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I Believe In Myself Quotes


"I don't believe in overdoing myself." - Jennifer Hudson

"I believe in women. I believe in myself. I believe in my body." - Evelyn Ashford

"I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself" - Winston Churchill

"I believe in myself and in Saint Therese." - Tara Lipinski

"All I believe in is food and myself." - Action Bronson

"I know myself too well to believe in pure virtue." - Albert Camus

"I know I've got to learn to believe in myself." - Mary Docter

"I myself do not believe in explaining anything." - Shel Silverstein

"I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I'm doing." - Jimmy Page

"I don't myself believe in a two-state solution. I believe in a one-state solution." - Edward Said

"Modern people are only willing to believe in their computers, while I believe in myself." - Alain Robert

"I really believe in challenging myself, pushing myself to new places." - Jonathan Evison

"I don't believe in anything, only in myself, but I respect all people who believe in something." - Juan Gabriel

"I have to believe in myself. I know what I can do, what I can achieve." - Sergio Garcia

"I believe in God, and I trust myself in His hands." - James A Garfield

"I don't believe in an afterlife. I don't believe in a single or multiple godhead. I respect people who do, but I don't believe it myself." - Tony Judt

"I believe myself capable of great things." - Judith Hanson Lasater

"I never use a napkin on my lap at a restaurant...because I believe in myself." - Hannibal Buress

"I think we can be our own gods. I believe in myself." - Conor Mcgregor

"You know, it sounds corny, but I believe in myself. And I work hard." - Arthur Godfrey

"What I found out about myself was I am not someone who doesn't believe in marriage." - Jen Kirkman

"If I didn't believe in myself as a dancer, I wouldn't choreograph." - Twyla Tharp

"Coach showed he believed in me. So I had to believe in myself." - Rajon Rondo

"Nobody could believe in me the way I believed in myself." - Yanni

"My mum believes in me almost more than I believe in myself." - Naomie Harris

"I think that you have to believe. That's one of my biggest mantras, is believe. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in myself." - Puff Daddy

"I myself believe that the evidence for God lies primarily in inner personal experiences." - William James

"I'm an abstract painter not just for myself, but because I really believe in abstraction." - Brice Marden

"Nobody ever told me, I found out for myself, you got to believe in foolish miracles." - Ozzy Osbourne

"If I respect myself and believe in what I'm doing, no one can touch me." - Fiona Apple

"I don't believe in depriving myself of any food or being imprisoned by a diet." - Joely Fisher

"The older I get, the more I'm starting to believe in myself." - Michelle Gomez

"Death is an awful thing. I don't believe in it myself." - Eugene Ormandy

"I believe in good luck, and the harder I work and the more I believe in myself, the luckier I get." - Thomas Jefferson

"I believe in myself. I believe in the hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love." - Richard Branson

"I just know that I don't want cheating. I refuse. I deepened myself but I don't believe in myself because my thought is invented." - Clarice Lispector

"I believe in myself, especially with how hard I've worked. I'm one of the top five players in the world. I feel like I've proven myself." - Patrick Reed

"Because I'm such a studio guy, I really trust my process. I really believe in myself in the studio." - Balthazar Getty

"Finding myself to exist in the world, I believe I shall, in some shape or other, always exist." - Benjamin Franklin

"I believe in myself as I look forward to graduating from Hamilton Heights High School in 1991." - Ryan White

"I believe in myself. I believe in my vision, my life, my talent, my art. More than anyone. No one can take that away from me." - Sabrina Ward Harrison

"I believe in the kindness of strangers. And when I'm at war with myself I ride, I just ride." - Lana Del Rey

"I always believe I can beat the best, achieve the best. I always see myself in the top position." - Serena Williams

"I have to believe in myself. I have to be my biggest advocate or I would crumble." - Whitney Port

"I believe in the importance of seeking self-knowledge. The more I know myself, the more I feel empowered." - Gisele Bundchen

