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Jefferson Memorial Quotes


"Thomas Jefferson?-Still surv...." - John Adams

"Thomas Jefferson survives." - John Adams

"To walk into the Jefferson memorial is to be in a temple of the pure idolatry of reason" - Scot McKnight

"Thomas Jefferson basically secularized Jesus." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"Buffer between commercial, memorial and retail space." - Daniel Libeskind

"The Memorial Dedication was a momentous occasion" - Tommy Hilfiger

"Why should the Eisenhower memorial be over twice the size of WWII Memorial? Why should it be so vast as to comfortably house two Lincoln Memorials, two Washington Monuments, and two Jefferson Memorials - all six at once?" - Leon Krier

"The purpose of the memorial is to communicate the founding, expansion, preservation, and unification of the United States with colossal statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt." - Gutzon Borglum

"Mr. Jefferson meant the white race." - Andrew Johnson

"And there's the Victoria Memorial, built as a memorial to Victoria." - David Dimbleby

"Famous men have the whole earth as their memorial." - Pericles

"Memorial services are the cocktail parties of the geriatric set." - Harold Macmillan

"A president can't go to every memorial service." - Nancy Gibbs

"Every memorial in its time has a different goal." - Maya Lin

"The need has gone; the memorial thereof remains." - Ovid

"For famous men have the whole earth as their memorial." - Pericles

"Memorial Service: Farewell party for someone who already left." - Robert Byrne

"CBGB represents a lot to New York City and to underground rock and to new wave and post-punk and whatever. But, you know, it's like tearing down the Jefferson Memorial or something." - Dave Grohl

"Madison loathed Hamilton and loved Jefferson above all." - Richard Brookhiser

"I'm not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy." - Charlie Sheen

"I'm not Thomas Jefferson. He was a pussy." - Charlie Sheen

"Washington, not Jefferson, freed his slaves upon his death." - Stephen Ambrose

"There is an elegant memorial in Washington to Jefferson, but none to Hamilton. However, if you seek Hamilton's monument, look around. You are living in it. We honor Jefferson, but live in Hamilton's country, a mighty industrial nation with a strong central government." - George Will

"This fellow they've nominated claims he's the new Thomas Jefferson. Well let me tell you something; I knew Thomas Jefferson. He was a friend of mine and Governor... You're no Thomas Jefferson!" - Ronald Reagan

"I knew Thomas Jefferson. He was a friend of mine. And believe me, you are no Thomas Jefferson. (at 1992 Republican party convention, referring to Bill Clinton)" - Ronald Reagan

"This is what a memorial is: standing still, staring at something that isn't ther" - David Levithan

"With living colours give my verse to glow: The sad memorial of a tale of woe!" - William Falconer

"I cannot stress this enough: do not take powerful hallucinogens before going to a Holocaust memorial." - Nathan Rabin

"I doubt anyone will ever see - anywhere - a memorial to a pessimist." - Anonymous

"This is what a memorial is: standing still, staring at something that is' ther" - David Levithan

"The government is trying to now close the Lincoln Memorial for any kind of large gatherings." - Glenn Beck

"A Sonnet is a moment's monument,- Memorial from the Soul's eternity To one dead deathless hour." - Dante Gabriel Rossetti

"Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

"There is a fundamental difference between separation of church and state and denying the spiritual heritage of this country. Inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. are Jefferson's words, 'The God Who gave us life gave us liberty - can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?'" - Ronald Reagan

"The principles of Jefferson are the definitions and axioms of free society." - Abraham Lincoln

"But the fascinating and unbelievable-but-true thing about Dr. Jefferson Jeffersonis that he was not a doctor of any kind. He was just an orange juice salesman named Jefferson Jefferson. When he became rich and powerful, he went to court, made "Jefferson" his middle name, and then changed his first name to "Dr." Capital D. Lowercase r. Period." - John Green

"Unfortunately, proof of a Jefferson-Hemings liaison was as fanciful as Professor Ellis' war service." - Ann Coulter

"All Americans mourn the passing of the author of the Declaration of Independence, George Jefferson." - Andy Borowitz

"Jefferson thought schools would produce free men: we prove him right by putting dropouts in jail." - Benjamin Barber

