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I'll Be Fine Quotes


"As long as my family's OK, I'll be fine." - Manti Teo

"I love the way I look. I'm fine with it. And if my body changes, I'll be fine with that." - Gabourey Sidibe

"Give me oysters and beer, for dinner every day of the year, and I'll be fine..." - Jimmy Buffett

"Confidence is not 'they will like me'. Confidence instead is 'I'll be fine if they don't'." - Christina Grimmie

"As long as I don't break the camera, I'll be fine." - Susan Boyle

"I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know, everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold. But I'll be fine once I get it, I'll be good." - Kid Cudi

"Horse is fine. I'll ride a horse." - Hari Kondabolu

"But I'll be fine. I'll be with Tod. He's a good guy, you know." He just hides it under all the sarcasm and curls." - Rachel Vincent

"I don't need Hollywood. With or without them, I'll be fine. But I'll admit it would be nice to have them on board." - Russell Peters

"Everything to me is about team football, and if we keep winning Super Bowl trophies, I'll be fine." - Justin Tuck

"If I can be a working actor, if I can be an actor and not have a day job, I'll be fine." - Colin Hanks

"I think I'll be fine in New York. If I could stay here and just get jobs in New York, that would be fine and that's what I'd want to do. I don't want to move." - Jason Mewes

"Oh fine. I'll play nice with the pretty people." - Rachel Vincent

"I'm the one who requires a nice scratch behind my ears, and then I'll tap my toe, and that'll be fine." - Mike Pesca

"When you involved in an accident and someone asks "are you alright?" Yes fine thanks, I'll just pick up my limbs and be off." - Billy Connolly

"Honestly, if the worst these people can say about me is that I'm gay, then I think I'll be fine. I can handle it." - Zac Efron

"I'm much more open to being a supporting actor right now. At the age of 60, I'll be second fiddle. Fine. I'm happy to do it." - Robin Williams

"If I can make programmes when I'm 95, that would be fine. But I would think I'll have had enough by then." - David Attenborough

"As long as I know my head's in the right place, my feet are on the ground, I think I'll be fine." - Jack Osbourne

"I'll feel that horrible feeling in my stomach you get when you've gone over to the Dark Side. But I'll be fine. That's the good thing about the Dark Side. Eventually, your eyes adjust." - James Lileks

"I'll be back. I'll be black. I'll be white black." - Sarah Silverman

"But you'll be killed!" "I'll be fine. Besides, we've got no choice." Annabeth glared at me like she was going to punch me. And then she did something that surprised me even more. She kissed me." - Rick Riordan

"I'll be back." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Just be yourself and you'll be fine" - Natsuki Takaya

"Tears may come and go, But there's one thing I know. All my life you're a friend of mine. You can depend on me. I'll be fine... 'Cause you're a friend of mine." - Clarence Clemons

"I'm a single guy now and can do what I like. As my agent said, so long as it's not a live man or a dead woman, I'll be fine. And that, hand on heart, is unlikely to happen." - Steve Coogan

"The doctors told me I'd be fine if I play only golf and tennis doubles for the rest of my life. But I dive. I dogsled. I trek. I guess I'll have surgery." - Lauren Hutton

"Plastic surgery? Fine. What have I got to lose since I'll be prettier? Don't everyone like pretty people? But. Will that change anything? Having a pretty face, will it change such an ugly person like me?" - Yi Sun-sin

"I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I'll be fine." - Nick Diaz

"Don't let haters get me off my grind. Keep my head up, I know I'll be fine. Keep fighting until I get there. When I'm down and I feel like giving up I whip my hair back and forth." - Willow Smith

"If I'm at the University of Georgia and I can't inspire this room full of students, OK, fine. I'm not going to take it personally. Maybe a little bit, but I'll be all right." - Alexis Ohanian

"I don't want to do a TV series. It's no fun working from dawn to sunset every day. An occasional movie would be fine, and then I'll see what might develop on the political front." - Ronald Reagan

"I would love to have a number one hit. The truth is if I don't get one, I'll be fine, but at the same time, the truth is that I'm dying for one, as well." - Rufus Wainwright

"So I'd be quite happy to have a three-hour Lincoln-Douglas-style debate with Barack Obama. I'd let him use a teleprompter. I'll just rely on knowledge. We'll do fine." - Newt Gingrich

"Oh my God, if I know anything, I know I'm gonna die! I never forget that. I know I'll be forgotten in a minute, and that's just fine with me." - Mike Nichols

"Most people want to become movie stars and I just want to be in the business. I already was a star. If I get the part of a lifetime and it blows up, then that's wonderful. But if the acting doesn't work, fine. I'll just be a producer. And if the producing doesn't work, fine. I've got a lot of other stuff." - Carl Lewis

