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Japanese Art Quotes


"In Japanese art, space assumed a dominant role and its position was strengthened by Zen concepts." - Stephen Gardiner

"Japanese people accept that art and commerce will be blended; and, in fact, they are surprised by the rigid and pretentious Western hierarchy of 'high art.'" - Takashi Murakami

"Venerate art as art." - William Hazlitt

"I wanted Kimi to be a Japanese record with a Japanese title. I wanted it to be for them. They appreciate things on a different level, and take their art very seriously - that's special if you're an artist." - Matthew Sweet

"Playing Japanese characters and being in environments that are Japanese, like a character's apartment or whatever, if you have directors or art directors who just don't know what' s what with Japanese culture, then pretty soon something's just passed through. I've been through many times where I've pointed out the incorrectness of so much of what's been done to a set." - Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

"The '80s market was only a Japanese market. It was the Japanese outbidding each other for the most expensive works of art. When the Japanese economy went down the tubes, there was no one left to pay the prices that have been recorded for all of those works." - Arne Glimcher

"I'm going to start these art museums that are basically converted homes, and I have one for modern art, and I have one for 19th century European art, and one for French impressionism. I've got Japanese." - Larry Ellison

"The Japanese have a word for it. It's Judo - the art of conquering by yielding. The Western equivalent of Judo is, "Yes dear"." - J. P. McEvoy

"The art of stone in a Japanese garden is that of placement. Its ideal does not deviate from that of nature." - Isamu Noguchi

"I acquired an admiration for Japanese culture, art, and architecture, and learned of the existence of the game of GO, which I still play." - Philip Warren Anderson

"I own a home in Kyoto, Japan actually on the temple on grounds in Nanzenji that is going to become a Japanese art museum." - Larry Ellison

"I admire the abstract expressionists and pop artists so right now I'm referencing American '60s art and at the same time referencing Japanese manga culture." - Christian Marclay

"Did not the artists of the great age of Japanese art change names many times during their careers? I like that; they wanted to safeguard their freedom." - Henri Matisse

"The Japanese have a wonderful sense of design and a refinement in their art. They try to produce beautiful paintings with the minimum number of strokes." - David Rockefeller

"Many Japanese painters and calligraphers would change their names intentionally to keep their relationship to the art always fresh. This way, others' expectations can be avoided." - Tina Weymouth

"We recognize the distinctness of Asian art when we turn to its traditional forms, recognize it as Japanese, Chinese and Indian, even Balinese or Thai." - F Sionil Jose

"In Japan, I am famous in certain special circles - mainly as someone who is trying to break down and enlighten the conventions of Japanese art." - Takashi Murakami

"Art will always be art." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"As far as I have been able to understand, the Japanese seem to keep things close to the vest. Friendly but remote and polite to the point of being invisible. It is in the music, literature, film and art that the Japanese really seem to express themselves." - Henry Rollins

"If we study Japanese art, we see a man who is undoubtedly wise, philosophic and intelligent, who spends his time doing what? He studies a single blade of grass." - Vincent Van Gogh

"In fact, the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people.... The Japanese people are ... simply a mode of style, an exquisite fancy of art." - Oscar Wilde

"If you had a large vase with a big crack down the middle of it, a Japanese art museum would put the vase on a pedestal and shine a spotlight on the crack!" - Arielle Ford

"I'm getting more and more into Chinese art and Japanese, some of those scroll paintings are amazing. You follow the change of the seasons. It's really something. These guys were great masters and of course the use of space." - Robert Barry

"In fact, the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people.... The Japanese people are... simply a mode of style, an exquisite fancy of art." - Oscar Wilde

"On my first days here I did not start work immediately but, as planned, I took it easy for a few days - flicked through books, studied Japanese art a little." - Gustav Klimt

"My life was very Japanese." - Bryan Clay

"I'm fascinated by Japanese cuisine." - Eric Ripert

"The art of art... is simplicity." - Walt Whitman

"No art goes unmediated by other art." - Robert Hughes

"If someone says it's art, it's art." - Donald Judd

"I'd rather produce art than become art." - Steven Morrissey

"I believe in art that conceals art." - Rita Mae Brown

"Life doesn't imitate is art!" - John Lennon

"Traditional Chinese art looked at the Earth from a Confucian mountain top; Japanese art looked closely around screens; Italian Renaissance art surveyed conquered nature through the window or door-frame of a palace. For the Cro-Magnons, space is a metaphysical arena of continually intermittent appearances and disappearances." - John Berger

