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I Came Quotes


"I came to love, I came into my own." - Theodore Roethke

"I came, saw, and overcame." - William Shakespeare

"I came home for ever!" - Charles Lamb

"I came up in gospel." - Aretha Franklin

"I came to singing organically." - Alice Smith

"I came, I saw, I was confused." - Breyten Breytenbach

"I came, I saw, I conquered." - Julius Caesar

"I came through and I shall return." - Douglas Macarthur

"I came, I saw, God conquered." - Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

"I came, I saw, God conquered." - John III Sobieski

"I haven't forgotten where I came from." - John Salazar

"I came, I saw, God conquered." - Charles V

"One day" came. Because finally I understood." - Melina Marchetta

"I came out around 25 publicly." - Chastity Bono

"I came to explore the wreck." - Adrienne Rich

"How like an angel came I down!" - Thomas Traherne

"I really came to literature through poetry." - Cheryl Strayed

"I came from a warm Jewish family." - Michael Marmot

"I was dying when you came." - Victor Hugo

"I came from rather humble beginnings." - Teresa Palmer

"I came to photography by accident." - Eve Arnold

"I came to Broadway through Indiana University." - Colin Donnell

"I thought happiness came from achievement." - Paul Henderson

"I came up from a difficult background." - Gordon Ramsay

"I came out around 25 publicly." - Chaz Bono

"I came out of the womb dancing." - Rutina Wesley

"I came out the womb dancing." - Michael K Williams

"Veni vidi veni iterum! (I came, I saw, I came again!)" - Oscar Wilde

"I came from nothing really to something; I came from the gutter to making the gutters." - Waka Flocka Flame

"When Christ came into my life, I came about like a well-handled ship." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Whatever came to mind, whatever came to hand, I would read." - Stephen King

"I think I came alive when I started photography." - Harry Callahan

"I came, I saw, and I KICKED Stone Cold's ASS!" - Vince Mcmahon

"Veni, vidi, visa - I came, I saw, I charged it." - Swoosie Kurtz

"Veni, Vidi, Velcro. I came, I saw, I stuck around." - Anonymous

"I told you when I came I was a stranger." - Leonard Cohen

"I don't think I came to music. I think music came to me - or was already embedded when I came into this sphere, this realm, this Earth." - June Millington

"I came like Water, and like Wind I go." - Omar Khayyam

"Knowing where I came from didn't change who I was." - Kiersten White

"Naked I came, naked I leave the scene" - J. V. Cunningham

"I came alive when I started loving you." - C S Lewis

"I came out of Bataan and I shall return!" - Douglas Macarthur

"I came to witness. I stay to fight." - Stephenie Meyer

"I didn't think about politics until I came to Europe." - Robert Redford

"What I do is me: for that I came." - Gerard Manley Hopkins

"I came up with a story and I wrote it." - E L James

"What I do is me, for that I came." - Gerard Manley Hopkins

"I came like Water, and like Wind I go." - Edward Fitzgerald

"I didn't speak English until I came to Pittsburgh." - Mario Lemieux

"In 1958, I came to Chicago where I have remained." - George Stigler

"I didn't come to play. I came to win." - Kamahl

"I was a redhead when I first came to America." - Poppy Montgomery

"I would say I came from upper middle class family." - Bob Newhart

"For years, I never really pondered how I came to be a writer from where I came from." - Nick Tosches

"I had an IQ test. The results came back negative." - Woody Allen

"I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain" - Method Man

"Nothing says "i came here to win" like jazz hands" - Josh Ramsay

"Love is why I came here in the first place." - John Denver

"The best learning I had came from teaching." - Corrie Ten Boom

"I came up with a good idea....see-through skin." - Karl Pilkington

"I lisp'd in numbers, for the numbers came." - Alexander Pope

"I started at Pixar the month Monsters Inc. came out." - Dan Scanlon

"I never saw any good that came of telling truth." - John Dryden

"I only came for Cake" -Tobias Eaton, Divergent" - Veronica Roth

"I never had a brian till freak came along.." - Rodman Philbrick

"The real drug, I came to believe, was love." - Joyce Maynard

"I came 1962. I'm not going anywhere." - Jim Boeheim

"I came out of the womb wearing make-up!" - Catherine Zeta-Jones

"I played teen roles until high definition came out." - Selma Blair

"I came to win, to conquer, to thrive" - Nicki Minaj

"I came here in peace, seeking gold and slaves." - Jack Handey

"I had a dream. And it came true." - Anne Hathaway

"When I was 9 years old, Star Trek came on..." - Whoopi Goldberg

"I came to success very late in life." - Kelly Masterson

"I have never liked bargains when it came to sex." - Hedy Lamarr

"When I came to New York, it was cheap!" - Carl Andre

"I came not to send peace, but a sword." - Bible

"I just came to say goodbye love, goodbye love, goodbye." - Jonathan Larson

"Growing up,I came up with this name: I'ma Cablinasian." - Tiger Woods

"And then the days came when I was alone." - Jean Rhys

"I cured with the power that came through me." - Black Elk

"I came to Hollywood originally writing comedy and writing satire." - Stephen Gaghan

