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I Love My Family Quotes


"I love my family." - Manute Bol

"I love seeing my family." - Mia Wasikowska

"I love my friends. They're my family." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"I love being around my family." - Jourdan Dunn

"I love being around my family." - Bryce Harper

"I love my country. I love my family." - Manuel Moroun

"I love my house. I love my family. I love my animals." - Joey King

"I love being in the moment. I love my family. I love chocolate. I love baking." - Debbi Fields

"I love spending time with my dog, my niece and my family. I'm very family-oriented." - Lil' Kim

"I love playing music, I love my dog, and I love my family." - Tyler Posey

"I love my family, even as I critique their dysfunctionalities." - Bell Hooks

"If pain is truly love, for my family I die." - Ja Rule

"Love is my family. I would die for them." - Richard Patrick

"I just love being around my family during the holidays." - Martha Macisaac

"I absolutely love spending time with my family." - Kevin Alejandro

"I love working for Disney! They are my family." - Jodi Benson

"I love cooking for myself and cooking for my family." - Al Roker

"I love to go to Acapulco with my family." - Enrique Pena Nieto

"I love my family, I'll do anything for them." - Toni Braxton

"I love my country better than my family; but I love humanity better than my country." - Francois Fenelon

"I'm a family man. I just love being around my family." - Carlos Beltran

"I love to see my family together. That's what life is about. It's about family." - Ja Rule

"I am what I am. I love golf, I love my life, I love my family and friends." - Sergio Garcia

"I love skiing, I love the sun, I love my children, I love my grandchildren, I love my family and friends... and whatever I haven't done." - Donna Karan

"I love my family; they're such great people and they really love what I do." - Wade Bowen

"I love America, and I love to say that my family is American." - James Spithill

"I love to cook, and I love to have all my family around the dinner table." - Julia Roberts

"I don't want to just love my family; I want to love all of humanity." - Alejandro Jodorowsky

"I love writing family stories." - Larry Wilmore

"I love my country. I love my family. And I have dedicated my life to both of them." - Edward Snowden

"My priority is to hang out with the ones I love - my family, my loved ones." - Cote De Pablo

"I love being with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend." - Monica Keena

"I love 'Sherlock.' I love 'Modern Family.'" - Isaac Hempsteadwright

"I love my country better than my family; but I love human nature better than my country." - Francois Fenelon

"I love my family, they love me. And my little brothers, they're like my sons. I raised them." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"I get inspiration everywhere - by my friends, my family, and mostly love." - Leighton Meester

"I love living in Michigan, which has been great for my kids and my family" - Jeff Daniels

"I love my friends and family, but playing, that's my DNA." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"I love living in Michigan, which has been great for my kids and my family." - Jeff Daniels

"My mother was very family-oriented. And I do love being with my children." - Richard Rogers

"I love Cleveland, and I love going back home. That's where my family is. That's where my roots are." - Kym Whitley

"I don't know about you, but I love going on trips - especially with my family." - Becky G

"Early on, my family really made me love who I was and what I looked like." - Jennifer Lopez

"I love my 'Walking Dead' family. This is the best job I ever had." - Laurie Holden

"I sailboat raced, I love to go out on my motorcycle alone, but I also love my family dearly. I love that aspect of my life as well." - Bob Seger

"I love my family in Baltimore. But on their side of the family, I love their cousin Charles Thompson, because he's from New York like me." - Kim Fields

"I love my son. I love my kids, my family, Like I said after I took the misdemeanor plea, I take full responsibility for my actions. ." - Adrian Peterson

"If you're a part of my family, I will love you violently." - Charlie Sheen

"If you're a part of my family, I will love you violently." - Charlie Sheen

"I'm super laid back. I'm from Texas. I love my family." - Selena Gomez

"Drake's my little brother; I love him to death, and he's family-oriented." - Birdman

"I love eating at Sonic with my family in Oklahoma. And no, I'm not kidding." - Kristin Chenoweth

