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I Do Care Quotes


"Casualties? What do I care about casualties?" - Aylmer Hunter-Weston

"I really do' care what people think." - Charli Xcx

"Frankly, I do' care what others say." - Niall Horan

"I don't really care what people do." - Nikki Sixx

"I do care about style. I do care, but I only care about style that serves the subject." - Richard Attenborough

"I don't care what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do." - Gene Kranz

"Do I care? No, I do' care. People need certain things." - Leland Yee

"I don't care what people say about me. I do care about my mistakes." - Socrates

"Do I care? No, I don't care. People need certain things." - Leland Yee

"I like to not care that much about criticism, but I do care about it." - Jack Nicholson

"I don't care about money. I really don't care. I just want to do what I do" - John Galliano

"I don't care about money. I really don't care. I just want to do what I do." - John Galliano

"I don't care what straight people do, I don't care what gay people do. I don't care what nobody do. That's they business. I just care about what I do. You know what I'm saying?" - Asap Rocky

"Kiss me or let me go. I do' care anymore." - Jennifer Estep

"Winning was everything. I do' care what they tell you." - George Steinbrenner

"I do care about the direction of America." - Michael T. Flynn

"the tigers have found me and I do not care." - Charles Bukowski

"What do I care about my chitchat from yesterday?" - Konrad Adenauer

"I do not care for anything. I do not care to ride, for the exercise is too violent. I do not care to walk, walking is too strenuous. I do not care to lie down, for I should either have to remain lying, and I do not care to do that, or I should have to get up again, and I do not care to do that either. Summa summarum: I do not care at all." - Soren Kierkegaard

"I used to care about how I looked. Now I do' care as much. Maybe it's because I'm so handsome." - James Franco

"I do care about not 99 percent or 95 percent. I care about the very rich and the very poor. I care about 100 percent of America." - Rick Santorum

"I don't care if what we do makes a profit; I care whether we get somebody out of a wheelchair." - Mark Noble

"A young woman is dead. I do' care. You probably do' care. The police do' care. The papers do' care. The punks for the most part do' care. The only people that care are (I suppose) her parents and (I'm almost certain) the boy accused of murdering her." - Lester Bangs

"You know what? I don't care. I'm going to do what I want to do." - Kristen Stewart

"I care not what others think of what I do, but I care very much about what I think of what I do! That is character!" - Theodore Roosevelt

"Husbands do not care to be contradicted. Indeed, I do not know anyone who does." - Barbara Mertz

"Choose well or die. I do' care which. Just do' get blood on my coat." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I don't care what people do. I don't care how people remember my albums. I do them for my own reasons." - Fiona Apple

"I do not wish to die: but I care not if I were dead." - Cicero

"I do' care what you are, Gem. I want you. I love you." - Larissa Ione

"When I do comedy, I lose all inhibition and introspection. I no longer care." - Jessica Alba

"I think less than people think I do about politics. I care about writing." - Orhan Pamuk

"I am just happy that I have children. I don't care what they want to do!" - Chevy Chase

"I don't care what anyone says. It's my life, and I can do what I like." - Katie Price

"I couldn't care less about what people think of me! I do what I do, and I don't care about what other people think is cool. I don't care about image!" - Steve Jones

"If I can avoid looking at myself, I will. I don't care to examine myself or see much of what I do. I never care how I look." - Scott Bakula

"I do not care about the greatest good for the greatest number . . . Most people are poop-heads I do not care about them at all." - James Alan Gardner

"If Paul McCartney tells me that so-and-so song is his favorite song, what do I care? What do I care what anybody else says?" - Daryl Hall

"Republicans do actually care about health care. They just don't care about government-run health care." - Greg Gutfeld

"Law! What do I care about the law? Ain't I got the power?" - Cornelius Vanderbilt

"I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge." - Saxby Chambliss

"Oscar Wilde: 'Do you mind if I smoke?' Sarah Bernhardt: 'I don't care if you burn." - Sarah Bernhardt

"I don't give a damn about marriage. But I do care about honor." - Katharine Hepburn

"Kill me, I don't care. I do not want to be on this Earth anymore." - Michelle Fairley

"If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't get so mad at the things you do." - Drake

"I don't care who does the electing, as long as I get to do the nominating." - Boss Tweed

"I dont care what you do fo you respect, but i would die for mine" - Ti

"I care more about getting this right [NHS reform] than I do about getting it done." - Nick Clegg

"I do care about memory leaks but I still don't find programming enjoyable." - Rasmus Lerdorf

