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John Paul Ii Quotes


" a structural value of the social doctrine, as Blessed John Paul II reminded us." - Pope Francis

"Saint John Paul II, pray for us and especially for our youth." - Pope Francis

"John Paul II was one of the greatest men of the last century. Perhaps the greatest." - Henry A Kissinger

"In life, as in death, Pope John Paul II was one of the most visible people on Earth." - Chris Matthews

"The last person to be beatified by Pope John Paul II was Mother Teresa of Calcutta in 2003." - Chris Matthews

"His [John Paul II] humanity, combined with his extraordinary spiritual authority, was unlike anything I've ever met." - Chris Matthews

"An ambassador for peace, Pope John Paul II stood steadfast against communism and condemned discrimination against all people." - Shelley Berkley

"[Without Pope John Paul II] there would be no end of Communism or at least much later, and the end would have been bloody." - Lech Walesa

"John Paul II called us Jews the older brothers of Christians. He represented humanity, dialogue and reconciliation, and he laid the foundation for religions to work together." - Moshe Katsav

"On the ordination of women, the church has spoken and said no. John Paul II, in a definitive formulation said that door is closed." - Pope Francis

"Pope John Paul II stands like a rock against all opposition in his clear enunciation of the foundational principles of the Christian faith." - Pat Robertson

"George W. Bush, who said to Pope John Paul II, Give us a visit, and bring the missus. Never got a dinner!" - Red Buttons

"Pope John Paul II is the great. Only two other popes had that title. Does that suggest there is going to be a move for canonization?" - Chris Matthews

"I think, like Ronald Reagan, in another way, in a secular way, John Paul II was a great communicator, but he was also a man of deep conviction." - Chris Matthews

"The Catholic Church [with Pope John Paul II] has lost its shepherd. The world has lost a champion of human freedom." - Chris Matthews

"John Paul II spoke to the commoner and to the king, to the tyrant and to the democrat in that same language of freedom." - Chris Matthews

"Pope John Paul II was unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years." - Billy Graham

"The impact remains to be seen; I don't think we can measure the enduring impact of John Paul II, for example, for another hundred, perhaps two hundred, years." - George Weigel

"[Pope Francis] did something that both his two predecessors had failed to do - John Paul II and Benedict. Francis met with the Russian patriarch of the Orthodox Church." - Sylvia Poggioli

"Pope John Paul II not only was a powerful spiritual leader for Catholics but also a world leader of extraordinary consequence during the last quarter-century." - Mike Ferguson

"Pope John Paul II not only visited Nigeria twice but stood by the country in its fight against dictatorship and injustice." - Olusegun Obasanjo

"Pope John Paul II brought hope to all corners of the world, to people of all faiths and backgrounds, with his powerful belief in the human spirit." - Jerry Costello

"In the annals of history, few men have left a more positive imprint on the world than Pope John Paul II." - Vito Fossella

"Dear brothers and sisters, after the great Pope John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me - a simple, humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"We have lost a very important religious figure who dedicated his life to peace and justice for all. [on the death of Pope John Paul II" - Mahmoud Abbas

"John Paul II made it clear that... liberation theology based on the teaching of Jesus Christ was necessary, but liberation theology that used a Marxist analysis was unacceptable." - Claudio Hummes

"For us Catholics, John Paul II will be remembered as a traveling Pope ... and we should also remember he preached world peace. When the United States invaded Iraq, for example, John Paul II said it was an illegal and immoral act." - Hugo Chavez

"John Ashcroft - John Ashcrack - ibid." - Jello Biafra

"The hope is that papal calls for a New Pentecost, which go back to St. John XXIII, and papal calls for a New Evangelization, which go back to Vatican II and especially to St. John Paul II, can come together. Pope Francis' vision is to bring together the reality of a New Pentecost with the urgency of a New Evangelization." - Ralph Martin