"If being a decent soul is being maternal, then fine. I'll call it human." - Mary Beard

"So as long as I can do the music or create, I'll feel fine." - Dave Navarro

"NATO is going to be just fine." - Donald Trump

"Filmmaking can be a fine art." - Terri Windling

"You can either tell yourself, 'It's too hard, I don't think I'll be able to do it,' or 'Yes, I can do this. Let me at it!' Only a fine line separates the two. But I'll tell you one thing: if you work like crazy, you'll come to display capabilities that you never knew you had-potentials that you always possessed, but never tapped." - Josei Toda

"Nowadays, [young musicians] are so quick to be like, "OK, fine, I'll take the cheque, or I'll get the stamp from XYZ, and I'm expanding my brand," rather than thinking, "I'm part of this space over here, and in order for it to grow, you can't have it assimilated by this bigger bubble or corporate brand."" - Mia

"Everybody fears the unknown. But I have a strong feeling there's something bigger than us. I don't think all this exists because some rocks happened to collide. I'm at peace. When it comes, I'll be fine, calm. I'll miss life, though. Especially my family." - Roger Ailes

"I never know what I'm going to write next. If I'm still writing the book but I'm very near the end, and I begin to think of what I'd like to do next, then I'll know that what I'm writing is in hand. I'll think of an ending and it will be fine." - Elmore Leonard

"I'll be all around in the dark - I'll be everywhere." - John Steinbeck

"I'll never be a weightlifter.." - Kai Greene

"I'll forever be a Longhorn." - Vince Young

"I'll always be a foreigner." - Olivier Martinez

"I'll always be the catman." - Peter Criss

"I'll be your crying shoulder." - Edwin McCain

"It's fine," I repeated. And whatever. It was fine. It had to be." - John Green

"I am the Lorax, and I'll yell and I'll shout for the fine things on earth that are on their way out!" - Dr. Seuss

"I'll be like Scarlett O'Hara-I'll think about it tomorrow." - Ronald Reagan

"He'll return one fine day, I'll see the telltale smoke rise far above the far horizon before his ship appears." - Giuseppe Giacosa

"I always say that I'll have a go and see whether the poem works and if it does, then fine." - Carol Ann Duffy

"Find the audience, be excellent, and you will be fine." - David Oyelowo

"Be true to yourself and everything will be fine." - Ellen Degeneres

"Okay. If you want to do this thing with Marcus then fine. I'll take it and deal with it. But when he hurts you. When he lets you down, I'll be here. My arms are always open for you to run into. I want you happy and if you think this asshole will make you happy then fine. You need to live a little too. I can't protect you from everything, but I can be here to hold you when he breaks your heart." - Abbi Glines

"I originally got into this because of a five-year-old's begrudgery of his teacher. Mrs. Lawlor cast me as a tree, and I was disgusted. I was sure I had more to offer than that. It was like, 'OK, if you want me to be set dressing, fine, I'll take it on the chin but I'll show you - I'm going to be a big actor some day.'" - Jack Reynor

"Tess," I say. "I'm going to head down to the water.I'll be back in a minute." "You sure you can make it by yourself?" she asks. "I'll be fine." I smile. "If you see me floating unconscious out to sea,though-by all means,come and get me." - Marie Lu

"If my son wants to be a pimp when he grows up, that's fine with me. I hope he's a good one and enjoys it and doesn't get caught. I'll support him in this. But if he wants to be a network administrator, he's out of the house and not part of my family." - Steve Wozniak

"I want to do a movie, but it has to be the right movie, whether it's independent or a studio movie. I'm much more open to being a supporting actor. At the age of 60, I'll be second fiddle. Fine. I'm happy to do it." - Robin Williams

"As for the stage fright, it never goes away. When I'm waiting in the wings to go on, it's agony every single time but I stay focused and I know that once I'm on stage it'll be fine; I'll be in my happy little bubble." - Britt Ekland

"It's like you always have to put on a happy face, be the phony baloney, and I'm so not that. I never was that; I'll never be that. That is part of the business that I don't like. Maybe that will always keep me an outsider, I don't know. But that's fine." - Chloe Sevigny

"I should go in alone," Valkyrie said, speaking loudly to be heard. "If we both go in, it'll look to official." "So I'll just stay out here?" Skulduggery asked. "But what'll I do? There's no one to talk to. It's boring." "You're standing on the roof of a train," Valkyrie pointed out. "If you find this boring, you really need your head examined. Just wait here. I'll do what has to be done and I'll be find out. "Fine," he said, sounding grumpy. "Don't be long." - Derek Landy

