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Handled Quotes


"Much handled things are always soft(27)." - Toni Morrison

"Truth is a troublesome motherfucker unless it's handled properly" - Patrick Rothfuss

"Sin is too big to be handled alone." - Johnny Hunt

"I think a lot of things could be handled locally." - Rand Paul

"A cliche is like a coin that has been handled too much. Once language has been overly handled, it no longer leaves a clear imprint." - Janet Fitch

"I was a chief justice. And before that, I was a district court judge, handled major felonies, including capital murder cases; and I handled major civil litigation." - Louie Gohmert

"Assent - and you are sane - Demur - and you're straightaway dangerous - and handled with a chain." - Emily Dickinson

"From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour," - Julia Margaret Cameron

"A caprice is handled like a stew, and the pepper is added at the last minute." - Rachilde

"Photography is the truth if it's being handled by a truthful person." - Don McCullin

"Jo had learned that hearts, like flowers, cannot be rudely handled, but must open naturally..." - Louisa May Alcott

"Regardless of how badly you handled yesterday, today provides a fresh opportunity to do things right!" - Richard Blackaby

"When Christ came into my life, I came about like a well-handled ship." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Death's not a separation or alteration or parting; it's just a one-handled door." - Stevie Smith

"Seek advice, but make sure it's from someone who has successfully handled mistakes or adversities." - John C Maxwell

"It's tough having the last name Rickles. Luckily, my kids handled it great." - Don Rickles

"Photography is the truth if it's being handled by a truthful person." - Don McCullin

"I'm always going to be under a microscope, and I haven't always handled it well." - Lamar Odom

"Late switches are part of fighting and I've handled them all." - Conor Mcgregor

"You Need to Get the Spiritual Side of Yourself Handled to Attract Women." - Owen Cook (RSD Tyler)

"Assent - and you are sane - Demure - you're straightway dangerous - And handled with a Chain" - Emily Dickinson

"The principal might yield a greater sum, Yet handled ill, amounts but to this crumb;" - Anne Bradstreet

"I am always frustrated when I see situations that could have been handled simpler." - Renee Lawless

"From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour." - Julia Margaret Cameron

"I don't need jewels and cars. It's about the delicacy of the way I'm handled." - Leonor Varela

"Any gifted child can potentially get in real trouble because of the way they are handled." - Itzhak Perlman

"In Orlando, I handled a lot of stuff the wrong way." - Dwight Howard

"I think you want a little unofficial help. Three undetected murders in one year won't do, Lestrade. But you handled the Molesey Mystery with less than your usual - that's to say, you handled it fairly well." - Arthur Conan Doyle

"People have the most control over their affairs at the grass-roots level. Anything that can be fairly and efficiently handled at a grass-roots level should be thus handled, and only delegated to a higher authority when necessary." - Peace Pilgrim

"I believe that business shouldn't be done in the public's eye anyway. And I believe that business shouldn't be handled in the magazines anyway. Business should be handled in the room amongst the people you're doing business with." - Lil Wayne

"Wisdom, Niko thought as he leaned his cheek against his long-handled rake, cannot be had without price." - Janet Morris

"When I'm finished playing, I want people to say, 'He handled this well, he kept his cool.'" - Kobe Bryant

"In my prime I could have handled Michael Jordan. Of course, he would be only 12 years old." - Jerry Sloan

"All that philosophers have handled for millennia has been conceptual mummies; nothing actual has ever escaped from their hands alive." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Get into the habit of asking yourself if what you are doing can be handled by someone else." - Anonymous

"The crowd think that Todd handled the ball...they must have seen something that nobody else did." - Barry Davies

"And as many of the plates as Joseph Smith translated I handled with my hands, plate after plate." - Martin Harris

"Just because one of you earns the paycheck doesn't mean that person should lord over how the money is handled." - Suze Orman

"And any stone being mentally handled must become endowed with such poetry and artistry as God has given you." - Edwin Lutyens

"I should have been much more responsible in how I handled myself and for that am sorry." - Ryan Lochte

"If my son or your son handled classified information the way that Hillary Clinton did, they'd be court marshaled." - Mike Pence

"My advice is to treat [credit cards] like what they are: little plastic grenades that must be handled very carefully." - Elizabeth Warren

"That knowledge which adds greatness to character is knowledge so handled as to transform every phase of immediate experience." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Education is like a double-edged sword. It may be turned to dangerous uses if it is not properly handled." - Wu Ting-Fang

"My focus is that firearms are handled safely and that we can continue to enjoy them here in North America." - Steve Kanaly

"I've handled colour as a man should behave. You may conclude that I consider ethics and aesthetics as one." - Josef Albers

"I have looked back on situations and thought that I could have handled a few differently and probably better." - Jim Evans

"I think violence in a cinematic context can be, if handled in a certain way, very seductive." - Kathryn Bigelow

