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Hair Treatment Quotes


"I use Kerastase Oleo-Relax when I get out of the shower. It saves my hair. Actually, I've been doing this Brazilian treatment to my hair. It's a lifesaver; I don't even use a straightener anymore." - Ashley Tisdale

"He knew that hair couldn't feel; he kissed her hair." - Leonard Cohen

"My hair is my identity." - Ethan Zohn

"I am very impressed with the results (from laser hair removal). Even after the first treatment, there was a huge difference. I save time everyday that would be spent waxing or shaving. Laser hair removal also saves money in the long run. Now I don't have to deal with razor burn or ingrown hairs since the hair does not grow back!" - Deborah

"We set the treatment of bodies so high above the treatment of souls, that the physician occupies a higher place in society than the school-master." - Florence Nightingale

"I finally found the product that helps mend my damaged hair and prevent breakage. Avon's Advance Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue Leave-In Treatment makes it look and feel healthier." - Fergie

"There is no room for legal hair-splitting when it comes to the humane treatment of detainees - not in a nation founded on the rule of law and respect for human rights." - Dick Durbin

"Ooh, the silent treatment." - Ally Carter

"Home is anywhere I hang my hair" - Dolly Parton

"Cinderella!" Dov cried. "Let down your hair!" - Rachel Cohn

"Your hair is an act of God." - Sarah Kane

"hopes dance best on bald men's hair" - E E Cummings

"The ungrown glories of his beamy hair." - Joseph Addison

"Why do all Republicans need Lego hair?" - Cenk Uygur

"Even a single hair casts its shadow." - Publilius Syrus

"Weave, weave the sunlight in your hair-" - T S Eliot

"I base all my characters on hair." - Patrick Dempsey

"When you see fair hair Be pitiful." - George Eliot

"You can't get dressed without good hair." - Rachel Zoe

"My hair was famous before I was." - Christopher Walken

"My natural hair texture is very kinky." - Tyra Banks

"I've always had really messy hair." - Ed Sheeran

"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge." - Ivana Trump

"I have little hair because my brain is so big it pushes the hair out." - Silvio Berlusconi

"He anxiously touched his hair. "I think my hair gel's frozen." - Richelle Mead

"I get a lot of questions about hair color. People are very into talking about hair." - Emma Stone

"Did I choose my hair texture? No. I'm grateful for having this hair on my head." - Gabby Douglas

"The romantic treatment of death asserts that people were made singular, made more interesting, by their illnesses." - Susan Sontag

"Life is an incurable condition: the only known treatment is to try to keep the patient comfortable." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"A girl asked me if she could comb my hair. Nobody can comb my hair, I can't even comb my hair." - Jimi Hendrix

"Somebody gotta tell you this: Cancer kills way more Americans than any Arabic terrorist. We use more money to fight them than finding a cure, So a little kid sits there with his chemo-therapist. Hair falling out while his vital signs weaken... He'll be dead while his parent are in debt for his treatment." - Crooked i

"Love is telling someone their hair extensions are showing." - Natasha Leggero

"The hair is the richest ornament of women." - Martin Luther

"No hair so small but hath his shadow." - George Herbert

"A fly, a grape-stone, or a hair can kill." - Alexander Pope

"She has teeth like stars and hair like sheep fuzz" - Tamora Pierce

"I'm confiscating your hair dryer-you've fried your brain." - Rachel Vincent

"People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"The Lord Protector and his hair got off the elevator." - Karen Chance

"What made us dream that he could comb gray hair?" - William Butler Yeats

"Your hair looks like a haystack...but I like it." - Stephenie Meyer

"I'm confiscating your hair dryer-you"ve fried your brain." - Rachel Vincent

"People who have' red hair do' know what trouble is." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"Wrinkles and bones, white hair and diamonds: I can't wait." - Truman Capote

"The higher the hair, the closer to god." - Chris Colfer

"I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair...." - Pablo Neruda

"There seems a life in hair, though it be dead." - Leigh Hunt

"Ladies with curly hair / Have time to spare." - Phyllis Mcginley

"I look like a turnip with hair in the morning!" - Dominic Cooper

"Not having hair makes me feel like a cancer patient." - Amanda Bynes

"When in trouble, take a bath and wash your hair." - Zsa Zsa Gabor

"The higher the hair, the closer to heaven." - Marie Avgeropoulos

"If you can't change your surroundings, change your hair color." - Brittany Murphy

