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History Of People Quotes


"People have different ways of interpreting history." - Nate Silver

"History is the science of people." - Jose Ortega Y Gasset

"A people denied history is a people deprived of dignity." - Ali Mazrui

"Essentially any history we have is just a history of aristocrats. We don't have any history of people." - Frank Fairfield

"People who make history know nothing about history. You can see that in the sort of history they make." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"The history of saints is mainly the history of insane people." - Benito Mussolini

"Human history is work history. The heroes of the people are work heroes." - Meridel Le Sueur

"You might say that economic history is the history of people learning to manage risk." - James Surowiecki

"The history of a people are found in its songs." - George Jellinek

"The history of a people is found in its songs." - George Jellinek

"Free people will set the course of history." - George W Bush

"Trust the people - that is the crucial lesson of history." - Ronald Reagan

"God does give us the history of his people." - Jennifer Rothschild

"So many people of color who made major contributions to American history have been trapped in the purgatory of history." - Henry Louis Gates

"A people without history Is not redeemed from time, for history is a pattern Of timeless moments." - T S Eliot

"The tragedy of film history is that it is fabricated, falsified, by the very people who make film history." - Louise Brooks

"Social history might be defined negatively as the history of a people with the politics left out" - G M Trevelyan

"History is formed by the people, those who have power and those without power. Each one of us makes history." - Anselm Kiefer

"Social history might be defined negatively as the history of a people with the politics left out." - G M Trevelyan

"History is not a procession of illustrious people. It's about what happens to a people. Millions of anonymous people is what history is about." - James A Baldwin

"One of the most enduring friendships in history - dogs and their people, people and their dogs." - Terry Kay

"A people without the memories of heroic suffering and sacrifices are a people without a history." - John Brown Gordon

"The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history." - Mao Tse-Tung

"All people, even secular people, are seeing books on the market like The End of History." - Tim Lahaye

"The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history." - Mao Zedong

"There is no history worthy of attention but that of a free people; the history of a people subjected to despotism is only a collection of anecdotes." - Nicolas Chamfort

"Happy people have no history." - Leo Tolstoy

"Black history isn't a separate history. This is all of our history, this is American history, and we need to understand that. It has such an impact on kids and their values and how they view black people." - Karyn Parsons

"All history is the history of thought," - Robin G Collingwood

"History has been the history of warfare." - Godfrey Reggio

"The history of the United States is the story of people of many backgrounds." - William Loren Katz

"The history of commerce is that of the communication of the people." - Baron de Montesquieu

"The history of commerce is that of the communication of the people." - Charles De Montesquieu

"History is full of examples of people compromising their beliefs in order to keep themselves alive." - Francis James Grimke

"A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history." - Mahatma Gandhi

"We are still living in the aftershock of Hiroshima, people are still the scars of history." - Edward Bond

"I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the history of show business." - Dick Wolf

"The history of the world is the story of people getting off track." - Kirk Cameron

"The dignity of history." - Henry Fielding

"History contains little beyond a list of people who have accommodate themselves with other people's property." - Voltaire

"It is not the kings and generals that make history, but the masses of the people." - Nelson Mandela

"When 99% of people doubt your idea, you're either gravely wrong or about to make history." - Scott Belsky

"History would indicate that the majority of people have always been sheep." - Scott Westerfeld

"In terms of history and sports, I don't think people will forget." - Kristine Lilly

"Don't do business with anyone who has a history of suing people." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Nowhere inthe annals of history does the record show a people delivered from bondage bypatience alone." - Robert F. Williams

"Since the dawn of history, mankind has honoured and respected brave and honest people." - Nelson Mandela

"People, human beings with all their creative diversity, are the makers of history." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"The tide of history only advances when people make themselves fully visible." - Anderson Cooper

"The best things in history are accomplished by people who get tired of being shoved around." - Robert A Heinlein

"I am a part of history whether people want to take it seriously or not." - Cher

"The people I respect in the history of acting, from the beginning, were chameleons." - Theo Rossi

"Some of the most famous people in history never got a dinner!" - Red Buttons

"History has a point of view; it cannot be all things to all people." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"The essence of evangelism is to passionately show people how you can make history together." - Guy Kawasaki