"I found myself immediately attracted to Pope John Paul II when, upon his election to the Papacy, his published speeches invariably called attention to the need for recognizing the dignity of the human being as a child of God." - Robert H Schuller

"Around the globe, millions more are mourning the death and celebrating the life of Pope John Paul II . Could any other world leader have drawn so many people to one place?" - Chris Matthews

"I had the good fortune of living in Rome for seven years, from 1994 to 2001. So, I kind of saw firsthand the impact that Pope John Paul II had on people." - Chris Matthews

"The pope has been called many things, historic figure, spiritual leader, moral force. But a growing chorus of voices has begun to refer to him as John Paul II the Great, in other words, as a saint." - Chris Matthews

"Those who saw Pope John Paul II either in person or through the mass media glimpsed a man who millions of Catholics believe may be one of the greatest popes in the history of the church." - Chris Matthews

"Over the last 2,000 years, 10,000 saints have been named, among them, 78 popes. At the time of his death, Pope John Paul II had the distinction of naming 482 saints, more than all of his predecessors combined." - Chris Matthews

"10 days before the death of St. John Paul II, in that Via Crucis of Holy Friday, Joseph Ratzinger said to the whole Church that it needed to clean up the dirt of the Church." - Pope Francis

"I already knew about this friendship between St. John Paul II and this philosopher [Ana Teresa Tymieniecka] when I was in Buenos Aires. It was known. Also her books are known." - Pope Francis

"The emphasis on the "peripheries" is also a distinctively "Franciscan" way of expressing the pope's respect for untutored popular piety - a respect, I might add, that was shared by St. John Paul II." - George Weigel

"The death of Pope John Paul II led many of different faiths and of no faith to acknowledge their debt to the Roman Catholic Church for holding on to absolutes that the rest of us can measure ourselves against." - Suzanne Fields

"Today, I, too, wish to reaffirm that I intend to continue on the path toward improved relations and friendship with the Jewish people, following the decisive lead given by John Paul II." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Apparently Pope John Paul II and his boys - is that what you call them? - loved one of my songs and thought I was putting spiritual messages in my music. I'm not religious as such. Dogma and I don't get along." - Gloria Estefan

"It is with extreme sadness that we hear of the passing of the leader of the world's Catholics, His Holiness Pope John Paul II, who commanded the three paths of religious learning, philosophical thought and poetical and artistic creativity." - Mohammad Khatami

"John Paul II, above all, managed to contain the huge mass of frustration, of hate that had accumulated in that region, in favour of a peaceful transition. This was, without doubt, something that changed European history." - Rocco Buttiglione

"May both of them [Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II] teach us not to be scandalized by the wounds of Christ and to enter ever more deeply into the mystery of divine mercy, which always hopes and always forgives, because it always loves." - Pope Francis

"Pope John Paul didn't die - he pre-boarded." - Christopher Titus

"Pope John Paul would be more popular if he called himself Pope John Paul George and Ringo." - Paul Krassner

"I think, internally, we Catholics have known this for a long time. I think we're just thrilled and grateful that the rest of the world now is sharing in the esteem and gratitude that we've had for Pope John Paul II for 26 and a half years." - Chris Matthews

"Pope John Paul II spoke with a lot of clarity and consistency. But he always spoke with immense compassion. He's the one who said the best way to love somebody is to tell them the truth. So, he did that well." - Chris Matthews

"The holy father John Paul II made a profound impact wherever he went. And, of course, his trip to Boston was one of the earliest ones. But I must say every time that I met the holy father and mentioned Boston, he would immediately say, rain. So, it made quite an impact on him, too." - Chris Matthews

"His Holiness Pope John Paul II was a determined and deeply spiritual minded person for whom I had great respect and admiration. His experience in Poland, then a communist country, and my own difficulties with communists, gave us an immediate common ground" - Dalai Lama

"In the John Paul II days, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had the advantage of staying in his cupboard - the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - exchanging views only with the Pope, and speaking publicly only through carefully written missives on doctrinal issues." - Carl Bernstein