"If you're into metal, then you should like hair metal!" - Martin Popoff

"Nobody's tried to touch my hair in like, in decades." - Susan Rice

"Ethel patted her hair and looked very sneery." - Daisy Ashford

"A bracelet of bright hair about the bone." - John Donne

"I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair." - Oscar Hammerstein

"Gray hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom." - Proverbs

"May the hair on your toes never fall out!" - J R R Tolkien

"Red hair is great. It's rare, and therefore superior." - Augusten Burroughs

"Anyone who has dead straight hair wants curls." - Jenny Eclair

"I'm in the facial-hair phase of my career." - Paul Gallagher

"I always hated my hair, so now it's going away." - Billy Joel

"Feminists were psyched that I had armpit hair." - Paula Cole

"I dyed my hair pink when I was fifteen." - Karen Gillan

"The '90s were really just bad for fashion and hair." - Emilia Clarke

"My hair walks into a room before I do." - Rachelle Lefevre

"Youth is not restored by the dyeing of your hair." - Abu Bakr

"Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered..." - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

"I grew out my armpit hair for the summer. It turns out my natural hair colour isn't blonde." - Anna Faris

"I can't relax here. These people have no pubic hair anywhere. We have pubic hair on the ceiling." - Dylan Moran

"Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment." - Laozi

"Some men demand rough treatment everywhere!" - Samuel Carter Hall

"In a nutshell: Medical research has shown that Hypericum is an effective treatment for depression-as successful as prescription anti-depressions in a majority of patients." - Harold H. Bloomfield

"The ongoing successful treatment of my depression is the single most important positive step I have taken in my life, hence my enthusiasm for the subject." - Peter Mcwilliams

"Music is the human treatment of sounds." - Jean Michel Jarre

"Without ducking responsibility, what's wrong with medicine today is that it is predicated on providing treatment, not on reducing suffering. Not on solving problems." - Vilayanur S Ramachandran

"Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable." - Bill Gates

"Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment." - Lao Tzu

"I'm more of a short-hair girl; short hair is a lot more low-maintenance than long hair. And when you're in front of camera every day and your hair is being flatironed and blow-dried it's easier to have a weave so you don't damage your own hair." - Nia Long

"Oh, the ongoing love affair between hair and mouths. Hair always goes for the mouth. The mouth opens, and hair says, "I'm going in! I'm going in!" like a manic cave diver." - Maureen Johnson

"The first rule about a black woman's hair is you do' talk about a black woman's hair. And the second rule is you do' ever touch a black woman's hair without getting written permission first." - Ben Aaronovitch

"The first rule about a black woman's hair is you don't talk about a black woman's hair. And the second rule is you don't ever touch a black woman's hair without getting written permission first." - Ben Aaronovitch

"Vivian stared. Never had she seen a boy with such long hair! In fact, she had a vague notion that boys were born with their hair short back and sides and only girls had hair that grew long." - Diana Wynne Jones

"When I was in my early 20s, I had my hair permed. Bad idea! It turned into total frizz. My advice to women is, if you have nice hair already, don't get a perm, leave your hair alone!" - Mariska Hargitay

"When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination." - Thomas Sowell

"Our personal shame causes us to transpose treatment we deserve with treatment we do not." - Alan Robert Neal

"What do you do to your hair?" "Dust, hair gel, and a little gun oil." "Ever thought of patenting the recipe?" "No." - Ilona Andrews

"It's so different when you change your hair color, you're treated so differently. It's a very funny experience. It's fun, I love changing up my hair." - Kate Bosworth

"...the amount of maintenance involving hair is genuinely overwhelming. Sometimes I think that not having to worry about your hair anymore is the secret upside of death." - Nora Ephron

"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair," said Anne reproachfully. "People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"I have never known courage to be judged by the length of a man's hair. Or, for the matter of that, whether he has any hair at all." - Lloyd Alexander

"Her hair is bound with myrtle leaves, (Green leaves upon her golden hair!) Green grasses through the yellow sheaves Of Autumn corn are not more fair." - Oscar Wilde

"Hair matters. This is a life lesson Wellesley and Yale Law School failed to instil. Your hair will send significant messages to those around you." - Hillary Clinton

"For the first few years of my life my mom used to cut my hair so there were a lot of bowl-cut hair styles" - Ne-Yo

"Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices" - Shana Alexander

"But that hair? That is comedy entrapment. People are not attacking your hair, they are defending themselves from something that appears like it's about to attack them." - Jon Stewart

"My hair was too big. And my head is big, and my hair is big, so my helmet gets too small. So I have to make a haircut." - Alexander Ovechkin

"Man can have only a certain number of teeth, hair and ideas; there comes a time when he necessarily loses his teeth, hair and ideas." - Voltaire

"Maybe if I have another baby [I will grow my hair], because your hair grows super fast. I'll just grow it out and go natural for a minute." - Amber Rose

"The short hair fits my personality more. I think maybe, with long hair, it was a role - I was playing dress-up a bit." - Natalie Maines

