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Jesus Only Quotes


"He [Jesus] has no need of our works but only of our love." - Therese Of Lisieux

"Jesus was restrained by the Father to do only what the Father was doing, and You are to be restrained by the Spirit to do only what Jesus is doing!" - Eric Ludy

"Compare yourself only with Jesus." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"What offends Him and what wounds His Heart is the lack of confidence...Your heart is made to love Jesus, to love Him passionately...We have only the short moments of our life to love Jesus!" - Therese Of Lisieux

"The Institutional Church (ecclesia) has killed only two kinds of people: Those who do not believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and those who do." - Will Durant

"In Jesus, God wills to be true God not only in the height but also in the depth - in the depth of human creatureliness, sinfulness and mortality." - Karl Barth

"I'd rather be able to pray than to be a great preacher; Jesus Christ never taught his disciples how to preach, but only how to pray." - Dwight L Moody

"If I, as an Oriental have to worship Jesus of Nazareth, there is only one way, that is, to worship him as God and nothing else." - Swami Vivekananda

"The people who crucified Jesus were not able to see his godliness at all; they could only see the mischief in him." - Rajneesh

"Sin is the second most powerful force in the universe, for it sent Jesus to the cross. Only one force is greater-the love of God." - Billy Graham

"Not only do we know God through Jesus Christ, we only know ourselves through Jesus Christ." - Blaise Pascal

"How many people also in our time are in search of God, in search of Jesus and of his Church, in search of divine mercy, and are waiting for a "sign" that will touch their minds and their hearts! Today, as then, the Evangelist reminds us that the only "sign" is Jesus raised on the cross: Jesus who died and rose is the absolutely sufficient sign. Through him we can understand the truth about life and obtain salvation." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"I accept the resurrection of Easter Sunday not as an invention of the community of disciples, but as a historical event. If the resurrection of Jesus from the dead on that Easter Sunday were a public event which had been made known...not only to the 530 Jewish witnesses but to the entire population, all Jews would have become followers of Jesus." - Pinchas Lapide

"We never give more honour to Jesus than when we honour his Mother, and we honour her simply and solely to honour him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek - Jesus, her Son." - Louis de Montfort

"Jesus is the only significance. Beside Jesus nothing has any significance. He alone matters." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Notice carefully every word here. It is not our prayer which draws Jesus into our hearts. Nor is it our prayer which moves Jesus to come in to us. All He needs is access. He enters in of His own accord, because He desires to come in. To pray is nothing more involved than to let Jesus into our needs, and permitting Him to exercise His own power in dealing with them. And that requires no strength. It is only a question of our wills. Will we give Jesus access to our needs?." - Ole Hallesby

"You accept the historical Jesus?" - Albert Einstein

"Gentle Jesus, meek and mild..." - Charles Wesley

"Remember that vision on the Mount of Transfiguration; and let it be ours, even in the glare of earthly joys and brightnesses, to lift up our eyes, like those wondering three, and see no man any more, save Jesus only." - Alexander MacLaren

"Prayer is not only asking, it is an attitude of heart that produces an atmosphere in which asking is perfectly natural, and Jesus says, "every one that asketh receiveth."" - Oswald Chambers

"The divinity of Jesus is not a dispensable extra that has no significance for our salvation. On the contrary, our salvation depends on it. We can be saved only by God Himself." - Klaas Runia

"When Christ said: "I was hungry and you fed me," he didn't mean only the hunger for bread and for food; he also meant the hunger to be loved. Jesus himself experienced this loneliness." - Mother Teresa

"Love is the door, it is irrelevant with whom you have fallen in love. Love redeems, neither Jesus, nor Krishna. Love redeems. Fall in love. Love is the only redeeming force. Love is the savior." - Rajneesh

"The suffering of this life not only can make our temperament more like the Divine Personality of Jesus, but it detaches us from this world. This Divine preparation opens our souls to the working and pruning of the Father." - Mother Angelica