"Even the written history [of Abraham Lincoln's times] is poorly understood by most people." - George Saunders

"The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally." - Saki

"With black people, there are 50 Hitlers over the course of history." - Chuck D

"The history and national interest of Rwanda and the Rwandan people dictate our national orientation." - Paul Kagame

"History has a habit of changing the people who think they are changing it" - Terry Pratchett

"The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally." - Hector Hugh Munro

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"History is the narrative of people searching for a place to go." - J R Moehringer

"History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government." - Thomas Jefferson

"The Iliad is the private lives of people thrown into disorder by history." - Raymond Queneau

"There are moments in history that people should be reminded of." - James Sanborn

"The advent of self-government for the Iraqi people is a watershed moment in their history." - Todd Akin

"I don't know the history of my sport. I'm not like those people who know everything." - Usain Bolt

"There are moments in history that people should be reminded of." - Jim Sanborn

"Young people have been at the forefront of every great social movement in our country's history." - Sherrod Brown

"The history of the human race is the history of ordinary people who have overcome their fears and accomplished extraordinary things." - Brian Tracy

"It is not just the history of the Hawaiian islands but the significance of the ordinary people whose lives - many quite extraordinary - make up that history." - Alan Brennert

"The history of PR is... a history of a battle for what is reality and how people will see and understand reality." - Stuart Ewen

"English history consists largely of royal people getting their heads chopped off...Needless to say, this brand of history was a hit with our son." - Dave Barry

"I'm a great reader of history. I love - I have been reading history since I was a kid, and learning the lessons globally of what happened with people." - Warren Mundine

"I cannot understand why some people try to write a history of photography that is separated from the history of modern art." - Jean-Francois Chevrier

"The history of mathematics is a history of horrendously difficult problems being solved by young people too ignorant to know that they were impossible." - Freeman Dyson

"As people of color, we're left out of history. History is sort of told around us. We're bystanders, we're passive, we're observers. We're never the center of our history." - Amma Asante

"History is no longer just a chronicle of kings and statesmen, of people who wielded power, but of ordinary women and men engaged in manifold tasks. Women's history is an assertion that women have a history." - Toshiko Kishida

"History is made and preserved by and for particular classes of people. A camera in some hands can preserve an alternate history." - David Wojnarowicz

"History is the present. That's why every generation writes it anew. But what most people think of as history is its end product, myth." - E L Doctorow

"When history looks back, I want people to know that the Nazis could not kill millions of people with impunity." - Simon Wiesenthal

"If people are eating mostly pickles after many generations, where did that come from? It's reflective of history, often a painful history. It's central to a culture, to a history, to a personal story. It's communication at its most fundamental." - Anthony Bourdain

"You can't write about history without writing about politics at some point. History is about movements of people. 'What is criminality and what is government' is a theme that runs through every history." - David Mamet

"The Chinese government wants me to say that for many centuries Tibet has been part of China. Even if I make that statement, many people would just laugh. And my statement will not change past history. History is history." - Dalai Lama

"History is filled with fictional people." - Robyn

"People who behave rarely make history." - Josh Linkner

"Right around the end of the fifties, college students and young people in general, began to realize that this music was almost like a history of our country - this music contained the real history of the people of this country." - Jackson Browne

"When I went to high school - that's about as far as I got - reading my U.S. history textbook, well, I got the history of the ruling class. I got the history of the generals and the industrialists and the presidents that didn't get caught. How 'bout you? I got all of the history of the people who owned the wealth of the country, but none of the history of the people that created it." - Utah Phillips

"Most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, but by people being fundamentally people." - Terry Pratchett

"The history of one is the history of all." - Grace King

"The history of empires is the history of human misery." - Edward Gibbon

"The history of missions is the history of answered prayer." - Samuel Marinus Zwemer

"The history of medicine is the history of the unusual." - Robert M. Fresco

"The history of mankind is the history of ideas." - Ludwig Von Mises

"All history, of course, is the history of wars." - Penelope Lively

"The history of learning amounts to a history of specialization." - Beryl Smalley

"The history of theatre is the history of first nights." - John Lahr

"The history of England is emphatically the history of progress." - Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild

