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John Brown Quotes


"Did John Brown fail? John Brown began the war that ended American slavery and made this a free Republic." - Frederick Douglass

"Yes, but the people would prefer John A. drunk to George Brown sober." - John A. Macdonald

"Beneath this slab John Brown is stowed. He watched the ads, And not the road." - Ogden Nash

"Beneath this slab John Brown is stowed. He watched the ads, And not the road." - Ogden Nash

"John Brown was tried for treason, murder, and inciting slaves to insurrection." - John Sergeant Wise

"In firing his gun, John Brown has merely told what time of day it is. It is high noon." - William Lloyd Garrison

"John Wayne never wore Lycra." - Ron Kauk

"God, I love John Cassavetes." - Angela Sarafyan

"Of all the men who were said to be my contemporaries, it seemed to me that John Brown was the only one who had not died." - Henry David Thoreau

"If not for the direct action of a John Brown and his comrades, America would still trade in the flesh of the black man." - Emma Goldman

"I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood." - John Mason Brown

"We've actually bought quite a number of historical pieces. We are doing a piece on the abolitionists, Harper's Ferry and the abolitionist John Brown with Paul Giamatti." - John Landgraf

"I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with Blood." - John Brown

"The attack of John Brown upon Harper's Ferry came upon Virginia like a clap of thunder out of a clear sky." - John Sergeant Wise

"One of the songs that stayed in my head that I really considered a lot was an old folk song called 'John Brown' - not the abolitionist John Brown, but the one that Bob Dylan has covered and sung before. It's about a boy coming home from the Civil War, or maybe World War I even, and about his Mother seeing him all destroyed." - Quentin Tarantino

"I've always wanted to marry Elton John." - Barry Manilow

"London now has its own John Grisham." - Mark Billingham

"Show me a man who feels bitterly toward John Brown, and let me hear what noble verse he can repeat. He'll be as dumb as if his lips were stone." - Henry David Thoreau

"[On John Brown:] The poor wretch is hanged, but from his grave a root of bitterness will spring, the fruit of which at no distant day may be disunion and civil war." - Fanny Kemble

"It was Frederick Douglass, John Brown, Harriet Tubman, Wendell Phillips - these were the people who made abolition real. Now, none of you guys is in favor of slavery, right?" - Bill Ayers

"I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood. I had as I now think, vainly flattered myself that without very much bloodshed, it might be done." - John Brown

"The insanely gorgeous competition documentary on surfing obsession, Step Into Liquid - directed by Dana Brown and photographed by John-Paul Beeghly in hypnotic gradations of aquamarine - will send you into a dream state." - Elvis Mitchell

"John Brown first swam into my vision in the 1960s when I was a political activist in the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement at Chapel Hill, where I went to university." - Russell Banks

"John Ashcroft is not a patriot, John Ashcroft is a descendant of Joseph McCarthy." - Howard Dean

"I adore John Mayer. I don't see how anything that surrounds John could be negative." - Jessica Simpson

"When I first joined SAG, there was another John Reilly. My dad was John Reilly, too, but growing up I was John John. Nobody in life calls me John C. It's more like, 'Hey you, Step Brother!'" - John C Reilly

"Tony Blair and Gordon Brown committed to John Major's spending envelopes in 1997. No-one said that Tony Blair and John Major were identical. This happens quite often that parties actually, despite all the sound and fury, agree on the overall need to make sure that we live within our means as a country." - Nick Clegg

"James Brown lives, as long as someone steps out of their body and dances uncontrollably." - Al Sharpton

"In your city faded off the brown, NINO. She insists she got more class, WE KNOW." - Drake

"I invented rock & roll. Jimi Hendrix was my guitar player. James Brown was my vocalist." - Little Richard

"My love for Dan Brown knows no bounds. It literally has no mass." - Salman Rushdie

"Good grief, Charlie Brown!" - Charles M Schulz

"What TV was to John Kennedy, Facebook is to Obama." - Daniel Lyons

"Little Willie John is the soul singer's soul singer." - Marvin Gaye

"I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty," - John F Kerry

"John McCain has not spoken about my Muslim faith." - Barack Obama

"Reading [John] Calvin is a breath of fresh air." - Oliver D. Crisp

"There, but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford." - John Bradford