"I'd once heard a spiritual "riddle" that went like this: "What's the only thingin heaven that's the same as it was on earth?"The answer: the wounds in Jesus' hands and feet." - Todd Burpo

"I'm not convinced that Jesus only lives in Christians." - Tony Campolo

"Jesus is the ultimate Job, the only truly innocent sufferer." - Timothy Keller

"Faith only glances at problems, but gazes upon Jesus." - Steven J Lawson

"The only figure in history who endures is Jesus." - Norman Vincent Peale

"Note that charity is given only to those who seek it, only to those who earnestly pray for it, only to those who are disciples of Christ. Before we can be filled with this pure love, we must start at the beginning with the first principle of the gospel. We must have "first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."" - Joseph B Wirthlin

"We canot become nonviolent on the basis of intellectual conviction. Commitment to nonviolence demands a very profound conversion of mind and heart. If we take the time to pray with Jesus, we too will be converted in mind and heart. It won't work if we try to reason it out. The only way is through a change of heart, a coming into a way of being that is the way of Jesus." - Thomas Gumbleton

"This Advent we look to the Wise Men to teach us where to focus our attention. We set our sights on things above, where God is. We draw closer to Jesus... When our Advent journey ends, and we reach the place where Jesus resides in Bethlehem, may we, like the Wise Men, fall on our knees and adore him as our true and only King." - Mark Zimmermann

"How was it that, even in the common tasks of an ordinary life, Jesus drew the praise of heaven? At the core of His being, He only did those things which pleased the Father. In everything, He stayed true, heartbeat to heartbeat, with the Father's desires. Jesus lived for God alone; God was enough for Him. Thus, even in its simplicity and moment-to-moment faithfulness, Christ's life was an unending fragrance, a perfect offering of incomparable love to God." - Francis Frangipane

"Jesus is our Advocate before God." - Charles Stanley

"Let me introduce you to Jesus." - David Platt

"Jesus must have been a psychopath" - Peter Wessel Zapffe

"The work we do is only our love for Jesus in action...If we pray the work...if we do it to Jesus, if we do it for Jesus, if we do it with Jesus...that's what makes us content." - Mother Teresa

"Jesus says God is love. I would like to change it. I would like to say love is God. When you say God is love, love is only one of the qualities of God; he may have other qualities: wisdom, justice, etcetera. To me, love is God; godliness is only one of the qualities of love. There is no other God than the fragrance of love. But the fragrance can arise only in deep meditation." - Rajneesh

"Jesus doesn't care if you feel guilty. Jesus wants you to change." - Sarah Miles

"There are so many religions and each one has its different ways of following God. I follow Christ: Jesus is my God, Jesus is my Spouse, Jesus is my Life, Jesus is my only Love, Jesus is my All in All; Jesus is my Everything." - Mother Teresa

"Reality is not meant to be only creedal, though the creeds are important. Reality is to be experienced, and experienced on the basis of a restored relationship with God through that finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross." - Francis Schaeffer

"In sickness, with its attendant pain, patience is required. If the only perfect man who ever lived-even Jesus of Nazareth-was called upon to endure great suffering, how can we, who are less than perfect, expect to be free of such challenges?" - Thomas S Monson

"Let's forget the novelties. If we prevail in prayer, God will do only what he can do. How he does things, when he does them, and in what manner are up to him. The name of Jesus, the power of his blood, and the prayer of faith have never lost their power over the centuries." - Jim Cymbala

"Behold Jesus Christ crucified, Who is the only foundation of our hope; He is our Mediator and Advocate; the victim and sacrifice for our sins. He is goodness and patience itself; His mercy is moved by the tears of sinners, and He never refuses pardon and grace to those who ask it with a truly contrite and humbled heart." - Carlo Borromeo

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ prescribes the wisest rules for just conduct in every situation of life. Happy they who are enabled to obey them in all situations!...My only hope of salvation is in the infinite transcendent love of God manifested to the world by the death of His Son upon the Cross. Nothing but His blood will wash away my sins." - Benjamin Rush

