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Hail Quotes


"Hail, hail Freedonia, land of the free!" - Groucho Marx

"Hail fellow, well met." - Jonathan Swift

"Farewell happy fields, Where joy forever dwells: Hail, horrors, hail." - John Milton

"Hail, Columbia! happy land! Hail, ye heroes! heaven-born band!" - Joseph Hopkinson

"Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!" - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Hail and Farewell, my brother." - Cassandra Clare

"Hail Lord, ...Loose my chains." - C S Lewis

"Hail to the chief in triumph advances." - Walter Scott

"All hail the dragon slayer!" (Bones)" - Jeaniene Frost

"Hail holy light, offspring of heav'n firstborn!" - John Milton

"Welcome, kindred glooms! Congenial horrors, hail!" - James Thomson

"And forever, brother, hail and farewell." - Gaius Valerius Catullus

"Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you. (or, Hail Emperor, we salute you.)" - Suetonius

"Hail! Independence, hail! Heaven's next best gift, To that of life and an immortal soul!" - James Thomson

"Hail, horrors, hail, Infernal world! and thou profoundest hell, Receive thy new possessor." - John Milton

"Hail, hail rock and roll / Deliver me from the days of old," - Chuck Berry

"Hail hero, hail hero, child of the sun All covered with flowers still having your fun" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Hail, hail, rock 'n' roll, Deliver me from the days of old." - Chuck Berry

"Hail! Hail! the gang's all here,- What the hell do we care?" - Theodora Morse

"Right now, hail to the Michigan State Spartans." - Brent Musburger

"Forever and ever, brother, hail. Forever and ever, farewell." - Cassandra Clare

"Hail, wedded love, mysterious law; true source of human happiness." - John Milton

"You can't run the Church on Hail Marys." - Paul Marcinkus

"I'm not a feminist. I hail men, I love men." - Lady G

"We hail science as man's truest friend and noblest helper." - Moses Harvey

"Hail to the Chief who in triumph advances!" - Walter Scott

"Hail Caesar, those who are about to die salute you." - Anonymous

"Hail, wedded love, mysterious law, true source Of human offspring." - John Milton

"And hail their queen, fair regent of the night." - Charles Darwin

"We need a little more 'Hail to the Chief." - Robert Teeter

"And hail their queen, fair regent of the night." - Erasmus Darwin

"Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee." - Ernest Hemingway

"We need a little more 'Hail to the Chief.'" - Robert Teeter

"The Pledge of Allegiance does not end with Hail Satan." - Nancy Cartwright

"Insults are pouring down on me as thick as hail." - Edouard Manet

"Hail, Caesar, those who are about to die salute thee. -" - Suetonius

"If you want execution, hail only success. If you want creativity, hail risk, and remain neutral about success." - Marcus Buckingham

"Hail, Columbia! happy land! Hail, ye heroes! heaven-born band! Who fought and bled in Freedom's cause." - Joseph Hopkinson

"Hail, pallid crescent, hail! Let me look on thee where thou sitt'st for aye Like memory - ghastly in the glare of day, But in the evening, light." - Dinah Craik

"I said to the Nightingale: Hail, all hail! Pierce with thy trill the dark, Like a glittering music-spark, When the earth grows pale and dumb." - Dinah Craik

"I think 'Hail to the Chief' needs a little bit fresher sound. I might put some gospel beats in 'Hail to the Chief.'" - Herman Cain

"Hail hero, hail hero, child of your fate Come into the kitchen don't stand by the gate And show us your wisdom before it's too late" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Hail hero, hail hero, let me see you smile You been gone for so damn long, I wish you'd stay awhile" - Gordon Lightfoot

"Let others hail the rising sun: I bow to that whose course is run." - David Garrick

"Exhaustion pays no mind to age or beauty. Like rain and earthquakes and hail and floods." - Haruki Murakami