"I'll be Pavlov, you be the dog." - William Stafford

"That must be fine, for I don't understand a word." - Moliere

"If you love something, the work will be just fine." - Herbert Matter

"You were born not to be just fine" - Mel Robbins

"Your perception of racing needs to be fine-tuned" - Mick Doohan

"Correct is fine but it is better to be interesting" - Seth

"You've got to be fine with who you are." - Corbin Bleu

"Stick with your heart and you'll be fine." - Paul Westerberg

"If in winning we only draw we would be fine." - Jack Charlton

"...and she ran out of the diesel combustion and right to me and we held each other and we were not empty at all. "Holling," she said. "I was so afraid I wouldn't fine you." "I was standing right here, Heather." I said. "I'll always be standing right here." - Gary D. Schmidt

"God doesn't want religious duty. He doesn't want a distracted, half-hearted, 'Fine, I'll read a are You happy?' attitude. God wants His word to be a delight to us, so much that we meditate on it day and night." - Francis Chan

"I'll tell you the truth; I had a double brandy before the game but, before, it used to be four bottles of whisky. Not any more. I was fine. I had a glass of wine after the game. But it was just a mouthful." - Paul Gascoigne

"Hughes: (Talking for Mustang) 'I won't allow you to die under my jurisdiction because it'd be a pain to clean up the mess.' That's what he said. Edward: Fine. Tell him, 'Understood. I'll never die before you, colonel, you @'$ idiot.' Hughes: Ha ha ha! They say the ruder you are, the luckier you are! In that case, you and Roy are gonna live forever!" - Hiromu Arakawa

"All systems have failed me. In five minutes I'll be fine again for a while, but right now the inside of my head feels like Niagara Falls without the noise, just this mist and churning and no real sense of where earth ends and heaven begins." - Douglas Coupland

"I don't mean I'd mind being rich and famous. That's very much on my schedule, and someday I'll try to get around to it; but if it happens, I'd like to have my ego tagging along. I want to still be me when I wake up one fine morning and have breakfast at Tiffany's." - Truman Capote

"Fine, you fun-vampire. I'll take my scroll over here and play by myself. (Kat) Fun-vampire? What is that? (Sin) That would be you sucking all the fun out of life. (Kat) You have the most interesting terms for things. (Sin) Yes, but notice mine are creative, unlike the so stellarly named Rod of Time. (Kat)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I love my fans and have devoted my life to reaching out to them. I appreciate their support all these years, and I hope I haven't let them down. I am at peace. I love Jesus. I'm going to be just fine. Don't worry about me. I'll see you again one day." - Ray Price

"The biggest challenges are in the same vein. It's about retaining all that stuff. Also, the physical stuff is not as easy as we originally thought. I play a lot of sports and I remember saying, "Oh, I'll be fine, running around or doing anything."" - Steven Yeun

"I'm the kind of person where you're never done, you just keep perfecting and perfecting and perfecting, or trying to fix things that drive you crazy. Often times when you watch a film, "if I could just get through this minute, I'll be fine." So I think I'm just hard on myself." - Cary Fukunaga

"I was so frustrated with my whole life that I walked up this hilltop and screamed at the heavens. It was very dramatic - but then again, I am an actress - and I said, "Fine! I'll be a character actress! Just tell me what you want me to do!" I was so angry at the universe." - Beth Grant

"I'm kind of a tech person, a nerd. I've always been the person who, when we got our Christmas presents, knew how to work them and set them up; the racecars, whatever. Sit me down in front of a computer program, I'll be fine." - Alexandra Richards

"I'll tell you the truth: I had a double brandy before the game but, before, it used to be four bottles of whisky. Not any more. I was fine. I had a glass of wine after the game. But it was just a mouthful." - Paul Gascoigne

"Someone told me recently, "You're like Oprah, man. People will tell you anything." I'll ask questions and I don't care. If you don't want to tell me, that's fine, but it's not going to be aggressive. I'm open, too. And no judgments. It's a combination of being willing to ask the questions, and being very open myself." - Chris Black

"I would love to have a number one hit. The truth is if I don't get one, I'll be fine, but at the same time, the truth is that I'm dying for one, as well. But it's worth a shot, I think, while I still have cheekbones." - Rufus Wainwright

"I don't know how long I'll be competing, but I'll always be surfing. I'll be surfing until I'm old." - Bethany Hamilton

"I'll be mellow when I'm dead." - Al Yankovic

"I'll be damned, you got laid." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I'll always be an outrageous character." - Ozzy Osbourne