"Believe me, I don't like being photographed. I don't like myself in pictures. Actually, I do sometimes." - Darius Khondji

"I do not believe in a mixture of good and evil in the world, or in myself. All is Good." - Emma Curtis Hopkins

"I believe in myself. There's nothing wrong with believing in myself. That's the whole idea, is that you can always become better." - Tiger Woods

"Ultimately when I throw myself behind a movie, I have to really believe in that directors vision." - Christine Vachon

"I don't believe in man, God nor Devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself." - Carl Panzram

"I don't understand how people can believe in God, even when I myself think of him everyday." - Emile M Cioran

"I don't myself believe in astrology. However, I think that's because I'm a Libra and Libras are always skeptical." - Philip Greenspun

"I dont really believe in regret or mistakes. I try to take everything as it is, be comfortable with myself." - Analeigh Tipton

"I do' understand how people can believe in God, even when I myself think of him everyday." - Emile M Cioran

"They don't understand the process I went through and how much I had to believe in myself..." - Curtis Jackson

"I will push myself in different ventures that I believe will make me a better artist, dancer and person." - Misty Copeland

"Ultimately when I throw myself behind a movie, I have to really believe in that director's vision." - Christine Vachon

"I'm not a religious person. I'm Catholic, so I consider myself more of a spiritual person. I believe in God." - Tracey Gold

"I believe that every writer evolves with every successive novel. I view myself as work-in-progress." - Ashwin Sanghi

"I was raised to believe that you're safe in God's hands. But I don't feel safe with myself." - Megan Fox

"I don't really believe in regret or mistakes. I try to take everything as it is, be comfortable with myself." - Analeigh Tipton

"The Marine Corps taught me that I could achieve my goals. In short, the Marines made me believe in myself." - Gregory Alan Williams

"Then it dawned on me that no one else was going to believe in me until I believed in myself." - David J. Schwartz

"I've always considered myself a fairly romantic person. I believe in love and falling in love at a young age." - Mandy Moore

"I tell myself lies and soon I believe them." - Bryce Courtenay

"I don't believe I am influencing anybody but myself." - Winona Ryder

"I would believe myself damned if I robbed God of one atom of His glory. I would believe myself more wicked than Lucifer if I had anything else in view but God." - Paul of the Cross

"I do not myself feel that any person who is really profoundly humane can believe in everlasting punishment." - Bertrand Russell

"One thing I really, truly believe in is having something greater than myself to be grateful to." - Kelli O'Hara

"It's a lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself." - Muhammad Ali

"I strongly believe in my own rights and wrongs and impose them on myself and my family." - Nita Ambani

"My dad is truly the person who always made me believe in myself, to appreciate that I was smart." - Wendy Davis

"I applaud my mother now for getting me through that time and making me believe in myself." - Leah Remini

"I realized that I've lived half my life already, and it's time to believe in - and stand up for - myself." - Phoebe Snow

"The only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves and I just don't believe in limiting myself." - Jon Jones

"I believe in myself over everyone else. There's nothing that walks on two legs that I'm afraid of." - Renzo Gracie

"As for myself, I do not believe in loggers, I believe in trees. I do not believe in fishermen, I believe in fish. I do not believe in miners, I believe in the rocks beneath my feet. I do not believe in pie in the sky spirituality, I believe in rainbows, rivers, mountains, and moss. I do not believe in environmentalists, I believe in the environment. I am a proud traitor to my species in alliance with my mother the Earth in opposition to those who would destroy her, those parasites who believe the Earth is here to serve human interests." - Paul Watson

"I have a race routine. I have a team of people helping me. I have winning habits. I believe in myself. I have balance in my life." - Lindsey Vonn

