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I Don't Need You Quotes


"I don't think you need religion." - Terry Jones

"I don't wanna need you because I can't have you." - Clint Eastwood

"You don't need credit." - Dave Ramsey

"I don't need a guarantee if I have you." - P C Cast

"I'm lying. I don't just need someone like you. I need you." - Sophie Kinsella

"I don't need bodyguards." - Jimmy Hoffa

"I don't need faith." - Maurice Sendak

"Sincerity is romantic. I don't think you need gestures." - Simon Cowell

"I don't need designer things. And YOU are designer, Rush." - Abbi Glines

"You need to be happy to live, I don't." - Keanu Reeves

"I don't need to apologize for my behavior you need to apologize for not understanding." - Bar Refaeli

"I need you, the reader, to imagine us, for we don't really exist if you don't." - Vladimir Nabokov

"I don't need you to be funny. I don't want to be entertained." - Jerry Seinfeld

"Your parents don't give you much love, do they?' 'I don't need that stuff,' I told her. 'Henry, everybody needs love.' 'I don't need anything.' 'You poor boy." - Charles Bukowski

"I don't need a diet pill. I need something that gives you an electric shock when you reach for food." - Joy Behar

"I don't need a bodyguard." - Jimmy Hoffa

"I don't need to work." - Christopher Lambert

"I don't need any nicknames." - Victor Cruz

"Me, I don't need money." - Marat Safin

"I don't need much coaxing." - Carla Bley

"I don't necessarily need Hollywood." - Vera Farmiga

"I don't need much sleep." - Marissa Mayer

"I don't need adult supervision." - Pat Paulsen

"Don't pretend to care. I don't need you as an anesthetic." - Jenny Downham

"Don't fuss. I love you just as you are, Mercy. I don't need to swallow you whole, I don't need to be in your head at all times. I just need to know that you're there." - Patricia Briggs

"People have said, 'You don't need to do any more biopics. You don't need to play any more real people.' I don't agree with that." - Chadwick Boseman

"But I want you around even when I don't need you. -Jeremy Richards" - Julius Lester

"I'm doing what I want to do, and I don't care what you think you need!" - Wesley Willis

"Continuity isn't actually something that I ever worry about. You use it where you need to, and you don't use it where you don't need to." - Neil Gaiman

"She said, "Do you have more things that you need, or more that you don't need?" I said, "It depends on what it means to need." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"You don't need eyes to see, you need vision." - Maxwell Frazer

"You don't need a wishbone, you need a backbone." - Caroline Myss

"You don't need a team leader, you need quality." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"You don't need a man, you need a champion." - Javier Bardem

"You don't need easy, you just need possible." - Bethany Hamilton

"I don't need shoes. I need a night scope. You think they sell night scopes someplace here?" - Janet Evanovich

"I miss you already I don't need to leave. I can stay. . . . Mmmm." - Stephenie Meyer

"I don't need protecting. I am not the girl you save. I am fine." - Olivia

"I showed sideboob. I don't need to show ass. You get one or the other. You don't get both." - Mila Kunis

"You don't need a geochache for this one." "You don't, huh?" "Nope.. here I am. Here I am." - Justina Chen

"What do you know about being sad?' 'I know you don't need a reason." - Aryn Kyle

"I hate wearin' sunglasses, to be honest with you. You don't need sunglasses in Ireland." - Tristan Macmanus

"I'll teach you to kick me...' You don't need to teach me-I already know how!" - Groucho Marx

"I don't think you can write novels on the road. You need a certain stability." - Leonard Cohen

"You know, I don't think you need to be educated to be a great actor." - Mark Rylance

"I think there is always a need for pure design. With pure design, you don't need so much decoration." - Jil Sander

"I need you to love me, I don't like me, either, if that helps." - Doug Stanhope

"I believe you need to be educated about what you want to do in life, but I don't believe you actually need college to get you there." - Will Smith

"I don't think lyrics need to be deep - just write whatever comes out of you. You don't need to find intense meaning in everything." - Bethany Cosentino

