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Jail Time Quotes


"I did my time in the jail of your arms" - Tom Waits

"Every time the Russians throw an American in jail, the Committee throws an American in jail to get even." - Mort Sahl

"When they put me in jail, that's when they turned me into an activist. Up until the time I went to jail, I was just a comedian." - Tommy Chong

"I happen to be pretty productive when I am in jail. When you are in jail, you have to spend more time with yourself." - Pramoedya Ananta Toer

"Any time you see a white guy in jail, you know he did something bad." - Will Smith

"Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail." - Mark Twain

"The second time I went to jail, I was like, 'Okay, this is not the move.'" - The Notorious Big

"It sounds kind of strange, but Jail time was almost a good experience for me." - Tommy Lee

"I will be really happy once I have done my jail time. I can start fresh." - Nicole Richie

"All these rappers on stage and Martha Stewart has done the most jail time." - Natasha Leggero

"I built a jail in my closet and I would incarcerate my family from time to time." - Will Ferrell

"Spending time in jail really helped me stay away from what my brother did because I got a taste of jail time. I realized this isn't the life I want to live being locked up 24 hours a day." - John Starks

"Given the way his night had been going so far, he didn't have time to go to jail." - Christine Warren

"Freedom or jail clips inserted, a baby's being born/ Same time a man is murdered, the beginning and end." - Nas

"The only difference between me and my fellow actors is that I've spent more time in jail." - Robert Mitchum

"I am satisfied with everything in my life. Including the fact that I spent time in jail." - Ivan Slavkov

"I was kind of excited about going to jail the first time and I learnt some great dialogue." - Quentin Tarantino

"I was a federal public defender during the most important years of the drug war. I saw people go to jail for nothing, and go to jail for a long time." - Ayelet Waldman

"Jail was a result of me not taking time for myself. So I was forced to take some time for myself." - Christian Slater

"If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year." - Ted Nugent

"When I was a kid, everybody in the neighborhood picked me to be the one in jail or be in the cemetery by the time I was 20." - Bo Jackson

"Facebook is like jail, you sit around and waste time, you write on walls and you get poked by people you don't know" - Will Ferrell

"..When I first heard Elvis' voice, I knew that I wasn't going to work for anybody ... hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail" - Bob Dylan

"I don't think we should be putting first-time drug offenders in jail for five years. It's a waste of resources." - Charles Schumer

"Senator majority leader, Mitch McConnell, slammed [Donald] Trump`s comments about burning the American flag which is protected under the first amendment should lead to jail time." - Chuck Todd

"I'm a prosecutor first and foremost, and as a judge ,I put people in jail for extended periods of time when that was appropriate." - Eric Holder

"I am not in jail. There is no jail." - Charles Manson

"I was in chemical jail." - James Taylor

"I can paint in jail." - Jack Kevorkian

"I well remember how the thoughts I had up to the time of my discharge from the jail on every occasion were modified immediately after discharge, and after getting first-hand information myself. Somehow or other the jail atmosphere does not allow you to have all the bearings in your mind." - Mahatma Gandhi

"As soon as I got out of jail, as soon as my trial was over, first of all, during the time I was in jail, there was an organization called the National United Committee to Free Angela Davis, and I insisted that it be called National United Committee to Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners." - Angela Davis

"Smart on Crime says if you commit violent crimes, you should go to jail, and go to jail for extended periods of time. For people who are engaged in non-violent crimes - any crimes, for that matter - we are looking for sentences that are proportionate to the conduct that you engaged in." - Eric Holder

"It'd be great to be so famous that if I murder someone, I will never, ever, ever serve any jail time, even if it's totally obvious to everyone that I did it." - Mindy Kaling

"I don't know how a judge can concentrate on being fair and impartial when he or she is faced with possible jail time for making a decision that others deem incorrect." - Sandra Day O'Connor

"Moonshiners put more time, energy, thought, and love into their cars than any racer ever will. Lose on the track, and you go home. Lose with a load of whiskey, and you go to jail." - Junior Johnson