"Confession is something we will never outgrow, even if we become the saints God made us to be. Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta were revered even during their lifetime; but both made frequent use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation." - Donald Wuerl

"Pope John Paul II was a great presence on the stage. Pope Benedict is a much more gentle and refined person, and I think he benefits greatly from the television close-ups because he wants to engage in a dialogue, in conversation. He wants to put forward his views in a measured, eloquent, rational way." - Vincent Nichols

"I prefer the old masters, by which I mean John Ford, John Ford, and John Ford." - Orson Welles

"Pope John Paul II himself was kind of a rather independent, creative man. I remember being told by somebody who worked very close with him in preparation for his first visit to the United States in 1979, he studied our normative documents, Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution. And he was amazed. He called his priests first thing in the morning and he said, he said, I thought America was a pagan country." - Chris Matthews

"Pope John Paul II was fascinated by the United States. And I think he was initially surprised at the vigor of the Catholic Church in the United States. Maybe some of the press that we had gotten he found wasn't true. No, I think he suspected the church in the United States. Did he challenge us to some things? Sure, he did. But, no, I always - I think there was a good alliance. There was a good gel there." - Chris Matthews

"These [conservative] people, if they're Americans, look back on the last 35 years of our ecclesial experience and take heart from that. The dramatic reform of seminaries continues. The priests and bishops who take their pastoral model from John Paul II will continue to do so, perhaps learning a lesson or two from Francis along the way - and they'll be the overwhelming majority of the Church's ordained ministers ten, twenty, thirty years from now." - George Weigel

"John was closest of all to Paul; their relationship was very complex." - Cynthia Lennon

"John Paul to give me a shot, I'll never forget as long as I live." - Donnie Fritts

"But I always wound up being the damn John, when I wanted to be the Paul." - Courtney Love

"Bob says hello," He told the stars. The Argo II sailed into the night." - Rick Riordan

"The fields are still ripe for harvesting (cf. Jn 4:35); God continues to give the growth (cf. 1 Cor 3:6). We can and must believe, with the late Pope John Paul II, that God is preparing a new springtime for Christianity (cf. Redemptoris Missio, 86). What is needed above all, at this time in the history of the Church in America, is a renewal of that apostolic zeal which inspires her shepherds actively to seek out the lost, to bind up those who have been wounded, and to bring strength to those who are languishing (cf. Ez 34:16)." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"I have chosen for my emblem a Star, representing the Virgin Mary, and the Eucharist. Those who know me as a professor of theology will remember my passion for the Eucharist from our classes. Blessed be God for this madness... We must live our commitment to society steeped in the Eucharist. We must take the Eucharist to the streets, both in the heart of the city and on the outskirts, to the poor neighborhoods and to hospitals... In order to obey the Resurrected Christ, I dare say with Pope John Paul II: 'Open wide the doors of your heart to the Holy Spirit.'" - Nicolas Cotugno

"All my sermons are prepared in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. As recreation is most pleasant and profitable in the sun, so homiletic creativity is best nourished before the Eucharist. The most brilliant ideas come from meeting God face to face. The Holy Spirit that presided at the Incarnation is the best atmosphere for illumination. Pope John Paul II keeps a small desk or writing pad near him whenever he is in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament; and I have done this all my life - I am sure for the same reason he does, because a lover always works better when the beloved is with him." - Fulton J Sheen

"Perhaps the dumbest of these story lines is that [Pope] Francis has re-opened conversation and debate in a Church that had been closed and claustrophobic for 35 years under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. I defy anyone who, over the last 35 years, has spent time on the campuses of Notre Dame or Georgetown, or who has read the National Catholic Reporter, or who has gone to a meeting of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, to make that claim without experiencing a twinge of conscience that says, "I should wash my mouth out with soap."" - George Weigel

"I was lucky enough to be down at the studio the day John Paul Jones came down." - Chris Shiflett