"Earthshaker, Stormbreaker, Father of Horses. Hail, Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God" - Rick Riordan

"So Judas kiss'd his Master, And cried - All hail! when as he meant - all harm." - William Shakespeare

"Hail, glorious edifice, stupendous work! God bless the Regent, and the Duke of York." - Horace Smith

"Hail, ye small, sweet courtesies of life! for smooth do ye make the road of it." - Laurence Sterne

"Hail, Lincoln! As the swift years lengthen Still more majestic grows thy fame." - Nathan Haskell Dole

"Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women." - Bible

"I hail the superhuman; I call it death-in-life and life-in-death." - William Butler Yeats

"Let us rejoice and let us sing and dance and ring in the new: Hail Atlantis!" - Donovan

"Is it not strange that sheep's guts could hail souls out of men's bodies?" - William Shakespeare

"Thy loving smile will surely hail The love-gift of a fairy tale." - Lewis Carroll

"Hail, mute devil! You are the most intense animal. An eternal mystic of the fleshly inferno ..." - Federico Garcia Lorca

"Let others hail the rising sun: I bow to that whose course is run." - David Garrick

"Whether they hail from different cultures, countries or faiths, children are children." - Kimberly Quinn

"I live in Brooklyn, New York, and hail from the 'East Bay,' Oakland, CA." - Cary Fukunaga

"I think 'Hail to the Chief' has a nice ring to it." - John F Kennedy

"Hail brother, the distant thunder is nothing but hearts beating as one." - Patti Smith

"Hail, memory, hail! in thy exhaustion mine From age to age unnumbered treasures shine! Thought and her shadowy brood thy call obey, And Place and Time are subject to thy sway!" - Samuel Rogers

"Against the windows the storm comes dashing, Through tattered foliage the hail tears crashing, The blue lightning flashes, The rapid hail clashes... The thunder is rumbling And crashing and crumbling..." - James Russell Lowell

"Hail, gentle Dawn! mild blushing goddess, hail! Rejoic'd I see thy purple mantle spread O'er half the skies, gems pave thy radiant way, And orient pearls from ev'ry shrub depend." - William Somervile

"Hail, gentle Dawn! mild blushing goddess, hail!Rejoic'd I see thy purple mantle spreadO'er half the skies, gems pave thy radiant way,And orient pearls from ev'ry shrub depend." - William Somervile

"But hail thou Goddess sage and holy, Hail, divinest Melancholy, Whose saintly visage is too bright To hit the sense of human sight, And therefore to our weaker view O'erlaid with black, staid Wisdom's hue." - John Milton

"I see crosses at every turn. My flesh shudders over it, but my heart adores them. Yes, I hail you, crosses little and great, I hail you, and kiss your feet, unworthy of the honor of your shadow." - Saint Francis De Sales

"Ave Dolce Vita, Rex Regum! Hail Sweet Life, King of Kings! We love you and we believe in you!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Blues fallin' down like hail And the day keeps on worryin' me There's a hell hound on my trail." - Robert Johnson

"Say the Holy Rosary. Blessed be that monotony of Hail Mary's which purifies the monotony of your sins!" - Josemaria Escriva

"Thrilled ye ever with the story How on stricken fields of glory Men have stood beneath the murderous iron hail!" - Henry Morford

"Hail to thee, lady! and the grace of heaven, Before, behind thee, and on every hand, Enwheel thee round!" - William Shakespeare

"I, a parrot, am taught by you the names of others: I have learned of myself to say, Hail! Caesar!" - Marcus Valerius Martial

"Art is everywhere you look for it, hail the twinkling stars for they are God's careless splatters" - El Greco

"Hail, fellow, well met, All dirty and wet: Find out, if you can, Who's master, who's man." - Jonathan Swift

"The old lady knelt, saying her 'Hail Mary'; She didn't believe - but among Catholics even the sceptical are courteous." - Graham Greene

