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Job Creators Quotes


"Our job as creators is to further define any medium." - Casey Neistat

"The way to create jobs is to encourage private sector job creators." - Roy Blunt

"Job creators should be able to focus on their work - not on Washington's busy-work." - Peter Roskam

"Republicans are listening to America's job creators and working to address their concerns with real solutions." - Peter Roskam

"We need a country that embraces all, and rewards innovators, entrepreneurs, job creators, and hard-working people of all sorts." - Clark Durant

"The vast majority of the rich in this country did not inherit their wealth; they earned it. They are the country's achievers, producers, and job creators." - Rush Limbaugh

"I am not for raising taxes in a recession, especially when it comes to job creators that we need so desperately to start creating jobs again." - Eric Cantor

"I always get a little bit frustrated with Republicans, because we always talk about job creators, and really who we should be talking to is their employees." - Raul Labrador

"When we get government off the backs of our job creators, small businesses have a better chance of thriving. And when small businesses thrive, so does our economy." - Ann Wagner

"Although designers continue to dream of 'transparency' - technologies that just do their job without making their presence felt - both creators and audiences actually like technologies with 'personality.'" - Brian Eno

"Someone is going to have to explain to me at some time how raising taxes on job-creators is going to create more jobs." - Jim Jordan

"The job creators are members of America's vast middle class and the poor, whose purchases cause businesses to expand and invest." - Robert Reich

"Mitt Romney will stop the attacks on job creators, encourage entrepreneurs to chase their dreams, and bring good jobs and a better future to all Americans." - Marco Rubio

"Great businessmen are creators." - Eric Cantona

"It's easy: if you want to grow the economy, encourage job creation, and increase federal revenue, you support making bonus depreciation permanent. Permanency gives job creators the certainty they need to plan and invest in their businesses, including hiring employees." - Pat Tiberi

"Small businesses are the number one job creators in America. Therefore, it is important that the federal government creates an environment that helps them succeed, not one that sets them up to fail." - Randy Neugebauer

"If you can attract highly educated people from other parts of the country and keep your own best and brightest, chances are the job creators are going to be successful." - Mick Cornett

"The Workforce Investment Improvement Act of 2012 would consolidate and eliminate dozens of ineffective or duplicative programs, enhance the role of job creators in workforce development decisions, and improve accountability over the use of taxpayer dollars." - John Kline

"If we're going to talk about economic fairness, or about fairness, one of the most pressing economic issues facing families, seniors, and job creators in Missouri and across America is the strain of skyrocketing gas prices." - Roy Blunt

"Many people crave security and stability rather than risk-taking, and that doesn't make them any less American. They are the workers rather than the job creators, and all societies need both." - John Podhoretz

"Not every job is a good job." - Henry Cavill

"People think that this concept of GDP is scientific economics, partly because it has a precise number and can be quantified. But the underlying concept of "the market" makes it appear as if today's poverty is natural. It makes it appear that Goldman Sachs and Donald Trump are job creators instead of job destroyers. That is illogical, when you think about it." - Michael Hudson

"We can destroy only as creators" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"We are the creators of our universe." - Rhonda Byrne

"Creators love creations before they exist." - Robert Fritz

"Fans can't ruin shows. Only creators can." - Billy Lawrence

"In reading we must become creators." - Madeleine L'Engle

"Producers are now employees, not creators." - Marshall Herskovitz

"Basketball isn't my job." - Michael Jordan

"I love my job." - Julie Bowen

"I'm a job creator." - Steve Wynn

"Acting is my job." - Goran Visnjic

"Philanthropy is my job." - William

"I'm looking at a tax process that will allow people to keep more of their money because we know what happens when job creators get to keep more of their money than they're - they have the confidence to go out and spend that money to create jobs that in turn create wealth." - Rick Perry

"I do think if we take the power out of Washington and bring it back to the people, if we defend the Bill of Rights, free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment, privacy, if we repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, if we get Washington out of the way of job creators, I think we can transform this country." - Ted Cruz

"One of the things I do know about investment from around the world and job creators: they won't come to British Columbia if our attitude is well, "no," or all of our processes are just going to be a way of making sure you can't get to "yes." They'll just go somewhere else. Those jobs will be somewhere else." - Christy Clark

