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Hand Phone Quotes


"I am out in public and using the phone. I am in a phone booth, got the phone in my hand and a man taps on the glass and says You using the phone? Nope, I'm superman, i am just looking for my costume. Here's your sign!" - Bill Engvall

"I've never felt so bereft and panicky. What do I do without my phone? How do I function? My hand keeps automatically reaching for my phone in its usual place in my pocket. Every instinct in me wants to text someone, 'OMG, I've lost my phone! ' but how can do that without a bloody phone?" - Sophie Kinsella

"Bravery and stupidity go hand in hand." - David Summers

"I think the phone is a really personal device in a lot of ways. If you drop your phone or lose it there's a moment of panic. On the other hand there's a lot of control that users have." - Susan Wojcicki

"I've got a phone, answer machine, TV set, computer, hand grenade - everything you need to run a business in Los Angeles." - Ice T

"I symbolized doping... My phone rarely rings. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of riders who call me." - Richard Virenque

"Left hand, right hand, it doesn't matter. I'm amphibious." - Charles Shackleford

"Archeology and ecology can go hand in hand." - Carlos Salinas

"Religion and political expediency go beautifully hand in hand" - Friedrich Durrenmatt

"Let my hand, This hand, lie in your own - my own true friend; Aprile! Hand-in-hand with you, Aprile!" - Robert Browning

"Mediocrity is a hand-rail." - Charles Louis de Secondat

"I will never forget the day in Washington when I met John Lewis by phone when he called me to ask about something. And the phone just shook in my hand. I couldn`t believe that John Lewis was on the other end of the line." - Lawrence O'Donnell

"I can give you high blood pressure just on the phone by criticizing you. On the other hand, I can send a tweet to somebody in China and give them a dopamine hit." - Deepak Chopra

"Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home." I snapped the phone shut and placed it in her waiting hand. "I'm done." - Stephenie Meyer

"The paintings are transferred from my computer to a disk, and I can hand it to the printer this way; or I can modem the painting to the printer over the phone lines from my house in Hawaii." - Buffy Sainte-Marie

"The paintings are transferred from my computer to a disk, and I can hand it to the printer this way; or I can modem the painting to the printer over the phone lines from my house in Hawaii." - Buffy Saintemarie

"I've never sent an email in my life. My kids laugh. I often hand the phone to them and say, 'Can you text this message to somebody.' I don't even have a computer on my desk." - Sebastian Coe

"On the evidence I have on hand at home, social media isn't killing our children. It isn't killing families, either, because the constant long bloody phone calls that parents complained to their teenagers about in decades past are gone." - Warren Ellis

"I still find it absurdly difficult to concentrate on a novel if there's a phone or computer to hand; I have taken to locking them outside the room like noisy pets." - David Nicholls

"Love is like quicksilver in the hand." - Dorothy Parker

"Contemporaries live from second hand to mouth." - Karl Kraus

"A sinful heart makes feeble hand." - Walter Scott

"The hand of opposition is never exposed." - Chancellor Williams

"The machine enslaves, the hand sets free." - Lanza del Vasto

"Newspapers are the second hand of history." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Stratagem is the right hand of cunning." - George William Curtis

"A hand cannot write on itself." - Peter Greenaway

"Take my hand when you are worried Take my hand when you're alone Take my hand and let me guide you Take my hand to lead you home." - Ben Harper

"I'm not wild about hand-held shots." - Claude Chabrol

"The hand is the tool of tools." - Aristotle

"Sin let loose speaks punishment at hand." - William Cowper

"All phone calls are obscene." - Karen Elizabeth Gordon

"There is no phone ringing!" - Charlton Heston

"Legality and oppression are not unknown to run hand in hand." - Tim Hawkins

"The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor." - Hubert Humphrey

"Prosperity's right hand is industry and her left hand is frugality." - Samuel Johnson

"It has been my experience that rewarding and heartbreaking often go hand in hand." - Holly Goldberg Sloan

"On the one hand, loss implies gain; on the other hand, gain implies loss." - Laozi

"Finance is the art of passing money from hand to hand until it finally disappears." - Robert W. Sarnoff

"Hand in hand, with fairy grace, Will we sing, and bless this place." - William Shakespeare

"Meat eating and a compassionate religion do not go hand in hand." - Bodo Balsys

"Still the race of hero spirits pass the lamp from hand to hand." - Charles Kingsley

"When Hale's hand disappeared inside his tuxedo jacket, Macey wasn't exactly sure what he'd find inside the pocket. It could have been another phone or a breath mint. Really, nothing would have surprised her. Well nothing except... "Is that an earbud?" she whispered. He smiled. "Are you on comms?" "Shhh," he told her softly." - Ally Carter

"The moment we stepped out into the hall, Cam's apartment door flung open. Ollie appeared, a cellphone in one hand and Raphael wiggling in the other. "Smile!" he shouted as he snapped a picture on his phone. "It's like my two kids are going to prom." - J. Lynn