"Who hail thee, Man! the pilgrim of the day, spouse of the worm, and brother of the clay." - Thomas Campbell

"Hail, follow, well met, All dirty and wet: Find out, if you can, Who's master, who's man." - Jonathan Swift

"Through the mad mystic hammering of the wild ripping hail The sky cracked its poems in naked wonder" - Bob Dylan

"If it's half as good as the half we've known, here's Hail! to the rest of the road." - Sheldon Vanauken

"The town caught fire in several places, shells crashed and burst, and solid shot rained like hail." - James Longstreet

"There is no man so blessed that some who stand by his deathbed won't hail the occasion with delight." - Marcus Aurelius

"To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master And cried, 'All hail!' when as he meant all harm." - William Shakespeare

"The big, shoe-thumping fellow continues as a dark thunderhead to threaten all unrepentant non-Communists with hail and thunder." - Dag Hammarskjold

"Too much work, and no vacation, Deserves at least a small libation. So hail! my friends, and raise your glasses, Work's the curse of the drinking classes." - Oscar Wilde

"I have desired to go Where springs not fail, To fields where flies no sharp and sided hail And a few lilies blow." - Gerard Manley Hopkins

"The dusk runs down the lane driven like hail; Far off a precise whistle is escheat To the dark; and then the towering weak and pale...." - Allen Tate

"Dark accurate plunger down the successive knell Of arch on arch, where ogives burst a red Reverberance of hail upon the dead Thunder like an exploding crucible!" - Allen Tate

"Nora: What are you planning? Patch: I wouldn't call this planning. I'd call this throwing a Hail Mary with seconds left on the clock." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"A mouth that has no moisture and no breath Breathless mouths may summon; I hail the superhuman; I call it death-in-life and life-in-death." - William Butler Yeats

"Atque in pepetuum, frater, ave atque vale," he whispered. The words of the poem had never seemed so fitting: Forever and ever, my brother, hail and farewell." - Cassandra Clare

"Evil's just destructive? Then storms are evil, if it's that simple. And we have fire, and there there's hail. Underwriters lump it all under 'Acts of God." - Thomas Harris

"Then hail! thou noble conqueror! That, when tyranny oppressed, hewed for our fathers from the wild. A land wherein to rest." - Mary Elizabeth Hewitt

"Then too when angel voices sung The mercy of their God, and strung Their harps to hail, with welcome sweet, That moment watched for by all eyes." - Thomas Moore

"Hail, Day of days! in peals of praise Throughout all ages owned, When Christ, our God, hell's empire trod, And high o'er heaven was throned." - Venantius Fortunatus

"Welcome, ye shades! ye bowery Thickets hail! Ye lofty Pines! ye venerable Oaks! Ye Ashes wild, resounding o'er the steep! Delicious is your shelter to the soul." - James Thomson

"O gentle sleep! my welcome breath shall hail thee midst our mortal strife, who art the very thief of life, the very portraiture of death." - Alonso de Ledesma

"Hail, blest Confusion! here are met All tongues, and times, and faces; The Lancers flirt with Juliet, The Brahmin talks of races." - Winthrop Mackworth Praed

"But thou, O hope, with eyes so fair, What was thy delighted measure? Still it whisper'd promised pleasure, And bade the lovely scenes at distance hail!" - William Collins

"This is where Wulf's people would get drunk and party for a week. All hail the Vikings, forerunners to the frat boys! (Chris)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Some men are, in regard to ridicule, like tin-roofed buildings in regard to hail: all that hits them bounds rattling off; not a stone goes through." - Henry Ward Beecher

"A man may smile and bid you hail Yet wish you to the devil; But when a good dog wags his tail, You know he's on the level." - Jerry Smith

"How sublime to look down on the workhouse of nature, to see her clouds, hail, snow, rain, thunder, all fabricated at our feet!" - Thomas Jefferson

