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I Will Never Give Up Quotes


"I never will give up." - Junior dos Santos

"I will never give up if you never give in." - Suzanne Collins

"I never give up hope." - Dean Ornish

"Never give up hope, spring will come." - Jessica Stern

"For my part, I will never give up, and I mean never." - Elon Musk

"I am confident. I never give up." - Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

"Never give up on yourself. Then you will never give up on others." - Pema Chodron

"Never give up. Never give up. Never give up." - Winston Churchill

"I never give up on things." - Ashley Tisdale

"I will never give up politics. I've tried to give it up three times, but I never made it. Politics mobilizes me. I won't last long if I give it up." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"Never give up...never ever give up." - Jim Valvano

"Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill

"I will keep smiling, be positive and never give up! I will give 100 percent each time I play. These are always my goals and my attitude." - Yani Tseng

"Freedom. I will not give you up." - George Michael

"Never give up. If you do' give up, you will get there in the end." - Anya Hindmarch

"Never give up. If you don't give up, you will get there in the end." - Anya Hindmarch

"Never give up." - Mike Moreno

"I never give up on my players, and I'll never give up on people." - Art Modell

"I will never give up. I am in my 14th year of a 10-day beauty plan." - Phyllis Diller

"Never quit. Never give up." - Gabby Douglas

"Never give in and never give up." - Hubert Humphrey

"Never give in and never give up." - Hubert H Humphrey

"Never give up, and never give in." - Hal Newhouser

"We will make it because we are young and we will never, never give up." - Jack Ma

"I have never wanted to give up performing on stage, but one day the tours will be over." - Mick Jagger

"I will never give up my dream of being a prima ballerina and backup dancer for Justin Timberlake!" - Haley Webb

"We are in for a very, very long haul.... I am asking for everything you have to give. We will never give up..." - Jill Ruckelshaus

"When I go, if there's a tombstone it will say, She doesn't give in. She doesn't give up. And she never takes no for an answer." - Doris Roberts

"Never give up. Last year I was trying to give up but I couldn't." - Marat Safin

"I love to cook. I could never give that up." - Kate Winslet

"Never give up because you never know what the tide will bring in the next day." - Tom Hanks

"I will never have a heart attack. I give them." - George Steinbrenner

"I am never going to give music up." - Dr Dre

"I never give up. Doesn't matter what the score is." - Caroline Wozniacki

"Never give up; just absolutely never give up." - Shane Warne

"Never give up on anybody." - Hubert Humphrey

"Never give up the ganja." - Morgan Freeman

"Never give up on anybody." - Hubert H Humphrey

"Always dream. Never give up!" - Tony Oller

"Never, ever, ever give up." - Charles M Schulz

"Never give up on a good thing, never give up, never give up!" - George Benson

"I bought abandon dear And sold all piety for pleasure. My own free spirit I have followed, And never will I give up lust." - Abu Nuwas

"I bought abandon dearAnd sold all piety for pleasure.My own free spirit I have followed,And never will I give up lust." - Abu Nuwas

"I think Vladimir Putin will give up power." - Henry A Kissinger

"I'm idealistic so my life outlook is to never give up. Even if something seems absolutely impossible, I will run as hard as I can go." - Choi Minho

"My home is my paradise. When I come home at night, I feel an overall peaceful sensation. We will never give this place up." - Gloria Estefan

"I wanted to show them I will never give up. We have to keep together. I still believe in myself. I will never change. The players need to release the rubbish from their brains." - Paolo Di Canio

"Never give up and never conform." - G-Eazy

"You will never see the end, if you give up in the middle" - Joyce Meyer

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." - Harriet Beecher Stowe

"Let me give up the need to know why things happen as they do. I will never know and constant wondering is constant suffering." - Caroline Myss

"And yet I am convinced that man will never give up true suffering- that is, destruction and chaos. Why, suffering is the sole root of consciousness." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"I don't think that people in power can be convinced by words or articles. They will never give it up by choice." - Nawal El Saadawi

"Driving will never be away from me - I can't just give it up. It's all I've ever done, and there's something about being in that car." - Jimmie Johnson

"Men should never give up. I never do. I would hate to lose." - Hiroo Onoda

"I want to see success right away. And I want to never give up, never stop." - Joe Nichols

"I have two pairs of stretchy maternity leggings and jeans, which I will never give up, because once you experience an elastic band for a waist, you will never go back." - Daphne Oz

"I will make mistakes, after all I am not perfect, but I will do my best to make them up to you. I would never hurt you intentionally. I would not give up on you, so I hope you don't give up on me. Sincerely, The Person that Loves You" - Carlos Salinas De Gortari

