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Jealous Parents Quotes


"I'm jealous of my parents. I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs." - Chris Gayle

"When I was 3 years old, my parents got a dog. I was jealous of the dog, so they got rid of me." - Rodney Dangerfield

"So actually, there could be parents-of-the-parents-of-the-parents-of-the parents?" - Lois Lowry

"My parents trust me." - Jamielynn Sigler

"My parents were Christian." - Wyclef Jean

"Guilt is always jealous" - John Ray

"I think he's jealous." - Cassandra Clare

"My parents were very volatile but very loving. My father would get jealous if my mother looked at somebody. I used to be insanely jealous. It comes out of insecurity. It can come and go, but you get to the point in life where you don't have this raging jealousy and protectiveness about your world." - Felicity Kendal

"In my life I've been through plenty. when I was three years old, my parents got a dog. I was jealous of the dog, so they got rid of me." - Rodney Dangerfield

"Parents aren't sex education experts just because they are parents." - Pepper Schwartz

"My parents were both entrepreneurs." - Caprice Bourret

"My parents were truly severe." - Miuccia Prada

"My parents are retired, basically." - Shia Labeouf

"Parents do the best they can. But my parents are better grandparents than they were parents." - Teri Hatcher

"The Bible says that the the Lord thy God is a jealous God. But if you are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal, and the creator of all that exists, of whom could you possibly be jealous?" - Charles Templeton

"Lake is jealous of mountain; mountain is jealous of lake!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Jealous, O'Shea?" "Actually... I am." - Stephenie Meyer

"Art is a jealous mistress." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I'm the opposite of jealous." - Eli Manning

"Coaches build teams, parents build players." - Charles Piazzi Smyth

"Your parents are your projection-nothing more." - Byron Katie

"The children of childish parents age quickly." - Mason Cooley

"Most parents don't know really their children." - Otto Frank

"It's all about loving your parents." - Karan Johar

"The streets was basically my parents." - Bernard Hopkins

"Our parents are our first oppressors." - Jerry Rubin

"Believing that your parents are always right." - Paulo Coelho

"Most parents do' know really their children." - Otto Frank

"We live inside our parents' backstory." - Jacqueline Woodson

"My parents created their own war." - Sean Wilsey

"First we are children to our parents, then parents to our children, then parents to our parents, then children to our children." - Milton Greenblatt

"My parents were really nice to me." - Bryan Callen

"My parents had a difficult divorce." - Christian Camargo

"My parents were very relaxed about music." - Agnes Obel

"Drugs will turn you into your parents." - Frank Zappa

"My parents were not theatrical at all." - Jane Asher

"My parents are like religious atheists." - Alex Clare

"My parents were very artistic, but busy." - Katey Sagal

"My parents think I'm better under pressure." - Tori Amos

"I'm lucky my parents travel with me." - Paula Creamer

"The British have always made terrible parents." - Rachel Cusk

"My parents were marvelously educated people." - Stephen Fry

"My parents are extremely proud of me." - Esha Gupta

"My parents were very, very, very strict." - Elizabeth Strout

"My parents never really lecture me." - Georgia May Jagger

"My parents are pretty cool people." - Dominic Monaghan

"My own parents were touchy-feely." - Ben Stiller

"My parents separated when I was younger." - Tina Turner

"Both of my parents were musicians." - Bryan White

"All parents experience the same problems." - Bill Cosby

"Children learn to smile from their parents." - Shinichi Suzuki

"My parents are definitely reformed hippies." - Alison Brie

"My family, my parents are hippies." - Shia Labeouf

"I was at an art museum with my parents, and was quite taken with a [Vincent] Van Gogh painting. I stood admiring the painting for some time, and then realized that in addition to feeling moved by the beauty of the painting, I felt a little jealous of the painter." - Liza Campbell

"I never got picked on, but I never had a lot of friends. When I talked to my parents about it, they said, 'They're just jealous because you're beautiful and talented.' It was probably one of the worst things they could have told me, because I became self-conscious." - Teri Polo

"Don't be jealous of my boogie..." - RuPaul

"I was jealous; therefore I loved." - Jack London

"Don't be jealous of my genius." - Derek Landy

"Yesterday is ever jealous of...tomorrow." - Khalil Gibran

"Rumors are spread by jealous people" - Laurie Halse Anderson

"Jealous, O"Shea?" "Actually... I am." - Stephenie Meyer

"Maybe's he's just jealous I have hair." - Alexander Ovechkin

"Younger guys are just too jealous" - Adriana Lima

"The jealous keys of truth's eternal doors." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"My mother was my first jealous lover ..." - Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

"Jealous punks can't stop my dunks." - Shaquille O'Neal

"The law is a jealous science." - William Jones

"It's not healthy to be jealous." - Victoria Beckham

"Writers are as jealous as pigeons." - Anton Chekhov

"A jealous husband is an ugly thing." - Keith Ablow

"Old habits are strong and jealous." - Dorothea Brande

"I don't get jealous - I get suspicious." - Rita Ora

"Younger guys are just too jealous." - Adriana Lima

"We will never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents." - Henry Ward Beecher

"We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents." - Henry Ward Beecher

"We never know the love of our parents for us until we become parents." - Henry Ward Beecher

"My parents were the traditional Filipino parents who didn't talk about money around the dinner table." - Bo Sanchez

