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Keep Positive Quotes


"Be positive. Keep grinding. Stay positive." - Scott Hall

"Positive things happen to positive people." - Sarah Beeny

"I've always been inspired even more by any naysayers to keep going for what I really want and they've almost been my inspiration many times more so than any positive people around me to conquer." - Christina Aguilera

"Instead of yelling and spanking, which dont work anyway, I believe in finding creative ways to keep their attention - turning things into a game, for instance. And, when they do something good, positive reinforcement and praise." - Patricia Richardson

"My goal for these next few years, for the next forever, is to try and keep positive things around me. If somebody is coming at me with negative stuff, just back away from me." - Sharon Jones

"Positive thoughts keep you in harmony with the universe." - Wayne Dyer

"Don't obsess over risks. Keep your focus on positive outcomes." - Deepak Chopra

"Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Keep my word positive. Words become my behaviors. Keep my behaviors positive. Behaviors become my habits. Keep my habits positive. Habits become my values. Keep my values positive. Values become my destiny." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I try to keep a positive attitude about everything." - Chris Weidman

"Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good." - Conor Mcgregor

"Keep your thoughts positive because your thought become YOUR WORDS. Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes YOUR HABITS Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY" - Mahatma Gandhi

"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny." - Mahatma Gandhi

"One positive thought produces millions of positive vibrations." - John Coltrane

"There will always be critics. On one hand, criticism can be positive. On the other hand, criticism can be negative. But critics will always be watching the game. If you listen to everybody, you can go crazy. I have my own point of view, and I always try to keep it." - Alexander Ovechkin

"Atheists often denounce Christianity as harsh and negative. But in reality it offers a much more positive view of the human person than any competing religion or worldview. It is so appealing that adherents of other worldviews keep free-loading the parts they like best." - Nancy Pearcey

"Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts" - Ray J

"Keep engaged in the all new popular and fancy, positive side of things!" - Robert Falcon Scott

"Don't listen to criticism, positive or negative. You just keep going forward." - Arian Foster

"Laugh loud, and laugh often. It"ll keep you happy, keep you healthy, and keep your attitude headed in a positive direction." - Mac Anderson

"Laugh loud, and laugh often. It'll keep you happy, keep you healthy, and keep your attitude headed in a positive direction." - Mac Anderson

"Positive thinking is hard. Worth it, though." - Seth Godin

"Your mind is like a garden - unless you cultivate flowers, weeds will flourish. To keep your mind positive, substitute positive thoughts for negative thoughts." - Brian Tracy

"When those you love die, the best you can do is honor their spirit for as long as you live. You make a commitment that you're going to take whatever lesson that person or animal was trying to teach you, and you make it true in your own life... It's a positive way to keep their spirit alive in the world, by keeping it alive in yourself." - Patrick Swayze

"if your subject is an actor, he or she will also be shorter in person than they appear onscreen. This, also, you must keep to yourself. Even if you think you are giving their lack of height a positive spin, you aren't. 'You always seem larger than life in photos, but it's nice to see that in person you're just like us' might seem like a compliment, but what a star hears is 'You're stumpy, and you will lose jobs to taller people." - Jancee Dunn

"The more we make an effort to keep our thoughts positive, the more pleasurable our journey in life will be." - James Van Praagh

"I try to keep myself grounded and to stay true to who I am through every experience, positive or negative." - Jake T Austin

"There is a sense that things, if you keep positive and optimistic about what can be done, do work out." - Hillary Clinton

"I try to keep it light and positive most of the time, whereas earlier on I didn't always do that." - Gordon Lightfoot

"I am a positive person. I never think of the glass as half empty. I just keep pushing forward." - Rosie Perez

"I think there is no mantra for success. One just has to be positive and keep doing good work. One must keep moving forward and not think much." - Madhuri Dixit

"Really you just gotta keep chugging along and keep a positive attitude and get through all the problems. You gotta face them, otherwise you don't get through." - Lesley Gore

"Nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself... Keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good." - Conor Mcgregor