"I believe in looseness." - Willie Nelson

"I believe in miracles." - Audrey Hepburn

"I believe in sleeping." - Bruce Lee

"I believe in believing." - Conor Mcgregor

"I believe in God." - Jack Abramoff

"I believe in nothing." - Theodore Kaczynski

"I believe in art." - Teller

"I believe in criticism." - Paul Anka

"I believe in competition." - Craig Benson

"I believe in dancing." - Robert Fulghum

"I believe in people." - Javier Bardem

"I believe in transparency." - Hillary Clinton

"I believe in singing." - Brian Eno

"I believe in karma." - Chad Kroeger

"I believe in God." - Imelda May

"I believe in rituals." - Charles Simonyi

"I believe in music." - Zubin Mehta

"I believe in legacy." - Betty Wright

"I believe in something." - Larry David

"I believe in love." - Jennifer Lopez

"I believe in humans." - John Malkovich

"I believe in God." - Jerry Only

"And this I do believe above all, especially in times of greater discouragement, that I must BELIEVE-that I must believe in my fellow people-that I must believe in myself-that I must believe in God-if life is to have any meaning." - Margaret Chase Smith

"I couldn't believe I hit .342. I hit .333 one month in Triple-A. Otherwise, I hit .279 in the minor leagues. I'm proud of myself." - Robinson Cano

"I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent I was given. I believed in myself, and I believe in the goodness of others." - Muhammad Ali

"Growing up, I started developing confidence in what I felt. My parents helped me to believe in myself. I wasn't the best looking guy, I wasn't the best athlete in the world, but they made me feel good about myself." - Herschel Walker

"I do tend to eat healthily most of the time, but I don't restrict myself. I believe in eating anything and everything in moderation and doing some exercise." - John Barrowman

"I learned that I had to believe in myself and not just to be comfortable with the opinions of others. I'm just more in control; I finalize everything." - Toni Braxton

"I definitely consider myself extremely blessed to have great partners in endorsing products. It's not about being on billboards. I endorse something because I believe in it." - Tim Tebow

"I went in there with 100% belief, even though I knew how great the champion was, I just had to believe in myself." - T.J. Dillashaw

"Sometimes I see myself reflected too closely in other men for comfort, and then I have an enormous wish to believe in the saints, in heroic virtue." - Graham Greene

"I think spirituality, even if there's no God, even if there's nothing - I consider myself relatively spiritual. I believe in a God. I don't know what it's like, but I do believe in it. It's the only thing that makes any sense. Maybe I'm just looking for order in the chaos. Though, I do believe in Evolution and I do believe in science." - Gerard Way

"I don't consider myself a religious person, but I consider myself a very spiritual person. I would say I have a relationship with God, I believe in God, I do." - Youth Lagoon

"I want to reconcile myself with heaven, I want to love, I want to pray, I want to believe in good." - Mikhail Lermontov

"I want to reconcile myself with heaven,I want to love, I want to pray,I want to believe in good." - Mikhail Lermontov

"I don't really believe in diets. I love food... If I deprive myself, I'm going to want it more. I snack on yogurt, raw cashews and cherry tomatoes." - Nicole Scherzinger

"What really fueled me, and maybe infuriated me, is that nobody believed in me. Nobody. I don't even think I believe in myself." - Debbi Fields

"I myself believe that there is in every painter's life a period of making absurdities. In my case I think that period is already long past." - Vincent Van Gogh

"I believe in myself, and that's why I take criticism. You need to be very strong to survive in Bollywood. If someone calls me a bad actress, I won't live with it but will work towards improving myself." - Esha Gupta

"I believe myself to be a worthwhile and inventive performer in my own right. [And] I want to be known for what I do best." - George Carlin

"Do I consider myself a part of the casino capitalist process? No I don't. I believe in a society where all people do well." - Bernie Sanders

"I find drug use disrespectful, self destructive and weak. I want no part of it. I believe in complete respect for myself and others." - Davey Havok

"I don't believe in waiting for great feelings. I need to wire myself for positivity and gratitude. I need to build a highway to those." - Tony Robbins