"The Beatles, Paul, John, George and Ringo have done more for the fall of Communism than any other western institution." - Artemy Troitsky

"It was endlessly amusing to me to try to imitate John Lennon and Paul McCartney's harmonies using the guitar." - M Ward

"Paul McCartney and John Lennon would often write a song a day, so I have the same workmanlike philosophy." - Jason Mraz

"Yoko Ono never deserved any of the hate she got. Paul McCartney and John Lennon weren't getting along." - Patrick Stump

"Pope John Paul, a man of peace and compassion, was one of the most revered leaders of our time." - Bill Williams

"There weren't a lot of girl singers around. Paul McCartney and John Lennon were the guys I looked up to." - Rick Springfield

"To John I owed great obligation: But John unhandsomely thought fit To publish it to all the nation; Sure John and I are more than quit." - Matthew Prior

"Paul Newman's half Jewishand Florence Henderson's half, tooPut them together,What a fine looking Jew!" - Adam Sandler

"Mr. Reagan spent World War II, the global conflict fought and won by his generation, making training films in Hollywood." - R W Apple Jr

"If you cut him, (John Bunyan) he'd bleed Scripture!" - Charles Spurgeon

"Little Willie John is the soul singer's soul singer." - Marvin Gaye

"John McEnroe has hair like badly turned broccoli." - Clive James

"John [Kricfalusi] is so arrogant. He thinks he's me!" - Ralph Bakshi

"There is nothing strange, creepy, or inappropriate about John Travolta ." - Scarlett Johansson

"What little Jack does not learn, big John will never." - Proverbs

"I never have really become accustomed to the 'John.' Nobody ever really calls me John... I've always been Duke or Marion or John Wayne. It's a name that goes well together, and it's like one word - John Wayne." - John Wayne

"I want John Legend to sing at my wedding." - Sloane Stephens

"I see myself as the female John Cleese." - Erin Oconnor

"Pope John Paul II's press secretary, who said, See, if only the Pope were Italian, he woulda shot back! Never got a dinner!" - Red Buttons

"We've actually bought quite a number of historical pieces. We are doing a piece on the abolitionists, Harper's Ferry and the abolitionist John Brown with Paul Giamatti." - John Landgraf

"I met Paul in 1967, Ringo in 1985, and I saw George Harrison in a nightclub somewhere in L. A. I never met John." - Brian Wilson

"I won't apologize for ticket prices. I think we're well worth it. We consider ourselves in the elite touring acts, like the Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney." - Glenn Frey

"Those who are used to a clergy take very lightly those who do not have a formal divinity degree: like Paul and Peter and James and John." - Dallin H. Oaks

"People say the Beatles were John Lennon. What is Paul McCartney? Chopped liver? But everyone has their own favourite members whose creativity they gravitate to. That's normal." - Mike Love

"Look at Paul McCartney, look at Elton John. They're jealous of Justin Timberlake. I'm sure they were jealous of me when I was in my imperial phase." - Robbie Williams

"It takes five years to design a new car in this country. Heck, we won World War II in four years." - Ross Perot

"I just saw a girl who said she saw John Lennon walking down the street in New York wearing a button that said, "I love Paul." She asked him: "Why are you wearing an 'I love Paul' button?", and he said: "Because I love Paul." - Harry Nilsson

"John Anderson, my jo, John, When we were first acquent, Your locks were like the raven, Your bonny brow was brent." - Robert Burns

"I will read anything by Laura Hillenbrand, Walter Isaacson, Barbara Kingsolver, John le Carre, John Grisham, Hilary Mantel, Toni Morrison, Anna Quindlen and Alice Walker." - Hillary Clinton

"As [John] Tolkien himself said, the story [Lord of the Ring ] is not allegorical. He said so when people tried to make analogies to World War II and the fight against Hitler and his fascist coalition." - Viggo Mortensen

