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I Love To Travel Quotes


"I like to travel. I love touring, I love playing." - Lita Ford

"I need to sing and I love to travel." - Britney Spears

"I love to travel, but I hate to arrive." - Albert Einstein

"I love to photograph the gorgeous landscapes when I travel." - Blake Lively

"I love to travel, but hate to arrive." - Albert Einstein

"I love to travel, but hate to arrive." - Hernando Cortes

"I love to travel to hear different kinds of music." - Nina Simone

"I love to travel, but hate to arrive." - Hernan Cortes

"Touring is great because I love to travel." - Colin Donnell

"I love to travel. I'm a curious person." - Hilary Swank

"I would love to travel around the world working for a travel company taking students abroad on cultural immersion trips." - Karen Russell

"I love to travel, don't like the getting there 'planes' but love it when I arrive." - Danny O'Donoghue

"I love to travel, but when I really want to escape, I read a book." - Jean Craighead George

"I like to travel, and I would love to be fluent in at least four languages." - Paul Ogrady

"I don't want to travel." - Werner Herzog

"I love to travel, but sometimes it's nice to stay in one place." - Gustavo Dudamel

"I want to have more sex, travel more, drink more wine and love life." - Zoe Saldana

"I love to travel inside my head, take journeys toward the unknown, meet new people, dream." - Alber Elbaz

"I would love to be a travel writer. I'd be so stoked." - Drew Barrymore

"I do love traveling, so I've been able to travel a lot." - Taylor Lautner

"I love travel. There's nothing more beneficial than getting to travel, to see different cultures, to see different environments and expose your children to that." - Teri Hatcher

"I'd love to travel more. I really look forward to traveling with my kids. I'm just waiting for them to want to travel with me." - Ben Stiller

"I love to not work. I like to travel. I work maybe half the year, no more." - Catherine Deneuve

"I love to travel but hate traffic and planes. I wish I could just beam myself anywhere instantly." - Jordan Ladd

"I love road trips, I love driving, I love finding little towns. I just think it's the best way to travel." - Scarlett Johansson

"I would love to travel to the future to plot out some things so there's no more guess work." - Len Wiseman

"I'd love to travel to the Holy Land." - Loretta Lynn

"Im obsessed with the moon and space travel, so if I could incorporate that, Id love to go to space." - Sam Heughan

"I love visiting new places but am not overly fond of the travel to get to them." - Kirby Larson

"I'm obsessed with the moon and space travel, so if I could incorporate that, I'd love to go to space." - Sam Heughan

"We travel just to travel." - Che Guevara

"I love to travel the world. My husband and I always travel and everywhere we go I've been to Italy, of course London, Ireland, and you just receive so much love." - Tamera Mowry

"I beg young people to travel..." - Henry Rollins

"I hate to travel with stuff." - Manolo Blahnik

"I like to travel and connect." - Richard Powers

"I always try to travel light." - Claire Tomalin

"I like to travel by myself." - Carly Rae Jepsen

"Love should be a vehicle allowed to travel without limitations." - Marvin J Ashton

"The thing I love about being an actor is the ability to travel and experience new cultures." - Paul Wesley

"If you're successful, it's important to enjoy it! I love shopping for clothes, branded clothes. I love shopping in England, Dubai. I like to travel whenever I can." - Suresh Raina

"I love to see new things, and I love to learn. I always learn so much when I travel - that's the best thing." - Larry Fitzgerald

"I travel like a maniac. I travel more than anyone I know. I love learning the languages." - Quincy Jones

"My normal life is, I love to travel and I travel as often as I can. I don't stay in one place too long. But I'm an avid reader; I guess you could say I'm a bit of a bookworm." - Alexa Davalos

"My normal life is I love to travel, and I travel as often as I can. I don't stay in one place too long. But I'm an avid reader, I guess you could say: I'm a bit of a bookworm." - Alaina Huffman

"I have every magazine known to mankind. I just love home decor and travel magazines, and I'm inspired to go visit places I've never been. That's what I really want to do - travel." - Jillian Barberie

"Unlike some of the time-travel movies I love, like 'Primer' or '12 Monkeys,' 'Looper' is not about time travel. It's about this situation that time travel creates and the people dealing with that situation. So narratively, the big challenge was to have time travel get out of the way." - Rian Johnson