"I was immature the way I handled the business. I saw myself as a tribune of the people." - Ron Silver

"The best of merchandise will go back to the shelf unless handled by a conscientious, tactful salesman." - James Cash Penney

"The William Morris Agency handled me. In that business, you're only as good as your last picture." - Johnny Weissmuller

"The moment an ill can be patiently handled, it is disarmed of its poison, though not of its pain." - Henry Ward Beecher

"I'm going to be on a mission. I've handled my personal vendettas and handled them well. Every challenge you put in front of me, I've handled it, dismantled it - ate them, dropped them off in the bathroom and flushed them away." - Shaquille O'Neal

"We're in the middle of the transformation of a society that has handled its politics through repression to a society that will handle its politics through democratic institutions." - Condoleezza Rice

"Love is like fire, a dangerous thing to play with, although the best of friends and the most loyal of servants when rightly handled." - Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

"Every time government attempts to handle our affairs, it costs more and the results are worse than if we had handled them ourselves." - Benjamin Constant

"President Bush announced he has a five-point strategy for getting out of Iraq. Points six through 10 will be handled by the Kerry administration." - David Letterman

"The largest business in American handled by a woman is the Money Order Department of the Pittsburgh Post-office; Mary Steel has it in charge." - Lydia Hoyt Farmer

"It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time." - Winston Churchill

"In our society, it's been the men who've handled most of the finances, and the women who've stood by and watched men botch things up." - Peter Lynch

"People went through life like well handled jugs, collecting chips and scrapes and stains from wear and tear, from holding and pouring life." - Sarah Hall

"He'd lived long enough to know that everyone handled grief in different ways, and little by little, they all seemed to accept their new lives." - Nicholas Sparks

"I have long believed that what most affects a child is not the divorce, per se, but how it is handled" - Dennis Prager

"I know why there must be opposition in all things. Adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing in our lives. We can learn to love it." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"I try to take care and be gentle to them. Words and eggs must be handled with care. Once broken they are impossible things to repair." - Anne Sexton

"Are you defending Marcie?" He shook his head. "I do' need to. She handled herself. You, on the other hand..." I pointed at the door. "Out." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"Muhammad aware of what to look for and he handled it on his own. He did his own thing. I never programmed him." - Angelo Dundee

"The Navy has a custom-if a ship runs aground, the captain is relieved regardless of who is responsible. That's how Abu Ghraib should be handled." - Rand Beers

"Writers in a profit making economy are an exploitable commodity whose works are products to be marketed, and are so judged and handled." - Tillie Olsen

"I'm not sure that you can say definitively that some roles are better filled by consultants, but I would say that some projects are better handled by consultants" - Jesse James Garrett

"Natural selection is almost always handled in general temps . . This means that it has no explanatory power when specific problems arise." - Norman Macbeth

"Are you defending Marcie?" He shook his head. "I don't need to. She handled herself. You, on the other hand..." I pointed at the door. "Out." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"I'd never really thought about it before, but now you ask I can see that how my parents handled money definitely affected my relationship with it." - Sophie Ellis Bextor

"At the end of your life on earth you will be evaluated and rewarded according to how well you handled what God entrusted to you." - Rick Warren

"Writers, Composers, Painters, - also artists like directors and actors fall into the same category. They have to be handled with kid gloves, mentally and physically" - Marlene Dietrich

"It hinges on oil. Europeans feel they handled the boycott after the Yom Kippur War [1973] very badly. The Arabs need to sell oil; otherwise they cannot live." - Manfred Gerstenfeld

"Madison Avenue is full of masochists who unconsciously provoke rejection by their clients. I know brilliant men who have lost every account they have ever handled." - David Ogilvy

"Success is not determined by the amount of accomplishments, but by the road traveled & how you handled the recovery of each failed attempt." - Behdad Sami

"We have never seen a career like George Strait's in this business, and I venture to say we never will again. He has handled things amazingly well." - Lee Ann Womack

"I fiercely protect my privacy. I just don't think it's everyone's business to know every little detail about my life. That's just the way I've handled myself." - Joan Jett

"Violence comes in many forms and can be particularly disturbing when confronted in an educational setting if handled dismissively or in ways that blame victims." - Henry Giroux

"I think my boys handled it pretty much the same way with their children, but my grandsons all ended up playing football or lacrosse." - Jack Nicklaus

"It can be difficult to present mental illness in film without resorting to devices that, if not handled well, can seem heavy-handed or cliche." - Brian Lindstrom

"I wish I had been more mature. I wish I had handled the immediate aftermath of the accident involving my family better." - Joe Biden

"Every time the government attempts to handle our affairs, it costs more and the results are worse than if we had handled them ourselves." - Benjamin Constant de Rebecque