"Our prison population quintupled in a thirty year period of time. Not doubled or tripled - quintupled. We went from a prison and jail population of about 300,000 to now more than 2 million." - Michelle Alexander

"I'm actually a lowlife. On the street at fifteen and also in jail for the first time at that age, and off and on the street until my mid-twenties." - Patricia McConnell

"You never wanna see yourself there. Like, ever. I'd rather go to jail than see myself on Step Your Rap Game up because I take a lot of time with my stuff." - Wale

"Every time you stop a school, you will have to build a jail. What you gain at one end you lose at the other. It's like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won't fatten the dog." - Mark Twain

"I don't have, you know, an 'overcoming addiction' story, other than the guitar itself, and I haven't overcome that. I don't have a jail time, you know, story, or any arrests." - Brad Paisley

"If the penalty for hiring illegals is just a fine, it becomes a business decision. But if the penalty is jail time, illegal immigration will come to a screeching halt." - Jose Ferreira

"I know from my own education that if I hadn't encountered two or three individuals that spent extra time with me, I'm sure I would have been in jail." - Steve Jobs

"The voice I have now, I got the first time I sang in a movement meeting, after I got out of jail... and I'd never heard it before in my life." - Bernice Johnson Reagon

"Every time the liberals pass a bill - I don't care what it involves - they stick criminal sanctions on it. They don't feel there is any way people are going to keep a law unless they can put them in jail." - Pat Robertson

"My dad went to jail for a long time. We lost everything, and the situation never resolved itself. My parents had this sort of passionate, disastrous desire for each other - not ideal to grow up in." - Natalia Kills

"Parents who neglect their children, who don't know where they are, who don't know what they're doing, who don't know who they're hanging out with, you're gonna find yourselves spending some quality time with your kids, in jail, together." - Michael Nutter

"Before I went to jail, I was active in politics as a member of South Africa's leading organization - and I was generally busy from 7 A.M. until midnight. I never had time to sit and think." - Nelson Mandela

"I don't know how a judge can concentrate on being fair and impartial when he or she is faced with possible jail time for making a decision that others deem incorrect." - Sandra Day Oconnor

"Term limits aren't enough. We need jail." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Buy health insurance, or go to jail." - Barack Obama

"All of North Korea is a jail." - Kim Y. Sam

"All of North Korea is a jail." - Kim Youngsam

"The letters from jail are always disconcerting." - Eliza Dushku

"All of North Korea is a jail." - Kim Young-sam

"I should still be in jail." - Amnat Ruenroeng

"Jail is definitely not cool. Education is." - Ja Rule

"Only poor people go to jail." - Charles Barkley

"Term limits aren't enough. We need jail." - P J Orourke

"One of my younger homies, he went to jail, and some people came to me and were like, "Bail him out," and I said no. Why would I bail him out? He's going to prison. Let him sit and get some time served. You want to be crazy, but you don't want to go to jail. You want to shoot people, but you don't want to kill people. That's such a misleading thing." - Vince Staples

"My mom would spend a week in jail. She would spend a day in jail here - a week again, a week and a half, two weeks. My grandmother tells me stories of how because I would be at the house, I wouldn't notice that my mom was gone because she would be at work sometimes. So it was just like time when my mom would be gone and my grandma would tell me she'll be back. And nobody knew where anybody was." - Trevor Noah

"People who go to jail breed people who go to jail." - Andrew Barrett

"Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200." - Charles B. Darrow

"You can jail a revolutionary, but you cannot jail the revolution." - Bobby Seale

"You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can't jail the Revolution." - Huey Newton

"I shot a couple of movies in jail, but I was never in jail." - Tom Sizemore

"How about Proust's In Search of Lost Time?" Tamaru asked. "If you've never read it this would be a good opportunity to read the whole thing." "Have you read it?" "No, I haven't been in jail, or had to hide out for a long time. Someone once said unless you have those kinds of opportunities, you can't read the whole of Proust." - Haruki Murakami