"Pridelessness is negative good; humility is positive good." - Radhanath Swami

"A positive attitude, can turn a storm into a sprinkle." - Robert M. Hensel

"To respond is positive, to react is negative." - Zig Ziglar

"Don't whine. Find the positive in difficult situations." - Tony DiCicco

"If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet." - Joel Osteen

"Hope is the positive mode of awaiting the future." - Emil Brunner

"Having an authentic emotional response is always a positive thing." - Yael Cohen

"I like being upbeat, positive, happy, enjoying family." - Jamie Lynn Sigler

"Think BIG and always focus on the positive" - Donald Trump

"Holding a grudge is never positive or appropriate." - John C Maxwell

"The only way to be productive is to be positive." - Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

"Its clear there is an energy positive in producing ethanol." - Patricia A Woertz

"Positive words are the glue that holds relationships together." - Tom Rath

"Initially, I felt like my duty was to just keep it positive and be positive and sometimes I crack in that. We're human. I'm imperfect at times and that was just me being imperfect at that one point." - Wale

"Positive thoughts: joy, happiness, fulfillment, achievement, worthiness, have positive results: enthusiasm, calm, well-being, ease, energy, love...." - Peter Mcwilliams

"Thinking happy thoughts literally creates a positive chemical change in the brain which stimulates both positive physical and psychological benefits." - Deepak Chopra

"Positive thinking is a good attitude to have. But positive thinking without any skills is a load of crap." - Conrad Dobler

"Our time and attention is scarce. Art is not that important to us, no matter what we might like to believe... Our love of art is often quite temporary, dependent upon our moods, and our love of art is subservient to our demand for a positive self image. How we look at art should account for those imperfections and work around them. Keep in mind that books, like art museums, are not always geared to the desires of the reader. Maybe we think we are supposed to like tough books, but are we? Who says? Many writers (and art museums) produce for quite a small subsample of the... public." - Tyler Cowen

"Positive thinkers think and talk continually about solutions, and negative thinkers continually talk and think about problems. Keep your mind solution-focuse d rather than problem- focused." - Brian Tracy

"I'm focused on myself and on what I've got to do...I'm just trying to get back on track and keep this positive mindset." - Tim Lincecum

"Although it's not useful to drown in despair, it's also not useful to keep a 'positive attitude' when this means concealing or denying real emotions." - Harriet Lerner

"I don't remember those early playoff games. Keep it positive. I'm a different player. More focused. I know how important it is to score in the playoffs." - Pavel Datsyuk

"We stay strong. We stay positive, keep our heads up, love one another, spread love. The Devil can't win when you have God on your side." - Mavis Staples

"Success is achieved and maintained by those who keep trying with positive mental attitude. What you try for is up to you." - W Clement Stone

"Bring into reality the possibility of the improbable by acquiring a positive mental attitude. Say to yourself, as Henry Ford said to his engineers, "Keep working!"" - W Clement Stone

"You're on a positive road. You have some type of direction where you're going, so you have to just keep on going." - Bob Marley

"No wonder we keep testing positive in their bicycle races. Everyone looks like they're full of testosterone when they're surrounded by Frenchmen." - Argus Hamilton

"In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive." - Lee Iacocca

"So, we have choice, and sometimes it seems very hard, but the best way to heal physically or emotionally is to keep positive." - Petra Nemcova

"I try to keep it positive and play it cool, shoot up the playground and tell the kids to stay in school." - Eminem

"How delightful is the company of generous people, who overlook trifles and keep their minds instinctively fixed on whatever is good and positive in the world around them." - Van Wyck Brooks

"My grandmother always told me you must keep to your old roads and stick to your original friends and just go through smooth, be careful and stay positive." - Wayne Wonder

"Living with anyone for many years takes skill. To keep peace in the household, couples learn to adapt to one another, hopefully in positive ways." - Diane Ackerman

"I will keep smiling, be positive and never give up! I will give 100 percent each time I play. These are always my goals and my attitude." - Yani Tseng

"There's always negatives no matter what you're in in life. However if you keep being persistent the negative usually becomes a positive." - Louis Lombardi

"My all-time favorite topic in positive psychology is the study of positive emotions. I'm fascinated by how pleasant experiences, which can be so subtle and fleeting, can add up over time to change who we become. I'm especially excited these days about investigating how positive emotions change the very ways that our cells form and function to keep us healthy." - Barbara Fredrickson

