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Hairdressing Quotes


"Hairdressing in general hasn't been given the kudos it deserves. It's not recognised by enough people as a worthy craft." - Vidal Sassoon

"I came home after a year and although my profession was only hairdressing, I knew I could change it." - Vidal Sassoon

"My mother had a premonition and she felt that hairdressing would be very very good for me." - Vidal Sassoon

"I was reared in an atmosphere where a great deal of attention was paid to women's hairdressing." - Erich Von Stroheim

"I was the sort of person who didn't care about hairdressing and clothes and parties and boyfriends. I really wanted to be in the wild." - Jane Goodall

"For nine years I worked to change what was hairdressing then into a geometric art form with color, perm without setting which had never been done before." - Vidal Sassoon

"I cut my hair myself and colour it. I know everybody in the hairdressing business despairs of me, but it's so much easier to do it yourself." - Joanna Lumley

"Do not have your child's hair cut by a real hairdresser in a real hairdressing salon. He is, at this point, far too short to be exposed to contempt." - Fran Lebowitz

"I need some beef and broccoli before I face any more Mr. Darcy. It's a truth universally acknowledged that if you watch too much television on am empty stomach, your head falls off." "If your head fall off, " Tessa said, "the hairdressing industry would go into an economic meltdown" - Cassandra Clare

"I got into hairdressing and moved from Dorset to London, where I got an apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon. This was around '83 or '84. I was working on South Molton Street, which was then the epicenter of all the shops. It was like a catwalk. So I did my apprenticeship there, but I wasn't successful." - Guido Palau

"Dorland and I knew it was stretching the boundaries of our philosophy to believe that people like Jordan existed outside mental homes and city hairdressing salons, but there she was. Fourteen and already harbouring a deep yearning to be an actor." - Leonie Stevens

"I got a telegraph from my mother who said that my step-father had had a heart attack, come home and earn a living. So I went back to England and the only thing I knew to earn any cash was through hairdressing." - Vidal Sassoon

"I've always been a dreamer...or let's just say I kept my options open. In my heart, I knew singing was gonna be in my future, but I considered psychology, hairdressing, banking, teaching, acting, modeling, aviation, and philanthropy. I just didn't know I'd pretty much be doing all of these things eventually!" - Rihanna

"In the beginning, I found myself dealing with a show business dictated by male white supremacists and chauvinists. As a black female, I had to learn how to tap dance around the situation. I had to ... find a way to present my point of view without being pushy or aggressive. In the old days, the only women I saw in this business were in makeup, hairdressing, and wardrobe departments. Now I'm surrounded by women executives, writers, directors, producers, and even women stagehands." - Diahann Carroll

"My inspiration comes from many sources, and one of those sources is precisely the maison Versace. When I was a little boy, my family was not very well off. I had a sister who worked in a hairdressing salon. I lost my dad when I was 4 or 5 years old. I grew up with eight sisters and my mom. Nine incredible women all a little "a la Donatella Versace." Real strong women from the South of Italy, women who had sensuality. They had a confidence in their body and in their sensuality. And it was a poor family, I am very proud to say it." - Riccardo Tisci