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Jasmine Tea Quotes


"Jasmine is sweet, and has many loves." - Thomas Hood

"Jasmine is just the most delicate and beautiful scent." - Natalie Portman

"I don't know what's happened to me. I've got a bit more sophisticated in my old age. I like a bit of jasmine tea. I love it." - Danny Dyer

"tea leaves tea loves loves tea lives tea leaves tea? never." - Uniek Swain

"I hire tea by the tea bag." - Martin Amis

"Sandalwood, tagara, lotus, jasmine - the fragrance of virtue is unrivalled by such kinds of perfume." - Gautama Buddha

"It's always tea-time." - Lewis Carroll

"Tea is liquid wisdom." - Anonymous

"Question your tea spoons." - Georges Perec

"I love tea." - Ashley Madekwe

"Where there's tea, there's hope." - Arthur Wing Pinero

"I'm a green-tea guy." - Billy Corgan

"Where there's tea there's hope." - Arthur Wing Pinero

"Out in the lonely woods the jasmine burns Its fragrant lamps, and turns Into a royal court with green festoons The banks of dark lagoons." - Henry Timrod

"Whether I'm making a recipe or a piece of jewelry or a white-rose-and-jasmine tea or the perfume, I like to think of myself as a happy little sorceress, and if I could just have a little general store with all that stuff and give people a sense of my taste, that would be lovely." - Padma Lakshmi

"Coffee isn't my cup of tea." - Samuel Goldwyn

"I don't want tea, I want justice!" - Ally Carter

"Tea should be taken in solitude." - C S Lewis

"Another tea-time, another day older." - Ian Anderson

"While there is tea, there is hope." - Arthur Wing Pinero

"I like the pause that tea allows" - Waris Ahluwalia

"I'm drinking lots of herbal tea." - Cathy Freeman

"I'm more of a Tea Party person." - Andrew Breitbart

"My favourite tea is lapsang souchong." - Quentin S. Crisp

"Coffee is not my cup of tea." - Anonymous

"Tea is a cup of life." - Anonymous

"Tea is instant wisdom - just add water!" - Astrid Alauda

"I have reached here by selling tea." - Narendra Modi

"I like the pause that tea allows." - Waris Ahluwalia

"The Tea Party doesn't like politicians." - Jim Demint

"I've never attended any Tea Party functions." - John Bolton

"Old maids sweeten their tea with scandal." - Josh Billings

"A Tea Party tidal wave is coming." - Rand Paul

"Picture you upon my knee, Just tea for two and two for tea" - Irving Caesar

"No matter how much you give a homeless person for tea... you never get that tea." - Jimmy Carr

"You can find tea in a tea cup.. but cannot find world in a world cup." - Arjuna Ranatunga

"Tea. I find that both settles the stomach and concentrates the mind. Wonderful drink, tea." - Cassandra Clare

"It will make the Tea Party look like a tea party." - Russ Feingold

"Picture you upon my knee, just tea for two and two for tea." - Irving Caesar

"Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty." - James Norwood Pratt

"'The tea is coming!' ...she may want a martini, but make her drink tea." - Alice Taylor

"Kissing is like drinking tea with a tea strainer, you can never get enough." - Bob Hope

"I drink about 30 cups of tea a day. I'm a complete tea addict." - Richard Branson

"I was Tea Party years before there was an official Tea Party." - Niger Innis

"Oh, I love tea. I have to take tea bags wherever I go." - Daphne Guinness

"The NAACP believes the Tea Party is racist. The Tea Party believes the NAACP is racist." - Jim Webb

"He dunked his tea bag and watched the results critically. "I really must get a new supplier. This tea is pathetic. America just doesn't understand tea at all." - Rachel Caine

"He dunked his tea bag and watched the results critically. "I really must get a new supplier. This tea is pathetic. America just does' understand tea at all." - Rachel Caine

"Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea?-how did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea." - Sydney Smith

"In honor of Al Gore, green tea, not Tea Party, but Al Gore green tea. And by the way, it's tree hugger-approved." - Eric Bolling

"Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea." - Sydney Smith

"I serve black tea, which I call Froggy tea. And I have green teas and all sorts of nice teas. I'm serving tea all the time." - Marianne Faithfull

"The Tea Party has definitely increased political involvement, not only among Tea Party members but among people who oppose the Tea Party members. It's been a general stimulus." - P J Orourke

"Plants that wake when others sleep. Timid jasmine buds that keep their fragrance to themselves all day, but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about." - Thomas Moore

