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I Don't Care Anymore Quotes


"I don't care about losses anymore." - Marat Safin

"I don't care if I don't act anymore." - Mel Gibson

"Kiss me or let me go. I don't care anymore." - Jennifer Estep

"(Beth) "I don't care anymore." I turned my face up toward Heaven. "That's not my home anymore. You are." - Alexandra Adornetto

"I don't care so much anymore about 'good photography'; I am gathering evidence for history." - Gilles Peress

"I don't much care where I am anymore, nor expect very much from places." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"Kill me, I don't care. I do not want to be on this Earth anymore." - Michelle Fairley

"Is this freedom? Is it happiness? I don't know. I don't care anymore. It is different-it is being alive." - Lauren Oliver

"I do what I want. It's because I got booed and picked on that I really don't care anymore." - Bob

"I just want to scream: "I'm being honest, I swear!" Maybe it's embarrassing, but I don't care anymore." - Angel Olsen

"I'm getting older, and it happens. You don't care as much. I don't care about too much anymore. I've got to think about that a little bit." - Adam Sandler

"I really care about you and I don't want to anymore because it feels too shitty for me." - Hannah

"I don't care anymore if people dress like me, now I want them to think like me." - Madonna Ciccone

"I don't know anything anymore" - Ray Bradbury

"I don't write letters anymore." - George H W Bush

"The great thing about arriving at this age is that I don't even care about my career anymore." - Ron Perlman

"I see so many people who don't want to try, and I say 'I don't care what I ever do, I never give up at anything anymore.' I don't care what it is, you'll never see me give up." - Herschel Walker

"Kiss me or let me go. I do' care anymore." - Jennifer Estep

"As I published books, I realized, that's not really what I want. I don't care about the books as much anymore. I just want to write poetry." - Victoria Chang

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry yelled at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH, I'VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" - J K Rowling

"Well my music was different in high school; I was singing about love-you know, things I don't care about anymore." - Lady Gaga

"As I graduated high school, it didn't faze me anymore. Right now, I don't even care what people think of me. I'm happy with myself." - Nicole Polizzi

"Nowadays, I could not care less about making other people like me. I'm a good person, I don't need to do that anymore." - Beverley Mitchell

"I don't love you anymore. Goodbye." - Patrick Marber

"I don't smoke much pot anymore." - Seth Macfarlane

"I don't believe in doing collections anymore." - Tamara Mellon

"Canoe + waterfall = I don't go camping anymore." - Demetri Martin

"I don't even hate books anymore." - Leonard Cohen

"I don't feel naked around you anymore." - Xiaolu Guo

"I don't really write songs anymore." - Justin Vernon

"I honestly don't want to act anymore." - Robin Wright

"I don't have life rage anymore." - Christina Ricci

"I really don't feel like playing anymore." - Tiger Woods

"I don't actually go to newsstands anymore." - Tina Brown

"We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers! We need people that care! I'm mad as hell! And I don't want to take it anymore!" - Jimmy Buffett

"I don't care about sex anymore. It's a headache. It's hard to trust people. You talk to a girl, and then she screenshots a text message." - Danny Brown

"I don't really look for specific types of projects any more. I'm not taking care of a career anymore. I'm just having fun acting." - Kurt Russell

"Do you like him? Ty asked. "Not that I care." "I do," I said, because it was true. Even though it didn't matter anymore. "Not that I care you don't care. Though you clearly do care, and I don't care about that either." "Well, I don't care that you don't care that I don't care. In fact i'm glad. Because, um, if I were seeming someone that I liked, I'd want you to be happy for me.""Are you seeing someone?" I asked, pretty sure he wasn't. "Not that I care." - Sarah Rees Brennan

"I just I don't feel challenged by acting anymore. I don't enjoy the process anymore." - Joaquin Phoenix

"I don't have the stomach for this anymore. I don't have anything to fight for anymore." - Mike Tyson

"I don't pretend anything anymore. I don't have time, desire or energy to calculate anymore." - Thomas Kretschmann

"I don't invest anymore in entrepreneurs who don't have charisma." - Barbara Corcoran

"I don't care about politicians." - Noah Van Sciver

"I don't care about revenues." - Jack Ma

"I don't care about money." - Lady Gaga

"I am always being asked to gain or lose weight, but I am at a point now where I don't care anymore. I love my body, I love my super-hourglass shape and I love showing it off," - Ashley Graham

"I don't know what I feel about wearing my furs anymore. I worked so hard to have a fur coat, and I don't want to wear it anymore because I'm so wrapped up in the animals. I have real deep thoughts about it because I care about the world and nature." - Diana Ross

"Have pride and entertainment. I think that a lot bands just don't know how to do it anymore or they lost interest in it or don't care and are just cashing a paycheck." - John Seagall

"I just remember there was one rule: If you've got faults, we expect you to be working on it. And we are here for you. People would welcome each other then. We don't do that anymore. We don't care." - Linda Perhacs