"I love adventurous travel. I also love pancakes, and making pancakes for other people. You would definitely find me in the airy treetop as opposed to below ground." - Kate Dicamillo

"I think young people should travel and travel often to other countries like I do." - Henry Rollins

"I think young people should travel and travel often to other countries... like I do." - Henry Rollins

"I am sort of an adventurer. I like to explore new places. I don't get to travel as often as I would like but I love it." - Edi Gathegi

"I want everybody to travel, to travel and not be afraid." - Dhani Jones

"I grew up playing golf, and if I were ever good enough to play professionally, I would get to travel the world while playing a sport I love." - Taylor Cole

"It's wonderful to travel with somebody that you love and we never travel anywhere without one another." - Roger Moore

"When I travel on an airplane, I like to be served TWA milk and TWA coffee. But I love to be served TWA tea." - Richard Lederer

"I really love the piano and I feel very fortunate that I am able to play and travel all over the world as my career." - McCoy Tyner

"And now I have a big house, nice clothes and I travel in first class and I love it, so maybe it's time to enjoy being a star." - Vincent Cassel

"Cell phones, alas, have pretty much ruined train travel, which I used to love. I could read or even sketch notes for what I was working on." - Thomas Mallon

"I love to do movies. That's something that I find so much joy in, in being able to travel around and play new characters." - Hayden Panettiere

"I always love to begin a journey on Sundays, because I shall have the prayers of the church to preserve all that travel by land, or water." - Jonathan Swift

"It's one of the things I love about making films: the places I've got to travel that I would never have gone to before." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"I love it when people travel to see one of my works, and I always make time to meet and talk with them." - Florentijn Hofman

"I learned to travel, then I travelled to learn." - Patrick Duffy

"I love travel shows. I love Anthony Bourdain. I love No Reservations. I always learn so much, and I wanted to see one from a gay perspective that explored LGBT communities around the world." - Ellen Page

"I would love to go back and travel the road not taken, if I knew at the end of it I'd find the same set of grandkids." - Robert Breault

"When I did a Love Boat, it would go to so many different countries, and I would travel there and get this incredible response!" - Jamie Farr

"What I enjoy the most about all this is the traveling. I love that my job allows me to travel all over the world." - Jason Mraz

"The idea that I get to travel and do what I love and call it a job is just a blessing." - Lily Collins

"I would love to go back and travel the road not taken, if I knew at the end of it I'd find the same set of grandkids." - Robert Brault

"I like reading, free diving and hiking. But my favorite thing to do is travel anywhere in Greece. I love everything about that place." - Max Irons

"Our career is a dream. I mean, we get to act, travel around the world, and meet cool people. What's not to love!" - Mary-Kate Olsen

"There are still some places I'd love to visit - Africa, China, Brazil, India. I want to travel the world and experience other cultures and peoples." - Queen Latifah

"I've been lucky to travel through quite a bit of Europe and Australia, but I would love to do Asia and South America and South Africa." - Dianna Agron

"Our career is a dream. I mean, we get to act, travel around the world, and meet cool people. What's not to love!" - Marykate Olsen

"I don't feel restless, I just like to travel." - Brad Pitt

"I tend to write more when I travel." - Jaime Winstone

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"I love trains. It's the only way to travel anymore where it doesn't involve a TSA agent slowly tracing the curve of my inner thigh." - Bill Maher

"I fell in love with traveling and thought being a photographer would be an interesting way to travel and make a living." - Peter Menzel

"I love visiting the Air and Space Museum. It always blows my mind how far we've come from the Wright Brothers in 1906 to modern space travel." - Ryan Merchant

"I travel a lot." - James Rosenquist

"I'm an equestrian, so I like to ride. Ride horses, I love to hike with my dog, love to travel. Most recently I went to Costa Rica, which I loved." - Kristanna Loken

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"When filming, I like to travel with an instrument." - Logan Lerman

"I was born to travel and write verse." - Theophile Gautier

"I want to see friends more and travel more." - Jennifer Aniston

"I do have to travel a lot for speaking engagements." - P. J. O'Rourke

"I have to travel a lot for work." - James Purefoy

"I do have to travel a lot for speaking engagements." - P J Orourke

"I love travel. I love to go spend time in new places. And even though I got horribly sick in Thailand, and it was the sickest I may have ever been in my life, I still loved the trip." - Ed Helms

