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Higher Quotes


"Countries keep on building higher and higher buildings, instead of building higher and higher men!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Faster, Higher, Stronger." - Henri Martin Didon

"Think higher, feel deeper." - Elie Wiesel

"Aim higher. Stay focused." - Brandon Adams

"Swifter, higher, stronger." - Pierre De Coubertin

"Higher dimensions of Awareness means Higher dimensions of energy." - Jaggi Vasudev

"The higher the levels, the higher the devils." - Marshall Sylver

"It is no longer higher education, it is higher 'indoctrination '" - Dennis Prager

"Higher education is not necessarily a guarantee of higher virtue." - Aldous Huxley

"Excelsior, higher and higher, but only step by step." - Daniel D Palmer

"Love is the higher law." - David Levithan

"Biography is a higher gossip." - Robert Winder

"I'm higher than I expected." - Veronik Mallet

"Music is my higher power" - Oliver James

"We should constantly be aspiring to reach higher and higher and higher. We should never be comfortable where we are." - Lauryn Hill

"There is no god higher than truth." - Mahatma Gandhi

"No stream rises higher than its source" - Frank Lloyd Wright

"I'm in love, with a higher love!" - Sho Baraka

"Boldness becomes rarer, the higher the rank." - Carl Von Clausewitz

"Higher saving leads to faster growth . . ." - Greg Mankiw

"I'm higher than a hippie at Woodstock" - Ray Hudson

"The higher up, the harder the fall." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"There's no God higher than truth." - Mahatma Gandhi

"There is no higher happiness than peace." - Jack Kornfield

"There is no religion higher than Truth." - H. P. Blavatsky

"...Dream big, reach further, climb higher." - Angela Burt-Murray

"Aim higher in case you fall short." - Suzanne Collins

"No religion is higher than humanity" - Abdul Sattar Edhi

"This isn't higher education studying itself," - James Hunt

"There is nothing higher than reason." - Immanuel Kant

"We ought to make the pie higher." - George W Bush

"Interdependence is a higher value than independence" - Stephen Covey

"I stay higher than giraffe pussy" - Gucci Mane

"... books are men of higher stature ..." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"If obstacles are large, jump higher." - Steve Backley

"I believe in a higher spirit." - Kathy Garver

"The more noise, the higher I get." - Ed Belfour

"To see farther, you must climb higher...." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Things always look different from higher up." - Clint Eastwood

"Enlightenment is higher states of awareness." - Bryan Kest

"Through meditation, the Higher Self is seen." - Bhagavad Gita

"There is no [...] higher than the truth." - H. P. Blavatsky

"There is no religion higher than truth." - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

"Faith is a higher faculty than reason." - H C Bailey

"Laughter is higher than all pain." - Elbert Hubbard

"Higher energy prices act like a tax." - John W Snow

"No authority is higher than reality." - Peter Nivio Zarlenga

"I think higher education is over-regulated." - Lamar Alexander

"The possible ranks higher than the actual." - Martin Heidegger

"Products are valued higher than services." - James Altucher

"Brooks Robinson belongs in a higher league." - Pete Rose

"I definitely believe in a higher power." - Michael J Fox

"Understand that wisdom is higher than intellect and discretion is higher than debating." - Nirmala Srivastava

"If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than you dreamed." - Richard Branson

"A higher standard of living also brings about a higher standard of culture and civilization." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Whoever is for higher taxes, feel free to pay higher taxes." - Adam Carolla

"I would have done higher than that... I would have set it higher." - Duane Chapman

"The higher the social class of other students the higher any given student's achievement." - James S Coleman

"Stages are getting higher and higher, and I'm getting older and older." - Iggy Pop

"From that day on it was as if Ren freed me from gravity. I was floating in the sky. Higher. Higher. Higher." - Ai Yazawa

"The difficulty for Mr. Obama will be when the public sees where his decisions lead - higher inflation, higher interest rates, higher taxes, sluggish growth, and a jobless recovery." - Karl Rove

"It stands to reason: Higher wages means higher loyalty and morale, which means higher productivity, which means a more profitable business." - Thomas Perez

"The consciousness of life is higher than life." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"There exists above the "productive" man a yet higher species." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Of higher value than any one leader is the cause." - William Safire

"Whatever you think in life... think higher and feel deeper." - Elie Wiesel

"Can we unite against ourselves for our own higher interest?" - Aldous Huxley

"Yeah, I regret we weren't on a higher floor." - Charles Barkley

"Wisdom can boast no higher attainment than happiness." - Ann Radcliffe

"The higher the tower, the greater the fall thereof." - Horace

"the higher the flame shoots the quicker it blacks out." - Helen Jacobs

"The higher its type, the more rarely a thing succeeds." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Poetry has become the higher algebra of metaphors." - Jose Ortega Y Gasset