"In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave." - Bob Dylan

"Jefferson thought schools would produce free men: we prove him right by putting dropouts in jail." - Benjamin R. Barber

"Blind Lemon Jefferson is a-comin', Tap tap tappin', with his cane." - Nick Cave

"If Thomas Jefferson had heard us, he probably would have said, 'We shouldn't have free speech." - Robin Quivers

"Democracy as a system has evolved into something that Thomas Jefferson didn't anticipate." - Hunter S Thompson

"Jefferson owned slaves. He did not believe that all were created equal. He was a racist." - Stephen Ambrose

"Washington and Jefferson were both rich Virginia planters, but they were never friends." - Stephen Ambrose

"Gone is not forgotten, but our lives cannot be a memorial. This city cannot be a memorial. This city has to be a city. Our lives have to be our lives." - David Levithan

"Every time we have a mass murder we're gonna go to the memorial or we're gonna grade the president's performance at the memorial to determine whether or not we're being effective in dealing with it?" - Rush Limbaugh

"In 2003, Congress authorized the construction of a visitor center for the Vietnam Memorial to help provide information and educate the public about the memorial and the Vietnam War." - Dennis Cardoza

"Every successive generation becomes a living memorial of our public schools, and a living example of their excellence." - Joseph Story

"Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all our service men and women past and present. You are not forgotten!" - Courteney Cox

"A boy can see the smoke rising from Sioux villages under the shadow of the Albert memorial." - Baden Powell de Aquino

"If by good government I could raise a memorial in my people's hearts, that would be the statue for me." - Peter III of Russia

"If I shouldn't be alive When the robins come, Give the one in red cravat A memorial crumb." - Emily Dickinson

"If I shouldn't be alive When the Robins come, Give the one in Red Cravat, A Memorial crumb." - Emily Dickinson

"We will not allow this day of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial to go without somebody going to jail." - Cornel West

"The Vietnam memorial is a masterpiece. The names of the dead are listed there, chronologically. Just the names." - William Westmoreland

"We're all forgotten sooner or later. But not films. That's all the memorial we should need or hope for," - Burt Lancaster

"Directly down the lawn and accross the Ellipse from the White House are those ordered, classic lines of the Jefferson Memorial and the eyes of the 19-foot statue that gaze directly into the White House, a reminder to any of us who might occupy that mansion of the quality of mind and generosity of heart that once abided there and has been so rarely seen there again." - Ronald Reagan

"I was reading a lot of Thomas Jefferson at the time, and Jefferson said that every 20 years, if one party has stayed in power, it's your obligation as an American to vote the other party in." - Dennis Hopper

"Thomas Jefferson-another gorgeous white boy who would not have been interested in me. This was my problem in a nutshell. To get some play in Charlottesville, you had to be either a Martha Jefferson or a Sally Hemings." - Tina Fey

"Most Americans are unaware that Thomas Jefferson was the first American president to go to war against radical Islam. Jefferson was very concerned with Islam's war-like doctrine and its inability to separate mosque and state." - Brad Thor

"They [Republicans] say, 'You're too conservative.' Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I'm tired of some people calling me wacky." - Sharron Angle

"In spite of what Thomas Jefferson wrote, all men may be created equal, but not to all women." - Bill Cosby

"With all respect to Mr. Jefferson, I would put the pursuit of wisdom ahead of the pursuit of happiness." - Edmund Fuller

"More than any other figure in our history [Tomas] Jefferson is responsible for the idea of American exceptionalism." - Gordon S. Wood

"They say, 'You're too conservative.' Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I'm tired of some people calling me wacky." - Sharron Angle

"In the home of the brave, Jefferson turnin' over in his grave, Fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan" - Bob Dylan

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, said Jefferson, it expects what never was and never will be." - Aldous Huxley

"Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt faced adversities that, in their times, seemed impregnable. Great presidents overcome great odds." - Ron Fournier

"If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation." - Rush Limbaugh

"The age of Lincoln and Jefferson memorials is over. It will be presidential libraries from now on." - Ada Louise Huxtable

"All presidents but Jefferson have argued that their first job was to keep us safe. All presidents but Jefferson were wrong. If you read the Constitution, you will see that the President's first job - as Jefferson understood well - is to keep us free." - Andrew Napolitano