"I always believe that one can't interfere in another's work. Once I start work on any film, I surrender myself completely and blindly follow the director." - Mahesh Babu

"I don't discuss my own beliefs in public, but I will say the beliefs I've given my characters do not necessarily represent what I myself believe." - Christopher Paolini

"I proved to myself that if I believe in something and set my mind to it I could actually accomplish it." - Salma Hayek

"Did you know I started out as a stand-up comic? People don't believe me when I tell them. That's how I saw myself, in comedy." - Al Pacino

"I spent a year in a 12-step program, really committed, because I could not believe what had happened - that I might have killed myself." - Carrie Fisher

"I have high expectations of myself. I always have, always will. That will never waver. I always believe in my talent - always have." - Russell Wilson

"I wouldn't call myself an actress, but I at the same time, if there is an opportunity... I believe in taking chances and living your life." - Gisele Bundchen

"I don't know what to say about myself. I don't know myself (laughs). People say my humility but I believe we're all humble in our own way. I try to stay close to my family and friends." - Fernando Torres

"I can't believe what I said about myself. What I said in my own private conversations with myself to an ESPN producer are my business, and I had no business saying them to someone else." - Don King

"I think comedy evolves constantly. I reinvent myself all the time. I always find a way to entertain myself because I truly believe you have to entertain yourself in order to relate it the right way to your audience." - J B Smoove

"I don't believe in a God. I don't believe in any of that stuff to determine my life or my goals or my direction. I just depend on myself." - Sasha Grey

"I believe in a God of a second chance and a God of love and mercy, because I need so much more of it myself." - Michael Eric Dyson

"I would [call myself a feminist], yes, I believe in the unadulterated advancement of women. And we have so far to go still." - Rashida Jones

"Yet, he thought, if I can die saying, "Life is so beautiful," then nothing else is important. If i can believe in myself that much, nothing else matters." - Mario Puzo

"I only believe in fire. Life. Fire. Being myself on fire I set others on fire. Never death. Fire and life." - Anais Nin

"I ask myself whether Russia is moving in the direction of democracy. I don't believe it is! Bit by bit, Russia is slipping back into an authoritarian empire." - Vladimir Sorokin

"I don't believe in the reality of painting, so I use different styles like clothes: it's a way to disguise myself." - Gerhard Richter

"I believe that I am some sort of fiction writer and I'm using myself in my work because I'm the person I'm most convenient to use!" - Laurel Nakadate

"I only believe in fire. Life. Fire. Being myself on fire I set others on fire. Never death. Fire and life. Les Jeux." - Anais Nin

"I'm teaching myself to believe in things I don't understand, I don't even know if they're true, but that's what dreamers do." - Demi Lovato

"In the decisive moment I won the victory over myself. I chose to live. And believe me, it takes courage to choose life under those circumstances." - Henrik Ibsen

"I do believe that leaders have to be held to a higher standard, especially Christian leaders. I put myself in that camp." - Max Lucado

"I find myself evil. I believe in the devil as much as God. You can use either one to get things done." - Peter Criss

"Now I call myself a bleeding heart libertarian. Because I do believe in the principles of Libertarianism as an ideal - because I'm an idealist." - Neil Peart

"I don't want to be on the other side of the table from the customer. I was never selling anything that I didn't believe in myself or use myself." - Warren Buffett

"The one thing about me is, I don't care what people think. It all starts with yourself. I believe in myself. I love myself. So it's kind of like, they can shove it up their you - know - whats." - Vince Wilfork

"I believe in myself, and I've always had people behind me who believed in me. With that, you can do anything." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Tonight I'll dust myself off, tonight I'll suck my gut in, I'll face the night and I'll pretend I got something to believe in." - Jon Bon Jovi

"I truly believe that people like myself, who are in a position of entertainers in the limelight, should keep their mouth shut on politics." - Kid Rock



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