"John Wayne was just a very conservative guy, who had not served in World War II, and he was defensive about that - he almost overcompensated his anti-Communism because of that reason." - Jay Roach

"John Dalton's records, carefully preserved for a century, were destroyed during the World War II bombing of Manchester. It is not only the living who are killed in war." - Isaac Asimov

"John and I had a few meetings about what direction the sequel should take. I made some real insane suggestions. True to what you'd expect, he ignored them all and just picked up Halloween II where the original left off." - Donald Pleasence

"I know Sir John will go, though he was sure it would rain cats and dogs." - Jonathan Swift

"John would have been the first white rapper. And also he would have cherished the Internet." - Yoko Ono

"For me, [John Wheeler] was the last Titan, the only physics superhero still standing." - Max Tegmark

"John von Neumann was the only student I was ever afraid of." - George Polya

"I fear John Knox's prayers more than an army of ten thousand men." - Mary Queen Of Scots

"If John McCain were really a war hero he would've won Vietnam." - Zach Braff

"John Brown's body lies a mould'ring in the grave, His soul goes marching on." - Thomas Brigham Bishop

"John McEnroe looks as if he is serving round the edge of an imaginary building." - Clive James

"Olivia Newton-John - Australia's gift to insomniacs. It's nothing but the blonde singing the bland." - Minnie Riperton

"Liberace was Elton John and Lady Gaga before they even dreamed of it." - Jerry Weintraub

"I nearly always write just as I nearly always breathe. - John Steinbeck" - John Steinbeck

"[John] Cassavetes, "Killing of a Chinese Booker", "Opening Night" are my favourites." - Nan Goldin

"Future is like an asshole. Everybody has one.-John Taylor (Nightside Series)" - Simon R. Green

"There has been only one manager, and his name is John McGraw." - Connie Mack

"I believe Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill John Kennedy. I believe that." - Jesse Ventura

"I can't hear anything, John. Please, would you put on your headphones?" - Connie Sellecca

"John McGovern taught me that it's OK to write repeatedly about the same things." - Colm Toibin

"I like John Carpenter. I like some of his films more than others." - Guillermo Del Toro

"I've always loved the blues, John Lee Hooker, Janis Joplin, Hendrix." - Eddie Money

"My friends call me Keith, but you can call me John." - Keith Moon

"John Kerry believes in an America where hard work is rewarded." - Barack Obama

"When How Green Was My Valley finally wrapped, I thought John Ford was a walking god." - Maureen Ohara

"When you try to battle with John Ford, you have to give in." - Maureen Ohara

"From Paul to Stalin, the popes who have chosen Caesar have prepared the way for Caesars who quickly learn to despise popes." - Albert Camus

"Jean Paul Sartre says in "No Exit" that hell is other people. Well, our task in life is to make it heaven. Or at least earth." - Alan Alda

"The energy and commitment I've experienced from the Paul Mitchell Schools is overwhelming. I love working with them to create the magic it takes to make a difference." - Leeza Gibbons

"Paul Simon is my absolute hero. He's one of a kind. He wrote his own ticket in life by being himself." - Brett Dennen

"I was quite responsible for stirring things up. I conspired to get Ringo in for good; I talked to Paul and John until they came round to the idea." - George Harrison

"I've been blessed. I grew up and played and worked and created with the Freddie Mercury, the Jimi Hendrix, the Keith Richards, the John Paul Jones of my generation" - Steven Adler

"The Beatles is over, but John, Paul, George, and Ringo...God knows what relationship they'll have in the future. I don't know. I still love those guys! Because they'll always be those people who were that part of my life." - John Lennon

"You might learn as much about how to write by reading Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Wallace Stevens, Raymond Chandler, Saul Bellow, Paul Muldoon or a hundred other good novelists or poets than by seeing another round of John Ford revivals." - David Denby

"Public opinion aside, it will be up to the future pope to continue John Paul II's journey to sainthood. Many of the late pope's followers believe he is already there." - Chris Matthews