"To our Soldiers: Thank you again and again, you will always matter, not only on this Memorial Day but every day!" - Nathan East

"I dedicate my love and whole heart this Memorial Day to my Dad, a soldier, who like many others, suffers in silence with pride and honor." - Pink

"A scar is not always a flaw. Sometimes a scar may be redemption inscribed in the flesh, a memorial to something endured, to something lost." - Dean Koontz

"I don't want to spend a fortune on my cremation urn, but I really do want to look nice at my memorial service." - Lynn Flewelling

"Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is a genuine project and a living proof of generosity of the people of Pakistan." - Hadiqa Kiani

"The camera's perspective exactly matches that of the assassin: it now shoots the tourists shooting their own memorial photos, and we can watch this in real time." - Joachim Schmid

"Since it is not granted us to live long, let us transmit to posterity some memorial that we have at least lived." - Pliny the Younger

"Where is delight? and what are pleasures now?- Moths that a garment fret. The world is turned memorial, crying, Thou Shalt not forget!" - Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

"The whole memorial is for different senses... seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling. I probably would have come up with something different if I had not lived through it." - Lawrence Halprin

"I have asked to have no funeral, and no memorial service. I hate other people's and would certainly not appreciate my own." - Charles Saatchi

"Those who first oppose a good work, seize it and make it their own, when the cornerstone is laid and memorial tablets are erected." - Edgar Lee Masters

"Nowadays, many Americans have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. At cemeteries across the country, the graves of the fallen are sadly ignored, and worse, neglected." - Allen West

"When the soldiers came home from Vietnam, there were no parades, no celebrations. So they built the Vietnam Memorial for themselves." - William Westmoreland

"I spent some time at White Memorial Medical Center as a senior medical student doing a rotation in surgery; however, I felt I wasn't getting enough time assisting." - Samuel Wilson

"Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the statute of Virginia for religious freedom, and father of the University of Virginia." - Thomas Jefferson

"Thomas Jefferson declared, stating that he was speaking on behalf of the other founding fathers, ...(that) we should build a wall between the church and state." - Jimmy Carter

"I do not suspect that Jefferson or Madison ever envisioned Congress honoring the 2,560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius or supporting the designation of National Pi Day." - Eric Cantor

"The English are no nearer than they were a hundred years ago to knowing what Jefferson really meant when he said that God had created all men equal." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"The sight of one man standing up to challenge God and country is something that Madison, Jefferson and Franklin would cheer, and every American can celebrate." - Kenneth C. Davis

"So now it turns out that Thomas Jefferson was having sex with Sally Hemings while serving in the 101st Airborne during the Vietnam War." - Ann Coulter

"I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: 'If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?'" - Glenn Beck

"Didn't Gandalf say "With great power comes great responsibility"? (If it wasn't Gandalf, maybe it was Thomas Jefferson. Or Spider-Man's uncle.)" - Tom Angleberger

"I find it more than a little disingenuous to act as if this were something that set Jefferson apart from all mankind." - Annette Gordon-Reed

"Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of actions on the part of Jefferson and Hemings that "speak" about the basic nature of their relationship." - Annette Gordon-Reed

"No society has gone the way of gulags or concentration camps by following the path of Spinoza and Einstein and Jefferson and Thomas Paine" - Christopher Hitchens

"It was Thomas Jefferson who said that we should not allow the courts to have a monopoly on the interpretation of what is constitutional and what is not." - Walter E. Williams

"The relationship between [John] Adams and [Tomas] Jefferson was extraordinary. They differed on every conceivable issue, except on the Revolution and the love of their country." - Gordon S. Wood

"[Tomas] Jefferson believed that the United States was a chosen nation with a special responsibility to spread democracy around the world." - Gordon S. Wood

"We also worked with Marshall Jefferson for Groovy, Laidback and Nasty. So we were lucky to work with some really great people." - Stephen Mallinder

"I don't want to call it audacity, it's too good a term, to appoint Jefferson Beauregard Sessions as attorney general should damn well be respectful of John Lewis." - Katrina vanden Heuvel

"Thomas Jefferson was a real poet. He was slick with that 'pursuit' of happiness because the 'pursuit' puts it back on you." - Will Smith