"I will make mistakes, after all I am not perfect, but I will do my best to make them up to you. I would never hurt you intentionally. I would not give up on you, so I hope you don't give up on me. Sincerely, The Person that Loves You" - Carlos Salinas

"This is a shining example of never quit, never give up, & never say never. I proved everyone wrong." - Mickie James

"This is a shining example of never quit, never give up, & never say never. I proved everyone wrong." - Mickie James

"The teacher will never give up on the student no matter how mixed up he or she might be" - Pema Chodron

"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine." - Jack Ma

"For me to get through the toughest periods in my life, I had to look within to find the energy to do it. I dont give up. Never have. Never will." - Jonah Lomu

"For me to get through the toughest periods in my life, I had to look within to find the energy to do it. I don't give up. Never have. Never will." - Jonah Lomu

"It's Never Over 'till it's over! Never Give Up! Never." - Winston Churchill

"People with good intentions never give up!" - Jane Smiley

"Never give up, no matter what." - Louis Zamperini

"Never, ever ever ever ever give up." - Winston Churchill

"Never, ever give up. And smile" - Chrissie Wellington

"Never give up on your dreams." - Barack Obama

"Never give up, trust your instincts!" - Falco

"Never give up on something you love" - Ariana Grande

"Never give up hope! Hope ultimately succeeds." - Sri Chinmoy

"I'll never give up my Dior mascara." - Jessica Capshaw

"I'll never give up til I get want I want. Cause enchancers still supporting me" - Greyson Chance

"I promise I shall never give up, and that I'll die yelling & laughing." - Jack Kerouac

"Never give in or give up easily on a cause." - Alex Ferguson

"I'll never give up on a player regardless of his ability as long as he never gives up on himself. In time he will develop." - Bear Bryant

"People who give will never be poor." - Anne Frank

"I have tasted freedom. I will not give up that which I have tasted." - Harvey Milk

"Never give up. Never stop being creative in finding ways to get exposure. Also, prepared anytime and all the time. You never know who you will run into." - Christina Milian

"I will give you a show that you've never ever seen before, why?...Because I can" - Shawn Michaels

"Man will never be entirely willing to give up this world for the next nor the next world for this." - William Ralph Inge

"If you can keep going and never give up, ultimately you will get something that you really want." - Stephen Chow

"You will never be more than a common Christian until you give up your own interest and cease defending yourself." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match." - Bjorn Borg

"The only tip I have for an artist is perseverance... Never give up." - Wayne White

"The reason I never give up hope is because everything is so basically hopeless." - Anne Lamott

"Never give up, no, never give up If you're looking for something easy You might as well give it up." - Cat Power

"I am very curvy, so the vintage stores suit me better than most designers. I just can't seem to give up crisps, or make my boobs shrink for that matter. Alas, I will never fit a size zero." - Marina And The Diamonds

"Living with faith and courage is something that life requires of each of us. Never, absolutely never, give up! Never give in no matter what! Fight it through! And I promise you something with all of my heart-God will help you." - Kathryn Kuhlman

"I just want to inspire all those people who gave up and said 'I quit,' Never give up!" - Gabby Douglas

"I cannot give up my will - I must exercise it, putting it into action." - Oswald Chambers

"Never ever ever give up. You can change and move around but NEVER ever give up" - Donald Trump

"I can still bring into my body the joy I felt at seeing the first trillium of spring, which seemed to be telling me, "Never give up hope, spring will come."" - Jessica Stern

"I want to say to all the young women out there, as I say to all young people: believe in yourselves, follow your passion and never give up, because you will create a future filled with possibility." - Marin Alsop

"I do not give up, I never give up, For there is nothing In this entire world That is irrevocably unchangeable." - Sri Chinmoy

"I never give up. If you beat me, you have to beat me one, three, four, five times, and I still don't give up." - Mariano Rivera

"Never will I give my hand where my heart does not accompany it." - Ann Radcliffe

"I will never give myself the luxury of thinking, 'I've made it.'" - Zaha Hadid

"Never quit. Never give up. Fly it to the end." - Chuck Aaron

"I have never met a successful person that was a quitter. Successful people never, ever, give up!" - Donald Trump

"I'm a damaged person, but I have hope and a will to not give up." - Juliana Hatfield

"Dream big, my friend, and never give up. We all make mistakes, but none of us are mistakes. Take one day at a time. Embrace the positive attitudes, perspectives, principles and truths I share, and you, too, will overcome." - Nick Vujicic

"Even if my throat bleeds from singing and my body breaks from dancing,I will never give up on stage.Under the circumstances where you cannot enjoy yourself whole-heartedly.Just scream and shout 'till your throat hurts" - Jaejoong