"You talk to any of the job creators, and they'll tell you one of the things that concerns them the most is the debt. And so high levels of indebtedness are going to lead to high levels of taxation, which lead to high level of unemployment." - Jeb Hensarling

"This has always been a small agency with a big mission. But these days, especially, we have to stand up every day, deliver value into the hands of small-business owners and get taxpayers the biggest bang for their buck so that we can help these job creators do what they need to do." - Karen Mills

"The story of Detroit's bankruptcy was simple enough: Allow capitalism to grow the city, campaign against income inequality, tax the job creators until they flee, increase government spending in order to boost employment, promise generous pension plans to keep people voting for failure. Rinse, wash and repeat." - Ben Shapiro

"The bill that job creators and out-of-work Americans need us to pass is the one that ensures taxes won't go up - one that says Americans and small-business owners won't get hit with more bad news at the end of the year." - Mitch Mcconnell

"Our job as the game creators or developers - the programmers, artists, and whatnot - is that we have to kind of put ourselves in the user's shoes. We try to see what they're seeing, and then make it, and support what we think they might think." - Shigeru Miyamoto

"The job of dictator is now a high-risk job." - Alain Juppe

"A job is a job. And I like to work." - Brent Spiner

"I love my job, I've always loved my job." - Sienna Miller

"We are the creators, not only of our own destiny, but ultimately we are the creators of universal destiny. We are the creators of the universe." - John Hagelin

"It's management's job to know." - W Edwards Deming

"Happiness is an inside job." - William Arthur Ward

"Dancing is a sweat job." - Fred Astaire

"Baseball is just my job." - Barry Bonds

"I'm famous. That's my job." - Jerry Rubin

"Our job is to execute." - Mark V Hurd

"Surround yourself with problem solvers, not problem creators." - Robert Ringer

"The downtrodden, who are the great creators of slang." - Anthony Burgess

"America is a land of creators and rebels." - Jose Marti

"Dreamers only dream, but creators bring their dreams into reality." - Robert Fritz

"Steam is about creating tools for content creators and customers" - Gabe Newell

"Even Superman's name reflects his creators' biblical knowledge." - Bruce Feiler

"I think you have to show homage to creators." - Brendan Fraser

"We have the power to turn against our creators." - Richard Dawkins

"We are the creators of our own destiny," - Garth Stein

"But unless we are creators, we are not fully alive." - Madeleine L'Engle

"Comics could use more creators with something worthwhile to say." - Jim Woodring

"We call ourselves creators and we just copy." - Lauryn Hill

"The downtrodden are the great creators of slang." - Anthony Burgess

"We need a president that is sitting down, getting Americans to work, getting this economy going. That is the single most important thing that the president of the United States does, is create a climate where job creators know that they're going to be able to risk their capital and have a chance to have a return on the investment. And it's never too late to start that." - Rick Perry

"I'd also take any acting job...well, not any acting job, that's not true. I'd take a cool acting job..." - Katie Aselton

"Anyone can like their job... To love your job is not enough, you must give your passion to your job." - Zahi Hawass

"If I had to choose between a great acting job and a good directing job, I'd choose the directing job." - Ron Howard