"I'm addicted to travel." - Murray Bartlett

"I love to spend a lot of time on my own. I can seriously go into my own head and often love to let myself travel where I don't know where I'm going." - Gerard Butler

"Sometimes you have to travel back in time, skirting the obstacles, in order to love someone." - Frances Mayes

"I love to take risks, I love to travel, and I'm very outdoor-sy, so any girl who can pick up a football and throw a spiral will definitely catch my attention." - Kellan Lutz

"Distance is just a test to see how far true love can travel." - Unknown

"The first rule of travel is that you should always go with someone you love, which is why I travel alone." - Andrew O'Hagan

"I've been lucky to travel and work all over the world through the lens of the back of the house, and I love that monocle. I love that lens, because it's real people." - Marcus Samuelsson

"I am obsessed with planning travel! Not just traveling, which I love, but the whole planning process and all the details that go into it. I subscribe to all these travel blogs and airline forums and research hotels and activities and destinations for hours on end, and I volunteer to plan trips for everyone I know." - Lauren Weisberger

"I love to read. I wish I could advise more people to read. There's a whole new world in books. If you can't afford to travel, you travel mentally through reading. You can see anything and go any place you want to in reading." - Michael Jackson

"I love to read. I wish I could advise more people to read. There's a whole new world in books. If you ca' afford to travel, you travel mentally through reading. You can see anything and go any place you want to in reading." - Michael Jackson

"I absolutely love my job. I feel so privileged: I get to travel the world, I get to witness history... and I'm constantly inspired by the different amazing characters I meet along the way." - Clarissa Ward

"Truth should never travel faster than love." - Erwin Mcmanus

"Like love, travel makes you innocent again." - Diane Ackerman

"Perhaps everyone loved someone; I didn't now, I couldn't give much thought to love; in order to travel far you had to be detached, and I had the long road back to the campus before me." - Ralph Ellison

"Those who travel to mountain-tops are half in love with themselves, and half in love with oblivion." - Robert Macfarlane

"I love being an illustrator because I get to read really great stories, work with amazing people, travel and see places I never would've seen. And I get to draw all the time." - Brian Selznick

"I don't think I could have a genuine relationship with someone who didn't love to travel and appreciate new foods. Traveling is a big part of my life, and I want to share that with the people close to me." - Candice Accola

"I love to talk with children. I try to visit schools but it's hard for me to travel when I'm trying to write. Some authors are able to do both." - Judy Blume

"I've always wanted to do things differently, and if one person or ten people are doing the same, then I want to do it differently. I love to travel, I love art, I love fashion. I love going to great restaurants and trying different things. Different cultures are inspiring to me." - Molly Sims

"I know it's not strictly sex that accounts for my straying the motive usually attributed to men. I think it's just too tempting to have two lives rather than one. Some people think that too much travel begets infidelity: Separation and opportunity test the bonds of love. I think it's more likely that people who hate to make choices to settle on one thing or another are attracted to travel. Travel doesn't beget a double life. The appeal of the double life begets travel." - Elisabeth Eaves

"I love coming home to Melbourne. The first thing I do is have a coffee. It's just so much better here than anywhere else. It's better than in Italy and I travel a lot. I crave it." - Curtis Stone

"My pals, such as they are, in Hollywood, ask me why I love to travel to D.C. so much, why it's a vacation destination for me. I say, 'Because I sometimes have perfect days there.'" - Ben Stein

"I loved the travel but I didn't love the work. I mean, come on, modelling is only so stimulating!" - Brooklyn Decker

"There are still many places I haven't seen that I'd like to travel to. I've never seen the Pyramids, and I'd love to explore the culture in North India. I think walking in the Andes would also be awesome." - Bjorn Ulvaeus

"I love to travel and to be inspired by new things, so everything is always new. I've never done the same bathroom or the same kitchen a second time. It's challenging, and I like to be challenged." - Kelly Wearstler

"I can't travel without Sudoku." - Robert Ballard

"I travel all the time." - Guy Kawasaki

"As far as 'Twilight' goes, I'm in love with my character. I'm in love with the whole series. I love doing the fan conventions around the world, I love to travel. So wherever it fits in, I'd love to continue doing that for the rest of my life. Just meeting the fans who made everything possible from around the world." - Kellan Lutz