"Don't give up you know it's never been easy. Don't give up 'cause I believe there's a place, there's a place where we belong." - Peter Gabriel

"I'm convinced that you never have to give up liberties to be safe. I think you're less safe when you give up your liberties." - Ron Paul

"I have never grown up, but I will never stop growing." - Arthur C Clarke

"I plead with you-never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid." - Pope John Paul Ii

"I will not give up to sing until the people say it's enough. I hope it will be very late." - Julio Iglesias

"My message is to never quit, never give up. When you have a little trouble here and there, just keep fighting. In the end, it will pay off." - Gabby Douglas

"You are loved by the One who knows you best. God's love will never disappoint you and never give up on you." - Rick Warren

"We were taught never to give up, never to passively accept fate, but to exhaust every last ounce of will and hope in the face of any challenge." - Edward Kennedy

"I was very athletic when I was younger and I am a very competitive person, so I never give up." - Izabella Scorupco

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." - Earl Nightingale

"I see so many people who don't want to try, and I say 'I don't care what I ever do, I never give up at anything anymore.' I don't care what it is, you'll never see me give up." - Herschel Walker

"I never listened to the people who said I should give it up, which is the main advice I got." - Michael Caine

"I trained in martial arts and wanted to become a UFC fighter. That was my goal. I only really learned how to dance three weeks prior to making 'Step Up Revolution.' Dancing will always be fun, but MMA is something I'll never give up. I will eventually get back in the octagon and be fighting professionally again." - Ryan Guzman

"I just never, ever want to give up. Most battles are won in the 11th hour, and most people give up. If you give up once, it's quite hard. If you give up a second time, it's a little bit easier. Give up a third time, it's starting to become a habit." - Lewis Gordon Pugh

"I realize I will never regain my anonymity but I can certainly give it a try. And it's a lot of fun to give it a try." - George W Bush

"Don't ever give up. You gotta keep trying, and never give up." - Ryan Sheckler

"Listen to me, he said, when your dreams are of some world that never was or some world that never will be, and you're happy again, then you'll have given up. Do you understand? And you can't give up, I won't let you." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Never give up, never slow down, never grow old and never ever die young." - James Taylor

"Unless you are prepared to give up something valuable you will never be able to truly change at all, because you'll be forever in the control of things you can't give up." - Andy Law

"Never give up, no matter how hard life gets no matter how much pain you feel. Pain will eventually subside, nothing remains forever, so keep going and don't give up." - Imran Khan

"There is a sense of exhilaration that comes from facing head-on the hard truths and saying, "We will never give up. We will never capitulate. It might take a long time, but we will find a way to prevail."" - James C Collins

"If there is something you must know before I let you go; it is this: in your journey you will meet broken people, hateful people and people who have lost the sight for their glory. And the beauty of it all is this: I will tell you to love them, to love them deeply and show them how some of us still care. Never give up on them, for to give up on them is to destroy a reflection of ourselves." - Robert M. Drake

"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be." - Albert Einstein

"If the Lord should once more give us sunshine and I do not give you enough fighting, I will never ask you to come out again." - General John Stark

"If the Lord should once more give us sunshine and I do not give you enough fighting, I will never ask you to come out again." - John Stark

"I will never give in to old age until I become old. And I'm not old yet!" - Tina Turner

"I never grew up." - Tracey Emin

"I would love to be remembered as someone who inspired young girls never to give up on their dreams." - Gabby Douglas

"The other day the grass was brown, now its green cuz I ain't give up. Never surrender." - DJ Khaled

"I am absolutely convinced, you never have to give up any of your freedoms in order to be secure." - Ron Paul

"I know from experience that you should never give up on yourself or others, no matter what." - George Foreman

"It doesn't matter what you say [to me] after "even though". I never change my mind. Give it up." - Laura Schlessinger

"I want to be remembered as a happy, humble person, and as someone who motivated others to never give up." - Christina Milian

"Never give up your power to another person." - Oprah Winfrey

"Never give up hope. Know that you are loved." - Deepak Chopra

"Never give up on what you really want to do" - H Jackson Brown Jr

"It's never right to give up on someone." - Lauren Destefano

"Never give up on what makes you smile" - Heath Ledger

"If you never give up, you'll be successful." - Dan O'Brien

"Never, EVER give up. Not ever. Not EVER. Ever EVER!" - MaryJanice Davidson

"Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"You never lose until you actually give up." - Mike Tyson

"Never give up, laugh a lot. Be good to others." - James Dashner

"Never give up! There's always hope because there's always help" - Susan Ford



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