"True love is night jasmine, a diamond in darkness, the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard. It is the most common of miracles, fashioned of fleecy clouds - a handful of stars tossed into the night sky." - Jim Bishop

"We'll meet again in Lvov, my love and I..." Tatiana hums, eating her ice cream, in our Leningrad, in jasmine June, near Fontanka, the Neva, the Summer Garden, where we are forever young." - Paullina Simons

"To really love Joan Didion-to have been blown over by things like the smell of jasmine and the packing list she kept by her suitcase-you have to be female." - Caitlin Flanagan

"Act averse to nasty language and partial to fruity tea." - Al Swearengen

"Tea is the only simple pleasure left to us." - Oscar Wilde

"Gun stripping is the tea ceremony of America." - Steve Aylett

"Worshiping the teapot instead of drinking the tea." - Wei Wu Wei

"We live in stirring times- tea-stirring times." - Christopher Isherwood

"I expect I shall feel better after tea." - P G Wodehouse

"Tea-baggers love the truth. They just hate facts." - Bill Maher

"Tea! The English could always be pacified with it!" - Jean Plaidy

"Tea Obreht is the most thrilling literary discovery in years" - Colum Mccann

"Tea is soothing. I wish to be tense." - Rupert Giles

"I'm a cup of tea in a world of lattes" - Len Goodman

"Distorted realities have always been my cup of tea." - Virginia Woolf

"Hot tea," he said, holding the cups. "It's just wrong." - Maureen Johnson

"But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea." - Jane Austen

"A cup of tea is a cup of peace." - Ken Cohen

"Tea Party members go to meetings on Medicare scooters." - Ishmael Reed

"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage." - Okakura Kakuzo

"Bring me a cup of tea and the 'Times.'" - Queen Victoria

"A cup of tea would restore my normality." - Douglas Adams

"Polly put the kettle on, we'll all have tea." - Charles Dickens

"Tea - the cups that cheer but not inebriate." - William Cowper

"Tea - that perfume that one drinks, that connecting hyphen ..." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"Tea is balm for the soul, don't you agree?" - P L Travers

" a religion of the art of life." - Okakura Kakuzo

"Alas, for the effects of bad tea and bad temper!" - Emily Bronte

"Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea." - Anonymous

"I am a defender of the Tea Party." - Andrew Breitbart

"Drinking a cup of green tea, I stopped the war." - Paul Reps

"It makes rock concerts look like tea parties." - John Lennon

"Herbal tea tastes so much better when it's coffee." - Anonymous

"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world." - T'ien Yiheng

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage." - Catherine Douzel

"Tea... is a religion of the art of life." - Okakura Kakuzo

"Love and scandal are the best sweeteneers of tea." - Henry Fielding

"I'm really into rooibos tea with goat's milk and a little bit of honey. I also drink dandelion tea, Earl Grey, and sometimes a green tea. I'm very into tea." - Miranda Kerr

"That cup of tea is definately not down your alley" - Jean Ferris

"I got nasty habits; I take tea at three." - Mick Jagger

"I don't t drink coffee, but I'm a tea addict." - Toks Olagundoye

"Well, look, I'm as Tea Party as it gets." - Jason Chaffetz

"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." - Henry Fielding

"I would rather have a cup of tea than sex." - Boy George

"Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors." - Alice Walker

"I don't like tea! Never have, never drunk it." - Catherine Tate

"I'm a chai tea latte monster. Anything syrupy!" - Suki Waterhouse

"Comic-strip stuff isn't really my cup of tea, really." - Guy Pearce

"The Tea Party is a rear guard, not a vanguard." - Chuck Schumer

"The Tea Party claims to want small government." - Penn Jillette

"Tea-shops were to become my favourite haunts in England." - Zola Budd

"I like tea and yoga, but I don't do yoga." - Moby

"and even a tea party means apprehension, breakage" - Virginia Woolf

"Honestly, if you're given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don't say 'what kind of tea?" - Neil Gaiman

"When I makes tea I makes tea, as old mother Grogan said. And when I makes water I makes water." - James Joyce

"Lobster is not going to be as tasty with ice tea unless that ice tea is from Long Island." - Heather McDonald

"The turning point was the Tea Act and the resulting Tea Party in Boston in December 1773." - Bernard Bailyn

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." - Abraham Lincoln

"I'm very interested in tea. I wouldn't mind being involved in some aspect of the tea industry." - Alexander Mccall Smith