"What I care about is readers because without readers I can't make a living... And I think it's a bad thing for the world if people don't read anymore. I want people to read a lot." - Barry Eisler

"I call him Governor Bush because that's the only political office he's ever held legally in this country. I don't care where they hang his portrait, I don't care how big his library is. To me, he'll always be Governor Bush. I don't even capitalize his name when I type it anymore." - George Carlin

"I used to go on all these blogs and all these websites which I really don't like to go and read about at all, and I couldn't care less anymore." - Coco Austin

"I don't like pot anymore - I forget why." - Margaret Cho

"I don't do acid anymore, so I travel instead." - Carrie Fisher

"If I shave, I don't have a chin anymore." - Casey Abrams

"I don't think I can do this anymore." - Simon Cowell

"I don't have anything to prove anymore. I can relax." - Paloma Picasso

"I don't think I want to play a teenager anymore." - Devon Sawa

"I don't cover golf tournaments anymore - I preside over them." - Dan Jenkins

"I love the fall. I love it because of the smells that you speak of; and also because things are dying, things that you don't have to take care of anymore, and the grass stops growing." - Mark Van Doren

"My mom is always with me. When I made my major-league debut I told her, 'That's it. You don't work anymore. I'm going to work and take care of you.'" - Melky Cabrera

"My mom is always with me. When I made my major-league debut I told her, 'That's it. You don't work anymore. I'm going to work and take care of you." - Melky Cabrera

"We planted bugs, microphones, in premises which interested us in the West. We weren't too successful - I would have said unfortunately in former years, but I don't care anymore now." - Markus Wolf

"I don't care about walks, I care about production" - Ruben Amaro, Jr.

"I don't care about fashion, I care about women" - Diane Von Furstenberg

"I don't care about motivation. I care about credibility." - Eliot Spitzer

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry yelled at them, snatching up a lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH, I'VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" "You do care," said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. "You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it." - J K Rowling

"I don't drink anymore - just the same amount." - Joe E Lewis

"I don't think we're supposed to say [expletive deleted] anymore." - Kelly Sue DeConnick

"Canoe plus waterfall equals I don't go camping anymore." - Demetri Martin

"I don't tell people I'm white anymore - I'm albino-Cambodian." - Christopher Titus

"I don't go to fast food restaurants anymore. That's out." - Mike Conley, Jr.

"I don't think of death in a romantic way anymore" - Robert Smith

"I don't have aluminum foil on my windows anymore." - Rick James

"I don't want to talk about Nicki Minaj anymore." - Azealia Banks

"I don't want to be considered a gymnast anymore." - Mitch Gaylord

"I don't wanna play this kind of cartoon character anymore." - Billy Corgan

"I don't really know what 'folk music' means anymore." - Amos Lee

"I don't really want to do topless stuff anymore." - Katie Price

"I don't think of myself as being invincible anymore." - Curtis Sliwa

"I've calmed down already. I don't hook up anymore." - Nicole Polizzi

"I don't know what anxiety is like anymore." - Alicia Silverstone

"I don't think of death in a romantic way anymore." - Robert Smith

"I don't take any day for granted anymore." - Shania Twain

"I don't want to talk about genies in bottles anymore." - Christina Aguilera

"But I don't really like to discuss Phil anymore." - Ronnie Spector

"I don't know what silence sounds like anymore." - William

"I don't care what someone believes. I don't care what nationality they are. But if someone wants to get off drugs, I can help them. If someone wants to learn how to read, I can help them. If someone doesn't want to be a criminal anymore, I can give them tools that can better their life." - Tom Cruise

"I don't define myself by my body's ability to execute gorgeous asana anymore. I'm all about taking care of my temple and understanding that its requirements change with age and time." - Kathryn Budig

"I don't have to teach anymore, I don't have to work anymore, God has been really good to me." - Richard Simmons

"I am fat and I don't care." - CM Punk

"I don't really care how I sound." - Victoria Azarenka

"I don't care if I starve." - Eric Church

"People don't know about the human part of me that really cares about the world. For instance, I don't know what I feel about wearing my furs anymore. I worked so hard to have a fur coat, and I don't want to wear it anymore because I'm so wrapped up in the animals. I have real deep thoughts about it because I care about the world and nature." - Diana Ross

"I don't care for music, I don't care for scenery, I don't care for women...I like bridge." - Bonar Law

"I don't watch the news, I don't care about politics, I don't care about other sports." - Conor Mcgregor

"I don't listen to anybody's full record anymore and when I did, I don't think I listened to the whole record. I'm sorry, and I don't care who it is, if it's the Beatles, I can't listen to an hour and a half of anybody straight so I guess that's just my personal preference." - Tommy Lee

"I don't care about the politics, I don't care about the practicality, I don't care about any of it." - Clancy Martin

"I don't care about the Constitution" - Phil Hare

"Sharing is caring, but I don't care." - Troye Sivan

"You're so square, baby, I don't care." - Elvis Presley

"I don't care with my popularity" - Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