"I don't need easy, I just need possible." - Bethany Hamilton

"I don't need time, I need a deadline." - Duke Ellington

"I don't need time. What I need is a deadline!" - Duke Ellington

"You blame me for this, don't you?" he says. "I don't need to. You're doing a better job." - Melina Marchetta

"You don't need words to express feelings." - Robert De Niro

"You don't need money to go big." - Derek Waters

"To vegetate you don't need to read!" - William C. Brown

"Work like you don't need the money." - Joseph Joubert

"You don't need papers to vote..." - Francine Busby

"You don't need to like your protagonists." - Anson Mount

"I don't need proof, I have faith," - Simon Birch

"I don't need faith. I have experience." - Joseph Campbell

"I don't need drugs. I am drugs." - Salvador Dali

"I assume I don't need an introduction." - Anne Rice

"I like simplicity; I don't need luxury." - Francis Ford Coppola

"I needed, I" "Don't tell me you need me." "But I can't help it. I do" - Abbi Glines

"My ego doesn't need soothing. I don't want him soothing anything of mine, including you." - Ilona Andrews

"You know, maybe we don't need enemies." "Yeah, best friends aree about all I can take." - Bill Watterson

"My self is all to me. I don't have any need of you." - Joyce Carol Oates

"I just want you inside, baby, we don't need to talk about promises." - Janet Jackson

"I'm a big star. I don't need to be dealing with you peasants!" - Scott Disick

"Obviously I don't have whatever it is you need to be a successful writer." - Peter James

"We all have opinions and I don't think you need to apologize for your opinions." - Tim Kaine

"Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes." - Aesop

"I just got this new camera. It's very advanced - you don't even need it." - Steven Wright

"I need the money. People don't understand how little money you make in a band." - Evan Dando

"I know you don't always need to spend a ton of money to be stylish." - Mark Indelicato

"I am convinced that you don't need to spend a fortune to look like a million." - Jil Sander

"You know I don't think we need the Republicans to steal family values from us." - Birch Bayh

"I don't think you can underestimate how much carers need some support." - Phyllis Logan

"You can hide so much behind theatrics, and I don't need to do that any more." - Alexander Mcqueen

"You need a particular talent only to want to please. I don't have this talent." - Eric Cantona

"People say you don't need a father to be successful. I take offense to that." - Dwight Howard

"I want to prove you don't need to have academic syntax to be intelligent." - Eddie Huang

"I remember the time I said, 'I don't think you love yourself. You need to learn to love yourself.'" - Mary Gaitskill

"I don't need a lot of space." - Sarah Silverman

"I don't need my name anywhere." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"I don't need to see Paxton's sack." - Kerry Jackson

"I don't need any more awards." - Davy Jones

"I don't need a psychiatrist. I'm Catholic." - Dorothy Kilgallen

"I'm OK: I don't need money." - Manolo Blahnik

"I don't need to Google myself." - Nicki Minaj

"I don't need any more money." - T Boone Pickens

"I don't need government to be successful." - Michele Bachmann

"I don't need to impress children." - Ion Tiriac

"I don't need to be liked." - John Malkovich

"I don't need anyone to validate me." - William

"I know I'm good enough. I don't need to show it to you. Either you know who I am, or you don't." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"I don't think you need to dumb down to a child, you merely have to be clear, you know?" - Mary Chapin Carpenter

"You become smart when you don't need to quote someone anymore." I am still stupid: I quoted Chuck Palahiniuk" - Chuck Palahniuk

"You need fans in high places, I always tell people. I don't care how talented you are." - Jaleel White

"You don't need a major label and they sure don't need you." - Alan Light

"I don't need the stars in the night I found my treasure All I need is you by my side so shine forever" - John Keats

"If I don't need the money, I don't work." - James Spader

"I don't go on vacation. I don't really need vacation." - James Franco

"I need those nukes, the chief said. I need them, I need them right now. I don't want to be an enabler, sir. I'd rather get you into a twelve step program to help you break this addiction." - Dean Koontz

"I just don't see how anyone can hate America. I mean, crap, I live there. What more do you need?" - Zach Braff