"And for each unharmful gentle soul misplaced inside a jail..." - Bob Dylan

"I don't want want to go to jail, I'm fragile." - Adam Sandler

"Be your own palace, or the world is your jail." - John Donne

"The only excuse for being broke is being in Jail." - Curtis Jackson

"It's awfully easy to be in love in jail" - Dashiell Hammett

"It was hell, hugging my Mama from a jail cell." - Tupac Shakur

"We all hold the keys to our own jail cells." - Paul Levine

"There are more fakers in business than in jail." - Malcolm Forbes

"A world without open country would be universal jail." - Edward Abbey

"Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and gone to jail." - Donald Trump

"It's perhaps fitting that I write this introduction in jail." - Abbie Hoffman

"No, that's not possible," Michael said. "Killed, yes; jail, no." - Mario Puzo

"It's awfully easy to be in love in jail." - Dashiell Hammett

"My occupation now, I suppose, is jail inmate." - Theodore Kaczynski

"There are good reasons for being in jail - for protesting." - Tracy Chapman

"It is crazy to have Judith Miller in jail." - Matthew Cooper

"Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail." - John Donne

"Jail is much easier on people who have nothing." - Bernhard Goetz

"A lot of prophets have gone to jail." - Tommy Chong

"You see, you can't put joblessness in a jail cell." - Carrie P Meek

"A lot of guys in jail tattoo their hands." - Daniel Day-Lewis

"I think every person should go to jail once." - Ernests Gulbis

"A lot of guys in jail tattoo their hands." - Daniel Daylewis

"I went to jail. I looked like one of those savings-and-loan guys leaving the jail house." - Dave Winfield

"I'm in jail because people wanna keep me in jail. It ain't got nothing to do with the law." - Charles Manson

"You can kill a revolutionary but you can't kill can jail a liberator but you can't jail liberation." - Fred Hampton

"Playboys' was an authentic junkie record. Art Pepper was just out of jail, Chet was arrested a week after the session, and piano player Carl Perkins would die two years later. When the record was recorded I was behind bars myself. In 1955 I was caught with narcotics and had to serve almost five years. Luckily, I was allowed to keep my saxophone in the cell, and I composed a lot during the time. They had to come fetch the music for Playboys from jail." - Jimmy Heath

"If you're white and you're rich in the USA, if you get busted for drugs, you get a good attorney, and you in all likelihood serve no time. But if you're poor, black, Hispanic, or poor and white for that matter, you can get put in jail." - Rand Paul

"Men who are in prison for rape think it's the dumbest thing that ever happened... they were put in jail for something very little different from what most men do most of the time and call it sex. The only difference is they got caught. It may also be true." - Catharine Mackinnon

"Charity is reaching into one's own pockets to assist his fellow man in need. Reaching into someone else's pocket to assist one's fellow man hardly qualifies as charity. When done privately, we deem it theft, and the individual risks jail time." - Walter E. Williams

"He's going to jail. He can't see. He can't hear. He can't take a leak that lasts under fifteen minutes. But he has an erection and all the other problems are small change. Next time around I'm coming back as a man. Priorities are clearly defined. Life is simple." - Janet Evanovich

"I've never been accused of a felony. I never spent time behind bars except for a few overnight jail times back in the Sixties. [But] I think there's a little bit of a criminal in all of us. Everybody's done something they don't want anybody to know about." - Johnny Cash

"If anything's going on in our lives, we have each other. One time, I was having a bad day, and I called Chris Colfer. He came over with a pint of ice cream and Madea Goes to Jail, and it was, like, the best night of my life." - Lea Michele

"I just love to play rock and roll. I love to write songs all the time about what's up on these streets. I write songs about people getting killed; I write songs about people getting beaten up; I write songsabout people getting taken to jail by the police; and I also write songs about love and happiness." - Wesley Willis

"I think the girls are attracted to me because they can relate to me. The girls are nice when you're in my situation, but since I'm in here [in jail] I spend more time writing to them about the relationship, rather than living it, but there are good friendships formed never-the-less." - Richard Ramirez

"New York became the first state to ban talking on hand-held cell phones while driving. First-time violators could receive a fine of $100, with an additional mandatory six-month jail sentence if your ringer plays a Latin-themed novelty song." - Jon Stewart