"I can drink tea until the cows come home and I love the atmosphere in tea-shops." - Zola Budd

"The mug from the washstand was used as Becky's tea cup, and the tea was so delicious that it was not necessary to pretend that it was anything but tea." - Frances Hodgson Burnett

""Poor Mrs. Benefer," Heather murmured. "Well, a nice cup of tea and she'll be right as rain.""Oh, puh-leeze, Heather. A nice cup of tea, indeed. A nice cup of tea, two Prozac, and sleep for a week, maybe..."" - Douglas Whiteway

"I'm a believer in the Tea Party. I love the Tea Party. I love the people in the Tea Party. And, yes, I have a lot of different likes and maybe dislikes. And I don't know why." - Donald Trump

"I've been in one or two small Tea Party event things. I went to a Tea Party 'buycott,' where they went to a Whole Foods and were like, buying stuff. But it was like, 15 Tea Party members." - Wyatt Cenac

"The fundamental weakness in the Tea Party machine is the stark difference between what the leaders of the Tea Party elite - plutocrats like the Koch Brothers -want and what the average grassroots Tea Party follower wants." - Chuck Schumer

"What did you do?" "Well, you see, there was this pot of tea, simply sitting there..." He trailed off. "Useful thing, tea," commented Lyall thoughtfully." - Gail Carriger

"What person, confined in a small room with nothing but a tea-cosy, will not eventually put the tea-cosy on their head?" - Alfred Adler

"Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea!" - Agatha Christie

"The good doctor put a spoon of tea into my honey." "You're drinking tea a honey badger made," Jim said. "What did you expect?" - Ilona Andrews

"The only English patients I have ever known refuse tea, have been typhus cases; and the first sign of their getting better was their craving again for tea." - Florence Nightingale

"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water, then you make the tea. Then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know." - Sen no Rikyu

"Iced tea is too pure and natural a creation not to have been invented as soon as tea, ice, and hot weather crossed paths." - John Egerton

"Tea! The panacea for everything from weariness to a cold to a murder Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." - Henry Fielding

"I started the day with some nothin' tea. Nothin' tea is easy to make. First, get some hot water, then add nothin'." - Andy Weir

"Talk and tea is his specialty," said Giles. "He has about five cups of tea a day. But he works splendidly when we are looking." - Agatha Christie

"I started the day with some nothin" tea. Nothin" tea is easy to make. First, get some hot water, then add nothin"." - Andy Weir

"You'll see a consistent, like the tea, the tea bags you saw there-you'll see a consistent-did you see the cafeteria? I mean the diner?" - Antoine Fuqua

"Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things. Saki Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors." - Alice Walker

"In America we need members of the Latino community to come to the Tea Party movement and enrich the Tea Party." - Andrew Breitbart

"When [Marco] Rubio won the election, he was a Tea Party darling, he was a Tea Party favorite. What happened? "Gang of Eight"." - Rush Limbaugh

"People don't realize where unsweet tea came from. During the war they had to ration sugar, so then everybody just had to drink bitter tea, or unsweet." - Si Robertson

"Tea is nought but this: first you heat the water, then you make the tea. Then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know." - Sen Rikyu

"My experience...convinced me that tea was better than brandy, and during the last six months in Afica I took no brandy, even when sick taking tea instead." - Theodore Roosevelt

"I drink just as much tea when I'm in Los Angeles as I do when I'm in London. I take my tea bags with me wherever I go." - Helen Mirren

"When someone comes to visit me, they have to bring tea - you can't stay in my house if you don't bring me tea." - Ashley Madekwe

"Cultivate night-blooming jasmine near your bedroom window, and dream of men you've always longed for." - Gwen Davis

"I have one chocolate Lab named Jasmine. I also had a rat named Sky." - Jason Dolley

"Drugs is like getting up and having a cup of tea in the morning." - Noel Gallagher

"Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth." - Alexander Pushkin

"Women are like tea bags: put them in hot water and they get stronger." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"All well-regulated families set apart an hour every morning for tea and bread and butter" - Joseph Addison

"Obama is to the Tea Party as the moon is to werewolves." - Julian Bond

"A good cup of Earl Grey tea - you cant beat it." - Antonia Thomas

"The Story of My Life is drinking cups of tea, eating coco pops and playing Playstation." - Louis Tomlinson

"A man without tea in him is incapable of understanding truth and beauty." - Okakura Kakuzo

"Many kinds of monkeys have a strong taste for tea, coffee and spirituous liqueurs." - Charles Darwin



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