"John said, You know what makes a successful executive?" - Max Barry

"I use Graf Edmonton for boots and John Wilson blades." - Oksana Baiul

"My influences are Alice in Chains and Elton John." - Christian Kane

"John Lennon was very irreverent and very intelligent." - Brenda Lee

"I am not John Lennon; I never will be!" - Julian Lennon

"I want John Legend to sing at my wedding." - Sloane Stephens

"Is John Motson still wearing his shepherdskin coat?" - Bobby Gould

"Poor John Simon - what a nightmare, to wake up in the morning and realize that you are John Simon." - Gore Vidal

"Pope John Paul would be more popular if he called himself Pope John Paul George and Ringo." - Paul Krassner

"If we can't get more John Rovnaks in this world, let's all support the John Rovnak we've got..." - Stephen R. Bissette

"I'm not like John Lennon, who thought he was the great Almighty. I just think I'm John Lennon." - Liam Gallagher

"John Ashcroft - John Ashcrack - ibid." - Jello Biafra

"You don't get John Gotti to testify against his driver. You get the driver to testify against John Gotti." - Trey Gowdy

"John Brown's zeal in the cause of freedom was infinitely superior to mine. Mine was as the taper light; his was as the burning sun. I could live for the slave; John Brown could die for him. The American people and the Government at Washington may refuse to recognize it for a time but the inexorable logic of events will force it upon them in the end; that the war now being waged in this land is a war for and against slavery." - Frederick Douglass

"Life is legal tender, and individual character stamps its value. We are from a thousand mints, and all genuine. Despite our infinitely diverse appraisements, we make change for one another. So many ideals planted are worth the great gold of Socrates; so many impious laws broken are worth John Brown." - Louise Imogen Guiney

"I'm not a star. I'll never be a Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley or a Ray Charles. I'm just an imitator, man. I'm doing a very bad imitation on the bass of Jerry Jemmott, Bernard Odum, Jimmy Fielder, Jimmy Blanton, Igor Stravinsky, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, James Brown, Charlie Parker... the cats, man. I'm just backing up the cats." - Jaco Pastorius

"This will be a great day in our history; the date of a New Revolution - quite as much needed as the old one. Even now as I write they are leading old John Brown to execution in Virginia for attempting to rescue slaves! This is sowing the wind to reap the whirlwind which will come soon!" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"If I had to write down the most important people in the history of this planet, No.1 would be (abolitionist) John Brown. Why? Because he's a white man who said he would die for the cause, because they could take him, but they weren't going to take his grandchildren. That brother was beautiful." - Dick Gregory

"Lives of great men all remind us greatness takes no easy way. All the heroes of tomorrow are the heretics of today. Socrates and Galileo, John Brown, Thoreau, Christ, and Debs Heard the night cry down with traitors, and the dawn shout Up the reds!" - Yip Harburg

"The 60s passed and faded and I grew older, and in 1987 bought a house in upstate New York, and it turned out that John Brown was buried down the road from my house and that he had lived there longer than anywhere else and his house was still standing." - Russell Banks

"We are all socialists now, it seems. John McCain, David Cameron and Gordon Brown attack bankers' irresponsible behaviour and salaries, and call for state intervention in the financial markets. But these calls will not get them elected or re-elected if they are addressed only to the banking sector." - Noreena Hertz

"Just as the England football manager starts with bells and flags and balloons and ends up reviled, so do prime ministers. Tony Blair - is there anyone more despised now? Gordon Brown - all right, nobody voted for him but, you know... just think of any of them. Margaret Thatcher. John Major. Steve McLaren. Fabio Capello." - Terry Wogan

"Lives of great men all remind us greatness takes no easy way. All the heroes of tomorrow are the heretics of today . Socrates and Galileo , John Brown, Thoreau , Christ , and Debs Heard the night cry down with traitors, and the dawn shout "Up the reds!" - Yip Harburg

"I wanted to see if the American man in plain brown pants and a bare torso could speak profound things." - Ted Shawn

"Brown shoes don't make it." - Frank Zappa

"Alec rolled beautiful brown eyes. "No fair playing the death card." "No fair having it to play." - Rachel Vincent

"Brown is a manly color" - Cassandra Clare

"John Keats / John Keats / John / Please put your scarf on." - J D Salinger

"Iggy: "Now what? Who you gonna call?" A quiet voice in the hallway outside: "Ghostbusters!" (Captain Perry and John groan) John: "That phrase is ruined forever," - James Patterson

"I'm really influenced by Southern novelists, not many movie people. More like John Faulkner, William Faulkner, Erskine Caldwell, Flannery O'Connor, John Steinbeck, and people like that." - Billy Bob Thornton

"John here, the other John said, pioneered the concept of marketing by refusing to sell any products. It drives the market insane." - Max Barry

