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Jesus Miracles Quotes


"If you have Jesus in your heart, you also have miracles of healing within your hands." - Marilyn Hickey

"When you look at all the miracles attributed to Jesus, they're all about change." - Michael Sheen

"Get burnt like a candle, very hard to handle, Do miracles in Nikes like Jesus did in sandals." - MF Grimm

"The age of miracles has not past. The Miracle Worker is still ALIVE. His name is Jesus Christ!" - T. B. Joshua

"When Jesus performed miracles, he wasn't demonstrating what God can do, but what God can do through a man." - Bill Johnson

"Men can see the greatest miracles and miss the glory of God. What generation was ever favored with miracles as Jesus' generations was? Yet that generation crucified the Son of God!" - Tom Wells

"Believe in miracles but don't depend on them." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible." - Mao Tse-Tung

"Miracles and magic pervade the things that I've written, but yet there are no miracles and there is no magic." - Kate Dicamillo

"The miracles of Jesus are signs of the right order of things. Jesus was not so much turning things upside down as turning them rightside up or, at least, giving his followers glimpses of the rightside up. The miracles of healing, deliverance, provision, and resurrection all reveal that God, through Jesus, is making all things new, that he is restoring what once was unbroken." - Matt Chandler

"The gospel which they so greatly needed they would not have; the miracles which Jesus did not always choose to give, they eagerly demanded." - Charles Spurgeon

"Jesus' healings are not supernatural miracles in a natural world. They are the only truly 'natural' things in a world that is unnatural, demonized and wounded." - Jurgen Moltmann

"We modern people think of miracles as the suspension of the natural order, but Jesus meant them to be the restoration of the natural order." - Timothy Keller

"The miracles of Jesus were the ordinary works of his Father, wrought small and swift that we might take them in." - George Macdonald

"Jesus wore designer clothes." - John Avanzini

"Jesus was a crackpot." - Rajneesh

"I love Jesus." - Ray Price

"I believe in miracles, but I trust in Jesus. If you believe the Bible, you know that God is a miracle-working God. And God is not limited in any degree nor any respect. He is totally sovereign. Do you believe that? I hope you do. Believe in miracles, but do' put your faith in miracles. Put your faith and your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ." - Adrian Rogers

"I believe in miracles, but I trust in Jesus. If you believe the Bible, you know that God is a miracle-working God. And God is not limited in any degree nor any respect. He is totally sovereign. Do you believe that? I hope you do. Believe in miracles, but don't put your faith in miracles. Put your faith and your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ." - Adrian Rogers

"Here is the difference between hope with Jesus and hope without Jesus. Hope without Jesus is waiting for your position or circumstance to change. To be waiting and hoping that someday things aren't how they are now. There is nothing wrong with waiting for a miracle, but some miracles don't always come. Life without Jesus is a life without purpose." - Nick Vujicic

"Jesus did not predict a place. Jesus predicted a people." - Andy Stanley

"God is defined by Jesus but not confined to Jesus." - Huston Smith

"Mosquito bites Jesus, receives communion." - Demetri Martin

"Who was Jesus? God saves." - Max Lucado

"Jesus was handling big money." - John Avanzini

"We modern people think of miracles as the suspension of the natural order, but Jesus meant them to be the restoration of the natural order. The Bible tells us that God did not originally make the world to have disease, hunger, and death in it. Jesus has come to redeem where it is wrong and heal the world where it is broken. His miracles are not just proofs that he has power but also wonderful foretastes of what he is going to do with that power. Jesus' miracles are not just a challenge to our minds, but a promise to our hearts, that the world we all want is coming." - Timothy Keller

"I want to thank Jesus, and by Jesus I mean Jesus Hernandez, my bodyguard" - Will Ferrell

"Teaching people to become like Jesus, outside of the power of Jesus, dishonors Jesus." - Ed Stetzer

"The making of miracles to edification was as ardently admired by pious Victorians as it was sternly discouraged by Jesus of Nazareth. Not that the Victorians were unique in this respect. Modern writers also indulge in edifying miracles though they generally prefer to use them to procure unhappy endings, by which piece of thaumaturgy they win the title of realists." - Dorothy L Sayers

"There are many today who believe that there are people running around this world right now who are performing greater miracles, performing miracles in greater abundance, and actually doing more incredible acts of divine healing than Jesus himself did. I can't think of any more serious delusion than that..." - R C Sproul