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating." - William M. Tweed

"What do I care about the law? Hain't I got the power?" - Cornelius Vanderbilt

"I don't care if I get $50 million to do a film." - Abel Ferrara

"I don't care if I get $50m to do a film." - Abel Ferrara

"What do I care about law? Ain't I got the power?" - Cornelius Vanderbilt

"I don't care who's on the label, because I have a job to do." - Pat Benatar

"The least I can do is show Medgar I still care. And Martin." - Charles Evers

"Oscar Wilde: 'Do you mind if I smoke?' Sarah Bernhardt: 'I don't care if you burn.'" - Sarah Bernhardt

"I'm doing what I want to do, and I don't care what you think you need!" - Wesley Willis

"I used to care more about the score than I do now." - Darrell Royal

"I don't care if I never do another TV show in my life." - Bobby Darin

"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating." - Boss Tweed

"I don't give a damn about the stock market. But I do care about jobs." - George Voinovich

"I do not care to paint portraits indoors. I cannot feel sympathetic." - Joaquin Sorolla

"I wo' even pretend I did' care. I wanted to win. I mean, if you do' care about winning the competition, why show up?" - Justin Bieber

"I care about Bahrain." - Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

"I care about heart." - Adriana Lima

"Do you like him? Ty asked. "Not that I care." "I do," I said, because it was true. Even though it didn't matter anymore. "Not that I care you don't care. Though you clearly do care, and I don't care about that either." "Well, I don't care that you don't care that I don't care. In fact i'm glad. Because, um, if I were seeming someone that I liked, I'd want you to be happy for me.""Are you seeing someone?" I asked, pretty sure he wasn't. "Not that I care." - Sarah Rees Brennan

"Don't let anyone take care of you. Can you maybe leave that for me to do? I mean, take care of you? Feel free to take care of me in return... because I think I'll need you to do that." - Melina Marchetta

"Please don't use the word tough. People might get the impression that I don't care. And I do care, very deeply. Resilient, I think." - Margaret Thatcher

"I don't care what you do. As long as you know you belong to me." - Cassandra Clare

"I do' care about anyone, and the feeling is quite obviously mutual." - Sylvia Plath

"For the record, we"re not friends. (Stryker) For the record, I do' care. (Savitar)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I do care about real life. It's just not as interesting as what's in my books." - Christina Dodd

"Here's the irony of this moment on Smackdown: Jimmy crack corn and I DO care." - Todd Grisham

"This world is gradually becoming a place Where I do not care to be any more." - John Berryman

"If I do my full duty, the rest will take care of itself." - George S Patton

"What do I care if you are good? Be beautiful! and be sad!" - Charles Baudelaire

"What I do to take care of my heart is exercise and try to eat healthy." - Martina Mcbride

"The whole world may not understand me, but I do' care." - Lady Gaga

"I do' care what you did yesterday. If you're happy with that, you have bigger problems." - Nick Saban

"Which do I care more about - demanding my rights or displaying right choices?" - Lysa TerKeurst

"I'll do whatever it takes for a movie. I don't really care what that is." - Ryan Reynolds

"Tomorrow really will take care of itself if I do the right thing today." - John C Maxwell

"I can take care of myself! But the "external barriers", my opponents, do indeed concern me." - Mikhail Tal

"If I could snap my fingers and import France's health care system today, I'd do it." - Kevin Drum

"Everything I do is about women honouring themselves, treating themselves and taking care of themselves." - Elle Macpherson

"I don't care if you're doing haute cuisine or burgers and pizza, just do it right." - Grant Achatz

"I don't care what they do with my book so long as the flippin check clears." - Chuck Palahniuk

"I don't care if they eat me alive, I've got better things to do then survive." - Ani Difranco

"I really do not care if it is a B-movie or not." - Pam Grier

"Do I take care of my body and take conditioning seriously? Yes." - Jake Gyllenhaal

"I don't think I'll do foster care or adopt, to be quite honest." - Mary J Blige

"All I want to do, if you've already got health care, is lower your costs." - Barack Obama

"I care what people think , but it doesn't change my opinion of how to do things." - Rick Pitino

"I do not care for the money, just for the glory." - Anna Held

"People look at me and look, but I do not care." - Anna Held

"I think the greatest thing that we can do is take care of each other." - Sophia Bush

"You can do anything you put your mind to. I don't care what situation you're in." - Anthony Pettis

"What do I care about the purring of one who cannot love, like the cat?" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"As artists, when you have people that care about what you do, I think you should care about those people who care about what you do, and give them really cool interactive experiences to make them feel appreciated." - Zachary Levi

"I really do not care what the white world is doing. I care about black people building the monument on slavery." - Haile Gerima