"I beheld with my eyes. And handled with my hands the gold plates from which it was translated. I also beheld the Interpreters." - Oliver Cowdery

"I've - all my life with Nicole [Brown], no matter what was going on, I handled it without being physical with her." - O J Simpson

"I knew how to influence the people, but it's really just one vote. But the party is being handled in a very good way ." - Huey Newton

"Since light is best expressed through differences in color quality, color should not be handled as a tonal gradation, to produce the effect of light." - Hans Hofmann

"It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time." - Winston Churchill

"I've been amazed at the degree to which Democrats, in particular, have expressed their enthusiasm for the president's manner with which he handled this budget." - Tom Daschle

"I'm not sure that you can say definitively that some roles are better filled by consultants, but I would say that some projects are better handled by consultants." - Jesse James Garrett

"They handled it very badly. It was disappointing and very humiliating. John York was very rude. He never consulted with me over what he said to the press." - Louise Jameson

"I wouldn't be who I am without my husband, who handled the business end of Donna Karan so I could be creative." - Donna Karan

"Believe me, as one who has seen a number of international crises firsthand, they cannot be handled without an understanding of history." - Pierre Salinger

"I don't go to things because I want to see violence, I go to things because I want to see them handled well." - Jhonen Vasquez

"Real art is basic emotion. If a scene is handled with simplicity - and I don't mean simple - it'll be good, and the public will know it." - John Wayne

"Natalie's estate is handled by Global Icons, and they police the world so her picture isn't on a T-shirt or coffee cup unless we approve of it." - Robert Wagner

"We're probably doing better business than we thought we would do especially considering the disappointing way the record company has handled the album." - Rick Allen

"I don't think we handled the aftermath of the fall of Baghdad as well as we might have. But that's now history." - Colin Powell

"The only thing I ever withheld from the KGB were the names of two agents whom I personally had known and handled and had a particular feeling for." - Aldrich Ames

"My favorite player would probably be Steve Yzerman. He played in Detroit. I really liked the way he played and the way he handled himself." - Sidney Crosby

"I'd never really thought about it before, but now you ask I can see that how my parents handled money definitely affected my relationship with it." - Sophie Ellisbextor

"I've never hidden my Christianity in Hollywood, and I've been handled respectfully because I handle the issue and other people respectfully." - Doug Jones

"A sign that negotiations were handled well on both sides is that everybody probably feels a little bit like they didn't get what they wanted." - Christopher Lloyd

"I think I have handled things pretty well last year and this. What I have to do now is try do it even better." - Amelie Mauresmo

"TV is a major force in our lives - a FORCE. It must be handled very carefully, both its censure and its artistic honesty." - Bill Bixby

"Josh Saviano's a big entertainment lawyer in New York City. He's handled Broadway shows like 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' and some of the other big ones." - Dan Lauria

"I started studying psychopathy and sociopathy back in the 80's when I handled my first serial killer case as a prosecutor." - Marcia Clark

"I look back at myself, this innocent person, and I think, 'Gosh, she's okay.' I handled a lot, and I'm still here." - Brooke Shields

"I don't like to feel like I'm some fragile package that has to be shipped by high-priority mail and handled with white gloves." - Taylor Swift

"I'm not handled. I'm not crafted by slick, high-priced consultants. I'm a real person, a genuine person, a struggling person in Connecticut." - Lee Whitnum

"The five different areas in which boys are in crisis - education; jobs; emotional health; physical health; and fatherlessness - are handled by different portions of the government." - Warren Farrell

"The brutalities of progress are called revolutions. When they are over we realize this: that the human race has been roughly handled, but that it has advanced." - Victor Hugo

"So when I made some money, I didn't have any idea how one handled such a situation because no one in our family ever had any money." - Jim Harrison

"Social media listening tools make it easy to track brand references and mentions, and these functions can still be handled ably by a small, dedicated team." - Ryan Holmes

"And when the pressure was on us, the team handled it very well. One has to learn to play well under pressure." - Imran Khan

"I would like to be remembered as a responsible human being who handled business while also taking care of his family." - Rob Brown

"Celebration of Independence Day with great pomp and show was quite appropriate when we were fighting for independence which we had neither seen nor handled. Now we have handled it and we seem to be disillusioned. At least - I am, even if you are not. What are we celebrating today? Surely, not our disillusionment." - Mahatma Gandhi

"In our country [US] equality means your liberal and freedom means you're conservative. That tension is there and it can't be handled on its own terms. It can't be handled as you go out of that and go back into natural institutions or natural law or divine revelation. Something outside of the system has to tell you the system has gone wrong." - Francis George

"If you're not embodying and living in who you are, you're going to have - it's going to be like fragments. You're going to have all these different aspects and sub-personalities that don't get managed and handled. That don't get managed and handled. And I think that's probably a lot of the agony that comes in death." - Sark