"We all know people who have been made much meaner and more irritable and more intolerable to live with by suffering: it is not right to say that all suffering perfects. It only perfects one type of person ...... the one who accepts the call of God in Christ Jesus." - Oswald Chambers

"Meditation opens the doors of your inner treasures, what Jesus calls the kingdom of god. Meditation is only a key, and keys are always small things, but they can unlock immense treasures. Everybody is born as a prince or a princess, but gets lost in the blind crowd of beggars." - Rajneesh

"The proclamation and witness of the Gospel are the first service that Christians can offer every person and the whole human race, as they are called to communicate to all the love of God, who manifested himself fully in the only Redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"I think the fear of humiliating yourself on stage always motivates me to give at least 90 percent. I've definitely been guilty of leaning on the mic stand, but you can only do that so long before you're like, "Jesus, I'm bombing." The fact that people pay to come see me, that's really just out the window." - Bill Burr

"The character of Jesus has not only been the highest pattern of virtue, but the strongest incentive in its practice, and has exerted so deep an influence, that it may be truly said that the simple record of three years of active life has done more to regenerate and to soften mankind than all the disquisitions of philosophers and all the exhortations of moralists." - Ravi Zacharias

"The idea of a hell that involves some kind of eternal punishment at the hands of a just and holy God is so profoundly difficult for us to handle emotionally, that the only person who would have enough authority to convince us of the reality of such a place would be Jesus Himself." - John Gerstner

"If Jesus was a bartender, He would still only be half as cool as Carlos." - Richard Kadrey

"The only wounds that define us are the wounds of Jesus Christ." - Louie Giglio

"The only freedom that man ever has is when he becomes a slave to Jesus Christ." - R C Sproul

"Jesus Christ only had twelve, you know, and one of them was a double." - John Le Carre

"We only have victory over satan when we walk in the Spirit in Christ Jesus." - T. B. Joshua

"Without the cross, there's only condemnation. If Jesus wasn't executed, there's no celebration." - LeCrae

"Faith in the Lord Jesus is the only sure medicine for troubled hearts." - J C Ryle

"The atonement of Jesus Christ is the only remedy and rest for my soul." - Martin Van Buren

"I'm rollin' with Satan, not Jesus Christ. I'm the only son of the devil." - Big L

"What if Jesus was the only normal person who ever lived?" - Bernie Siegel

"In the company of Jesus there are no experts, only beginners" - Jason Upton

"Life only works when Jesus is everything and we are fully submitted to Him." - Louie Giglio

"Only through repentance do we gain access to the atoning grace of Jesus Christ." - D. Todd Christofferson

"We cannot trust in our own strength, but only in Jesus and in his mercy." - Pope Francis

"There is only one Christ, Jesus, one faith. All else is a dispute over trifles." - Elizabeth I

"Jesus Himself stresses that only those who grant forgiveness will receive it." - David Jeremiah

"The only thing that's going to save you is that saving blood of Jesus Christ." - Katherine Albrecht

"I'm rollin" with Satan, not Jesus Christ. I'm the only son of the devil." - Big L

" the gospel of Jesus Christ is the price of-and the only way to-peace." - Marion G. Romney

"Not only did Judas sell Jesus for thirty pieces of silver; he also sold himself." - George H Morrison

"Jesus Christ is the only God who has a date in history." - Dorothy L Sayers

"You have only three real friends: Jesus Christ, Sears Roebuck, and Gene Talmadge." - Eugene Talmadge

"Jesus taught that we'll never be satisfied with anything we own, only with Who owns us." - Ken Hutcherson

"The world can teach leadership skills but only Jesus can teach you a leaders heart." - Gerald Brooks

"I'm a citizen of the only righteous nation in the Universe-the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!" - David Berg

"Do not worship me, I am not God. I'm only a man. I worship Jesus Christ." - Haile Selassie

"Jesus alone cleanses from sin; He only can forgive our transgressions." - Ellen G White