"I don't need other people. I don't need help. I can take care of me." - James Stewart

"I am serious, so I laugh a lot. You need to laugh. You don't laugh enough. I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh." - Maya Angelou

"Well understand this! If you want to join our sales team; I don't need pillion riders; I need high drivers who grasp the handle-bars." - Martin Carver

"I need you to protect me from being lonely. Don't fight for me. Be with me.That's what I need."-Bianca to Lucas" - Claudia Gray

"Goodbye- please don't cry/we both know that I'm not what you need. But I will always love you." - Dolly Parton

"I don't ever want to have to need someone again - where you feel like, without them, you can't be yourself." - Miley Cyrus

"And that's when I realized, when you're a kid you don't need a costume, you ARE superman." - Jerry Seinfeld

"I come from a place where you don't need to talk all the time. There are sign languages you learn." - Warwick Thornton

"I don't think you need to go looking for the enemy. He's going to look for you." - Willie Aames

"I am a firm believer in if you can't get it the old fashioned way, you don't need it." - Bo Jackson

"If someone's being less than courteous to you, I don't think you need to pay any attention to them." - Elizabeth Gillies

"I think you need to have people around you whose standard is high and who don't accept anything less." - Tori Amos

"I don't need fame and I don't need power and I don't need wealth. I'm in need of friends, which I have found in abundance." - Utah Phillips

"God, I needed you," he murmured. "I can't even tell you how many times I thought about this. The funny thing is, I don't need you any less now. I think I need you more." ~Shane~" - Rachel Caine

"I need you because I love you." - Erich Fromm

"I trust you because I need you." - Mason Cooley

"Never risk what you have and need for what we don't have and don't need." - Warren Buffett

"I am sweet, I am ugly, I am mean if you love me. I'll try hard just to please you, when I say I don't need you." - Sheryl Crow

"If you don't hire at least one or two people that are smarter than you are, then you're a terrible manager and I don't need you." - Nolan Bushnell

"I would say to [Chinese government], You don't need Tibet really. You don't need all the problems Tibet creates for you. It's so small, so far away. Give them their religious freedom and I know that they wouldn't misuse it." - Elie Wiesel

"I don't need to fight / To prove I'm right / I don't need to be forgiven" - Pete Townshend

"I don't need to be rich anymore; I don't need to be a millionaire." - Sia Furler

"I don't need to control anything. Even with romantic partnerships, I don't need to control anyone." - Cass Mccombs

"I asked Mr. Vann which O levels you need to write situation comedy for television. Mr. Vann said that you don't need qualifications at all, you just need to be a moron." - Sue Townsend

"Your mind is a magnet. You don't attract what you need or what you want; you attract who you are. And I love who I am!" - Carlos Santana

"I still believe that love is all you need. I don't know a better message than that." - Paul Mccartney

"I don't need to be fixed anymore. That job's already been done. I love you, Annabelle. -Heath Champion-" - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

"I don't need you to remind me of my age. I have a bladder to do that for me." - Stephen Fry

"I don't keep a press agent because I think people need to have a break from you." - Donna Summer

"You don't need every investor to believe that you can succeed. You only need one." - Ben Horowitz

"Are you struggling with sin? You don't need more will power. You need more of Jesus." - Judah Smith

"You don't need a lot of the stuff you think you need." - Jason Fried

"When you get the personality, you don't need the nudity." - Mae West

"Trust me when you love something you don't need motivation." - Serge Nubret

"You don't have a man, you need spaghetti." - Oprah Winfrey

"Sometimes you don't know what you need until it's gone" - Ilsa J. Bick

"You already have one asshole, you don't need another one" - Greg Behrendt

"When you trust someone, you don't need to know everything." - Bob Goff

"You don't need miracles in the west. You have insurance." - Brother Yun

"You don't need to drink if you have emotional problems." - Bradford Cox

"When you got the personality, you don't need the nudity." - Mae West

"If you can afford to advertise, you don't need to." - Norman Ralph Augustine

"You are never strong enough that you don't need help." - Cesar Chavez

"You don't need missionaries in Colorado; you got Colorado." - Trey Parker



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