"There are many today who believe that there are people running around this world right now who are performing greater miracles, performing miracles in greater abundance, and actually doing more incredible acts of divine healing than Jesus himself did. I ca' think of any more serious delusion than that..." - R C Sproul

"We are a people who can bring about miracles if united." - Roh Moo-hyun

"Miracles are for beginners." - C S Lewis

"Beauty can inspire miracles." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Miracle me no miracles." - Miguel De Cervantes

"I believe in miracles." - Audrey Hepburn

"Men create real miracles when they use their God-given courage and intelligence." - Jean Anouilh

"I am not embarrassed to tell you that I believe in miracles." - Corazon Aquino

"Miracles do not happen." - Matthew Arnold

"Jesus' miracles provide us with a sample of the meaning of redemption: a freeing of creation from the shackles of sin and evil and a reinstatement of creaturely living as intended by God." - Randy Alcorn

"We must not sit down, and look for miracles. Up, and be doing, and the Lord will be with thee. Prayer and pains, through faith in Christ Jesus, will do anything." - John Eliot

"Faith is a day-to-day lifestyle and experience of Jesus Christ. That's what we are experiencing at Shalom, when we plant in faith - even in the dust - and trust in him for the miracles of his love." - Angus Buchan

"Jesus, when he was on Earth, he was out there helping people, right? Why did he perform those miracles? To call attention to his profession. Why do you think I do these incredible feats ? To call attention to my profession!" - Jack Lalanne

"Religions are all founded on miracles - on things we cannot understand, such as the Trinity. Jesus calls himself the Son of God, and yet is descended from David. I prefer the religion of Mahomet - it is less ridiculous than ours." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"If the works of Jesus were so much more wonderful than man could perform as to deserve to be called miracles, was it not nonsense to caution his disciples so strongly against being deluded by the works of others?" - Lysander Spooner

"We must not sit still and look for miracles; up and doing, and the Lord will be with thee. Prayer and pains, through faith in Christ Jesus, will do anything." - George Eliot

"Jesus Christ was a simple man walked around, did a few miracles, said a few things and died. It was enough for him to say what he felt and glow with the light of eternity." - Frederick Lenz

"And yet you see the weakness of external evidence-and outward miracles; they were not sufficient to make true believers, or to make the Israelites believe that Jesus was their promised Messiah." - Elias Hicks

"But what had lasting significance were not the miracles themselves but Jesus' love. Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from the dead, and a few years later, Lazarus died again. Jesus healed the sick, but eventually caught some other disease. He fed the ten thousands, and the next day they were hungry again. But we remember his love. It wasn't that Jesus healed a leper but that he touched a leper, because no one touched lepers." - Shane Claiborne

"But Jesus wanted the crowd to know, look, 'John's (the baptist) the one who got this whole thing started.' In verse ten He says, 'This is the one about whom it is written, 'I'll send my messenger ahead of you who will prepare Your way before You.' Jesus says, 'If it wasn't for John, I wouldn't even be here performing these miracles.'" - Steven Furtick

"From the sense of being an ambassador for Jesus Christ, hopefully, through my story and through all the improbables and the miracles that happened in my life, people are inspired or at least a little bit warmer to the idea of exploring who Jesus is." - Jeremy Lin

"If Jesus heals instantly, praise Him. If Jesus heals gradually, trust Him. When Jesus heals ultimately, you will understand." - Max Lucado

"Christianity is about learning to love like Jesus loved and Jesus loved the poor and Jesus loved the broken." - Rich Mullins

"Jesus is not from Georgia. Jesus does not speak English. And Jesus is not a member of the NRA." - Robert Wright

"I live in Jesus, on Jesus, with Jesus, and soon hope to be perfectly conformed to His likeness." - Charles Spurgeon

"If Jesus was here, do you think Jesus would show me any love? Do you think Jesus would love me?" - Mike Tyson

"Christianity isn't all that complicated ... it's Jesus." - Joni Eareckson Tada

"Jesus does' take sides; He takes over." - Andy Stanley

"One Way: Jesus! One Job: Evangelism!" - T.L. Osborn

"Jesus and the devil are brothers" - Mike Huckabee

"Jesus weeps and loves me still." - Charles Wesley

"People get ready...Jesus is coming!" - Misty Edwards

"Jesus didn`t teach people to kill." - Steve King

"Jesus and Buddha cannot both be right" - Ravi Zacharias

"Let's go stomp those weirdies for Jesus!" - Bill Allred

"Jesus is all about inclusion not exclusion." - Robert Hood

"I always forgave my students, like Jesus." - Bikram Choudhury

"Jesus Christ was God's revenue officer." - Billy Sunday

"A Christian's example is always Jesus." - Monica Johnson

"A dark hour makes Jesus bright." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"And what can we do to silence these Christian athletes who thank Jesus whenever they win, never mention his name when they lose? Not a word. You never hear them say "Jesus made me drop the ball." "The good lord tripped me up behind the line of scrimmage." According to these guys Jesus is undefeated, meanwhile these assholes are in last place. Must be another one of those "miracles."" - George Carlin