"There is only one Jesus; we can't live a sinless life like He did." - Monica Johnson

"I have died many times. I have actually beaten Jesus Christ because he only died once." - Robert Mugabe

"The only crown Jesus ever wore on earth was a crown of thorns." - Elisabeth Elliot

"Jesus was not a whisperer. No one ever saw Him close to His neighbor's ear, looking stealthily around lest some one should overhear what He was going to say. He stood upright, looked men squarely and kindly in the eye, and spoke what He had to say right out, boldly, frankly, that the whole world might hear; and when He did speak privately to His disciples, He told them to shout it from the housetops. 'Truth fears nothing but concealment,' said an old Church Father, and Jesus spake only the truth." - Samuel Logan Brengle

"We laugh, we cry, we work, we play, we love, we live. And then we die. ... And dead we would remain but for one Man and His mission, even Jesus of Nazareth. ... With all my heart and the fervency of my soul, I lift up my voice in testimony as a special witness and declare that God does live. Jesus is His Son, the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh. He is our Redeemer; He is our Mediator with the Father. He it was who died on the cross to atone for our sins. He became the firstfruits of the Resurrection. Because He died, all shall live again." - Thomas S Monson

"Jesus expressed intense anger toward those who where immoral, such as the self-righteous Pharisees, but he never suggested that they were demonized. Toward the demonized, however, he never expressed anger; rather he exhibited only compassion. As Langton notes, "Pity rather than anger characterizes the attitude of Jesus toward the possessed...He treats them as if they were the victims of an involuntary possession." Indeed, he treats them as though they are casualties of war. For, in his view, this is precisely what they are." - Gregory A. Boyd

"I am saying that there is no salvation apart from Jesus; that's my evangelical mindset. However, I am not convinced that Jesus only lives in Christians" - Tony Campolo

"Only believe, don't fear. Our Master, Jesus, always watches over us, and no matter what the persecution, Jesus will surely overcome it." - Lottie Moon

"I am saying that there is no salvation apart from Jesus; that's my evangelical mindset. However, I am not convinced that Jesus only lives in Christians" - Tony Campolo

"Jesus Christ as only an example will crush you. You'll never be able to live up to it. But Jesus Christ as the Lamb will save you." - Timothy Keller

"Not only are Christians writing about Jesus, but also Communists, Jews, atheists and agnostics are taking up their pens to paint a portrait of Jesus." - John Clayton

"Jesus did not only serve the needs of the people, but truly hoped that the people and Jesus would be one." - Greg Boyle

"If you seek Jesus in all things you will surely find Jesus. And if you seek yourself, you will surely find yourself, but only to your ruin." - Thomas A Kempis

"Without out suffering, our work would just be social work, very good and helpful, but it would not be the work of Jesus Christ, not part of the Redemption. All the desolation of the poor people, not only their material poverty, but their spiritual destitution, must be redeemed. And we must share it, for only by being one with them can we redeem them by bringing God into their lives and bringing them to God." - Mother Teresa

"Jesus must have been a really great artist in creating enemies because he was only thirty-three when he was crucified, and there were only three years of work because he appeared at the age of thirty. Up to that time he was with the mystery schools, going around the world to Egypt, to India, and the possibility is even to Tibet and to Japan." - Rajneesh

"No pen, no words, no image can express to you the loveliness of my only, only Lord Jesus." - Samuel Rutherford

"Not only do we know God by Jesus Christ alone, but we know ourselves only by Jesus Christ. We know life and death only through Jesus Christ. Apart from Jesus Christ, we do not know what is our life, nor our death, nor God, nor ourselves." - Blaise Pascal

"Jesus liberated us from religion. Jesus taught simple religious practices over major theorizing.? The only thoughts Jesus told us to police were our own: our own negative thoughts, our own violent thoughts, our own hateful thoughts-not other people's thoughts." - Richard Rohr

"The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love. To be a minister, we must walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus, and be like Jesus for a broken and dying world." - Heidi Baker