"In the East a man becomes divine only when he is no longer jealous, a man is thought to be enlightened only when he is no longer jealous. Jealousy is a by-product of the ego and when the ego disappears jealousy disappears. You cannot offend a buddha. Whatsoever you do you cannot offend him." - Rajneesh

"Never hate jealous people. They are jealous because they think you are better than them." - Paulo Coelho

"God forbid, men should be jealous of knowledge as they are jealous of women." - Umar

"Children do not need superhuman, perfect parents. They have always managed with good enough parents: the parents they happened to have." - Penelope Leach

"Everybody has parents. As a dramatist, whenever you write a character, you must write their parents as well, even if the parents aren't there." - Mark Odonnell

"I can be pretty nasty. Not 'mean' nasty, but nasty by your parents' standards. But not by my parents' standards, because my parents were nasty for their day." - Bridget Fonda

"I feel like kids are the perfect psychic investigators of their parents, and kids understand their parents' unconscious better than the parents ever do." - Mike Mills

"Insomnia: A contagious disease often transmitted from babies to parents." - Shannon Fife

"Always obey your parents - when they are present." - Mark Twain

"all children blackmail their parents with their innocence." - Joanne Greenberg

"What about Santa's cookies? I suppose 'parents' eat those, too?" - Will Ferrell

"Could we betray our parents by going back to them?" - Karen Russell

"The man who disobeys his parents will have disobedient sons." - Nachman of Breslov

"Patterns are prostitution to the patter of parents." - Luke Rhinehart

"It's not only children who grow. Parents do too..." - Joyce Maynard

"Parents shouldn't leave their kids unless -unless they've got to." - J K Rowling

"She's a serial kisser. I think her parents are French." - C.C. Hunter

"Learn from your parents mistakes - use birth control." - Anonymous

"Schoolmasters and parents exist to be grown out of." - John Wolfenden, Baron Wolfenden

"parents are too apt to mistake inclination for genius." - Hannah More

"I'm having a difficult time killing my parents" - T J Miller

"The state doesn't own your children. Parents own the children." - Rand Paul

"Our parents were a test tube and a turkey baster." - James Patterson

"I wanted to give the house back to the parents." - Bill Cosby

"My parents' divorce settlement involved a bar tab." - Christopher Titus

"It's hard to have your parents not happy with you." - Jason Diamond

"Parents should never have to bury their own children." - Alex Jones

"[I had ] uneventful, though isolated childhood. Good, kind, stable parents." - W P Kinsella

"It's hard for parents just to measure schools." - David Brooks

"Sometimes maybe children also fulfill their parents' secrets desire." - Isabelle Huppert

"My parents are proud of me being an actor." - Matthew Lewis

"It's nice to have cool parents. They're cool with everything." - Ilana Glazer

"If parents would only realize how they bore their children!" - George Bernard Shaw

"There are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents." - Leon R. Yankwich

"Parents are never as bad as kids think they are." - Matt Witten

"Schoolmasters and parents exist to be grown out of." - John Wolfenden

"Kids never get pissed at their parents. Unheard of." - Maurice Sendak

"Brevity and conciseness are the parents of correction." - Hosea Ballou

"Indecision and delays are the parents of failure." - George Canning

"It can be very difficult to trace your birth parents." - Christopher Eccleston

"My parents are opposites who balance each other out." - Tamara Ecclestone

"I lost my parents when I was fairly young." - Craig T Nelson

"My parents don't really watch movies at all." - Teresa Palmer

"A tree Cannot grow In its parents' shadows." - Octavia Butler

"No matter what parents do, kids retain their uniqueness." - Kirstie Alley

"Being articulate, my parents could make anything sound reasonable." - Noah Baumbach

"My parents wanted me to go to law school!" - Stacey Bendet

"If at first you don't succeed, blame your parents." - Marcelene Cox

"Chance makes our parents, but choice makes our friends." - Jacques Delille

"Thank God my parents had an abundance of patience." - Lexa Doig

"I haven't actually spoken to my parents since the hurricane." - Faith Ford

"I was lucky to have parents who loved me." - Jean Paul Gaultier

"My parents love each other. They work through their problems." - Brian Austin Green

"My parents wished peace upon their firstborn child." - Shalom Harlow

"As a nonparent, I stand in awe of parents." - Philip Yancey

"I believe that my parents did wonderful things for us." - Madeleine Albright

"As an adult, I can't blame my parents any more." - Jennifer Aniston

"We're not meant to be parents when we're 50." - Roseanne Barr

"I couldn't have been luckier with my parents." - Harry Connick Jr

"Children now expect their parents to audition for approval." - Mason Cooley

"My parents have been together since 1963, so that's something." - Bradley Cooper

"My parents were incredibly strict, almost military style." - John Leguizamo

"My parents had broken through the shackles of dogma." - Franz Boas

"I think my parents were high when they named me." - Jolene Blalock

"Most actors don't grow up with sweet, vanilla parents." - Nadia Bjorlin

"In Sweden, both parents take care of the children." - Gloria Steinem

"Love your parents, but don't have them as your mates." - James Nesbitt

"I love my parents. I did love them. It's complicated." - Roz Chast

"My parents were hippies. I'm the eldest of eight children." - Caitlin Moran

"My parents are awesome, but they're pretty left-wing." - Winona Ryder

"I really value people besides parents who nurture kids." - Dar Williams

"Education is very important to my parents and to me." - Rumer Willis

"Different parents have different standards for their children." - Penelope Spheeris



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