"Don't be scared. I'll look after you." - Erin Hunter

"I'll be stuntin like my daddy." - Kelly Rowland

"I'll be here when you get back." - Ally Carter

"I'll be at Lambeth telling my story" - Gene Robinson

"Without you to hold i'll be freezing." - Ed Sheeran

"I'll be supporting anyone but England." - Andy Murray

"Well I'll Be Damned. This is funny." - Doc Holliday

"I'll be your crying shoulder, I'll be love's suicide, I'll be better when I'm older, I'll be the greatest fan of your life." - Edwin McCain

"I'll be the in to your sane." - Gary Numan

"I'll be here where the heart is" - Kim Carnes

"I'll just be out in the shed." - Noah

"Inside I'll always be an outsider" - Eminem

"I've been lucky. I'll be lucky again." - Bette Davis

"I'll be your family now." ~ Tobis 'Four" - Veronica Roth

"I'll be the light in the window." - Nicholas Sparks

"Sooner or later, I'll be punctual." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"I'll be the next Leonardo DiCaprio, sure." - Dane Dehaan

"I'll be ready. I'm ready right now." - Jeff Garcia

"I'll be blunt: Money's gotten buggy." - Dan Kaminsky

"Rose: You're trembling. Jack: I'll be alright." - James Cameron

"Buy me stuff and I'll be nicer" - Jim Benton

"If I'm confirmed, I'll be myself." - Samuel Alito

"I'll always be poor in my mind." - Chet Atkins

"Think I'll win. Could be big." - Bob Dole

"I'll always be an amateur photographer." - Elliott Erwitt

"I'll probably be punished for hard living." - Tupac Shakur

"After I die, I'll be forgotten." - Al Jolson

"I'll never be the best guitar player." - Chad Kroeger

"I'll always be a Backstreet Boy." - Brian Littrell

"I'll always be Number 1 to myself." - Moses Malone

"I'll never be mistaken for Pat Boone." - Sal Mineo

"I'll not be changing, but America will." - Russell Brand

"Oh, I'll be forgotten too, don't worry." - Juliette Binoche

"I'll always be a Golden Eagle" - Dwyane Wade

"I'll always be chasing you... Glory." - Sidney Poitier

"I'll be a host for life!" - Caroline Rhea

"I'll be working until I die." - Joan Jett

"I'll always be tough on myself." - Kate Bush

"Maybe I'll just be a good aunt." - Kim Kardashian

"Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it's not fine it's not the end." - Oscar Wilde

"Halt snorted derisively. "Battleschool evidently isn't what it used to be," he replied. "It's a fine thing when an old man like me can sleep comfortably in the open while a young boy gets all stiff and rheumatic over it." Horace shrugged. "Be that as it may," he replied, "I'll still be glad to sleep in a bed tonight." Actually, Halt felt the same way. But he wasn't going to let Horace no that." - John Flanagan

"I think I'll feel out of place wherever I go on earth, forever. But that's fine. I have to make my peace with that." - Laura Marling

"Fine! I'll throw on some clothes. Turn around. I'm in my pj's" "I'm a guy. That's like asking a kid not to glance at the candy counter." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"Watch TV or something." That's what the note says. So I say to myself, Fine. But I think I'll do the "or something" part." - Andrew Clements

"Say what you will, there is something fine about our old aristocracy. I'll bet Trotsky couldn't hit a moving secretary with an egg on a dark night." - P G Wodehouse

"I'll just say one word: Icarus. If you get it, great. If you don't, that's fine too. But you should probably read more." - Tony Wilson

"Fine" I said icily. "I'll do this. but i want it noted that I'm doing this against my will." "I think we already figured that out, Miss Hathaway." - Richelle Mead

"After doing One Fine Day and playing a pediatrician on ER, I'll never have kids. I'm going to have a vasectomy." - George Clooney

"Sometimes I'll be confident and go into a shop and say, "Hello, yeah, all right," and then the next day, if someone looks at me or talks to me, I just don't know what to do. If you're walking down the street with a baseball cap, you might be fine. But if you're in a pub and you see someone look at you, you think the worst thing in the world now is if they come over. It's a really weird feeling." - Ricky Gervais

"Next time I'll be braver, I'll be my own savior, Standing on my own two feet." - Adele

"I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you." - Michael Ondaatje

"I'll be anything you want, just tell me what you want and I'll be that." - Nicholas Sparks

"Somehow or other I'll be famous, and if not famous, I'll be notorious." - Oscar Wilde

"Maybe when I'm dead, I'll be forgiven, but I'm afraid I'll also be forgotten." - Louis Auchincloss

"I know I'll be under a spotlight, I know I'll be under the microscope." - Lisa Guerrero

"I'll never be a non-stumbler. I'll be a forgiven stumbler, but never a non-stumbler." - Tobymac

"Sometimes I'll be flipping through the channels and I'll see a movie I'm in. And I'll probably stop and think, 'Sure, I'll watch this.'" - Kevin Spacey



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