"The early Christians' opponents all accepted that Jesus existed, taught, had disciples, worked miracles, and was put to death on a Roman cross. As in our day, debate and disagreement centred largely not on the story but on the significance of Jesus. Today nearly all historians, whether Christians or not, accept that Jesus existed and that the gospels contain plenty of valuable evidence which has to be weighed and assessed critically." - Graham Stanton

"Miracles only happen if you believe in miracles." - Paulo Coelho

"Miracles need people as much as people need miracles." - Amy Neftzger

"Do you believe in miracles?" - Al Michaels

"I wish to work miracles..." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereereeeeees. I believe in miracles." - Ruud Gullit

"Don't stop believing in miracles." - Susan Beth Pfeffer

"Powerless rage can work miracles." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

"Todays impossibilities are tomorrows miracles." - Robert H Schuller

"Dogs are miracles with paws." - Sark

"Sometimes miracles come in pairs." - Richard Branson

"Affirmation plus action equals miracles." - Cheryl Richardson

"I always believe in miracles." - Al Michaels

"Dogs are miracles with paws." - Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

"There is a tendency to see divine intervention in things that happen in the normal course of miracles." - Robert Brault

"Meditation makes you innocent, it makes you childlike. In that state, miracles are possible. That state is pure magic." - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

"Powerless rage can work miracles." - Stanislaw Lec

"They say miracles are past." - William Shakespeare

"Mysteries are not necessarily miracles." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Miracles are God's coups d'etat." - Sophie Swetchine

"I don't believe in miracles." - Sam Simon

"Mysteries are not necessarily miracles." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

"Out of difficulties grow miracles." - Jean De La Bruyere

"Love works miracles in stillness." - Herbert Read

"Let's begin creating miracles now." - Gabrielle Bernstein

"Jesus doesn't care if you feel guilty. Jesus wants you to change." - Sarah Miles

"Our churches should attract the people Jesus attracted and frustrate the people Jesus frustrated." - Shane Claiborne

"Jesus doesn't avoid those who mess up. Jesus runs to those who mess up." - Matt Chandler

"The Jesus that men want to see is not the Jesus they really need to see." - G. Campbell Morgan

"Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office...that's what Jesus would do." - Mike Huckabee

"Worship of Jesus is rather harmless and risk-free; actually following Jesus changes everything." - Richard Rohr

"Having made Jesus your all, you shall find your all in Jesus." - Charles Spurgeon

"To Jesus Christ I commend my soul; Lord Jesus, receive my soul." - Anne Boleyn

"Fundamentalists believe Jesus was God becoming man. I believe that Jesus was man becoming God." - Eric Butterworth

"Think what a contribution selfish people of great talent could have made if their commitments had been made to Jesus Christ instead of to themselves! We will do better in every aspect of our lives if we commit to a God in whose life we see miracles, power over disease and death..." - Vaughn J Featherstone

"There are only two places where the powerful and great in this world lose their courage, tremble in the depths of their souls, and become truly afraid. These are the manger and the cross of Jesus Christ....No priest, no theologian stood at the cradle of Bethlehem. And yet, all Christian theology finds its beginnings in the miracle of miracles, that God became human." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"I have seen miracles in my time, my brothers and sisters. The greatest miracle of all, I believe, is the transformation that comes into the life of a man or a woman who accepts the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and tries to live it in his or her life." - Gordon B Hinckley

"In my study I can lay my hand on the Bible in the pitch dark. All truly inspired ideas come from God. The powers from which all truly great composers like Mozart, Schubert, Bach and Beethoven drew their inspirations is the same power that enabled Jesus to do his miracles." - Johannes Brahms

"The men upon whose shoulders rested the initial responsibility of Christianizing the world came to Jesus with one supreme request. They did not say, 'Lord, teach us to preach'; Lord, teach us to do miracles,' or 'Lord, teach us to be wise'...but they said, 'Lord, teach us to pray.'" - Billy Graham