"I came into the world at the right time." - Helge Ingstad

"Designing came to me. I didn't have to move." - Gianni Versace

"I pursued a theatre career, and Hollywood came calling." - Len Cariou

"When I first came here, Hollywood was very closed-minded." - Tia Carrere

"I was in Germany when the wall came down." - Joe Cocker

"I came from a huge extended family of musicians." - Jake Epstein

"Where I came from, no one was a writer." - Howard Gordon

"I came from poverty and was part of those circumstances." - Pam Grier

"For me, my awakening came when I was kidnapped." - Patty Hearst

"If Jesus came back today, I think he'd throw up." - Jesse Ventura

"When the dream came into being, I always pursued it." - Marguerite Young

"I came from a town of maybe 30,000 people." - Jim Caviezel

"I came to New York to study ballet and English." - Penelope Cruz

"I came from a real working-class show business family." - Sally Field

"I came to Christ in my early 20s." - Karen Kingsbury

"I came from a home where everybody had a book." - Kathryn Lasky

"I, too, am convinced that our ancestors came from Africa." - Richard Leakey

"I came back to Utah to get away from Hollywood." - Mike Lookinland

"I just said yes to opportunities that came my way." - Isabel Lucas

"I came out of the womb waving red lipstick." - Rose Mcgowan

"I came from a family that sometimes didn't have insurance." - Mark T Bertolini

"I came to acting in a very circuitous way." - Victoria Pratt

"I came to Congress to help reduce spending." - Dave Reichert

"I'll never forget my friends and where I came from." - Romario

"I started at Pixar the month 'Monsters Inc.' came out." - Dan Scanlon

"But I came from a conservative Republican background." - Christopher Meloni

"I came from Mechanicsville, Virginia, where you have four seasons." - Jason Mraz

"I'm not defined by where I came from." - Katy Perry

"I came out of independent film, that's my roots." - Nicolas Cage

"Whatever fame came did so not because I sought it." - Jo Stafford

"People were making fun of redheads before I came along." - Chris Lilley

"I never came into life with any favours or privileges." - Ken Livingstone

"I came late to the genre of folk music." - Tom Morello

"With my background, I came out of the theater." - Joe Morton

"I came from a dirt farm, now I'm filthy rich." - Larry Holmes

"I came up through the theater. I came out of drama college and started working in the professional theater." - Roma Downey

"Roland grabbed Jake and hauled him to his feet. "You came!" Jake shouted. "You really came!" "I came, yes. By the grace of the gods and the courage of my friends, I came." - Stephen King

"I have every single Ferrari that came out. I have all the Mercedes they came out with, all the Jaguars they came out with, all the Porsches they came out with." - Ion Tiriac

"Hello, I must be going, I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going. I'm glad I came, but just the same, I must be going." - Groucho Marx

"Hello, I must be going, I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going. I'm glad I came, but just the same, I must be going." - Groucho Marx

"Before I came here, I had people telling me what a tough place New York is, how other players came here and struggled. But I never let that bother me. I came here because I want to win." - Cc Sabathia

"I know not whence I came, nor whither I go, nor who I am." - Erwin Schrodinger

"I dropped out in '64. And I came back to Michigan, in '65. In 1965, when I came back I had never heard of Vietnam." - Bill Ayers

"The thing I always say is that I wasn't going out reaching for roles, I wasn't fighting for roles - people came to me. They always came to me." - Angela Lansbury

"I saw how the night came, Came striding like the color of the heavy hemlocks I felt afraid. And I remembered the cry of the peacocks." - Wallace Stevens

"If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud." - Emile Zola

"I would find myself laughing and wondering where these ideas came from. You can call it imagination, I suppose. But I was grateful for wherever they came from." - Amy Tan

"I didn't know I was even supposed to HAVE issues until I came to America" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"I came, I saw, I conquered From record sales to sold out concerts." - Jay-Z

"I kind of like the way that I came up as an artist. I like experimenting." - Ed Sheeran

"The Canadian version of Julius Caesar's memoirs? I came, I saw, I coped." - Clive James

"From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy I melt." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"I came from Egypt and I owe Egypt a lot to what I am now." - Ahmed H. Zewail

"No matter where I go I know where I came from." - Jennifer Lopez

"I have never painted as well as I thought I should, so frustration came early..." - Thomas S. Buechner

"I pretty much came out of the womb singing. I think I sang all the time." - Jodi Benson

"When I came into politics I always thought there was a possibility I would be killed." - Imran Khan

"When I die, I will return to where I first came from. Back to the stars." - Amani

"When I came to America, I told my dad I wanted to be an actress." - Odeya Rush

"I was in better shape when I went into boot camp than when I came out." - Kai Ryssdal

"I finally felt that I came into my own when I went on the stage." - Lauren Bacall

"I think I came back from America a funnier and nicer person than I went." - Patrick Stewart

"The song was there before me, before I came along. I just sorta came down and just sorta took it down with a pencil, but it was there before I came around." - Bob Dylan

"Hope you'll forgive me, never meant wrong. Tried to be patient, but waited too long. But I would've came back.. But I would've came back for you." - Drake

"People assume that I came back to Washington because of the Post, but the truth is less romantic. I came back for a job." - Katharine Weymouth

"I used to be a child. It came naturally to me. I was an adult for a time, too. That came less naturally." - Elliot Perlman

"I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise To fly." - Nicki Minaj

"As soon as I stopped trying to control everything that came out of my mouth and every picture that came out, that's when I became so much happier." - Kristen Stewart



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