"I brought out the most powerful tool I had in my arsenal. "If you resist," I said into Reyes's ear, "I'll be forced to Taser you." He looked at what I had in my hand. "That's a phone." "I have an app. You'll probably experience nerve damage. Slight memory loss." - Darynda Jones

"Since I've made it to 87 so far, obviously my two kids and my seven grandchildren haven't been too hard on me. On the other hand, the fact that I have an unlisted phone number and move a lot might have something to do with it." - George Burns

"We were doing this close-up of my character on a cell phone, and the director's just like "Cut! Can we get somebody else's hand in there?" I do bite my fingernails, and you don't want to see a fat, bitten thumbnail on a 30-foot movie screen, so I get somebody with really nice, sexy hands and put 'em in there." - Miles Teller

"I never had a checkbook. It used to be cash in hand, stuff in the pocket, or a manager would keep some accounts and give me money. I started to wonder what it must feel like to actually make a profit, pay taxes, and to have a phone listing, and a manager. And also, I was sick of sleeping around every night." - Iggy Pop

"[Some people] put their work on the internet and check every day how many people look, how many people made contact, but I don't have internet, I don't have a hand-phone, I don't have fax, I don't have email. I just have old-fashioned telephone and letters." - Erro

"Bill collectors and harassing phone calls is enough to motivate some people to become successful. Maybe the pain is not great enough yet for you to act. Are you going to continue to feel sorry for yourself? On the other hand, are you ready to do what you need to do to change your situation?" - Jon Jones

"I would never want to reach out someday with a soft, uncallused hand-a hand never dirtied by serving-and shake the nail-pierced hand of Jesus." - Bill Hybels

"The coaching profession doesn't hand you any gifts." - Randy Carlyle

"Change lays her hand not upon the truth." - Algernon Charles Swinburne

"Milton, in his hand The thing became a trumpet" - William Wordsworth

"I write with one hand, but I fight with both." - Victor Hugo

"A thick stick in one's hand makes people respectful." - Lewis Carroll

"Lovers always believe one another's sleight-of-hand tricks." - Mason Cooley

"The will was of Zeus, the hand of Hephaestus." - Aeschylus

"Without a pen in my hand I can't think." - John Le Carre

"The wise hand does not all the tongue dictates." - Miguel De Cervantes

"In a war a totalitarian state has a free hand." - Paul Feyerabend

"Poverty snatches the reins out of the hand of piety." - Saadi

"With the softest hand, you can shape the hardest rocks!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"The hand opens to the word, opens to distance." - Edmond Jabes

"The hand is no different from what it creates." - A.A. Attanasio

"When God's finger points, God's hand will open the door." - Clarence Benjamin Jones

"Do everything by hand, even when using the computer." - Hayao Miyazaki

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand." - Barbara Johnson

"Fragrance clings to the hand that gives the rose." - Anonymous

"He whose hand is clasped in friendship cannot throw mud." - Anonymous

"Prayer moves the hand that moves the universe." - Anonymous

"A long tongue is a sign of a short hand." - George Herbert

"Seem'd washing his hand with invisible soap In imperceptible water." - Thomas Hood

"Who heeds not the future will find sorrow at hand" - Confucius

"Drug use and procrastination often go hand in tourniquet." - Will Self

"He who fears from near at hand often fears less." - Seneca the Younger

"As if the world and they were hand and glove." - William Cowper

"Never point a finger where you never lent a hand." - Robert Breault

"I sign so many autographs, my hand hurts every day." - Uljana Semjonova

"The hand is where the mind meets the world." - Carl Zimmer

"Pornography is literature designed to be read with one hand." - Angela Lambert

"I think best with a pencil in my hand." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"That's put a strain on his left-hand knee." - John Scales

"We put boogers on our fingers, then shake your hand." - Biz Markie

"The hand of God creates; it does not conceal." - Umberto Eco

"The hand is the visible part of the brain." - Immanuel Kant

"A silly row which got out of hand." - Bill Vaughan

"Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips, bidding adieu" - John Keats

"A kindness received should be returned with a freer hand." - Ambrose

"Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand." - Bodie Thoene

"One paints with one's head, not one's hand." - Michelangelo

"Her cunt gripped him like a warm friendly hand." - Jim Morrison

"Use your brain as well as your hand." - Jean-Claude Rodet

"God gives, but man must open his hand." - Proverbs

"Use your enemy's hand to catch a snake." - Proverbs

"One hand washes the other. (Manus Manum Lavet)" - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand" - Kurt Vonnegut