"My fans, country radio, friends, family, you name it - they know I love to perform." - Blake Shelton

"I love art more than anything in the world except for my family." - Sylvester Stallone

"I love my nice things, but I'm still the Welsh family girl." - Bonnie Tyler

"I still love my people, not just my family - my people. I feel a huge responsibility for them." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"I am fortunate to have a lot of love in my life. I love my family, I love my dog, I love my close friends, and I absolutely love my incredible girlfriend." - Benjamin Stone

"God, I hate my family, these people I never chose to love, but love all the same." - Anne Enright

"I really love being alive. I love my family and my work. I love the opportunity I have to do things. That's what happiness is." - Michael J Fox

"All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family." - Raffi

"My family is probably too involved in my life because they are my best friends, but I love that." - Blake Lively

"I love being from a screwed up family. We have everything in my family: prescription drug abuse, mental illness, one of my uncles is a Mormon." - Christopher Titus

"I stayed close to my family. My family never changed." - Haywood Nelson

"As far as my divorce goes, I love my family and I love my wife to death and I just don't know what tomorrow's going to bring." - Hulk Hogan

"I think of my shows as family reunions. I give 100% every time. I just do. It's a huge therapeutic release. Also I love my touring family. And I love my audiences very much." - Paula Cole

"I love my family, my wife, my kids, my dogs, my home, my life. I am a very happy and contented man." - Eric Idle

"I play with my grandchildren. I tend to my garden, which I love. Of course, I love to read, and family is really what it's all about." - Julie Andrews

"Struggling to stay in the middle class, and I love that. That's me and my dad and my family." - Tavis Smiley

"I try to get back for every holiday to see my parents. Love being home and with my family." - Antoniette Costa

"My favourite types of cuisine are Asian and Caribbean, and I love cooking new recipes for my family." - Jourdan Dunn

"The worst thing a man can admit is 'I'm not 100 percent fulfilled by my family.' But it doesn't mean he doesn't love his family. I love my family, but I still want to work; I still want challenges. It took me a while to fall in love with the responsibility of family life, and it was a deep thing when I did." - David Duchovny

"I'm playing the game because I love it. But I'm also playing it for my family. You play for the glory, but you play for your family, too." - A. J. Burnett

"I would love to go to India. And also someday, I want to have a family. That's my bucket-list." - Kacey Musgraves

"I love art. I used to have a painting of Gorbachev that was given to my family by Gorbachev." - Armie Hammer

"I lost my childhood. I didn't play football or video games. Or have birthdays or the love of a family." - Emmanuel Jal

"No matter what's going on in life, I can emerge myself into a game and I love it. Outside of my family, it's the love of my life." - Casey Stoney

"Love is such an objective thing. I mean, I can say I love my family, or I love my Diet Coke. So I guess, in different ways, yeah, I do believe in love." - Emilie De Ravin

"I mean I love my family very much, but there is a difference when you're reuniting with your family outside of your hometown and reuniting in the family home." - Debra Messing

"I love Christmas. I really do love Christmas. I love being with my family and I love snow. I love the music and the lights and all of it." - Christina Applegate

"I love each and every one of you but, like my own family, you thrill, you frustrate, you anger." - John Buchanan

"Such a senseless and tragic day. My family and I send our love to our beloved and resilient Boston." - Ben Affleck

"I try to just focus on the love and my family. That's what I'm focussed on every single day." - DJ Khaled

"I do not see how proving my family, brotherly love for Quebec should be strengthened by defying Canada." - Nicolas Sarkozy

"Fredo you're my older brother and I love you. But don't ever take sides against the family..." - Mario Puzo

"I had a good upbringing, we didn't have any money, but there was a lot of love in my family." - Danny Dyer

"I try to win the love and approval of strangers, since it didn't work with my family." - Judy Gold

"I love being on 'Modern Family.' One of my favorite things is looking forward to going to work every day." - Rico Rodriguez

