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Jason Grace Quotes


"When in doubt, start from the top. -Jason Grace" - Rick Riordan

"Your destiny grows clearer, Jason Grace. When the choice comes again- storm or fire- remember me. And do not despair." - Rick Riordan

"Cheap grace is grace without discipleship." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Jason Lee is the most famous actor from Hawaii I can think of." - Tia Carrere

"Jason Aldean is actually probably a really good rapper. He sounds like it to me." - Blake Shelton

"Grace flows through wounds." - Christopher West

"Lord Bacchus, do you remember me? I helped you with that missing leopard in Sonoma." Bacchus scratched his stubbly chin. "Ah... yes. John Green." "Jason Grace." "Whatever," the god said." - Rick Riordan

"[Jason] faltered when he looked at Leo, who was mimicking taking notes with an air pencil. "Go on, Professor Grace!" he said, wide-eyed. "I wanna get an A on the test." - Rick Riordan

"Frank Zhang! I, Jason Grace, praetor of the Twelfth Legion Fulminata, give you my final order: I resign my post and give you emergency field promotion to praetor, with the full powers of that rank. Take command of this legion!" - Rick Riordan

"Grace thou thy house and let not that grace thee." - Benjamin Franklin

"Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle." - William Shakespeare

"The grace that makes every grace amiable is humility." - Samuel Richardson

"Jason Lee made me laugh all the time because he's so big, and I love how goofy bodies can be." - Selma Blair

"Grace is a feminine quality." - Rajneesh

"Grace grows best in winter." - Samuel Rutherford

"Grace cannot forgive unconfessed sin." - Rod Parsley

"Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Divine grace was never slow." - George Herbert

"Contentment is an undervalued grace." - Sinclair B. Ferguson

"Ye are fallen from grace." - Bible

"Order is the greatest grace." - John Dryden

"Grace tried is better than grace, and more than grace; it is glory in its infancy" - Samuel Rutherford

"Grace tried is better than grace, and more than grace; it is glory in its infancy." - Samuel Rutherford

"If grace is obligated it is no longer grace. The very essence of grace is that it is undeserved." - R C Sproul

"Friday the 13th...I'mma play Jason!" - Big Daddy Kane

"Jason Sudeikis is always chewing gum." - Bill Hader

"The one thing I haven't done that would be so cool would be, like, an action movie. Like a real action, Jason Bourne movie or something." - Judy Greer

"Let me tell you, I've never heard a man whine more than Jason Mamoa getting knocked around by little ol' me." - Sarah Shahi

"I love Jason Bateman. He's so funny." - Alison Brie

"Piper to Drew: P: In case youthink Im not a true Daughter of Aphrodite dont even look at Jason Grace. He may not know it yet but he's mine. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound." - Rick Riordan

"Jason muttered "And I saw something...Really terrible." "That was Hera," Thalia grumbled, "Her Majesty, the Loose Cannon." "That's it, Thalia Grace," Said the goddess. "I will turn you into and aardvark, so help me-" "Stop it, you two," Piper said. Amazingly, they both shut up." - Rick Riordan

"Piper to Drew: P: In case youthink Im not a true Daughter of Aphrodite dont even look at Jason Grace. He may not know it yet but he's mine. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound." - Rick Riordan

"Knowledge is folly unless grace guide it." - George Herbert

"Your highest female grace is silence." - Ben Jonson

"Angels and ministers of grace defend us." - William Shakespeare

"Grace is gratuitous; it is a gift." - Octavio Paz

"We cannot get grace from gadgets." - J B Priestley

"Lean back into the arms of grace." - Cheryl Richardson

"Prayer is the thermometer of grace." - Charles Spurgeon

"It's like a mathematical law, Grace." - Paul Auster

"Neatness is a crowning grace of womanhood." - Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle

"Truth is narrow, but grace is wide." - Alan Hirsch

"Immerse yourself in the curriculum of grace." - Max Lucado

"Sincere prayer is answered by unfailing grace." - Shri Radhe Maa

"still loved but deprived of grace" - Flann O'Brien

"Grace is power, not just pardon." - John Piper

"Preach 90% Law and 10% grace." - John Wesley

"Grace misunderstood will always lead to jealousy." - Ravi Zacharias

"Grace and remembrance be to you both." - William Shakespeare

"Whenever I see grace, I'm moved." - Bono

"Grace changes us and change is painful"." - Flannery O'Connor

"Our best pictures happen by grace." - Joyce Tenneson

"Repentance is a gift of God's grace." - Rabindranath Tagore

"Love is the crowning grace of humanity." - Petrarch

"Give us grace to listen well." - John Keble

"We should die relying on grace alone" - Martin Luther

"It is a good life, Hazel Grace." - John Green

"The law detects, grace alone conquers sin." - Saint Augustine

"Laughter is grace in its gaseous form." - Cathleen Falsani

"Pride leaves no room for grace." - Charles R Swindoll

"Be attentive to the voice of grace." - Elizabeth Ann Seton

"What does it matter, all is grace." - Georges Bernanos

"God's reckless grace is our greatest hope." - Timothy Keller

"Unconstraint is the grace of conversation." - Samuel Johnson

"To women silence gives their proper grace." - Sophocles

"Grace imitates modesty, as politeness imitates kindness." - Joseph Joubert

"Chastity, like piety, is a uniform grace." - Samuel Richardson

"Silence gives the proper grace to women" - Sophocles

"Gardening is an instrument of grace." - May Sarton

"The art of illusion is grace itself." - Steven Erikson

"Grace only exists to be fallen from." - Glen Duncan

"Grace is power as well as pardon." - Gabriel Fackre

"Gardening is the instrument of grace." - May Sarton

"Grace is free, but it's not cheap." - Kevin Deyoung

"... learning humility is a prerequisite for grace." - Philip Yancey

"Get low; grace will meet you there." - Jack Miller

"Without Grace you cannot do anything." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Wonder was the grace of the country." - George W S Trow

"Angels and ministers of grace defend us!" - William Shakespeare

"Without grace beauty is an unbaited hook." - Proverbs

"God gives enabling grace to go on." - Johnny Hunt

"Without grace beauty is an unabated hook." - Proverbs

"Beauty and grace command the world." - Park Benjamin

"Grace has a grand laughter in it." - Marilynne Robinson

"Grace can and does have a history." - Karl Rahner

"The grace of God is courtesy." - Hilaire Belloc

"Grace is the outcome of inward harmony." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"Humbleness is always grace; always dignity" - James Russell Lowell

"My ultimate style icon is Grace Jones." - Nick Rhodes

"For me, every hour is grace." - Elie Wiesel

"Obvious effort is the antithesis of grace." - Baldassare Castiglione

"Dig - the mostly uncouth - language of grace." - Geoffrey Hill

"And in Freddy vs. Jason I like when Jason and I double team Destiny's Child." - Robert Englund

"I guess grace doesn't have to [be] logical. If it did, it wouldn't be grace." - Max Lucado

"There is a grace of kind listening, as well as a grace of kind speaking." - Frederick William Faber

"Till all grace be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace." - William Shakespeare

"Grace is not something one possesses; instead, grace is something one receives." - Bill Courtney

"Grace only sticks to our imperfections. Those who ca' accept their imperfections ca' accept grace either." - Donald Miller

"He is complete in feature and in mind With all good grace to grace a gentlemen." - William Shakespeare

"Grace? Are you tipsy? (Selena) Maybe just comfortably toasty. Pop tart toasty. (Grace)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"If you have a story of grace, then you have a story of grace to tell." - Louie Giglio

"If I'm not showing grace . . . have I forgotten the grace I've been shown?" - John F. MacArthur

"Without faith, God's grace is wasted, & without grace, faith is powerless." - Andrew Wommack

"Grace only sticks to our imperfections. Those who can't accept their imperfections can't accept grace either." - Donald Miller