"If anything's going on in our lives, we have each other. One time, I was having a bad day, and I called Chris Colfer. He came over with a pint of ice cream and Madea Goes to Jail, and it was, like, the best night of my life." - Lea Michele

"I found the place where I was beaten bloody forty years earlier and dragged to jail and that made me cry. When the family came out, that made me cry, and the reason I had a hard time leaving Grant Park was that to see a million people like that, feeling the way that million people felt, was so exhilarating." - Bill Ayers

"Also to have someone tell you when you can come and go. When I was faced with that decision, I just drew back on all my past decisions and especially my time in jail that this isn't the road I want to go down. That's why I really made a commitment towards school." - John Starks

"The first song I heard from me was Meek Mill ["I Don't Know"], it was his first single before he went (to jail). I remember the first time I heard it was like eleven thirty at night, and I was like, "Yo, this is crazy!" And, I was smiling from ear to ear." - PJ Harvey

"Gandhi was important for another reason as well: his country was suffering under the British Empire, and yet he was leading a very singular kind of resistance to it. At the time he was speaking about the violence in Europe, his followers were in jail as prisoners of the British government." - Nicholson Baker

"The judge gave me a break. He was like: wow, we've never heard of this. So he gave me time served in the county jail, I didn't even get a felony. I have yet to get a felony, which is so crazy. I think Lindsey Lohan has more felonies than me." - Luis J. Rodriguez

"Any time you demonstrate against segregation and a man has the audacity to put a police dog on you, kill that dog, kill him, I'm telling you, kill that dog. I say it if they put me in jail tomorrow, kill that dog. Then you'll put a stop to it." - Malcolm X

"You know what an effective deterrent to crime is? Jail! And do you know what kind of criminal penalty actually makes people think twice about committing crimes the next time? The kind that actually comes out of some individual's pocket, not fines that come out of the corporate kitty." - Matt Taibbi

"Neil Armstrong was no Christopher Columbus. In most respects, he was better. Unlike the famous fifteenth century seafarer, Armstrong knew where he landed. He also spent his time in public service, not in jail, and his passing was marked by world-wide encomiums. He ended his days as a celebrated explorer rather than a royal inconvenience." - Seth Shostak

"There's great disparity between who goes to college and who goes to jail. Who lives long and who dies prematurely, is the defining issue of our time. And I submit to you, there's a significant race dimension, it is basically class-driven." - Jesse Jackson

"My wife and I went to jail in Selma. The difference when I was back there recently? White folks? No. Black folks who were not scared. I was behind the president this time. When I was a little boy and ran around with trifling dudes, I was the only one scared of dogs. And I was bitten 14 times! Dogs smell scared. And that's the same thing with people: 50 years ago they smelled fear. There was no fear this time." - Dick Gregory

"I read one time that I am permanently banned from Yankee Stadium and that I could never ever go back. This article mentioned, supposedly, that I did something in the early 2000s at Yankee Stadium, and I got arrested, and supposedly, allegedly, I went to jail for something that I did. I read that about myself one time and I thought that was pretty fascinating." - Rob Huebel

"Time heals almost everything. Give time time." - Regina Brett

"Stage time, stage time, stage time." - Darren LaCroix

"It was better to be in a jail where you could bang the walls than in a jail you could not see." - Carson Mccullers

"I have nothing to lose by standing up and following my beliefs. So I'll go to jail, so what? We have been in jail for years." - Muhammad Ali

"Swaraj does not depend on jail going. If it did, there are thousands of prisoners in jail today. It depends on everyone doing his or her own task." - Mahatma Gandhi

"People don't understand that you can actually lose your life going to jail. There's more violence in the jail-house than there is on the streets." - Snoop Dogg

"When I was in jail, I was a lot of people's favorite person. I practically ran the jail. I had more freedom than the police." - Flavor Flav

"I guess you will have to go to jail. If that is the result of not understanding the Income Tax Law, I will meet you there. We shall have a merry, merry time, for all our friends will be there. It will be an intellectual center, for no one understands the Income Tax Law except persons who have not sufficient intelligence to understand the questions that arise under it." - Elihu Root