"Frankly, I don't care what others say." - Niall Horan

"I really don't care what people think." - Charli Xcx

"I don't care who anybody sleeps with," - Betty White

"I don't care what the polls say." - Roger Ailes

"I don't care about the Constitution!" - Bill O'Reilly

"I don't care how impossible it seems." - David Byrne

"I don't care about a social life." - Dweezil Zappa

"I don't care what anybody thinks." - Tucker Carlson

"I don't care about my image." - Jean Dujardin

"I don't care what other people think." - Johnny Knoxville

"I don't care about the critics." - Andrew Lau

"I don't really care about awards." - Danny Mcbride

"I really don't care that I'm ranked." - Terry Bradshaw

"I don't care much about conforming." - Mayim Bialik

"I don't really care what people do." - Nikki Sixx

"I don't care much for the cities." - Boo Weekley

"I don't care about age very much." - Chinua Achebe

"I don't care about the past." - Eric Cantona

"I don't care about writing really." - Ang Lee

"I don't care what anyone says." - Lindsay Lohan

"I don't know and I don't care anymore. I was supposed to have my way for once, just once in my life. I did everything right and I got nothing for it. I want to kill them all. no, better yet, I want to die. No, even bettter than that: I want to kill them all then die." - Barry Lyga

"I don't think I have the stamina anymore and I certainly don't have the health..." - Eric Reeves

"I don't collect anymore. Everything is so terribly expensive. I don't see anything I like anyhow." - Peggy Guggenheim

"I really don't see any men sitting in the corner office plotting to keep women out. All the men I know are actively trying to promote women, to get more women involved. These men have wives they care about; they have daughters they desperately care about. So I don't think it's fair to blame men - or I don't think it's accurate to blame men anymore." - Debora Spar

"I don't drink anymore, on the other hand I don't drink any less either." - W C Fields

"I don't fall in love anymore. Just like I don't get the mumps." - Peter Hoeg

"I don't need to be rich anymore; I don't need to be a millionaire." - Sia Furler

"If I don't believe it, I don't care." - Sid Caesar

"I get ratings but I don't do interviews for those people anymore. I don't watch CNN anymore. I don't do interviews with CNN anymore because its not worth it. It's very biased against me." - Donald Trump

"I don't care about anything I don't need to care about." - Conor Mcgregor

"People don't say 'Zounds!' anymore." - Sloan Wilson

"People don't buy records anymore. I don't know how people can support themselves." - Aimee Mann

"Don't judge me by my past. I don't live there anymore" - Zig Ziglar

"Our country doesn't win anymore. We don't win on trade. We don't win on the military. We can't defeat ISIS. We're not taking care of our great people, the veterans. We're not taking care of them." - Donald Trump

"You just ignore it! It's not that you don't care anymore, it's that you stop listening and paying attention to it. Because everybody has an opinion. Talk is cheap - it's free! And I say that like, if you don't like the stuff I have to say, pay me no mind - it will cost you nothing." - Donald Faison

"The coolest thing is when you don't care about being cool anymore. Indifference is the greatest aphrodisiac - that's what really sums up style for me." - Rick Owens

"I don't care what you say, so don't even speak." - Lil Wayne

"I didn't really feel any pressure when I've made records, I haven't as yet anyway. I feel when I'm making a record that I'm so excited about making new songs that when I'm doing demos of new songs, as soon as I make one that's really different I get really excited about the record, I don't care about the last record anymore." - Kelly Jones

"I am not allowed to enter American territory simply because I was born the son of Pablo Escobar and apparently that implies that I inherit my father's crimes. Not that I want a visa now, I don't care anymore, I have been to the United States before." - Juan Pablo Escobar

"I can't drive anymore." - Hillary Clinton

"I'm still around artists. I don't have anymore wall space. And I don't have the money to collect anymore, the prices are outrageous." - Dennis Hopper

"I really don't feel good about leaving my house anymore. I don't feel really good about being anywhere in New York City alone anymore." - Cecily McMillan

"I don't want to hope anymore. I don't think we should hope anymore. We hoped enough. Now we have to do. We all have to do now." - William

"It's so cheap to just release a movie. You can do it by yourself if you have to. Put in on the Internet, if you have to. It's... I don't care anymore. It's what I do. I feel like, until now, I just do pilots. It doesn't bother me. It's just about the experience. I get to learn." - Judy Greer

"I don't care about my personal acting career anymore. I'm done with it. After 10 years of making movies and doing better than I ever could have imagined, I sort of had to ask myself: 'What am I supposed to do with all of this success that I have had?'" - Kevin Spacey

"My whole life I've been so self-conscious about being skinny. And just recently I don't care anymore. All insecurities are projected because of what you think others are saying about you, but they don't really matter at all. My only real insecurities in high school were having such long legs and thick hair-things I'm so very grateful for now." - Shailene Woodley

"I won! I won! I don't have to go to school anymore." - Eddy Merckx

"I usually congratulate people when they tell me, "I don't know who I am anymore"." - Eckhart Tolle



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