"Even if you're not a Catholic, even if you're not a Christian, in fact even if you have no religious faith at all, what people could see in Pope John Paul was a man of true and profound spiritual faith." - Chris Matthews

"Donald Trump has - he`s endorsed Kelly Ayotte. He endorsed Paul Ryan. He endorsed John McCain. He`s been incredibly gracious. I think he`s done his part to unify the party by becoming president for nominee fairly and squarely." - Kellyanne Conway

"The fact is that Paul Ryan's job is what John Boehner's job was in 2012 when Mitt Romney was running. his job is to make sure the Republicans get re-elected." - Kellyanne Conway

"It was very interesting time to be in England. Even at that point [John] Lennon and [Paul] McCartney influenced my writing. I thought, "maybe there is a huck or two in here I haven't thought of"." - Gordon Lightfoot

"I needed a song and I need a place to kind of get it out. John Paul [White] was there for me as a friend, and I really appreciated that because I just needed a place to go." - Matthew Mayfield

"The insanely gorgeous competition documentary on surfing obsession, Step Into Liquid - directed by Dana Brown and photographed by John-Paul Beeghly in hypnotic gradations of aquamarine - will send you into a dream state." - Elvis Mitchell

"A man of strength and wisdom, John Paul became an inspiration to generations of both Catholics and non-Catholics throughout the world by encouraging freedom, promoting peace and respecting all faiths." - Greg Walden

"I'm not Catholic, but I have a great deal of respect for Pope John Paul. I think that he has stood firm on the moral issues, and I admire him greatly." - James Dobson

"There was absolutely no intention of splitting up. We had so many great ideas to use on the new album. John Paul Jones was incredible, coming to the studio each day with new instruments to play." - John Bonham

"I've been blessed. I grew up and played and worked and created with the Freddie Mercury, the Jimi Hendrix, the Keith Richards, the John Paul Jones of my generation." - Steven Adler

"The group of writers I had grown up with in the '60s - Derek Mahon, Michael Longley, James Simmons, John Hewitt, Paul Muldoon - formed a very necessary and self-sustaining group." - Seamus Heaney

"Everybody who's anybody has been competitive and over-sensitive and a bit silly. Look at Paul McCartney, look at Elton John. They're jealous of Justin Timberlake. I'm sure they were jealous of me when I was in my imperial phase." - Robbie Williams

"My cousins and I used to play Beatle wives. We all wanted to be married to Paul, but John was O.K. too. None of us wanted Ringo. Or even worse, George." - Ann Hood

"Paul Edgecomb: What do you want me to do John? I'll do it. You want me to let you walk out of here and see how far you get? John Coffey: Now why would you want to do a foolish thing like that? Paul Edgecomb: When I die and I stand before God awaiting judgment and he asks me why I let one of HIS miracles die, what am I gonna say, that it was my job?" - Stephen King

"We can't be The Beatles. I can't shine their shoes. I can't sing as well as Paul or John. I can't write those kind of songs. But they would die in my armour and my eight-inch platform heels, and Paul can't spit fire, so there you have it." - Gene Simmons

"There will be a Led Zeppelin as long as there's a Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant. This isn't a nostalgia band playing the hits forever. If anything ever happened and somebody left - which I really can't see happening - I don't think we'd bother to carry on. The magic for me is as it is now." - Jimmy Page

""The only reason some of us are not exiled or thrown into prison is simply because we do not preach as fervently and as sternly as did Paul, John, Peter R.A. Torrey and others. This modern "santa claus" religion that is sweeping country today is not the religion Jesus taught and John practiced."" - Oliver B. Greene

"The trouble with daily journalism is that you get so involved with Who hit John? that you never really know why John had his chin out in the first place." - Chalmers Roberts

"We've all known a John Tucker. We've either known one, dated one or our best friend has dated one. I think a lot of men at one point or another have been a John Tucker." - Sophia Bush



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