"...probably the greatest concentration of talent and genius in this house except for perhaps those times when Thomas Jefferson ate alone." - John F Kennedy

"Do not... regard the critics as questionable patriots. What were Washington and Jefferson and Adams but profound critics of the colonial status quo?" - Adlai Stevenson

"The Declaration of Independence I always considered as a Theatrical Show. Jefferson ran away with all the stage effect of that; i.e. all the Glory of it." - John Adams

"To say that we have to surrender to judicial supremacy is to do what Jefferson warned against, which is, in essence, surrender to judicial tyranny." - Mike Huckabee

"The Declaration of Independence I always considered as a theatrical show. Jefferson ran away with all the stage effect of that... and all the glory of it." - John Adams

"I would like Americans to make things with their hands. Thomas Jefferson and I feel that makes for a much stronger nation." - Nick Offerman

"If you read our Founding Fathers, people like Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson - what we're doing now in this country is making them roll over in their graves." - Rick Santelli

"People have always said - those words, 'too conservative,' is fairly relative. I'm sure that they probably said that about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin." - Sharron Angle

"Men of Virginia, countrymen of Washington, of Patrick Henry, of Jefferson, and of Madison, will ye be true to your constitutional faith?" - Caleb Cushing

"Thomas Jefferson once said, 'We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.' And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying." - Ronald Reagan

"We Americans think, in every country in transition, there's a Thomas Jefferson hiding behind some rock or a James Madison beyond one sand dune." - Joe Biden

"Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated each other so much. But that hate that they had for each other did not come before the love of their country." - David Scott

"Maybe the Jefferson case will give members of Congress second thoughts the next time they get ready to legislate away the rights of ordinary Americans." - Helen Thomas

"In seeking an empire of liberty, Jefferson wished not only to expand the country's territorial holdings, but also to extend American institutions around the globe." - Robert Dallek

"Thomas Jefferson spoke of certain truths as self-evident. He did not say that these truths were self-explanatory or that they were self-operating." - J. Martin Klotsche

"Of course, Mississippi participates in federal matching programs for everything from preserving the post-Civil War home of Jefferson Davis to beaver control." - Ronnie Musgrove

"This was the first Memorial Day [Monday, May 1st, 1865]. African Americans invented Memorial Day in Charleston, South Carolina. What you have there is Black Americans recently freed from slavery announcing to the world with their flowers, their feet, and their songs what the war had been about. What they basically were creating was the Independence Day of a Second American Revolution." - David W. Blight

"The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is a fitting tribute to so great a man and Mason. Its message should be as prominent in our lives as the Memorial itself in the skyline of the Federal City. Wherever we are, in Alexandria, Virginia, the District of Columbia of should be in our moral horizon, beckoning us to greater achievements as citizens and Masons." - Henry Clausen

"Three years ago the Government announced the creation of Reconciliation Place, and said that it would include a memorial to those removed from their families. However, they refused to include any of those who were removed in the design of their own memorial." - Malcolm Fraser

"John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were political enemies, but they became fast friends. And when they passed away on the same day, the last words of one of them was, The country is safe. Jefferson still lives. And the last words of the other was, John Adams will see that things go forward." - Harry S Truman

"The first presidential veto, by George Washington, was a veto of Alexander Hamilton's formula for apportioning the House, and the one that Washington preferred was one that Thomas Jefferson produced, and that was one partisan issue. The apportionment formula that Jefferson produced gave an extra seat to Virginia. Everybody knew what that game was. Look, partisan interest in the census is simply nothing new." - Kenneth Prewitt

"I'm a product of a Notre Dame education; those professors taught me a lot about how you separate the city of God from the state. I'm also a reverent follower of the tradition of Thomas Jefferson. My years of public life have simply confirmed the intensity of my belief that what I have learned from Joe Evans and Thomas Jefferson was correct." - Bruce Babbitt

"When John Adams - when - James Madison was writing - pretty much writing the Constitution, he got a letter from Thomas Jefferson, who was then-ambassador to France. And Jefferson said - I am paraphrasing - `Do not forget to keep habeas corpus and strengthen it.' That - in - that's the oldest English-speaking right. It goes back to the Magna Carta in 1215." - Nat Hentoff