"Hold your head high, and your middle finger higher." - Megan Fox

"Surround yourself only with those who lift you higher." - Oprah Winfrey

"I'm an expert in higher level math. You + God = Enough" - Zig Ziglar

"The higher I get the lower I sink." - Oliver Sykes

"The higher the truth, the simpler it is." - Abraham Isaac Kook

"Love is creation raised to a higher degree." - Toyohiko Kagawa

"All higher humor begins with ceasing to take oneself seriously." - Hermann Hesse

"What power is higher than the power of purity?" - Swami Vivekananda

"Fear is self-awareness raised to a higher level." - Don Delillo

"Death is the condition of higher and more fruitful life." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"The harder you fall, the higher you bounce." - Douglas Horton

"The higher the culture the more honorable the work." - Anonymous

"The higher our position the more modestly we should behave." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"The higher you go, the fewer women there are." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"Nobody is going to occupy a place higher than I." - Alexis De Tocqueville

"The law of self-preservation is higher than written law." - Thomas Jefferson

"Leaders must live by higher standards than their followers." - John C Maxwell

"Leave the woodpile higher than you found it." - Adrian Rogers

"The higher the hair, the closer to god." - Chris Colfer

"At its heart, music is all higher mathematics." - Mos Def

"Praise invariably implies a reference to a higher standard." - Aristotle

"Where's that higher love I keep thinking of?" - Steve Winwood

"Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties." - Samuel Johnson

"Many things have fallen only to rise higher." - Seneca the Younger

"No nation ever rises higher than its women ..." - Nellie L. McClung

"A stream cannot rise higher than its source." - Anna Julia Cooper

"There is no virtue higher than non-injury." - Swami Vivekananda

"For there is no higher religion than the Truth." - Marion Zimmer Bradley

"Keep on pushing the boundaries and reaching for higher heights." - Puff Daddy

"There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism" - John Ashcroft

"The higher the hair, the closer to heaven." - Marie Avgeropoulos

"There is no higher religion than human service." - Albert Schweitzer

"Art is a higher type of knowledge than experience." - Aristotle

"You cannot go higher than you think you can." - Zig Ziglar

"Higher energy costs are unavoidable in all future scenarios." - Van Jones

"Run faster, jump higher, reach farther, and you'll always win!" - Jerry Garcia

"Love is not a higher quality than truth." - Rajneesh

"Truth is above all, but higher still is true living." - Kirpal Singh

"On, said the alethiometer. Farther, higher. So on they climbed." - Philip Pullman

"He had talents equal to business, and aspired no higher." - Tacitus

"The higher the buildings, the lower the morals." - Noel Coward

"In a quarrel, the higher voiced person will win." - Proverbs

"Don't let your sorrow come higher than your knees." - Proverbs

"Many things have fallen only to rise higher." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"There is a higher father that I appeal to." - George W Bush

"The genuine priest always feels something higher than compassion." - Friedrich Schlegel

"Life has a higher end, than to be amused" - William Ellery Channing

"Education helps one acquires a higher grade of prejudices." - Laurence J Peter

"There is no higher form of artistic expression then film" - James Lee Burke

"We cannot rise higher than our thought of ourselves." - Orison Swett Marden

"The higher they fly the harder they fall." - George Ade

"I believe in a higher power. I believe in inspiration." - Janet Jackson

"I believe in a higher force that is within me." - Tobey Maguire

"The higher the voice the smaller the intellect." - Ernest Newman

"It is higher and nobler to be kind." - Mark Twain

"Determination is the fuel that propels one to higher virtues." - Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

"There is no life higher than the grasstops" - Sylvia Plath

"There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism." - John Ashcroft

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." - Ludwig Van Beethoven

"Life has a higher end, than to be amused." - William Ellery Channing

"The higher the building the lower the morals." - Noel Coward

"Babies have much higher levels of stress in childcare." - Mem Fox

"The higher one climbs the lonelier one is." - Mary Barnett Gilson

"Historically, America has answered to a higher authority." - Lee Greenwood

"I never wore flats: The higher the shoe, the better." - Patti Hansen

"The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly." - Chuck Palahniuk

"The higher your station, the less your liberty." - Sallust

"The higher up I went, the less happy I was." - Dave Chappelle

"The higher the moral tone, the more suspect the speaker." - Mason Cooley

"Symbiosis is a much higher reflection of intelligent life." - Frederick Lenz

"The higher one climbs, the lonelier one is." - Mary Barnett Gilson

"There is no higher qualification than genuine inspiration." - Tama J. Kieves

"Generally, common sense is rare in the (higher) rank." - Juvenal

"The genuine priest always feels something higher than compassion." - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

"Nothing is higher than the love of truth." - Prudentius

"There is a higher law than the Constitution." - William H Seward

"Adelaide is becoming a hub for higher education." - Geoff Mulgan



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