"Positivity, that's one of the things I try to spread throughout my company and really anyone I come in contact with. Because as you know, life's too short. You got to keep it positive and keep it fun." - Jose Garces

"Sometimes you have got to look at things really positively - without putting your head in the sand, you have got to manage the negatives and keep putting a positive slant on it, keep trying to find answers." - Brian Mcdermott

"Positive emotional energy is the key to health, happiness and wellbeing. The more positive you are, the better your life will be in every area." - Brian Tracy

"That expression "positive neutrality" is a contradiction in terms. There can be no more positive neutrality than there can be a vegetarian tiger." - V. K. Krishna Menon

"One positive statement of good is more powerful than 1,000 negative thoughts; and two positive statements of good are more powerful than 10,000 negative thoughts." - Catherine Ponder

"Positive thoughts lead to positive results." - Maria V. Snyder

"Positive attitudes qualify you for positive experiences." - Bryant H Mcgill

"Positive energy is attracted to positive energy." - Deborah

"Keep thy shop, and thy shop will keep thee." - Benjamin Franklin

"Keep your head up, keep your heart strong." - Shalane Flanagan

"Keep strong if possible; in any case, keep cool." - Bill Vaughan

"Haters can keep on hating." - Selena Gomez

"Keep calm and carry on." - Winston Churchill

"Never despair, keep pushing on!" - Thomas Lipton

"Explore everything; keep the best" - John Evelyn

"I like to keep fit." - Alan Sugar

"An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality." - Brian Tracy

"Any guy who can maintain a positive attitude without much playing time certainly earns my respect." - Magic Johnson

"Don't wait until you feel positive to move forward. Act your way into feeling good." - John C Maxwell

"Someone had to embrace positive beginnings before anyone could celebrate successful conclusions or continuations." - Aberjhani

"Learn to think like a winner. Think positive and visualize your strengths." - Vic Braden

"If you surround yourself with positive people who build you up, the sky is the limit." - Joel Brown

"Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable; it is a positive good." - Abraham Lincoln

"One step at a time, I get to make positive choices to fulfill my dreams." - Deena Kastor

"Power to me is having the ability to make a change in a positive way." - Victoria Justice

"Stop expecting others to act first, be the one who makes a positive change." - Leon Brown

"I just loved the power of positive thinking, letting yourself go." - Jason Mraz

"To be a leader you must be able to create positive change." - John C Maxwell

"The more you teach positive ideas to others, the better you learn them yourself." - Brian Tracy

"We become more successful when we are happier and more positive." - Shawn Achor

"We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic." - Susan Jeffers

"Optimism and self-pity are the positive and negative poles of modern cowardice." - Cyril Connolly

"In business, as in life, all that matters is that you do something positive." - Richard Branson

"Everything in nature is bipolar, or has a positive and a negative pole." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Approach difficult tasks with a positive attitude - you'll inspire others and feel better about what's ahead" - Denise Austin

"Compassion naturally creates a positive atmosphere, and as a result you feel peaceful and content." - Dalai Lama

"There is an automatic assumption that negative is realistic and positive is unrealistic." - Susan Jeffers

"I'm trustworthy and true and a whole of other positive words that start with T." - Rob Payne

"Ive always been able to transform happiness and pain and sorrow and tears into positive energy." - Thalia

"Choose to live in a place where your eyes are always open to the positive possibilities." - Ralph Marston

"Fussing over children who cry only encourages them. That's positive reinforcement for negative behavior." - Jeannette Walls

"I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society." - Anthony S. Fauci

"Reality might be described as the eternal equipoise of positive and negative." - Rachel Cusk

"I'm so positive." - Rickie Lee Jones

"I'm a positive man." - Mariano Rivera

"Positive thinking breeds success." - Urijah Faber

"Only fools are positive." - Moe Howard

"If you engage in positive thinking to overcome negative thoughts, the negative thoughts are still there acting. That's still incoherence. It's not enough just to engage in positive thoughts when you have negative thoughts registered, because they keep on working and will cause trouble somewhere else." - David Bohm