"It's always written that my father was a rich, conservative John Bircher. That is untrue. He was not rich. He was not a John Bircher." - Nancy Reagan

"The plea agreement negotiated by Janet Reno's Justice Department with Nora, Gene and Trisha Lum is a hoax. It allows two key players in the campaign finance scandal to plead to lesser offenses and effectively concludes a serious investigation that, if taken to a conclusion, could have seriously affected the Clinton Administration's claim that it committed no illegalities in the campaign finance scandal. Nora Lum was a close confidant of Ron Brown and remains close to John Huang. Trisha Lum, her daughter, worked for Brown at the Commerce Department and worked on trade missions." - Larry Klayman

"I led by three or four feet, with Biggy (John Biglow) surging closer on each stroke. I hated him in those last few seconds; he was the only reason my guts were being strewn over the water like an oil slick ... I pressed one last time, and looked at the finish-line flagman. In that instant the flag jumped down and then up. The up stroke, identifying the second place finisher, was for me. John Biglow was the victor. I stared into the green-brown water watching my bloody soul drop through the depths, slowly rocking back and forth, occasionally glinting in the light, and then finally disappearing." - Brad Alan Lewis

"It began with one act of madness, and it ended with another. John Brown heard history's clock strike in the night and tried to hurry dawn along with gunfire; now John Wilkes Booth heard the clock strike, and he tried with gunfire to restore the darkness. Each man stood outside the human community, directed by voices the sane do not hear, and each kept history from going logically... The line from Harper's Ferry to Ford's Theater is a red thread binding the immense disorder of the Civil War into an irrational sort of coherence." - Bruce Catton

"Gentlemen, haven't we learned anything from the music of John Lennon? All we need is love." - Robin Williams

"John was closest of all to Paul; their relationship was very complex." - Cynthia Lennon

"John von Neumann was the only student I was ever afraid of." - George Polya

"I fear John Knox's prayers more than an army of ten thousand men." - Mary Queen Of Scots

"John Wayne represents more force, more power, than anybody else on the screen." - Howard Hawks

"If Elton John and Madonna had a baby it would be Lady Gaga." - Jon Bon Jovi

"John Paul to give me a shot, I'll never forget as long as I live." - Donnie Fritts

"John Kerry, windsurfing dilettante" - Eleanor Clift

"Problem with (John) Wockenfuss getting on base is that it takes three doubles to score him." - Sparky Anderson

"I guess John Lennon had it right: give peace a chance." - Chris O'Donnell

"When How Green Was My Valley finally wrapped, I thought John Ford was a walking god." - Maureen O'Hara

"When you try to battle with John Ford, you have to give in." - Maureen O'Hara

"President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner played golf this weekend. Obama's handicap is Joe Biden." - Jay Leno

"John Wayne was the meanest, nastiest man with the worst attitude that I ever worked with." - Jill Haworth

"Reporter lady: What's that color? John: Hm. I'd call this a color!" - John Lennon

"John Toshack hates me." - Robbie Savage

"John Waters is one of the sweetest, dearest, most adorable men I've ever worked with." - Polly Bergen

"The only way you can better John is by copying him exactly." - Yoko Ono

"You can buy [John McCain's] book, but in a week and a half, he'll have another." - Jon Stewart

"I haven't ever really had a goal to break that record or catch John Wooden." - Pat Summitt

"It's Ethan Hawke and John Travolta [in Valley of Violence]. It's awesome. They're awesome." - Ti West

"[John] McCain references favorite presidents like Teddy Roosevelt. Hillary cited Eleanor Roosevelt." - Paul Kengor

"I can man anything that eats. Get me a piece of jerky. - John Joel Glanton." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Anybody can be a pendejo, said John Grady. That just means asshole." - Cormac Mccarthy

"John Cabal: If we don't end war, war will end us." - H G Wells

"For they the mind of Christ discern Who lean, like John, upon His breast." - John Greenleaf Whittier

"The only good thing about America is that you killed John Lennon." - Nicky Wire

"Godspeed, John Glenn." - Scott Carpenter

"John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too." - Michele Bachmann

"Listen John-' 'Who's John?' 'You're John.' 'I'm John?' 'Yeah, I changed your name." - Dave Eggers

"I had a great time with John Duigan he's pretty amazing." - Sam Rockwell

"He (John Major) has the mulishness of a weak man with stupidity." - Norman Tebbit

"I never understood a word John Cassavetes said. And I think he did that deliberately." - Peter Falk