"It's pretentious to say, but my art is like a little Zen story, a story with a question mark at the end. People can take from it what they need. If somebody says, "Your art is very funny," I say, "You are totally right." If somebody says, "Your art is very sad," I say, "You are totally right." In Japan they say, "Your art is very Japanese, you even look Japanese.Your great-grandfather was most surely a Japanese man." And I say, "You are totally right."" - Christian Boltanski

"All art requires courage." - Anne Wilkes Tucker

"Art upsets, science reasures." - Georges Braque

"All art is subversive." - Pablo Picasso

"Art disturbs, science reassures." - Georges Braque

"Envy-Thy art blindness" - Aftab Alam

"Art is not disposable." - Jennifer Nettles

"Everybody's an art critic." - Judith Martin

"Art degraded, Imagination denied." - William Blake

"Art is ultimately schizophrenic." - Oliver $

"All art is immoral." - Oscar Wilde

"I hate art auctions." - Jerry Saltz

"All art is propaganda." - George Orwell

"Art can contradict Science." - Austin Osman Spare

"Nature constantly imitates art." - Oscar Wilde

"What the art historians had forgotten is that in Chinese, Japanese, Persian, and Indian art, they never painted shadows. Why did they paint shadows in European art? Shadows are because of optics. Optics need shadows and strong light. Strong light makes the deepest shadows. It took me a few years to realize fully that the art historians didn't grasp that. There are a lot of interesting new things, ideas, pictures." - David Hockney

"I'm not really an art collector - I'm more of a person who picks up things. I have pieces by people like Gerhard Richter, for example, but then also others by unknown Japanese artists, and not many real art collectors do that." - Hiroshi Fujiwara

"We must not again underestimate the Japanese." - Chester W Nimitz

"How could they possibly be Japanese planes?" - Husband E. Kimmel

"I've always been inspired by Japanese style." - Rihanna

"The Japanese are hard to figure out." - Jerry Garcia

"I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Japanese is a very difficult language." - David Anders

"Japanese food makes me feel particularly good." - David Mitchell

"The Japanese fans always send weird things." - Tom Felton

"Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art." - Constantin Stanislavski

"Art has always been aware of itself as art." - Mary Ruefle

"Art is not a mirror. Art is a hammer." - Bertolt Brecht

"Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful" - William Shakespeare

"Art is in love with luck, and luck with art." - Agathon

"No art ever survived censorship; no art ever will." - Oscar Wilde

"Angling is an Art... an art worth your learning." - Izaak Walton

"Design is not art. Design is utilitarian, art is not." - Massimo Vignelli

"The art of programming is the art of organizing complexity." - Edsger Dijkstra

"In art, immorality cannot exist. Art is always sacred." - Auguste Rodin

"Art is only art if it is synonymous with living" - Alexander Girard

"It is art to conceal art. -Ars est celare artem" - Ovid

"The art of drawing is the art of omission." - Max Liebermann

"art is not advocacy and advocacy is not art." - Erica Jong

"Life is sacred. Life is art. Life is sacred art." - Gabrielle Roth

"Art feeds off art...and artists feed off artists." - Robert Mangold

"Art is not about something, Art is something" - Sarah Bernhardt

"I think all good art is outsider art." - Scott McClanahan

"Truman Capote has made lying an art. A minor art." - Gore Vidal

"If you come from art, you'll always be art." - David Bowie

"Art knows, life applies knowledge; art feels, life acts." - Austin O'Malley

"For art to be art it has to cure." - Alejandro Jodorowsky

"The art of love is largely the art of persistence." - Albert Ellis

"The art of dressing is the art we all practice" - Anne Hollander

"The art of pleasing is the art of deception." - Luc De Clapiers

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." - Oscar Wilde

"There hasn't been any art yet. Art is just beginning." - Constantin Brancusi

"Study the science of art and the art of science." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Art should be concerned more with life than with art." - Kimon Nicolaides

"I love art; I collect mostly modern art." - Alan Patricof

"Art is a delayed echo." - George Santayana

"No art should be fashionable ..." - Ngaio Marsh

"art is emotion without desire." - Muriel Barbery

"L'architecture est art de suggestion." - Daniel Pennac

"Making art is a journey." - Meinrad Craighead

"Fatherland before everything, art afterward." - Ignacy Jan Paderewski

"Art is life, plus caprice." - William Ernest Hocking

"Art is stronger than Nature" - Titian

"Don't think about making art..." - Andy Warhol

"Art is nothing without form." - Gustave Flaubert

"Art is born in attention." - Julia Cameron

"So. Lie there, my art." - William Shakespeare

"Life too near paralyses art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Art is 110 percent sweat." - Robert Riskin