"I tried to reach the combatants with my music. I tried to turn my anger into something positive. Myself, and others like me, just tried to keep rock and roll alive." - Eric Burdon

"I'm not a conscious rapper, all those things we talk about, the struggle, the pain, the outlook to the future, keep your head up. I try to put all those positive things into a regular human character, which is myself." - J Cole

"To keep my head healthy, [I'm] trying to meditate every morning, which is something I'm sort of getting into more, realizing that it's really positive to do every day." - Erin Richards

"I strongly believe that the more positive my vibration is, the clearer my message will be. I keep my negative thoughts from infiltrating my pathway and my dreams. Other people's thoughts are none of my business." - Erykah Badu

"We are all going through some sort of struggle, so I try to keep that in mind when someone makes me angry. I also know that being positive is a choice, and I try to make that choice every day." - Joshua Radin

"I always try to keep a positive perspective on what's valuable and the importance of restricting that immediate gratification and, most importantly, that who you are isn't the stuff you have." - Demi Moore

"Yes, pain, disappointment, frustration, and anguish can be temporary scenes played out on the stage of life. Behind them can be a background of peace and the positive assurance that a loving Father will keep His promises." - Richard G Scott

"You can make almost anything a learning or positive experience. I think I offer a good example of how to make the most out of what life gives you and how to keep moving on." - Augusten Burroughs

"I don't know that God favors the person who has a greater reach than those who have a small reach. It's the intention. I try to keep a positive intention, and use whatever resources I have to benefit others." - Russell Simmons

"I always had this non-stop drive. I had to keep sending stories out and every once in awhile I'd get something accepted or get the little trickle of positive feedback." - Kevin J Anderson

"Write a list of ways that you have benefited from being married to your spouse. Then write a list of your spouse's positive patterns and qualities. Keep adding to the lists and reread them frequently." - Zelig Pliskin

"Instead of yelling and spanking, which don't work anyway, I believe in finding creative ways to keep their attention - turning things into a game, for instance. And, when they do something good, positive reinforcement and praise." - Patricia Richardson

"As Bob Dole found out, you can't keep a positive image while being your party's mouthpiece in Congress. That's why no legislative leader since James Madison has ever been elected president." - Dick Morris

"A positive philosophy turns into a positive attitude, which turns into positive actions, which turns into positive results, which turns into a positive lifestyle. A positive life." - Jeff Olson

"The first couple months, I was hitting the ball hard but had some awful, awful luck. You stay positive, keep grinding out some at-bats, get a couple to fall through, get a little confidence going and keep going from there." - Dan Uggla

"People relate to life being challenging and hard, and still trying to keep a positive attitude and keep going. If you're alone, there's nothing wrong with that. That's fine. But, finding the right person is something that you would really like and hope for." - Charlotte Ross

"To have a positive religion is not necessary. To be in harmony with yourself and the universe is what counts, and this is possible without positive and specific formulation in words." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Surround yourself with positive messages, inspire yourself on a daily basis, and come to grips with your own power of determination. Then you will become unstoppable in achieving positive life changes for yourself and your family." - Jean Charest

"I do believe that children are all blessings from god. And I feel it's all positive, it's positive experience. You know, I don't like to dwell on any of the negative. And - a lot of people do." - Nadya Suleman

"Positive minds full of faith and hope produce positive lives." - Joyce Meyer

"Positive people with positive attitudes ignites energy in me" - Pat Falvey

"When you think a positive thought, you become positive." - Steve Backley

"Positive thinking must be followed by positive doing." - John C Maxwell

"I know that positive energy begets positive energy." - Joshua Radin

"Surround yourself with positive people and positive influences." - Bradford Winters

"Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success." - Shiv Khera

"There's a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results." - Joe Rogan

"If you're going thru hell, keep going." - Rob Estes

"Keep on listening & tapping your feet." - Count Basie

"Keep our marriage alive, and farewell." - Augustus

"Keep conscience clear, then never fear." - Benjamin Franklin

"If you want to write, keep cats." - Aldous Huxley

"Above all, keep your colors fresh!" - Edouard Manet



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