"Good sportsmanship we hail, we sing, It's always pleasant when you spot it. There's only one unhappy thing: You have to lose to prove that you've got it." - Richard Armour

"I'm not a feminist. I hail men, I love men. I celebrate American male culture, and beer, and bars and muscle cars..." - Lady Gaga

"There is an interesting resemblance in the speeches of dictators, no matter what country they may hail from or what language they may speak." - Edna Ferber

"I suddenly remember something I've been told about fear. That amid a hail of machine gun fire you notice the existence of your skin." - Marguerite Duras

"Hail, blest Confusion! here are met All tongues, and times, and faces; The Lancers flirt with Juliet, The Brahmin talks of races." - Winthrop Mackworth Praed

"This is where Wulf's people would get drunk and party for a week. All hail the Vikings, forerunners to the frat boys! (Chris)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I came up with my own expression. I like to make it hail. Yeah. That's when you throw change on sluts." - Daniel Tosh

"I have no better way of knowing if a man is for God than if he likes to say the Hail Mary and the Rosary." - Louis de Montfort

"I came away from that set [ Hail, Caesar !] super inspired, and like I said, it ruined all future endeavors. I'll never have as good an experience as that." - David Krumholtz

"We love the kindly wind and hail, The jolly thunderbolt, We watch in glee the fairy trail Of ampere, watt, and volt." - Ogden Nash

"Lo, the dead shall rise to heaven! Brethren hail the blest decree; Every sin shall be forgiven, Hell forever cease to be!" - Friedrich Schiller

"Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! Bird thou never wert, That from Heaven, or near it, Pourest thy full heart In profuse strains of unpremeditated art." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"A man may smile and bid you hail Yet wish you to the devil; But when a good dog wags his tail, You know he's on the level." - Anonymous

"Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus." - Anonymous

"Thou art a beaten dog beneath the hail, A swollen magpie in a fitful sun, Half black half white Nor knowst'ou wing from tail." - Ezra Pound

"Hail, hieroglyphic State machine, Contrived to punish fancy in; Men that are men in thee can feel no pain, And all thy insignificance disdain!" - Daniel Defoe

"You hail from Dream-land, Dragon-fly? A stranger hither? So am I, And (sooth to say) I wonder why We either of us came!" - Agnes Mary Frances Duclaux

"There is no strange and distant place That is not gladdened by His face. And every nation kneels to hail The Splendour shining through Its veil." - Joyce Kilmer

"Impious! forbear thus the first general hail. To disappoint, Increase and multiply, To shed thy blossoms thro' the desert air, And sow thy perish'd offspring in the winds." - John Armstrong

"I raise my stein to the builder who can remove ghettos without removing people as I hail the chef who can make omelets without breaking eggs." - Robert Moses

"Fate and victory shift ... now this way, now that way - like a line of unarmored men under a hail of enemy arrows." - Dan Simmons

"We love the kindly wind and hail, The jolly thunderbolt, We watch in glee the fairy trail Of ampere, watt, and volt." - Ogden Nash

"Gather out of star-dust, Earth-dust, Cloud-dust, Storm-dust, And splinters of hail, One handful of dream-dust, Not for sale." - Langston Hughes

"I live to hail that season by gifted one foretold, when men shall live by reason, and not alone by gold." - George Linnaeus Banks

"When I'm a brunette, it's four times harder to hail a taxi. Then I go blonde again, and suddenly there are taxis everywhere." - Sally Phillips

"I once told Nixon that the Presidency is like being a jackass caught in a hail storm. You've got to just stand there and take it." - Lyndon B Johnson

"As the palm-tree standeth so straight and so tall, The more the hail beats, and the more the rains fall." - Simon Dach

"Stranger of Heaven I bid thee hail! Shred from the pall of glory riven That flashest in celestial gale - Broad pennon of the King of Heaven Whate'er portends thy front of fire And streaming locks so lovely pale; Or peace to man, or judgments dire Stranger of Heaven, I bid thee hail." - James Hogg