"Remember that all tax revenue is the result of holding a gun to somebody's head. Not paying taxes is against the law. If you don't pay your taxes, you'll be fined. If you don't pay the fine, you'll be jailed. If you try to escape from jail, you'll be shot. ... Therefore, every time the government spends money on anything, you have to ask yourself, 'Would I kill my kindly, gray-haired mother for this?'" - P. J. O'Rourke

"There are very few people who have committed more to the pro-life discourse than Rob has. He's spent time in jail. He has really lived it. He has committed everything he's had to it. If in fact he believes that every human life was sacred, I knew that if he had his conscious awakened, I knew he wouldn't be able to close his eyes to it." - Abigail Disney

"I didn't do anyting wrong. All I know is I saw two people struggling to get inside these walls and they [Minho and Alby] couldn't make it. To ignore that because of some stupid rule seemed selfish, cowardly, and... well, stupid. If you want to throw me in jail for trying to save someone's [Alby] life, then go ahead. Next time I promise I'll point at them and laugh, then go eat some of Frypan's dinner. -Thomas" - James Dashner

"Sometimes people have sympathized with me because long years of my life were spent in jail and in exile. Well, those years ... were a mixed experience. I hated them because they separated me from the dearest thing in the world-the struggle of my people for rebirth. At the same time, they were a blessing because I had what is so rare in this world-the opportunity of thinking about basic issues, the opportunity of examining afresh the beliefs I held." - Sukarno

"Never before have I written so long a letter. I'm afraid it is much too long to take your precious time. I can assure you that it would have been much shorter if I had been writing from a comfortable desk, but what else can one do when he is alone in a narrow jail cell, other than write long letters, think long thoughts, and pray long prayers?" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Of course in this age of colorblindness, a time when we have supposedly moved "beyond race," we as a nation would feel very uncomfortable if only black people were sent to jail for drug offenses. We seem comfortable with 90 percent of the people arrested and convicted of drug offenses in some states being African American, but if the figure was 100 percent, the veil of colorblindness would be lost." - Michelle Alexander

"You have to understand that I'm a child of the second generation, which means my mother was in Auschwitz, and the aunt of my mother was in Auschwitz with her; my grandmother and grandfather died there. So yes. All of those gestures they work for you, or for them, to fill their time or not feel their anxiety. But the child feels everything. It doesn't make the child secure. You put the child in a jail." - Chantal Akerman

"No time is wasted time" - Jim Henson

"OPIATE, n. An unlocked door in the prison of Identity. It leads into the jail yard." - Ambrose Bierce

"If you ever feel so happy you land in jail, I'm your bail." - Cole Porter

"The whole earth is in jail and we're plotting this incredible jailbreak." - Wavy Gravy

"Addiction is a serious desease; it will end with jail, mental institutions, or death." - Russell Brand

"There are no unemployed, either in Russia or in Dartmoor jail, and for the same reason." - Philip Snowden, 1st Viscount Snowden

"Your home is your jail, Bird. I'm going to set you free." - Teresa Mummert

"A judge can manipulate the law. A smart lawyer can keep a killer out of jail." - Mario Cuomo

"When we put someone in our jail cell of hatred, we are stuck guarding the door." - Max Lucado

"Even going to jail would be easy compared to losing you." - Gayle Forman

"I'm always pleased that I managed to stay out of jail throughout my tenure in Chicago." - Nick Offerman

"Do not help your jailers to pretend that their jail is your natural state of existence." - Ayn Rand

"We're rapidly approaching a world comprised entirely of jail and shopping." - Doug Coupland

"If you seek violence, we will seek to put you in jail." - Edward Koch

"School is a twelve-year jail sentence where bad habits are the only curriculum truly learned." - John Taylor Gatto

"If I went to jail, at least I wouldn't have to sign autographs." - Kurt Cobain

"Almost makes you want to go to jail out here, doesn't it?" - William J Clinton

"Books won't stay banned. They won't burn. Ideas won't go to jail" - Alfred Whitney Griswold

"At nighttime, you just try to keep him out of jail." - David Cone

"To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"They spent the night in jail, where their progressive views on gay marriage served them well." - Ann Coulter



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