"Gardening is the only unquestionably useful job." - George Bernard Shaw

"Like your job. Love your wife." - John Candy

"There was hostility surrounding doing my job." - Charles Moore

"My job is to make superhit films" - Rohit Shetty

"A school's job [is] to begin education." - Caroline Pratt

"Killing time is not an easy job." - Haruki Murakami

"My newspaper job ... is my identity." - Roger Ebert

"A simple job for simple people." - Curly Howard

"No one's dream job involves a kiosk." - Damien Fahey

"My day job is making TV shows." - Seth Grahame-Smith

"Being famous is just a job." - Britney Spears

"Every little job counts. Design counts." - Michael Bierut

"Friendship is a full-time job." - Bill Russell

"Fortunately, I've never had a job" - Lyle Lovett

"Take your job seriously, but not yourself" - Dwight D Eisenhower

"A school's job [is] to begin education." - Caroline Pratt

"Don't torture yourself... that's my job" - Carolyn Jones

"What is your one-sentence job description?" - Andy Stanley

"I am always on the job." - Margaret Thatcher

"In L.A., you are your job." - Dayna Devon

"Hillary Clinton hasn't created a job." - George Will

"Microsoft, where quality is job 1.1." - Anonymous

"The best acting job in the world." - Nancy Cartwright

"The writer's job is to get naked..." - Harry Crews

"Change the world is maybe Obama's job." - Jack Ma

"I take every job on its merits." - Colin Baker

"Editing is kind of a solitary job." - Joe Dante

"Lawyers have a dangerous job in Iran." - Shirin Ebadi

"Acting is a very strange job." - Lena Olin

"Obviously music is my first job." - Alesha Dixon

"The right server for the right job." - Bob Muglia

"Film-making is a physically hard job." - Alan Parker

"My dream job has already happened." - Kathleen Quinlan

"Writing is an incredibly lonely job." - R A Salvatore

"You never get every job you want." - Mackenzie Astin

"Acting is such a weird job." - Michael Cera

"I never could get a proper job." - Tibor Fischer

"My day job is making TV shows." - Seth Grahamesmith

"I sing and dance. That's my job." - Dick Van Dyke

"I never felt interpretation was my job." - Mary Leakey

"My job is to score goals." - Peter Bondra

"Rent' was my first professional job, ever." - Aaron Tveit

"Certainly being governor is an important job" - Marco Rubio

"Every job has a unique situational circumstance." - Ron Perlman

"I'm an actor. It's my job." - Brittany Murphy

"Acting is everybody's favorite second job." - Jack Nicholson

"It's a hard job to become president." - Rick Scott

"Being actors is a strange job." - Paul Dano

"Don't be limited by your job description." - Stacey Snider

"'Rent' was my first professional job, ever." - Aaron Tveit

"My job is intense. It's very physical." - Joan Jett

"I'm always happy to have a job." - Tommy Lee Jones

"Thank the good Lord for a job." - Wynton Marsalis

"I do my job like I breathe." - Karl Lagerfeld

"The difference between famous creators and struggling artists is that the creators know that improving the lives of others deserves the highest reward." - Alan Cohen

"If the search engines don't respect the creators, there won't be anything to search in the future because creators have to make a living too." - Patricia Schroeder

"If you have a job without aggravations, you don't have a job." - Malcolm Forbes

"Our job is not the harvest, our job is the seed." - Carl Lentz

"See the job, do the job, stay out of the misery." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"The right man can make a good job out of any job." - William Feather

"Perform your job better than anyone else can. That's the best job security I know." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"It's not my job to look good. It's my job to make other people look good." - Wes Unseld

"Gymnastics is definitely my job, but the great thing about that is I love my job." - Jonathan Horton

"Professionalism: It's NOT the job you DO, It's HOW you DO the job." - Anonymous

"I came here to do a job, and my job is to hurt people." - CM Punk

"The way to tell if your job is done: if you're alive, you've got a job." - Richard Bach

"We have to make sure everyone in California has a great job. A fantastic job!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"It's not your job to get people to like you, it's your job to like people." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"It's not my job to look beautiful. It's my job to look interesting." - Martha Graham

"no job is a good job if it isn't good for you." - Barbara De Angelis

"It's not so much what the job gives you, it's what you give to the job." - Denis Waitley

"You can love your job, but your job will not love you back." - Cathie Black

"A job is not just a job. It's who you are." - Jude Law


"Any job that posts a price list for your body parts is a bad job." - Jeff Foxworthy

"I walk around thinking job to job, trying to not have regrets." - Jake Gyllenhaal

"With any job the main thing that makes the job is the people." - Nell Hudson

"A green jobs bill would include both job creation and job training." - Van Jones

"It's not my job to manage this department - it's my job to lead this department." - John Reid

"If you think your job requires you to endanger people, get another job." - Robert James Thomson

"I want to make sure everybody who has a job wants a job." - George H W Bush

"Google's done a super good job on search; Apple's done a great job on the IPod." - Bill Gates



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