"I have a really good family. I'm lucky to have people who support me and love me in my life." - Kenny Wormald

"What is a family without love? And by family I don't just mean a packed kitchen table with a hoard of children around it. A family can be made up of any number of people. Me and my fiancee are our own little family, a family of two (and the dog!), and our love is at the heart of that." - Pink

"I will always find something that I want to try and become better at. I always love to spend more time with my friends, more time with my family, my extended family. I always want to read more books." - Connie Nielsen

"I don't like giving or receiving gifts because I don't like that initial reaction. Although I do enjoy the love and the family aspect of Christmas, and I love eating with my family and friends and reconnecting with them." - The Miz

"I think I have almost everything I could ever want. I have my family, and I have a lot of love in my life." - Danny Wood

"The passions I have in my life are my family, music, books, I'm an avid plant collector, and I love to ride my bike." - Bill Walton

"I spend so much of my time working away, but I love being here. My family is in Somerset, and this is where my heart is." - Charles Hazlewood

"I grew up with music very much in my life. I achieved success by combining my training as an accountant with my family upbringing and love of music." - Zarin Mehta

"I could feel it in my bones, how I missed the heat of my country and the love of my family." - Tony Perez

"I love all the holidays and getting to see my family a lot during the fall. I also love the weather and getting to wear sweaters and jackets." - Melissa Ordway

"I am in love with life. I think it's pretty awesome when you are engaged in it. I love my family and my friends, and that to me is the biggest...that's the love of my life are my friends and family and the experience that I get to share with them. It puts a smile on my face and in my heart." - Cameron Diaz

"I grew up in a family where the love of stories is very strong. And there's also a love of performance. I think one reason stories were so important in my family was that we moved around a lot." - Annmarie Macdonald

"I will never put anybody before my family because your family is your family." - Femi Kuti

"I love doing shows. I love rocking shows. I love playing instruments. I love singing. If I can find a way to do that and feed my family, then I'm a happy man." - Bruno Mars

"I could ramble on forever, I just love photography. It's my passion, it drives my family crazy. I live it and breathe it." - Russell James

"I love Vancouver. I can be with my family, I can reconnect with the guys. It will always be my home." - Joshua Jackson

"I love performing, but I never really liked show business. My success is my family. I want to be more successful as a mother." - Celine Dion

"Without my family I would be nothing." - Jennifer Lawrence

"Anywhere I can be with my family" - Jared Padalecki

"I have my family; I'm never alone." - Estelle

"I am very protective of my family." - Christa Miller

"I love God, Jesus Christ, my three children, mother, father, brother, sisters, family in general, my pets, my students, and true friends." - Ana Monnar

"I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please." - John Wayne

"I watch movies and hang with my family, go shopping, love to cuddle with my dog, Happy, & write songs with my guitar!" - Megan Lee

"I love being around my family. I am very close to my mum, my brother, my grandmother, my aunts - we constantly poke fun at each other, but it's all done out of love." - Jourdan Dunn

"I like having a beard. My beard changes my face shape and allows me to see in it family members who I love and can't see otherwise." - Douglas Coupland

"I love genealogical research. That's the reason I bought my first computer years ago to put my genealogy records on the computer. I've always enjoyed tracing family history." - Nola Ochs

"I love having my hair blown dry by a stylist and I also truly enjoy being with my friends and family." - Elizabeth Daily

"I do get to have my normal childhood. I just love to get together with my friends and family and have a good time." - Austin Obrien

"I love Chicago, and I still think it's the best city there is. Most of my family and all of my friends are here." - Sean Giambrone

"I love having my hair blown dry by a stylist and I also truly enjoy being with my friends and family." - E.G. Daily

"I savour the adulation and love I have been getting from my fans and the blessings of elders in my family." - Akshay Kumar

"I cannot remember a moment in my life when I have not felt the love of my family. We were a family that would have killed for each other - and we still are." - Richard Branson

