down to seven." - Norris Cotton

"Souls generally do not fall away from Christ because of the Creed; they first have difficulty with the Commandments." - Fulton J Sheen

"In answer to the question, "Shouldn't the commandments be rewritten?," someone thoughtfully replied, "No, they should be reread."" - Richard L Evans

"According to science, the universe began as a swirl of gas that, as it cooled, spun off the Ten Commandments." - Robert Breault

"Be the kind of friend who makes it easier for others to obey the commandments when they are with you." - Robert D. Hales

"According to science, the universe began as a swirl of gas that, as it cooled, spun off the Ten Commandments." - Robert Brault



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