"I get ratings. If I didn't get ratings, they [media] wouldn't do it. They don't care about poll numbers, they only care about ratings." - Donald Trump

"Britney: I don't care what they look like. They just have to be... okay, I do care a little bit what they look like." - Britney Spears

"I like men to be men and I like them to care about me and to take care of me. I'm willing to let them do that." - Shelley Long

"I don't care what people think of me as a person, but I do care what people think of my work, and whether I'm investing enough into it." - Sam Worthington

"I do have a mouth - I will say. I speak up when I see things I don't care for." - Kelly Bishop

"I don't care what my friends think." "You care what they'l do when they remember that you're the one with personality." - Melina Marchetta

"We have to take care of the people that can't take care of themselves. And I will do that through a different system." - Donald Trump

"I do' believe in all this public-funded health care, we ca' afford it. If you want health care, you pay for it." - Rob Ford

"I do feel there's certainly some films where you can feel that the directors don't care about the genre and they don't care about their characters." - Drew Goddard

"You know, Californians care about protecting their environment. So do I. But they also care about that in the context of a healthy economy." - Carly Fiorina

"I pity people who do not care for Society. They are poorer for the oblation they do not make." - Elizabeth Bowen

"I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care." - Lou Holtz

"I do' care how old I live! I just want to be living while I am living!" - Jack Lalanne

"I want to care, but I do'. I look at you and all I feel is tired." - Elizabeth Scott

"I do what I want. It's because I got booed and picked on that I really don't care anymore." - Bob

"I don't care about commercial success. I get to do what I love and communicate whatever I want." - Sia

"I am responsible for me. I can kind of take care of what I need to do and should do what I like to do." - Vince Gill

"Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people don't care about them. You are not alone." - Kurt Vonnegut

"I do' care if I get one at all. Just as long as I keep getting anniversaries." - Kelley Armstrong

"I didn't care about the movies really. I was tall. I could talk. It was easy to do." - Joseph Cotten

"I don't care about being a star. I can do a supporting role; I don't have to be a lead" - Tom Berenger

"I want to be the best at whatever I do. I don't care who gets in the way." - Gilbert Arenas

"I don't care about being a star. I can do a supporting role; I don't have to be a lead." - Tom Berenger

"Colonel, I do not care to die, but I pray to God I may never leave this field." - Winfield Scott Hancock

"Everybody else is afraid to fail. I do not really care because when I fail, I try something new." - Vinod Khosla

"I do not care to die, but I pray to God I may never leave this field." - Winfield Scott Hancock

"I was making so much money I didn't care. I didn't know what to do with the money." - David A Siegel

"I shoot an arrow into the air, where it lands I do not care: I get my arrows wholesale!" - Curly Howard

"You know, I really do have some morals. I do actually care about people. And I do have a political standpoint." - Lars Von Trier

"I do not really care what people do as long as they do not do it in the street and frighten the horses." - Mrs. Patrick Campbell

"I don't care what you do, I just don't want to be a mud hippie like you. [From 1994 woodstock]" - Billie Joe Armstrong

"I'm proud of the work that I"ve done. I do' care what people label me as." - Leighton Meester

"Those people have seen 'something'. What it is I do not know and I can not care to know." - Albert Einstein

"I am told there are people who do not care for maps, and I find it hard to believe." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"In my life Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die ?" - Steven Morrissey

"And let her think I don't care she's with you? No can do. She needs to know what I want" - Abbi Glines

"What would you like? (Maggie) I do' care. I"ll eat anything not Tylenol or chocolate. (Wren)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"It's certain there are trout somewhere - And maybe I shall take a trout - but I do not seem to care." - William Butler Yeats

"I don't know if I'll ever do it again or not, but frankly I don't really care." - Jack Nicklaus

"All I try to do in the press is to be honest about something that I really care about." - Kristen Stewart

"I have a new way of doing things, and I do' care if you think I'm crazy." - Malcolm Gladwell

"I do' care if the cat is black or white, I just want it to kill the mice." - Deng Xiaoping

"I care a heck of a lot more about America than I do about any political party." - Ted Cruz

"I do not care to speak ill of a man behind his back, but I believe he is an attorney." - Samuel Johnson

"I care much more about saving the lives of mothers and babies than I do about a fancy museum somewhere." - Melinda Gates

"I do not care to listen; obloquy injures my self-esteem and I am skeptical of praise." - Jack Vance

"I don't care half so much about making money as I do about making my point, and coming out ahead." - Cornelius Vanderbilt

"I care about the work I do. But I'm not going to say that money's not an issue." - Dave Chappelle

"If I do a good job, people won't care if I am green or have three heads." - Harvey Milk



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