"Art should create an experience." - Eric Fischl

"It's not art, it's science." - Billy Sheehan

"Teaching is a performance art." - Camille Paglia

"Art can make chaos seductive." - Mason Cooley

"Art without knowledge is nothing!" - Jean-Pascal Mignot

"Art is craft, not inspiration." - Stephen Sondheim

"Art should never be popular." - Oscar Wilde

"Now life is imitating art." - Rakim

"Use your art to fight." - Arundhati Roy

"Art is upon the Town!" - James Mcneill Whistler

"Art persists, it timelessly continues." - Oscar Wilde

"If it sells, it's art." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"Capitalism is an art form." - Camille Paglia

"Posing is a performing art." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"All art is a confession." - Gaston Lachaise

"People don't buy lady art." - Walter Keane

"When art wins, everyone wins." - Jerry Saltz

"Art? That's a man's name." - Andy Warhol

"All art is quite useless." - Oscar Wilde

"Artists talk in 'art speak.'" - Damian Loeb

"I want to know art." - Kellie Martin

"Art opens the fishiest eye . . ." - Sheridan Hay

"I'm confident in my art." - Kid Cudi

"Art lies because it's social." - Fernando Pessoa

"All good art is abstract." - John Newman

"Art rides in on pleasure." - Walter Darby Bannard

"What is art? Nature concentrated." - Honore De Balzac

"History develops, art stands still." - E M Forster

"Technology adds nothing to art." - Penn Jillette

"Art is what is irresistible." - William Saroyan

"Each body has its art..." - Gwendolyn Brooks

"There is an art of reading, an art of thinking, and an art of writing." - Isaac D'Israeli

"Ship small art. Then, ship medium art. Then, ship world-changing, scary, change-your-underwear art." - Seth

"Art is sexy! Art is money-sexy! Art is money-sexy-social-climbing-fantastic!" - Thomas Hoving

"Living together is an art. It's a patient art, it's a beautiful art, it's fascinating." - Pope Francis

"Art is a form of love. Art is the ultimate gift. Art heals life." - Robert Genn

"When I go on Japanese Airlines, I really love it because I like Japanese food." - Phil Collins

"Every three or four years I pick a new subject. It may be Japanese art; it may be economics. Three years of study are by no means enough to master a subject but they are enough to understand it. SO for more than 60 years I have kept studying one subject at a time." - Peter Drucker

"Toonami was a tremendous vehicle, delivering the art of Japanese animation to a massive audience that may have otherwise never experienced it. I feel an immense debt of gratitude to everyone involved with the show and to every fan who supported it." - Steven Blum

"When I was taking art history I was always angry that we would skip certain chapters because "it wasn't important." Like, "Let's skip over the Japanese. Let's just get to Giotto, because that's where everything begins." It's like, no. Everything is relevant to me." - Ali Banisadr

"'Toonami' was a tremendous vehicle, delivering the art of Japanese animation to a massive audience that may have otherwise never experienced it. I feel an immense debt of gratitude to everyone involved with the show and to every fan who supported it." - Steven Blum

"Beautiful and minimalist, the traditional Japanese art of ikebana - arranging bouquets of cut flowers and leaves using very few elements - ideally corresponded to a form of expression I could transpose in a perfume. The smell of a rose early in the morning, damp, sprinkled with dew, delicate and light." - Jean-Claude Ellena

"Before I started LimoLand, I mainly bought my clothes in Harlem, where I found clothing my size in fun colors. I still like to go there and see the vibrancy and colors of the neighborhood. I am also very influenced by the colors of my contemporary African and Japanese art collections." - Jean Pigozzi

"I taught a lot of art history, especially Chinese, Japanese, and Indian. But the painting classes came back. The nudes came back. Not so much the still lifes. So now our department is the worst department, partly because it has the worst facilities." - Ad Reinhardt

"Art is the suitcase of history, carrying the essentials. Art is the life buoy of history. Art is seed, art is memory, art is vaccine." - Yann Martel

"Graphic design is a popular art and a practical art, an applied art and an ancient art. Simply put, it is the art of visualizing ideas." - Jessica Helfand

"The best way to learn Japanese is to be born as a Japanese baby, in Japan, raised by a Japanese family." - Dave Barry



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