"Jesus was the greatest religious genius that ever lived." - Ernest Renan

"Instructions from Jesus will always yield favorable results." - Creflo A. Dollar

"Jesus Christ was an extremist for love, truth and goodness." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Jesus took His flesh from the flesh of Mary" - Saint Augustine

"I don't know anyone less Jesus like than Christians." - Bill Maher

"Jesus was lost in his love for God." - Rumi

"If Jesus was hung, would we pray to a rope?" - Gordon Downie

"The dinosaurs invented Jesus to test our confidence in science." - Karl Hess

"Jesus was not a Christian, nor was Marx a Marxist." - Eric Hoffer

"[Jesus] invoked a different kind of power: love, not coercion." - Philip Yancey

"It takes a Newton to forge a Newton. What man could have fabricated a Jesus? None but a Jesus." - Theodore Parker

"Most of the Catholics Christians I've met would for all practical purposes believe Jesus is God only, and we are human only. We missed the big point. The point is the integration, both in Jesus and ourselves." - Richard Rohr

"Don't be fearful about the journey ahead; don't worry about where you are going or how you are going to get there. If you believe in the first person of the Trinity, God the Father, also believe in the second person of the Trinity, the one who came as the Light of the World, not only to die for people, but to light the way... This one, Jesus Christ, is himself the Light and will guide your footsteps along the way." - Edith Schaeffer

""None is good, save One, that is, God", as the Lord Jesus bath said. The rest are only tools in His hands. "Gloria in Excelsis", "Glory unto God in the highest", and unto men that deserve, but not to such an undeserving one like me. Here "the servant is not worthy of the hire"; and a Fakir, especially, has no right to any praise whatsoever, for would you praise your servant for simply doing his duty?" - Swami Vivekananda

"It is only when we love God and Christ with all of our hearts, souls, and minds that we are able to share this love with our neighbors through acts of kindness and service... When this pure love of Christ-or charity-envelops us, we think, feel, and act more like Heavenly Father and Jesus would think, feel, and act. Our motivation and heartfelt desire are like unto that of the Savior." - M Russell Ballard

"How kind is our Sacramental Jesus! He welcomes you at any hour of the day or night. His Love never knows rest. He is always most gentle towards you. When you visit Him, He forgets your sins and speaks only of His joy, His tenderness, and His Love. By the reception He gives to you, one would think He has need of you to make Him happy." - Peter Julian Eymard

"Science is only truly consistent with an atheistic worldview with regards to the claimed miracles of the gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, the true believers in each of these faiths are atheists regarding the specific sacred tenets of all other faiths. Christianity rejects the proposition that the Quran contains the infallible words of the creator of the universe. Muslims and Jews reject the divinity of Jesus." - Lawrence M Krauss

"Think of the majesty of that moment in this dying world's history, when Jesus Christ declared that to the Christian death was only a sleep. Outside of that small dwelling in Capernaum, a great race of men rushed and toiled as they harassed continents and seas; mighty events marshaled themselves into annals and pageants. What was inside? In one inconspicuous chamber of a now forgotten house, man's Redeemer, unobserved, martyred man's final enemy. There Immanuel subdued death forever." - Charles Seymour Robinson

"In the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus not only teaches us to help people in need; more deeply, he teaches us that we cannot identify who "has it", who is "in" with God, who is "blessed", by looking at exteriors of any sort. That is a matter of the heart. There alone the kingdom of the heavens and human kingdoms great and small are knit together. Draw any cultural or social line you wish, and God will find his way beyond it." - Dallas Willard

"The so-called Church Fathers are not some theologians as we know them nowadays. They were close to the teaching of the Apostles conveying the teaching of those who were close to Jesus. Their theology and wisdom is close to everyday life. We have to thank John Michael Talbot that he has been able to unearth the treasures of those times. This was only possible because he himself in his community experiences the Gospel lived out in our times." - Notker Wolf

"Jesus is never upset at sinners; he is only upset with people who do not think they are sinners." - Richard Rohr