"Glowing scene! Nature's long holiday! luxuriant - rich, In her proud progeny, she smiling marks Their graces, now mature, and wonder fraught! Hail! season exquisite! - and hail ye sons Of rural toil! - ye blooming daughters! ye Who, in the lap of hardy labor rear'd, Enjoy the mind unspotted." - Mary Robinson

"I hail with joy- for I am a temperance man and a friend of temperance-I hail with joy the efforts that are being made to raise wine in the country. I believe that when you have everywhere cheap, pure, unadulterated wine, you will no longer have need for either prohibitory or license laws." - Louis Agassiz

"Seven-11 is the pulse-beat of America. I think that Bruce Springsteen should do a song about a 7-11 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, but write it in such a way that American's youth can identify and slurp along with the Boss. Hail the Boss! Hail 7-11!" - Henry Rollins

"I was burned out from exhaustion, buried in the hail, poisoned in the bushes, blown out on the trail; hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn, "Come in," she said, "I'll give ya shelter from the storm."" - Bob Dylan

"I wield the flail of the lashing hail, And whiten the green plains under; And then again I dissolve it in rain, And laugh as I pass in thunder." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"we are, in this country, more open to new ideas. But we are also, it seems to me, more inclined to hail the new as absolute truth - until the next new comes along." - Paula Fox

"We've tried as hard as we can into keep the ideas intact in the hail storm that is Hollywood, so, whether he is or not, I'm personally proud of what I've been able to jam down their throats." - Zack Snyder

"Through many waters borne, brother, I am come to thy sad grave, that I may give these last gifts to the dead. Forever and ever, brother, hail. Forever and ever, farewell." - Cassandra Clare

"And I myself a Catholic will be, So far at least, great saint, to pray to thee. Hail, Bard triumphant! and some care bestow On us, the Poets militant below." - Abraham Cowley

"Hail to the crown by Freedom shaped - to gird An English sovereign's brow! and to the throne Whereon he sits! whose deep foundations lie In veneration and the people's love." - William Wordsworth

"He who first met the Highland's swelling blue, Will love each peak that shows a kindred hue: Hail in each crag a friend's familiar face, And clasp the mountain in his mind's embrace." - Lord Byron

"Hail, guest, we ask not what thou art; If friend, we greet thee, hand and heart; If stranger, such no longer be; If foe, our love shall conquer thee." - Paul Elmer More

"Hail to thy returning festival, old Bishop Valentine! Great is thy name in the rubric, Thou venerable flamen of Hymen... Like unto thee, assuredly, there is no other mitred father in the calendar." - Charles Lamb

"Again thou reignest in thy golden hall, Rejoicing in thy sway, fair queen of night! The ruddy reapers hail thee with delight: Theirs is the harvest, theirs the joyous call For tasks well ended ere the season's fall." - William Roscoe

"Hail! ye small sweet courtesies of life, for smooth do ye make the road of it, like grace and beauty, which beget inclinations to love at first sight; it is ye who open the door and let the stranger in." - Laurence Sterne

"Old April wanes, and her last dewy morn Her death-bed steeps in tears; to hail the May New blooming blossoms 'neath the sun are born, And all poor April's charms are swept away." - John Clare

"I guess it's better to have a chalk smile, than an ink smile. Where chalk changes with the direction of wind, ink stays as a deep stain. Like rain, sun and hail against a fake plant." - Anthony Liccione

"Christ, by highest heaven adored. Christ, the everlasting Lord, Late in time behold Him come, Offspring of a virgin's womb. Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate Deity! Pleased as Man with man to dwell; Jesus, our Immanuel!" - Charles Wesley

"Hail to the man who went through life always helping others, knowing no fear, and to whom aggressiveness and resentment are alien. Such is the stuff of which the great moral leaders are made." - Albert Einstein



Hail, Hail Mary,