"I've had watermelon hair where I had pink with green tips. From the age of 13 to about 19 or 20, I never had my real hair color." - Natalia Tena

"I do condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards, but it's very good for the hair." - Catherine Zetajones

"Hair is a huge part of who I am and what I obsess over - I've had long hair my entire life." - Rachel Zoe

"I used to be very insecure about my curly hair, because I lived in a country where everybody had blonde straight hair." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"My daughter's first sentence was, 'Dada no hair.' And I was, like, 'No Jasmine, Dada does have hair, Dada just shaves his head.'" - Nigel Barker

"It's so different when you change your hair color, you're treated so differently. It's a very funny experience. It's fun - I love changing up my hair." - Kate Bosworth

"I don't have a specific favorite product, but I deep condition my hair regularly. When I can, I'll avoid heat styling and wear my hair in a bun." - Jasmine Tookes

"Hair is the first thing. And teeth the second. Hair and teeth. A man got those two things he's got it all." - James Brown

"My age makes all my wrinkles and gray hair make sense." - Tig Notaro

"A hair shirt does not always render those chaste who wear it." - Michel De Montaigne

"Ive hidden behind my hair more than clothes. Sometimes having long hair with a fringe is very useful when you dont want to look at people. I used to have very short hair, but long hair is my thing - a black nocturnal shield." - Bat For Lashes

"The best anti-aging product is a great, natural-looking hair color, especially when youre graying." - Bobbi Brown

"EVE:so thats the bathroom where shane spends houres doing his hair shane:bite me" - Rachel Caine

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair..." - Susan Polis Schutz

"I always say, the bigger the hair, the smaller the hips!" - Christie Brinkley

"It's hard to make speeches with your hair in your face!" - Michelle Obama

"The things I've bought from strangers in the dark would curl your hair." - David Sedaris

"For deadly fear can time outgo, and blanch at once the hair." - Walter Scott

"My hair is a battle. It's an uphill, fine, baby-haired battle." - Emma Stone

"When a woman isn't beautiful, people always say, 'You have lovely eyes, you have lovely hair." - Anton Chekhov

"I guess if I wrote a book one day, it would be about hair." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"When I was growing up, I always thought my hair was messy." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"You don't comb the mirror, you comb your own hair and the mirror changes." - David Icke

"Only God, my dear, Could love you for yourself alone And not your yellow hair." - William Butler Yeats

"What do you care more about? The kids or your hair?" - Ridley Pearson

"You're in fine temper," Raffin said. "Your hair is blue," she snapped back." - Kristin Cashore

"Look. Survey. Inspect. My hair is ruined! I look like a pan of bacon and eggs!" - Diana Wynne Jones

"It is quite a risk to spank a wizard for getting hysterical about his hair." - Diana Wynne Jones

"Brush teeth. Wash hair. Rule undead world with an iron fist." - Jeaniene Frost

"Naturally curly hair is a curse, and don't ever let anyone tell you different." - Mary Ann Shaffer

"Don't. Please, just let me hold you a little bit longer," he mumbled into my hair" - Abbi Glines

"Whereas Angeline's antics made me want to pull out my hair sometimes, Trey found them endearing." - Richelle Mead

"Magnus had a list of favored traits in a partner-black hair, blue eyes, honest..." - Cassandra Clare

"There is an alternative to war. It's staying in bed and growing your hair." - John Lennon

"She had brillant red hair, like honey and roses and the sun all together." - Kiera Cass

"Experience is a comb that life gives you after you lose your hair." - Judith Stern

"If truth is beauty, then how come no one has their hair done in a library?" - Lily Tomlin

"Golden hair, like sunlight streaming On the marble of her shoulder." - John Godfrey Saxe

"An harmless flaming meteor shone for hair, And fell adown his shoulders with losse care." - Abraham Cowley

"I was astounded, my hair stood on end, and my voice stuck in my throat." - Virgil

"With prudes for proctors, dowagers for deans, And sweet girl-graduates in their golden hair." - Alfred Tennyson

"Beautiful spirit, with thy hair of light and dazzling eyes of glory!" - Lord Byron

"Though time has touched it in his flight, And changed the auburn hair to white." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Make false hair, and thatch your poor thin roofs with burthens of the dead." - William Shakespeare

"Her luxuriant hair, - it was like the sweep of a swift wing in visions!" - Nathaniel Parker Willis

"While I plan, and plan, my hair Is gray before I know it." - Alfred Tennyson

"Within the midnight of her hair, Half-hidden in its deepest deeps." - Barry Cornwall

"We are charmed by neatness of person; let not thy hair be out of order." - Ovid



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