"Only by taking Jesus' example into every part of our lives will we be able to win in life." - Loren Cunningham

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is the brightest light and the only hope for this darkened world." - Dallin H. Oaks

"The shortest verse in the Bible is 'Jesus wept.' The only thing wrong with it is the past tense." - R. K. Milholland

"Many people begin coming to God once they stop being religious.There's only one master of the heart-Jesus, not religion." - Oswald Chambers

"Only by being both deity and humanity could Jesus Christ bridge the gap between where God is." - David Jeremiah

"Many overlook the fact that Jesus was homeless. He did not only teach the poor; He lived among them." - Dillon Burroughs

"Each encounter with Jesus fills us with joy, with that deep joy which only God can give." - Pope Francis

"Jesus Christ is both the only price and sacrifice by which eternal redemption is obtained for believers." - Jonathan Edwards

"Youth, beauty, wit may recommend you to men, but only faith in Jesus Christ can recommend you to God." - John Aughey

"You get one pass at life. That's all. Only one. And the lasting measure of that life is Jesus Christ." - John Piper

"You get one pass at life. That's all. Only one. And the lasting measure of that life is Jesus Christ." - John Piper

"I only want to write one thing over the doorpost to my heart and life: "Jesus Christ lives here." - Leonard Sweet

"What you treasure will ultimately require you die for it, Jesus is the only treasure that died for you." - Timothy Keller

"Healing comes when our story is raw, bone-deep and full of hunger for what only Jesus can offer." - Dan B. Allender

"If Jesus Christ isn't the central figure in our lives and in our churches, we're only fooling ourselves." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"I believe only and alone in the service of Jesus Christ. In him is all refuge and solace." - Johannes Kepler

"No harm can come to me since, in whatever happens, I see only the tender hand of Jesus." - Therese Of Lisieux

"Jesus invested everything he had in a team. The Bible knows nothing about solo ministry, only team ministry." - Leonard Sweet

"Good intentions and earnest effort are not enough. Only Jesus can make an otherwise futile life productive." - Charles R Swindoll

"At the centre of every human being is a God-shaped vacuum which can only be filled by Jesus Christ." - Blaise Pascal

"Jesus is not a good way to heaven, nor even the best way. He is the only way to heaven." - Steven J Lawson

"Those of us who are Christians believe Jesus Christ is the only one who can redeem us." - Robert Jeffress

"The shortest verse in the Bible is 'Jesus wept.' The only thing wrong with it is the past tense." - Randy K. Milholland

"The whole world lives for pleasure. The only difference is theirs is fleeting, while ours is forever in Jesus." - John Piper

"In the fight against the communism in history, only Codreanu didn't give up. He was a new kind of Jesus" - Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

"Jesus will judge us not only for what we did, but also for what we could have done and didn't." - George Otis

"It's only through Christ that we can take full advantage of God's mercy and forgiveness through repentance in Jesus' name." - Monica Johnson

"Only in Jesus are we able to pray, and with Him we also know that we shall be heard." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Jesus said...i'm the only way to permanent peace, im the only way to permanent joy, im the only way to eternal life, im the only way to forgiveness of sin, im the only way to the Father." - Billy Graham

"Don`t be imitators. The mind is an imitator, because it is easier to play the game of imitation than to become authentically true. Many ideas have been given to you: become like a Buddha, become like Jesus. become like Krishna - as if you have to become everybody else EXCEPT yourself. As if God is only against you. He`s for Krishna, for Christ, for Mahavir, for Buddha - only against you. Then why does He create you? Then He seems simply foolish. Why does He go on creating you? If He`s interested in Buddha, Hc can create Buddhas. Why you?" - Rajneesh

"Don't ever think that there are many ways to the Divine. Jesus is the one qualified mediator, the only qualified sacrifice, and the only qualified savior." - Erwin W. Lutzer

"Only through repentance and faith in Christ can anyone be saved. No religious activity will be sufficient, only true faith in Jesus Christ alone." - Ravi Zacharias



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