"But grace has only one direction that it can take. Grace always flows down." - Alexander Whyte

"We all want Grace, but we cannot enjoy Grace when there is an attitude of comparing." - Jerry Bridges

"O momentary grace of mortal men, Which we more hunt for than the grace of God!" - William Shakespeare

"If I'm not showing grace . . . have I forgotten the grace I"ve been shown?" - John F. MacArthur

"Great grace and small gifts are better than great gifts and no grace." - John Bunyan

"Grace does not lead us to overlook obedience. Grace compels and empowers us for obedience." - Kevin Deyoung

"Grace does not make sin safe. But grace does make sinners safe." - Matt Chandler

"Banish the faceless reward your grace Banish the faceless reward your grace." - Nico

"Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected." - Jonathan Edwards

"All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful." - Flannery O'Connor

"Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace." - Karl Barth

"Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession.... Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Grace and glory differ very little; the one is the seed, the other is the flower; grace is glory militant, glory is grace triumphant." - Thomas Brooks

"The grace that brought salvation to you is the same grace that teaches or disciplines you. But you must respond on the basis of grace, not law." - Jerry Bridges

"Grace alone makes the elect gracious; grace alone keeps them gracious; and the same grace alone will render them everlastingly glorious in the heaven of heavens." - Augustus Toplady

"Grace woke you up this morning, grace started you on your way and grace enabled you to survive until this very moment." - Charles E. Blake

"Grace and gratitude belong together like heaven and earth. Gratitude evokes grace like the voice and echo. Gratitude follows grace as thunder follows lightning." - Karl Barth

"Grace me no grace, nor uncle me no uncle; I am no traitor's uncle, and that word "grace" In an ungracious mouth is but profane." - William Shakespeare

"Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears reliev'd; How precious did that grace appear, The hour I first believ'd!" - John Newton

"Grace is not something outside or you.. In fact, your very desire for grace is due to grace that is already working in you." - Ramana Maharshi

"Please excuse Jason from eternal damnation. He has had amnesia." - Rick Riordan

"Jason felt humiliated and frustrated. Rejected by a rock." - Cinda Williams Chima

"Beautiful,' Jason exclaimed. 'Piper, you... you're a knockout." - Rick Riordan

"When I want to entertain entertainers, I call Jason Randal!" - Norman Lear

"Jason's favorite person in the entire universe was Jason Stackhouse." - Charlaine Harris

"I've been so lucky - I worked with Jason Reitman twice, who has always been a really strong advocate for my voice, and has always really respected the scripts that I've brought him and is just the coolest." - Diablo Cody

"I adore Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jason Biggs. Eddie was the only one who called me when they were doing 'American Reunion' and told me, 'You need to do this.'" - Natasha Lyonne

"Thus all below is strength, and all above is grace." - John Dryden

"Be not proud of race, face, place, or grace." - Charles Spurgeon

"There but for the grace of God, goes God." - Winston Churchill

"Action has magic, grace and power in it." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"No matter what is going on, everything is grace." - Martin Sheen

"May my living be grace to those behind me." - N.D. Wilson

"When you find your voice, your life takes on grace." - M Night Shyamalan

"Grace alone brings about every good work in us." - Saint Augustine

"Grace in the soul is heaven in that soul." - Matthew Henry

"Grace comes to forgive and then forgive again." - Rumi

"For the mighty, even to give away is grace." - Aeschylus

"You only need a heart full of grace" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"God is sovereign. His grace cannot be tamed." - R. Kent Hughes

"Sin is sovereign till sovereign grace dethrones it." - Charles Spurgeon

"We do not live by justice, but by grace." - Henry David Thoreau

"When once our grace we have forgot, Nothing goes right." - William Shakespeare

"Where there is no truth there is no grace." - Nachman of Breslov

"I am one imperfect man saved by God's grace," - Mark Sanford

"God's grace is painted on the canvas of despair." - T D Jakes



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