"Any sensibility which can be crammed into the mold of a system, or handled with the rough tools of proof, is no longer sensibility at all. It has hardened into an idea." - Susan Sontag

"Breakups hurt like a motherf*ker, but they are not the end of the world. The pain is temporary, and if handled properly, they can even be life-changing." - Greg Behrendt

"Some people say you can get hepatitis if you do coke with ones because they've been handled so much. But I tested that theory out for about a year, and I decided it's bullshit." - The Rev

"Many men ridicule the idea that it can be scientifically handled. They tell us the unemployed have always been with us, and always must be. It is the oldest reason in the world for tolerating injustice and misery." - Ida Tarbell

"From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour, and it has become to me as a living thing, with voice and memory and creative vigour." - Julia Margaret Cameron

"There are times when my passion for basketball led me into confrontations that I could have handled a lot better. I've always been too confrontational, especially when I know I'm right." - Bobby Knight

"Those concerns of a national character-such as air and water pollution that do not respect state boundaries, or the national transportation system, or efforts to safeguard your civil liberties-must, of course, be handled on the national level." - Ronald Reagan

"In fiction writing ideas have to be handled extremely carefully. You can't let your characters just be mouthpieces for your ideas. They have to live and breathe on their own." - Alan Lightman

"Well, I was named after Mick Jagger's daughter, Jade Jagger. How emasculating is it to be named after a girl! But I think I handled it well, it's not like I ended up wearing makeup and girl's pants." - Jade Puget

"And guys don't get attached, guys don't give themselves over completely, and guys lie. That's why they should be handled with great trepidation, not trusted, and held at arm's length whenever possible." - Sarah Dessen

"Enduringly successful people, many of whom live a life that's a gift to the world, don't raise balance as a major issue-not because they had it masterfully handled, but because they were all busy doing what mattered to them." - Jerry I. Porras

"Nixon tried to wrap the Soviet Union into a web of agreements that would constrain its behavior. What happened is that many people lost faith in that approach, not the least because of how the Soviets handled it." - David Hoffman

"I think I was as mentally tough as I've ever been. I felt like I handled the situation both on and off the court extremely well. I felt like I needed to." - Lleyton Hewitt

"Our success has not been a continual series of victories. We have had a number of devastating setbacks; how these are handled is the making of a great team... winning does not happen in straight lines." - Clive Woodward

"Conflict can and should be handled constructively; when it is, relationships benefit. Conflict avoidance is *not* the hallmark of a good relationship. On the contrary, it is a symptom of serious problems and of poor communication." - Harriet B. Braiker

"I think 9/11 was a couple of thousand assholes in Afghanistan who ran rampant and just kind of did their thing and we could have gotten them in Tora Bora if that was handled better." - Richard Patrick

"Sometimes it is like juggling with broken glass because both things are very sensitive and have to be handled with care. I can't let the career be neglected and I can't let my family and children be neglected either." - Kelly Price

"A digging fork is a stout, short-handled tool with four flat tines about a foot long.... for weeding I use it delicately to nudge the soil loose from roots without breaking them..." - Sara Bonnett Stein

"The Constitution's framers intended to restrict central authority to the few areas that could not be handled by states. The drafters would be horrified at how the present court misapplies what they designed." - Doug Bandow

"Much madness is divinest sense To a discerning eye; Much sense the starkest madness. 'Tis the majority In this, as all, prevails Assent, and you are sane; Demur, - you're straightway dangerous, And handled with a chain." - Emily Dickinson

"I think that's healthy on a football team for competition to exist in every position and probably most important quarterback so that everyone on the team knows that position isn't handled any different than any other." - Scott Frost

"I believe that the future for a more effective, more efficient way of approaching the challenges Europe is facing is going to be more properly and more effectively handled and seen through the member states." - Viktor Orban

"Over past period, we have handled relations with China very carefully. We do not take provocative measures, we make sure that there are no surprises, and we hope that through channels of communication, we can gradually build up trust." - Tsai Ing-wen

"We treat the Bible, not as if it's a magic book that has to be handled like a piece of abracadabra, make sure it's dusted, never put it on the floor, and things like that." - D A Carson

"That is what I think about women: We can do so much and take care of so much that we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to fully get it all handled." - Hilary Duff

"The president's job is a lot harder. And that's why I'm working hard to get him re-elected, because he's handled himself with a level of grace and poise that not many people could given the challenges that he's faced." - Michelle Obama

"Suddenly, in the early 20th century, there were thousands of men with essentially nothing to do. The farm work, as well as other work, was being handled by machines." - Peter Buffett

"If there's a negative interaction between my child and another child, what I want to know is, how was it handled, what lessons came out of it and of course, is my child okay?" - Megyn Kelly

"But I like the feel of men on things, while they're alive. There's a feel of men about trucks, because they've been handled with men's hands, all of them." - D H Lawrence