"I'd love to have done 'John Carter.' I'd love to work for the Disney Corporation." - Tony Kaye

"I think all the filmmakers in Hong Kong are influenced by John Woo." - Alan Mak

"I have never seen John Kerry give anything but an engineered response." - Michael Parenti

"My grandfather read the 'John Carter of Mars' books to me when I was young." - Daryl Sabara

"I had a lot of fun working with John Candy. We had a pretty good rapport." - Harold Ramis

"I'm like John Q. Public. I represent what every guy wants and needs." - Adam Carolla

"I always wanted to be Robin Hood or John the Baptist when I was growing up." - Bear Grylls

"As a kid, I thought John Denver was the perfect Prince Charming." - Sandra Lee

"John Hughes loved improvisers." - Edie Mcclurg

"Solo artists are generally totally insane. Elton John? Slightly eccentric. George Michael? He's mad as custard." - Noel Gallagher

"John McGovern taught me that it's OK to write repeatedly about the same things." - Colm Toibin

"I like John Carpenter. I like some of his films more than others." - Guillermo Del Toro

"I'd vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin." - Edgar Bronfman Sr

"I love John Irving's stuff. It's that marriage of comedy and tragedy. It's really terrific." - Jeff Bridges

"There's never been a finer man in American sports than John Wooden, or a finer coach." - Rick Reilly

"John Jones may be described as 'one of the has beens'." - William Hone

"I'd like to have James Brown as my singer. I already have the best drummer, Tommy Clufetos. I've jammed a bunch with John Entwistle, and it was like a musical orgy. That guy is a living, breathing, grunting rhythm. For horns, let's go with the Stax/Volt guys, and I'm going to have Steve Cropper on standby just in case I want a rhythm guitarist." - Ted Nugent

"Gentlemen never wear brown in London." - Lord Curzon

"Escape plan 5: Open an alpaca ranch in Texas, one that requires all blond-haired, brown-eyed, brainy girls to wear sexy cowgirl outfits." - Richelle Mead

"Gentlemen never wear brown in London." - George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston

"Chris Brown is SUCH a douchebag." - Joshua Malina

"I've learned to love my brown eyes." - Tinashe

"Then to the spicy nut-brown ale." - John Milton

"Goodbye, goodbye, I hate the word. Solitude has long since turned brown and withered, sitting bitter in my mouth and heavy in my veins." - R.M. Grenon

"Nobody looks good with brown lipstick on." - Frank Zappa

"Charlie Brown is almost a tragic figure." - Brian Walker

"A myth is the name of a terrible lie told by a smelly little brown person to a man in a white suit with a pair of binoculars." - David Antin

"Don't it make my brown eyes blue?" - Crystal Gayle

"You're a good man, Charlie Brown." - Charles M Schulz

"Stereotypical vegetarian food looks gray and brown." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"My undergraduate studies at Brown and graduate degrees from Harvard prepared me for a multifaceted career as an actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist." - Hill Harper

"Happiness is getting a brown gravy stain on a brown dress." - Totie Fields

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear was kind of my first important book" - Eric Carle

"Blown hair is sweet, brown hair over the mouth blown, Lilac and brown hair." - T S Eliot

"James Brown died owing me $50,000. But I loved James Brown." - Don King

"Larry Brown thought Steve Francis was a Larry Brown type of player." - Isaiah Thomas

"In an interview John [Linnell] said, 'At a certain point you just get tired of the way the other person breathes,' and I took that pretty hard because I, personally, am infatuated with the way John breathes." - John Flansburgh

"The Holy Apostle John the Theologian says that the commandments of God are not difficult, but easy (I John, 5:3). But they are only easy because of love, while they are all difficult if there is no love." - Silouan the Athonite

"Build a house?" exclaimed John. "For the Wendy," said Curly. "For Wendy?" John said, aghast. "Why, she is only a girl!" "That," explained Curly, "is why we are her servants." - James M Barrie

"John Henry Lloyd is the man I gave the credit to for polishing my skills. He taught me how to play third base and how to protect myself. John taught me more baseball than anyone else." - Judy Johnson

"John Goodman's pretty dark - I love John Goodman." - Todd Phillips

"All that I am my mother made me. - John Quincy Adams. Children and mothers never truly part..." - Charlotte Gray

"Luke associates John with Peter in Acts, when, after the Resurrection, that strange boldness had come upon the disciples." - Alfred Noyes

"Making a martial arts film in English to me is the same as John Wayne speaking Chinese in a western" - Ang Lee



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