"Reading was my only escape from reality. Through books, I could be whoever I wanted. I could fall in love with the handsome prince, travel to exotic places, and take the leap that almost always had a happy ending." - Teresa Mummert

"Whenever I go on holiday, I like to time travel and imagine what it must have been like 500 years ago. I love the Tuscan landscape, which is reminiscent of a Claude Lorrain painting." - Jools Holland

"I would love to get an international version of Riding Shotgun going, because that's what I've been angling at ever since I wanted to do a travel show in the first place." - Zach Anner

"I have no plans to have any other home than Moscow. However, I love to travel, and I'm very comfortable in New York. In many ways, it reminds me of Moscow in its energy and drive." - Mikhail Prokhorov

"I mean, I'd love to have a private jet - I know people who fly by private jet all the time... I've hitched a ride a few times and it is not overrated at all; it's a great way to travel!" - Marc Jacobs

"To travel is to shop." - Susan Sontag

"To travel is to live." - Hans Christian Andersen

"I'm actually more of a cat guy than a dog person because I travel so much. I love cats." - Tim Allen

"I just want to move forward with what I love to do. I also love to travel and I love my family. If I have a gig and I'm going to do that, great. If not, I'll go visit my family or do a bit of traveling. I try to keep life full, in every way." - Tracy Spiridakos

"I want to teach. I want to speak. I want to travel." - Hillary Clinton

"I note that some whom I greatly love and esteem, who are, in my judgment, among the very choicest of God's people, nevertheless, travel most of the way to heaven by night." - Charles Spurgeon

"When the wind is blowing and the sleet or rain is driving against the dark windows, I love to sit by the fire, thinking of what I have read in books of voyage and travel." - Charles Dickens

"I think what I love about science fiction and what sci-fi can be really good at is obviously you're working with outlandish concepts that have very little to do with the real world, like time travel for instance." - Rian Johnson

"I love to travel, and I think being whisked away somewhere for a vacation is a pretty amazing date. But, I'm really into the basic movie and dinner. It's not where you are, but who you're with that really matters." - Alexandra Daddario

"I love to travel, and I think being whisked away somewhere for a vacation is a pretty amazing date. But, I'm really into the basic movie and dinner. It's not where you are but who you're with that really matters." - Alexandra Daddario

"Like many women, I stay active juggling many aspects of a very full life! I'm a busy mom. I also love to travel, garden, cook and volunteer at my kids school." - Jane Clayson

"When I travel, I love speaking to women around the world about the things that inspire them, the fashions they like, what makes something good and what would make it even better." - Maria Sharapova

"Inspiration comes from everywhere. Western, Non-Western cultures - I'm open-minded. I love to travel. But not only for inspiration. Alas, timewise, I have a problem with that. Touring, museums, designing, babies." - Henrik Vibskov

"Travel is fatal to bigotry." - Mark Twain

"Travel is lethal to prejudice." - Mark Twain

"One must travel, to learn." - Mark Twain

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"When I work I do it from my heart. And my heart is that I bring love to the world. When I travel around the world I bring my love. I bring so much love in my heart. I hope you can feel that." - Jackie Chan

"We travel, initially, to lose ourselves, and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again-to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more." - Ray Bradbury

"To go through life without love is to travel through the world in a carriage with closed windows." - Ivan Panin

"I don't travel for fun, because I travel so much with my work; when I'm not working, I mostly want to stay home." - Michael Shannon

"I've never done it, but I think if you do a Google search for 'People who will help me travel across the country to meet my online love,' I'm probably the only person that comes up." - Nev Schulman

"You never know when some small thing will lead to a big idea. Travel is very inspirational - but it's in the ordinary that I find my themes of love and work and family." - Adriana Trigiani

"For me they go hand in hand. When I travel it makes me want to write, when I read it makes me want to travel." - William Dalrymple

"Now I have enough money to travel wherever I want, but I haven't got the health." - Allen Ginsberg

"I say that I get paid to travel, and I play the shows for free." - Tyler Farr

"If I want to travel with my family I have to purchase 7 airline tickets." - David Koechner

"I try to travel as much as I can... I'm always looking for a reason to." - Imtiaz Ali



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