"The history of mankind is a history of war." - Mike Love

"The history of mankind is the history of ideas." - Luigi Pirandello

"The history of liberty is a history of resistance." - Woodrow Wilson

"The history of art is the history of revivals." - Samuel Butler

"The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons." - Edwin Powell Hubble

"The first fact in the history of Christendom is a number of people who say they have seen the Resurrection." - C S Lewis

"I believe the history of American music is just as important as anything political because it's changed generations of people." - Dave Grohl

"History knows no greater display of courage than that shown by the people of the Soviet Union." - Henry L Stimson

"The history of an oppressed people is hidden in the lies and the agreed myth of its conquerors." - Meridel Le Sueur

"Signs must be read with caution. The history of Christendom is replete with instances of people who misread the signs." - Sheldon Vanauken

"Throughout history, most of the wrongs of the world have resulted from people absolutely sure they were in the right." - Mardy Grothe

"The future will use and dispose of the memories of people that we knew as history sees fit." - David Eisenhower

"The common people have no history: persecuted by the present, they cannot think of preserving the memory of the past." - Jean Henri Fabre

"Billions of people have seen and been influenced by movies in the short history of this industry." - Conrad Hall

"Crimes of which a people is ashamed constitute its real history. The same is true of man." - Jean Genet

"The public history of modern art is the story of conventional people not knowing what they are dealing with." - Golda Meir

"Never in the history of the world have so many people been so rich; never in the history of the world have so many of those same people felt themselves so poor." - Lewis H Lapham

"People are educated into the fact that as a people we stand a better chance of knowing how to work the law if we know the history of the law and the history of our people's relationship with it." - Immortal Technique

"History a distillation of Rumour." - Thomas Carlyle

"... hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history ..." - Spiro T Agnew

"History is full of surprises." - Arthur M Schlesinger Jr

"the materialist conception of history." - Christopher Hitchens

"History: a collection of epitaphs." - Elbert Hubbard

"History: A distillation of rumor." - Thomas Carlyle

"History, a distillation of rumour." - Thomas Carlyle

"All other forms of history - economic history, social history, psychological history, above all sociology - seem to me history with the history left out." - A J P Taylor

"Never in the history of the world have so many people been so rich; never in the history off the world have so many of those same people felt themselves so poor." - Lewis H Lapham

"History never repeats itself, as most people fear. People usually repeat history." - Divine Chikobvu

"I'm not part of the history, I am the history." - Royce Gracie

"Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas." - H G Wells

"All history is the history of unintended consequences." - T. J. Jackson Lears

"Human history is in essence a history of ideas." - H G Wells

"We proceed out of history into history again." - Sidney Alexander

"Universal history is the history of a few metaphors." - Jorge Luis Borges

"Human history in essence is the history of ideas." - H G Wells

"We may pretend we are basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise." - Terry Hands

"Successful people pay more attention to their visions and goals than to history and the opinions of others." - Alan Cohen

"Surround yourself with people whose definition of you is not based on your history, but your destiny." - T D Jakes

"The essential matter of history is not what happened but what people thought or said about it." - Frederic William Maitland

"throughout human history people have scarred, painted, pierced, padded, stiffened, plucked, and buffed their bodies in the name of beauty." - Nancy Etcoff

"History, of course, is never real. People either glorify it or horrify it. Or at the very least color it." - Paula Wall

"It's very strange that most people don't care if their knowledge of their family history only goes back three generations." - Doug Coupland

"We may pretend that we're basically moral people who make mistakes, but the whole of history proves otherwise." - Terry Hands

"Of course killing people is 'wrong', but I think history shows that sometimes it serves the greater good." - Zach Braff

"The British are the only people in history crass enough to have made revolutionaries out of Americans." - Shashi Tharoor

"When you start reading nonfiction books about piracy, you realize that it's actually just a history of desperate people." - Daniel Handler

"History teaches us that nobody can prevent a resistance group from arming when it has the support of the people." - Bashar al-Assad

"The American people are not cowardly. But, living in prosperous isolation, they have been the spoiled children of modern history." - Herman Wouk

"People always seemed to know half of history, and to get it confused with the other half." - Jane Haddam

"When self-important people and powerful institutions are governed by illusion, history has a way of biting back." - William Greider

"Unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country." - Bruce Springsteen



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