"A cat is a tiger that is fed by hand." - Proverbs

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand." - Anonymous

"Never let the hand you hold, hold you down." - Anonymous

"Pentiums melt in your PC, not in your hand." - Anonymous

"Many have fallen with the bottle in their hand." - Proverbs

"You cannot hold your head high with your hand out." - Proverbs

"If frogs had side pockets, they'd carry hand guns." - Dan Rather

"And that's when it fell off in my hand" - Louise Rennison

"Give me the ready hand rather than the ready tongue." - Cesare Pavese

"Evil and good are God's right hand and left." - Horace Mann

"My hand seemed arrested by a silent veto." - Winston Churchill

"To draw true beauty shows a master's hand." - John Dryden

"Better one byrde in hand than ten in the wood." - John Heywood

"Even at church, people would not shake my hand." - Ryan White

"And, dying, bless the hand that gave the blow." - John Dryden

"I'm fairly certain that, at this very minute, the [Mars Polar Lander] is floating somewhere around the Neptune feeling tired and cranky and looking for a Holiday Inn.Of course, you'd have to have a heart of titanium not to feel a twinge of sadness while watching those dejected NASA scientiest waiting by the phone like the class wallflower on prom week.On the other hand, it was kind of fun to watch a bunch of men waiting by the phone and seeing how they feel when someone promises they'll call and then YOU NEVER HEAR FROM HIM AGAIN." - Celia Rivenbark

"In my sick brain, gruesome violence and comedy go as hand-to-hand together as anything else in the world." - Seth Rogen

"Most writing is done between the mind and the hand, not between the hand and the page." - Janet Burroway

"The game of life is not so much in holding a good hand as playing a poor hand well." - H. T. Leslie

"The swifter hand doth the swift words outrun: Before the tongue hath spoke the hand hath done." - Marcus Valerius Martial

"Faith, though it hath sometimes a trembling hand, it must not have a withered hand, but must stretch." - William Watson (poet)

"Sturdy swains, in clean array, for rustic dance prepare, mixed with the buxom damsels hand in hand." - John Arthur Phillips

"I don't believe that lack of intelligence and appreciation for lowbrow comedy go hand-in-hand necessarily." - Jimmy Kimmel

"To gain India's freedom, the capacity for suffering must go hand in hand with the capacity for ceaseless labour." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Unless our hands go hand in hand with our heads, we will be able to do nothing whatsoever." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Well, it's always been my nature to take chances My right hand drawing back while my left hand advances" - Bob Dylan

"Nobody wants to phone me, Even collect." - Cole Porter

"If the phone doesn't ring, it's me." - Jimmy Buffett

"Emails get reactions. Phone calls start conversations." - Simon Sinek

"Would you phone the president of Ghana?" - Jose Mourinho

"I developed several comedy phone calls." - Shelley Berman

"If the Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me" - Jimmy Buffett

"I don't even own a cell phone." - Jack Nicholson

"I'm bad at returning phone calls." - Zac Efron

"Communism is like one big phone company." - Lenny Bruce

"If you phone a psychic and she doesn't answer the phone before it rings, hang up." - Jean-Claude Van Damme

"You can never have enough phone chargers! There is nothing worse than a dead phone." - Annaleigh Ashford

"I tend to wear a coat more for the fact that I worry if I'm going to get drunk, I'm going to get pickpocketed. And a coat goes over your pockets so it's harder for someone to get their hand in and steal your phone or wallet out of your pocket. It's an unnecessary level of thinking that may lessen the enjoyment you have out of life." - Jon Richardson

"I quite fancy having a hover car, but I don't fancy everyone having one. Because I feel like I spend quite a lot of time stuck in traffic on the 405 but if everybody had one then they'd be scared and we'd crash, but if it was just me, then I think I would zoom home quite fast. I also quite fancy a phone attached to my hand but then I don't know if I fancy it being stuck to my body." - Kate Beckinsale

"Watching the world's best compete fires you up to achieve your own feats of greatness. When it comes to running, participation and spectating go hand in hand." - Kara Goucher

"to change our realities, we also have to change our myths. As history amply demonstrates, myths and realities go hand in hand." - Riane Eisler

"The sense of being led by an unseen hand which takes mine, while another hand reaches ahead and prepares the way, grows upon me daily." - Frank Laubach

"On the one hand, undeserved success gives no satisfaction... but, on the other hand, well-deserved failure gives no satisfaction either." - John Calvin

"Civilization and profits go hand in hand." - Calvin Coolidge

"She has a housewife's hand; but that's no matter: I say she never did invent this letter; This is a man's invention and his hand." - William Shakespeare

"His eye being big with tears, Turning his face, he put his hand behind him, And with affection wondrous sensible, He wrung Bassanio's hand; and so they parted." - William Shakespeare

"Hand Grasps at hand, eye lights eye in good friendship, And great hearts expand And grow one in the sense of this world's life." - Robert Browning

"It is a strange thing ,that every child is born with a closed hand , and every body dies with an open hand !" - Rajneesh

"I wondered what that was like, to hold someone's hand. I bet you could sometimes find all of the mysteries of the universe in someone's hand." - Benjamin Alire Saenz

"I'll start drinking tea over coffee when the big hand is on Never and the little hand is on Ain't Gonna Happen." - James Lileks

"Freedom & Duty always go hand in hand and if the free do not accept the duty of social responsibility, they will not long remain free." - John Foster Dulles

"Hand Grasps at hand, eye lights eye in good friendship, And great hearts expand And grow one in the sense of this world's life." - Robert Browning

"all history shows that the hand that cradles the rock has ruled the world, not the hand that rocks the cradle!" - Clare Boothe Luce



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