"Miracles are commonplace in religious scripture. Our ancient ancestors are said to have felt Jesus' wounds, verified Muhammad's ascent to heaven, and even interacted with their respective deities directly. Today, believers have no such luxury. They are forced to rely on blind faith that these things occurred, that people were at one time able to overcome or render inert natural laws." - David G. McAfee

"I'm going to make a statement that you might not believe; you might even find it offensive. Fortunately, its not just my opinion; I got it from the apostle Paul who picked it up from Jesus - so don't get upset with me! Here it is: You haven't fully preached the Gospel of Christ if you haven't done it with miracles, signs, and wonders." - Todd Bentley

"Above all, I declare that Jesus Christ is the center of our faith; I testify to you that he lives. He leads his Church today; he hears our prayers when we humbly, earnestly, unceasingly seek to know his will, making this, too, a day of miracles and of revelation." - Spencer W. Kimball

"Jesus has many who love the kingdom of God, but few who bear a cross. He has many who desire His comfort, but few who desire His suffering. All want to rejoice with him, but few are willing to suffer for Him. He writes; there are many who admire his miracles, but there are few who follow in the humiliation of the cross." - Thomas A Kempis

"The Resurrection is the supreme vindication of Jesus' divine identity and his inspired teaching. It's the proof of his triumph over sin and death. It's the foreshadowing of the resurrection of his followers. It's the basis of Christian hope. It's the miracle of all miracles." - Lee Strobel

"Only Jesus has prophecies made hundreds of years in advance made literally true. Only He did miracles; only His immediate followers claimed He died and rose from the dead, so in comparison, He comes out superior to other great religious leaders." - Norman Geisler

"To pray is to let Jesus come into our hearts. It is not our prayer which moves the Lord Jesus. It is Jesus who moves us to pray." - Ole Hallesby

"I think one day Madonna's going to say Jesus is Lord, one day Muhammad is going to say Jesus is Lord, Hitler will say Jesus is Lord." - Rick Warren

"Miracles arise from conviction. Be convicted about these things: Miracles can happen. Miracles do happen. Love makes them happen." - Marianne Williamson

"I've seen many miracles take place in people's lives. Financial miracles, miracles of physical healing, mental healing, healing of relationships." - Michael Beckwith

"I have prayed for new men, fiery, reckless men, possessed of uncontrollably youthful passion-these lit by the Spirit of God. I have prayed for new words, explosive, direct, simple words. I have prayed for new miracles. Explaining old miracles will not do. If God is to be known as the God who does wonders in heaven and earth, then God must produce for this generation. Lord, fill preachers and preaching with Thy power. How long dare we go on without tears, without moral passions, hatred and love? Not long, I pray, Lord Jesus, not long." - Jim Elliot

"Science surpasses the old miracles of mythology." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"But the age of miracles hadn't passed." - Ira Gershwin

"Expect resistance but pray for miracles!" - Corrie Ten Boom

"Miracles are a shift in perception." - Kenneth Wapnick

"When there are monsters there are miracles." - Ogden Nash

"I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles," - Lance Armstrong

"Teachers perform major miracles in America, daily." - Meryl Streep

"Miracles are simply a change in perception." - Mark Victor Hansen

"It's the Twentieth Century ... no more miracles." - Clifford Odets

"Miracles do happen in every human life." - Sri Chinmoy

"Impossible situations can become possible miracles." - Robert H Schuller

"The happy do not believe in miracles." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"I am realistic - I expect miracles." - Wayne Dyer

"The age of miracles is forever here." - Thomas Carlyle

"Prayer is the instrument of miracles." - Marion G. Romney

"There are no miracles on Mondays." - Amy Neftzger

"There can be miracles when you believe." - Whitney Houston

"Possibilities and miracles mean the same thing" - Prentice Mulford

"I've seen miracles happen with sound..." - Tom Kenyon

"I am a realist. I expect miracles." - Wayne Dyer

"Plant your DREAMS and miracles will grow." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Mind conjures miracles out of time." - Terence Mckenna

"Faith doesn't make sense. It makes miracles." - Tony Evans

"Homoeopathy is supposed to work miracles." - Vallabhbhai Patel

"I have learned that love is the most powerful force available to us. When we have real love we have the strength to perform miracles." - Leo Buscaglia

"The Age of Miracles is forever here!" - Thomas Carlyle

"If one believes, then miracles occur." - Henry Miller

"A am realistic - I expect miracles." - Wayne Dyer

"Woman work a great many miracles." - Louisa May Alcott



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