"I'm a hopeless romantic. I love love. My middle name is Love. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I want to have a family and children. I am a sucker for every romantic comedy that comes out." - Jennifer Love Hewitt

"I love my family very much. I wish I could see them a little more often than I do. But we understand because we're a show business family and we all work." - Michael Jackson

"I love 'Modern Family; I think that is a great show. I don't get to watch tons of TV, but when I do, 'Sons of Anarchy' is pretty much the number one, and 'Modern Family' is one of my favorites." - Ashley Tisdale

"I have been very, very lucky because I have my health, a wonderful husband, family, and friends, and I get to do what I love." - Daphne Oz

"If I could kidnap Bryan Doyle-Murray and force him to be in my family, I would. I love him; I really do." - Valerie Azlynn

"I love when I go out and I have my hair and makeup done, but I also like it when I'm just with the family because that's real." - Heidi Klum

"Being a coach means giving your job 200% all the time and you're family is left on the side so I don't want to risk my family anymore just because I love football. I don't feel this ambition, I'm involved in many businesses and I want to live my own life, to see my daughters grow and want to see my family happy." - Emmanuel Petit

"I was brought up with a lot of love in my family, and I've always been supported. My family has always protected me in a sort of manic way." - Erik Hassle

"My mother is a proud Brazilian. I love visiting my family in Rio; the city and its people are so vibrant and amazing." - Harley Vieranewton

"I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends." - Cindy Morgan

"I will become an old, wrinkly lady one day and what will matter are my friends and my family and people who love me." - Sara Paxton

"I sustain myself with the love of family." - Maya Angelou

"I would love to do more family comedy." - Jamie Bamber

"I love hanging out with friends and family." - Ashley Wagner

"I was always talking about peace and love, even when I was a kid. That's how I grew up in my family." - Lenny Kravitz

"Sometimes I live in fear. But when I have to take chances about people I love, relationships, my daughter and immediate family, those decisions are easy." - Paul Walker

"I've been away and haven't seen my family. I speak to them every day though. I miss them, but I love traveling." - Donna Karan

"I personally want to have children. I love children, and I simply can't wait to have a family of my own." - Charlene Princess Of Mon

"I never wanted to be a star, and I don't really want to be famous. I just love the stability of my life. I'm a complete family guy." - Joshua Morrow

"I just want to move forward with what I love to do. I also love to travel and I love my family. If I have a gig and I'm going to do that, great. If not, I'll go visit my family or do a bit of traveling. I try to keep life full, in every way." - Tracy Spiridakos

"My family is the most important thing in my life. I would love passionately to have my own children. To have a baby inside me - it's one of my dreams in lie. I would love to hold my children, to run to them, to give them the same happiness my family gives to me." - Laetitia Casta

"God in eternity looked upon me forseeing my faultness, my pride, my sin and said 'I want that man in my family, i will pay for him to be in my family with my son's life. That's Love folks. That is mega off the charts love!!!" - John Piper

"I love watching foreign films on my projector at home along with my closely knit group of friends and family. I also love to dissect movies and discuss them with my friends who are movie buffs." - Terence Lewis

"Our family is very tight. Just like any family, we have our ups and downs, but the love is always going to be there. I try to go to my parents house as much as I can." - Tahj Mowry

"Our family is very tight. Just like any family, we have our ups and downs, but the love is always going to be there. I try to go to my parents' house as much as I can." - Tahj Mowry

"I happen to be colorblind. Racism is not my motto. One day, I strongly expect every color to love as one family." - Michael Jackson

"Even though I don't have any kids of my own, I love this idea of family and taking care of things." - Wayne Coyne

"I love Pittsburgh. Most of my family still lives there and I try to get back a couple of times a year." - Anthony Jeselnik

"My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark." - Casey Affleck

"I love music, and outside of work my family keeps me very busy, I have five children to keep track of." - Alberto Juantorena



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