"[Louis] Brandeis, like [Tomas] Jefferson, is an equal opportunity critic of bigness. And he, like Jefferson, sees American history as this incredible clash between small producers, farmers, and small business people on the one hand, and wicked oligarchs and financiers and monopolists on the other." - Jeffrey Rosen

"Well, you know, Thomas Jefferson, who was the author of the Declaration of Independence said he wouldn't have any atheists in his cabinet because atheists wouldn't swear an oath to God. That was Jefferson and we have never had any Muslims in the cabinet." - Pat Robertson

"A president cant go to every memorial service." - Nancy Gibbs

"Memorial Day should be a day for putting flowers on graves and planting trees. Also, for destroying the weapons of death that endanger us more than they protect us, that waste our resources and threaten our children and grandchildren." - Howard Zinn

"I saw the Vietnam Veterans Memorial not as an object placed into the earth but as a cut in the earth that has then been polished, like a geode." - Maya Lin

"Seek midday nourishment. Visit memorial acclaimed war hero Colonel Sanders." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Augustus Waters died eight days after his prefuneral, at Memorial, in the ICU, when the cancer, which was made of him, finally stopped his heart, which was also made of him." - John Green

"Of those that spin out trifles and die without a memorial, many flatter themselves with high opinions of their own importance, and imagine that they are every day adding some improvement to human life." - Samuel Johnson

"A woman I loved [Andi Parhamovich] was killed in Baghdad in January 2007 - al-Qaeda in Iraq took credit for it ... The memorial service with me crying over an empty coffin." - Michael Hastings

"Isn't a memorial service meant to comfort the living?" - Anne Tyler

"Without oblivion, there is no remembrance possible. When both oblivion and memory are wise, when the general soul of man is clear, melodious, true, there may come a modern Iliad as memorial of the Past." - Thomas Carlyle

"Holocaust Memorial Day is intended as an inclusive commemoration of all the individuals and communities who suffered as a result of the Holocaust - not only Jews, but also Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, political prisoners and dozens of ethnic and other minorities." - Jack Straw

"By my reckoning, I'm about 100 kilometers from Pathfinder. Technically it's called "Carl Sagan Memorial Station." But with all due respect to Carl, I can call it whatever the hell I want. I'm the King of Mars." - Andy Weir

"Something that is supposed to typify or stand for something else. Many symbols are mere "survivals" - as funereal urns carved on memorial monuments. We cannot stop making them, but we can give them a name that conceals our helplessness." - Ambrose Bierce

"'Reach for a (cigarette) instead of a sweet' - ...advertising slogan..(of) Albert Lasker, (with) Mary Lasker, health philanthropist, and originator of the Lasker Awards, an American version of the Nobel Prize. ...and Memorial Sloan Kettering trustees." - Ralph W. Moss

"When age chills the blood, when our pleasures are past - For years fleet away with the wings of the dove - The dearest remembrance will still be the last, Our sweetest memorial the first kiss of love." - Lord Byron

"If liberals had been in charge of the Arizona memorial, it would probably have featured an exhaustive exhibit about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and little about the bombing of Pearl Harbor." - Mona Charen

"In the war on drugs, state and state law enforcement agencies have been rewarded in cash by the federal government - through programs like the Edward Byrne Memorial Grant program - for the sheer numbers of people arrested for drug offenses." - Michelle Alexander

"President Clinton broke ground Saturday for the World War II memorial in Washington. He'll never have the military's full respect. However, after surviving ten female accusers, he's been made an honorary member of the Tailhook Association." - Argus Hamilton

"President Bush paid homage Wednesday to World War II veterans of Normandy at the D-Day Memorial. Later that night, his twin daughters paid a special tribute to World War II veterans of the Pacific. They each downed two kamikazes." - Argus Hamilton

"INSCRIPTION, n. Something written on another thing - mostly memorial, intended to commemorate the fame of some illustrious person and hand down to distant ages... e.g., the name of John Smith, penciled on the Washington monument." - Ambrose Bierce

"When age chills the blood, when our pleasures are past- For years fleet away with the wings of the dove- The dearest remembrance will still be the last, Our sweetest memorial the first kiss of love." - Lord Byron



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